: I agree on going for {{champion:267}} . She is very good i got 4 wins 2 Lose. 4 games remaining. i got one S- and one S in some of my games. Sona is good for mid and late game engaging in team fights with {{item:3504}} when she buys it. her early heal is weak and she is very item dependent. Soraka i never tried her. i will give her a try when im done getting my Mastery 7 tokens for Sona. Good luck to you and OP and every support in climbing for ranked :D
One thing for Soraka: Manaflow Band on her and your adc having Overheal means a shield of about 100 hp is constantly present without items after Soraka hits level 7 and has her W maxed. Combining this with an adc that uses Fleet Footwork means your laning phase is almost unbeatable but you'll fall off a bit late game if your enemy adc plays it smart.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I have Nyanpan :3 Enough said as well. https://orig00.deviantart.net/a1ff/f/2015/332/6/4/64ad88136515f720a27d6be9ab49d0a0-d9idgb5.jpg
I need one of those as well 0o0
: What's wrong with the new client? Any else have these issues?
Try Low Spec mode first of all, it helped me with the client being slow. But other than that, yeah, the client for some reason is really slow and breaks quite easily. Hoping for Rito to fix it :/
: New champion suggestion
Pretty much every Zaunite looks special, but they aren't all that interesting usually...
daniel7000 (EUNE)
: what rank do i go if i win 10/10 games?
The ranking system really depends on how good you play and what your mmr is. If your mmr is around Gold 4, then chances are if you win all 10 of your placements you'll be put into Gold 4 or maybe even 3, but it really depends on your gameplay. If you got carried in a lot of the games, you'll probably get placed lower than your previous rank. Same goes for if you lose some games. Don't expect to be put back into Gold 4, it's very unlikely. Also, It's **Gold 4**, not **CS:GO Ranking System**
: Climbing as a support. Please help <3
Playing ranked as a support is worth it, yeah, but I'd say play a few games and if you ever come across someone who is really great with their adc mechanics, friend them and duo queue if they're up for it too. The best supports to climb with at the moment probably are the healing supports like {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} . With the new Overheal meta, they're really strong and very annoying to play against (I talk from experience) If you want to climb like, **really** fast, then go for top lane as a lot of carry top laners these days have spiked up massively and are quite easy to carry a game with. However it is decently possible to win with a support, although they are a bit less impactful than before as they just have to protect a carry and not make any plays. So yeah, TL;DR: Befriend a good adc and play heal supports in most situations. If you can't find a good adc, resort to carry top laners and annihilate anything in your path. But, if you're not that interested in climbing and more in having fun with your main role, just play any support you like. Heal supports are currently the best but not unbeatable.
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Solash (EUW)
: Program Evelynn -Fan-Art/Skin Concept [EXTENDED]
I like the idea, but this design doesn't exactly follow either Eve's personality n'or completely reflects the Program theme. If I may, I'd like to also draw a version :3
: She is in, the reason you don't see her is that probably most people reroll her.
Why would they do that :( Full AP, or a full damage build and max W :(( Also, haven't seen her in any champ select. Maybe she was on the enemy team, but never on mine.
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Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: If it doesnt affect GTA V on very high, it shouldnt affect League; point blank period. I dont think YouTube should be a reason that a casual game wouldnt run on a 2000€ gaming rig. Regards
Ditto from first comment
Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: ***
a bit double, dont you think?
Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: Running nothing in the background other than Google Chrome. This is a LoL issue, not a PC issue, more than obviously if you look at the number of people complaining (and hundreds more who dont complain)... I run GTA V on very high settings with ease, and LoL struggles to run on medium? Please... Rito fix your game... >.< Regards P.s.: 8GB RAM, which I know isnt alot, but if it isnt enough for LoL + Google Chrome's youtube, then I dont know what is.
True, it is an internal problem. But maybe try playing without YT on another screen, my framedrops gets worse from that too...
