: Stuck at honor level 1?
Back to honor level 2! Thanks guys <3
Adjust91 (EUW)
: Seriously need help getting out of bronze
Hi there. as someone who was initially placed bronze 1 with olp, and is now in promos to silver iv with 1 win already clear under my belt, i have some advice after being able to climb out of bronze, and start making my way up through silver. The first piece of advice i can give you, is that you need to remember that getting out of bronze requires a knowledge base. Build up your game knowledge. learn your trades, when to harass opponents in lane. learn how to avoid ganks. I mained support for about 3 years, on a different account, and was demoted al lthe way down to bronze v because i did not have a good enough knowledge of the game. and it's quirks. learn match ups, play ALOT of normal games, and focus on learning the mechanics of the game. There is ALWAYS something new to learn. Go into games with the mindset of knowing you'll probably make mistakes, the important thing is figure out how to get past those mistakes. I make alot of mistakes in lane, but every game, i'm trying to figure out "ok i'm taking alot of free dmg from harass when trying to lane vs this champion, what can i do to stop that?" or "This particular matchup doesn't favour me until my first item, so i should not fight until i get that powerspike. learn your champions powerspikes. and learn your opponents powerspikes. you basically have to know ALL the champions in the game and their abilities. Remember not all games are winnable, however there are things you can do to improve. learn positioning, you'll learn overtime to trust your gut instincts. if you think a gank is coming it more than probably is. by warding correctly, in the right places, tirbush in top/botlane, and in your flanks in your own jungle in midlane, you can avoid most dangers. if you take alot of dmg, unless you know you're safe, back out. watch out for minion aggro. minion aggro can be one of the most underestimated, misunderstood mechanics in laning. they do ALOT of dmg early levels, dont chase the enemy into their own minions, just cause you really want that kill. you CAN win lane without kills. if your being camped, then play VERY safe. under turret. Give up cs for experience, and safety. being alive is much more important, usually the gold gained from levels, can negate the cs loss. these are things you learn over time. Annie, mundo etc, your champions are the next problem. you need champions that can basically 1v3. you always have to remember, you're not just vs 1 person, your vs their entire team usually. at any time, the enemy team could group up and storm down mid/top/bot. i play champions like vayne, fiora, rumble. they have fantastic scalings, all have escapes, are mobile, and you can do alot with them. By playing fiora alot recently, i've become a much much better player mechanically, because fiora is not very forgiving. you make a mistake, you either figure out how to get yourself out of that trouble, or your dead, because your squishy, and only really have one ability to help you escape. Do not waste your flash to dive under towers and get kills. flash is a very underestimated spell in bronze and silver elos. people waste it so much. if you burn flash running from a gank, DO NOT GO BACK INTO LANE. back out, go base, and play safe, because more than likely the jungler has stayed expecting you to walk back into lane. . without flash one of your major and ONLY escape tools, is gone. without it the junglers and other midlaners know, your vulnerable. if you overextend to far, they'll punish you for it, by ganking and ccing and locking you down, and killing you. expect to be 1v2 at all times. the enemy jungler is always i nthat bush right next to you. be paranoid as all hell. Learn level powerspikes. this is the next major thing. the 7th minion wil lget you lvl 2. if you can, get lvl 2 before your opponent, and get some free dmg. this can very very easily push the enemy back, sometimes even under their turret, missing them valuable gold and experience. expect that lvl 2 gank. a good jungler, will know what lanes are weak earlygame. mundo with only his q and w? easy kill. annie lvl 2/3 easy kill. a good jungler will know when to hit a lane, and usually, if you die, they got it right. Anine is a fantastic teamfight champion, a flash ult tibbers into 5 people, already battling i nthe chaos of a teamfight can cause them to break ranks, split off, easy picks for your carries, etc. KNOW what your abilities do. know how much dmgyou can take, and how much dmg your opponent can take. know the level of your junglers. if nocturne has ganked mid, lvl 5, and has backed out. you probably know that level 6 won't be far away, do not put yourself i nthe position of being that easy target, figure out i nthe next couple of minutes, he'll hit lvl 6 and gank anyone who is low. EXPECT THE GANK, know it's coming. this is just instinct, something you can only learn after years of playing. good luck, have fun. oh and my number one tip? never blame your team. positivity and ownership of your mistakes WILL naturally, make you a better player. it just takes time. glhf at the start. ggwp at the end. regardless of who wins. it's THE best way. Learn to be untiltable.
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jessica6327,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=opM4bV2t,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-09T14:45:14.876+0000) > > Just to confirm, i play probably 10-12 matches a day, sometimes more, everyday. Then its super easy. I want you to say : "GL HF" at start. and "GG WP" at end. AND NOTHING ELSE. 100% you will get your honor back, and never get punished. Something as little as : "ez", "better jungler wins", "report x for inting/trolling/feeding". will keep you low. (yes, just saying REPORT is toxic enough...and will keep you lower)
Alright. I really had no idea about that...if it is true then it seems a little unfair? but i'll do what you say.
: Honestly, i do appreciate what you're saying. it is sad but a truth that usually yes, most people do not change. However i have...I just thought maybe the system would reflect this...
and i have played alot longer than 2 weeks at the final checkpoint, 10-12 matches a day, and still...NOTHING? come...on...
JustClone (EUNE)
: Man usually people in your situation, do not change. They keep a bit more toxic and stay in low honor. I've seen people punished at the same time, and right now one of them has my honor level (never punished - 4), the other one is stuck at honor 2. (Play 4 games a day, for 2 weeks, and be nice... without a single offensive word)
Honestly, i do appreciate what you're saying. it is sad but a truth that usually yes, most people do not change. However i have...I just thought maybe the system would reflect this...
: Stuck at honor level 1?
Just to confirm, i play probably 10-12 matches a day, sometimes more, everyday.
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Aladhil (EUW)
: Dear Riot,....8 years and you still suck at behaviour management
As an ex toxic player, i have to say i understand your frustration as i used to cause this kind of annoyance in my games. the key is to not fall into the trap. THIS guy WILL be punished EVENTUALLY. he doesn't do it just for you, you're not special, if he does it in your game, he has probably done it before, and is being botwatched. eventually a BANHAMMER will be shoved where it needs to be. we just have to remain calm. and ignore these people, stay true to our team values, and remember to remain tiltproof at all times. :)
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: Well there will always be frustrating moments in the game, they affect some players more than others. Of course you should definitely not let that frustration show in your team chat. For a long term solution, you might wanna find out why you get mad about a game that you just play for fun, and find the fun in your games, even if you're not winning. Here's another video that puts it all into perspective, it's pretty ridiculous to get mad if you think about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVtmV0FzW_0
Very true torpedo, it will affect some more than others. it all depends. some people have higher or lower tolerances. I just wanted to say thank you as after a year away from league, i came back and now understand why i was banned, and have changed my attitude :)
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