Gryndall (EUNE)
: Its maybe right but do you know that it is really boring to play only 2 champs still again again and again.
Then play other roles as well.
: Low vision score, relatively low farm for a 32 minute game.
Which is dumb. Farm is only important insofar as it gets you fed. If you go 14/0 and carry a game with low CS, why would the low CS matter? Sometimes your CS is just low because you were too busy saving your team's ass and grabbing objectives to focus on it.
: ARAM is a pure garbage
If you don't like it just play another game mode.
Gryndall (EUNE)
: AP x AD on mid
Veigar and LeBlanc are basically the only mages worthwhile playing.
: It’s mostly the old melee champions... the newer ones have some kind out outplay potential on either side which lets you actually express skill... champions like aatrox you right click till someone dies
But there are a %%%%load of old melee statcheck champions, the guy above me made it sound like Jax was the last one.
: That isn't going to happen because Riot has been making a concerted effort to remove stat check champions from the game. The only one really left is Jax, and even then I feel his days are numbered.
How do you define a stat-check champion? Wouldn't most melee bruisers be stat-check champs seeing as they have no skillshots, etc?
: INSANE mechanics
Because it looks good in the LCS and that's all Riot cares about.
Smerk (EUW)
: You should learn how system works before calling it stupid. Both those scores are perfectly legit
In what world is 2/1 S- a legit score? Aatrox is not a support, 2 kills is nothing for him.
Kalviras (EUW)
: The worst thing is people never know when to use it... it's so annoying when they use it against champion who ramp up to insane levels with kills so while they might get the first turret their opponent ends up with 5 or 6 kills starts roaming and slaughters people.
It's the sort of strategy that only makes sense to use if you have already lost your lane and your team are losing the game.
: yeah i don't think such a thing should exist, mainly because people will start permabanning sion preventing everyone (including those who don't use the inting strat) from playing him. Riot will either modify his passive (reducing his health or making him take more damage while he is undead) or rework him but i don't think this will happen, not for just ONE strategy, the change in the passive will be enough to stop the inting sion
They should make it so that his ulti or passive scale somewhat. Not too much as to weaken his early game, but enough that a 0 kill Sion can't just demolish a lane.
: This would be like the best booster helping tool ever invented. Imagine in high elo, queueing up with your friend at the same time : you get matched in the same team : * You win lanes, nothing happens * You lose lanes, the booster quits - since you got matched randomly with him (due to high elo matchmaking, he can't be traced back to you, he isn't your premade) you get matched in enemy teams : * the booster win-trades, throwing the game. So one guy basically ONLY wins LP, as long as they queue up together at night. This would help players get from D2-3 to chally in weeks, basically. Very cool idea, 10/10 no, not rly.....
Uh... leaver-buster? Most of what you described is already possible(the enemy teams + win lanes part), and if the booster tried leaving as a strategy to help his mate he'd both drop out of the division and get banned after a couple games. Then he'd have to level another account all the way back up to Diamond just to get banned again in a couple of games.
: it's the inting sion strategy, meddler already said they don't want to do anything for now because "it's a strategy" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's actually a brilliant strategy too if the Sion has already lost his lane. Had a game where we trashed the enemy every lane, including me going 4/0 vs Sion up top, so the enemy just couldn't touch us. And yet Sion, through his ulti and passive, was able to get as far as the INHIBITOR eventually by charging again and again. He was worth 0 gold and took forever to kill since he was tanky as %%%%, so it became a huge distraction and waste of time for us AND he managed to breach our base despite the fact that we never lost a single other outer turret. His team were still trashed in the end but holy hell he had me panicking. There was nothing I could do, either I had to sit in top lane 100% of the time and never help my team anywhere else and STILL probably be helpless because he'd ulti past me and take forever to catch + kill, or I'd leave top and he'd wreck havoc.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can we do something about people leaving in Promos?
LP loss should be removed for people in games with leavers who leave more than 10 mins before the game ended, and the leaver should suffer double LP loss. Should stop people leaving last second just to save their team from losing LP, while also saving people from losing LP for 4v5 games.
: Minion Block - at the cost of tilt
If Riot were any good at design they'd code it so the minions MOVE THE %%%% OUT OF YOUR WAY.
Sand1r (EUW)
: Jungler Mains
If all 3 ally lanes are pushing try to predict where their jungler is gonna gank so you can be ready to save your teammates.
: I want to become Pro
How can we answer that for you? Just get good and climb out of bronze.
: who the fk goes on vacation to the middle east o.o
ISIS fighters to Iraq and Syria, celebrities to Dubai...and that's about it.
: Unstable region ? Syria is just one small country compared 20 others in middle east. Low infrastructure ? Wuuuuttt ? have u seen saudia oman or any other country ? there are countless people here who have more money than freakin bill gates. Oppressing laws ?? lowest percentage of murder , rape and many other crimes. I say worth it mate
>Unstable region ? Syria is just one small country compared 20 others in middle east. What about Libya, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq? And most people in the Middle East are way too poor to afford good internet and computers to play League. >there are countless people here who have more money than freakin bill gates. There's a couple dozen Arab sheikhs who are really rich. The civilian populations are all poor. >Oppressing laws ?? lowest percentage of murder , rape and many other crimes. I say worth it mate First off, that isn't true. Second off, they hang people for being gay, converting to other religions, or being women and taking off their hijabs.
Faizgod (EUNE)
The playerbase there would be way too small. Especially now that half of it is in a war of some kind, or too poor to afford good internet anyway.


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