Rioter Comments
Ninjutsou (EUNE)
: Same here, still having terrible lags. Playing on a 2k € Alienware, with a GTX 970M and a HQ i7 processor, the game is unplayable at medium settings, even though nVidia optimization recommends me to play at ultra. Its disgusting what they're doing with this game. Regards
Dude, I have a GTX 650 and an AMD Athlon 750k Quad Core processor, which is around very mediocre i5, and I can play on high settings and only have minor framedrops, what are you running on the background 0_o Or do you have low RAM? That can be a problem too...
: Are people still having FPS drops?
I'm also having problems, although they do fade in the course of the game. I have some in the first like 10 minutes, and it gets more stable from there on out
Wait, they're seriously making a Snow Battle version? Fcking christ Rito
Rismosch (EUW)
: It still doesn't disregard that the costume could be made out of whale skin 🤔 No I am certain it is made out of whaleskin!
Urf the Nami-tee isn't made of manitee skin either!
Rismosch (EUW)
: > I believe she lost her previous status as a decently hard and interesting champion. lol, Orianna is not much harder to play than any other mage. You just QRW and kill everyone.
you literally said what I said, just differently. >I believe she **lost** her previous status as a decently hard and interesting champion I literally said that she isn't hard anymore or has to be smart to be effective. She indeed is a QRW champ these days and I hate that about her.
Tamyron (EUW)
: Whale Knight Poppy
Maybe when URF returns or something xD But tbh, I'd rather see Lil Slugger Poppy
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: Another Edgy teen lmao
Well, not exactly edgy as in kayn edgy but more like playful emo was what I had in mind xP
: No, that ankle guard she is wearing is simply loose, and gives the impression the ankle is wider than it is.
Yeah, shes squishing it forward
: We just nail the leg back. http://68.media.tumblr.com/b11b99cf827ebfd4d546c41f19b69350/tumblr_nm1f0vnIen1rjxyrgo3_400.gif {{champion:78}} Orlon Hammer! Operation: Approved!
Can you fix these too? https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2016-06/7/12/asset/buzzfeed-prod-fastlane01/sub-buzz-31857-1465315495-1.jpg?downsize=715:*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto
GPet (EUW)
: I think the moment you get airborn it's actually one of the more comfortable (or at least more stable) stances to have.
She's literally twisting her ankle beyond normal for the pose, I don't think it'd be comfortable, not even airborn...
Rioter Comments
: Less BE for upgrade champ shards
Actually, wouldn't it be more fair to make it the cost of a disenchanted permanent of the champion shard? Because you can also use that for upgrading your champion to lvl 7... Like, it's a bit more rare, but it still doesn't excuse that bs cost
D4nni3l (EUNE)
: I got no S with quadra and 13/3
Assists and farm matter, so according to Drogo you had 95 farm which is too little, assists could've been low possibly, and even though that kill count is high, 3 deaths already makes it a lot harder to get an S
: Problem regarding gifted skins
This is probably a problem that can't be fixed manually and I'm afrain you'll just have to wait untill riot fixes it :( Also, the notifications don't always show so you might want to double check if your friends didn't just recieve the skins without a message, look in the champ select or the champion information.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
Yeah, you have 5 preset pages for every tree, which can't be edited. You can have 2 custom pages max. If you try and customize a preset page, it will ask if you'd like to make a copy of the page to a custom page. But if you have 2 custom pages already and try to edit a preset page it won't ask if you want to make a copy because you don't have room to place the copy. Also, Riot will probably add buying runepages again soon so you can have more custom pages.
Dude, it's a lvl 15 Fizz vs a lvl 11 Yasuo, and at 25 minutes, which probably means Fizz is fed as %%%%. The Yasuo probably also didn't have any MR. Also, that mark needs time to prime, if you just don't try and fcking fight a Fizz when that mark is primed you'll be fine! So yeah, just don't feed Fizz. How is that even possible to do as Yasuo??
: >Why the elitism? Well I don't know, maybe because that's how it works in every domain ? I don't know where did you see a game in which the new players have the same things as the old ones. >Having players be forced to choose between unlocking either champions or runes was a long-standing issue with LoL that got finally corrected. Let's not speak about the fact that, in order to get 10 BE that you need for a champ, you have to play 10-15 matches to get it. I get it that you think of the good of the new generation of players but I don't really care about them, this isn't charity.
>well I don't know, maybe because that's how it works in every domain ? No, it doesn't work like that in every "domain"! NORMAL players are happy that they have Victorious skins, a Domination icon, and a RUNE COLLECTOR WARD, because then you have something to SHOW for the fact that you went through the worse time of the 2! I'm VERY happy that I have a Pick 'Em Icon from 2015, just because then I can show: Look, I've been playing for this long! Riot gives you these things so you can show that you played longer, and that's what you get for playing longer, that's what you get to show off your elitism! >I get it that you think of the good of the new generation of players but I don't really care about them, this isn't charity WELL DO I HAVE THE NEWS FOR YOU! That new generation is going to keep this game up and running because they buy more than the old generation, in other words so you might understand: MORE NEW PLAYERS = GAME KEEPS TO EXIST AND IMPROVE
: You sound like someone who didn't play much. > If you really relied on your advantage with better runes because you spent too much time not having fun while others had, you might wanna try and actually play better instead of trying to get an instant advantage over the other player. The legend, the God himself, killing people without the need of mastery or runes. Dude come on, cut the bullshit. Masteries and runes had an important role in the play style of any player above bronze league. >I never really used the old runes Oh Why didn't you start with that so I don't have to waste my keyboard.
> You sound like someone who didn&#x27;t play much. I played over 450 games _ranked_ last season, and probably around 200 to 300 normals where I was just derping with things like Ryze jgl, which were hella fun. >The legend, the God himself, killing people without the need of mastery or runes. >Dude come on, cut the bullshit. Masteries and runes had an important role in the play style of any player above bronze league. I had 2 rune pages, 1 for some extra AP, 1 for extra AS. So yeah, I did use the runes, but I didn't give a crap about them or the matchups I used them in. I've never had extra armor against an AD enemy, or MR against AP enemies, I just played and relied on my somewhat dominant laning phase to grow my lead and get to late game. >-of any player above bronze league I still was gold this season, so I'd say for not giving a crap about the old runes I still ended the season pretty nicely. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
xMisuto (EUW)
: what does ranked have to do with it? you play to win and put lots of time to rise on the ladder there is your 5year work NOT IN THE RUNES .... lol PS: wouldn't all live in peace be great?! ppl like you make the world burn try to look at the good side not the bad and try look better cuz you obvi just had some bad games cuz you arent used to the changes yet thats my advice to you :) peace
He's one of those competitive only players probably, and ranked has to do with the runes because now the runes are actually fun for everyone and don't give you a huge advantage if your enemy has bad runes, which is useful in ranked :P
: Gosh you're cringy af. With that mentality, what's the point of the ranking system, let's all be equal and live in peace while we play for fun cause Jesus loves us all.
> [{quoted}](name=MRduL,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oguqGIQo,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-11-10T18:13:12.366+0000) > With that mentality, what&#x27;s the point of the ranking system, let&#x27;s all be equal and live in peace while we play for fun cause Jesus loves us all. Yes, we play for **fun** while you cry because there's more **competition** It's a freaking GAME, and grinding doesn't even fit in with the mentality of a MOBA, where 2 teams both start with nothing and fight to get stuff so they can fight better and destroy the enemy's base. And the new runes might be a bit strong, but they're EXTREMELY FUN! I've had more fun with flinging comets to people's heads and running around the map with mobi's + predator than I've had in a while. League of Legends is a game mostly ment for casual players, and then you have the wanna be e-sports players like you that hate it when the game becomes too quircky. And I'll tell you what, Riot probably profits about as much from competitives as from casuals, so they're not gonna go way overboard with either sides! Also, the new runes might be more accesable now, but: 1. They also bring way more new tactics than the old runes & masteries because they have bigger effects, making them both fun and strategical for competitives and casuals alike. 2. If you really relied on your advantage with better runes because you spent too much time not having fun while others had, you might wanna try and actually play better instead of trying to get an instant advantage over the other player. I never really used the old runes, but if I still can beat a Zed with full runes as a Lux without em, the runes really weren't that big a deal, and you're just being pissed that you need to get used to a new system where you can't just pick which stats you like and boom, you have a good page.
: Look at 0:21 - 0:22, you will see the cape and glasses. Riot always try to make skin to be recognizable, hence why I said it's Vayne, cause she has the pointy cape at the neck and her glasses are pointy too. And the title of the PROJECT is called Hunters. Vayne, Vi and Jhin feel like hunters because of how their kit works, plus there are the sound effects that hint that.
Yeah, ok, (sivir is a bounty hunter though xP) with the cut-away to the dark version it might also be a hint to Vayne's stealth... Tbh I just WANT it to be PROJECT: Sivir because there are so many cool things they could do with it, the blade itself can be made awesome already by itself, the W could be the blade kinda expanding out and glowing, her spell shield like a constantly changing see-through digital purple/pinkish barrier... And during her ult she turns into the full on hunter mode! I just want it to be her {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} If it is I'll be like {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Here are the new champions that will recieve Project skins!
The Jhin and Vi ones yeah, at 0:16 you can hear Jhin's ult's gunshot, the Vi passive proc sound plays at 0:18 (although a little more metalic, but there's like nothing else in the game that sounds like it), but I have my doubts about the Vayne one... Tbh I'd say Sivir might be more likely, because of the voice playing at the end, and the sound heard at 0:21 could be her activating her W. But I do agree that the sound from 0:21 is also vaguely similair to the silver bolts proc..
Rioter Comments
Gezs (EUW)
: Need Help With Kiting
I don't know how pro's do it exactly, but I use Shift+Left Click, which is attack move for me.
: Riot please give us a full or extended version of the piano theme in Evelynn's gameplay trailer..
Yes plz {{sticker:cass-cry}} Let sona do her work {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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Kryga303 (EUNE)
: Tango Eve&TF
I actually thought you were going to say something about the new splashart and how the skintones are normal person vs frankenstein's monster's wifu
Rioter Comments
Yukiwo (EUNE)
: And it so happens that I'm one of those others who pay REAL MONEY for it. I'm a paying customer who is not satisfied with getting not even 1/4th of what i had. I want a fair exchange. I am being shuned by you people for trying to fight for my own rights, and seeking justice. Incredible that they are %%%%ing you over and yet you defend them, how submissive/stupid you gotta be to just accept this sort of shit is beyond me. They change stuff, thats fine, but they should take proper responsibility for making sure their players ain't screwed. And this is some royal screwing over, don't try to sugar coat it with BE shops and what not.
Going back to the 2nd comment in this giant comment bomb: I have runes but have never taken them seriously. I only have the 1 ip runes because they're 1 ip now, I didn't buy any runes before they were 1 ip... Take THAT! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: Evelynn champion update page has a typo
STOP, GRAMMAR POLICE!{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
FatBird (EUW)
: Blitzcrank Skin
Blitz doesn't have a heart of gold, he pulls victims into a group of menices to get brutally murdered almost instantly and he SETS THEM UP FOR IT! But yeah, Blitz could use a new skin, although there are some champs who haven't had any good ones in longer *cough cough evelynn cough cough taliyah cough cough*
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Fathands (EUW)
: A little girl who is good at robotics? Where have I heard [that](https://overwatch.gamepedia.com/Efi_Oladele) before?
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