Trojax (EUNE)
: LF a duo partner
Hello I know this post is old but Im looking for Albanian speaking players :-) I have a EUNE account but its only lvl 2 currently....
> [{quoted}](name=Omfg a Potato,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=hdLgEp4T,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-07-04T15:35:25.038+0000) > > hahahaha xD
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: Silver V Top/Mid/Support looking for a team
Hello I know this is an old post but Im looking for Albanian players :-) On EUNE I am JuicyTaste if u wanna add ^^
Xaladon (EUW)
: Project: Quinn
Aaaargh *u* Quinn needs such an awesome skin! *Saved for wallpaper...and wishfull thoughts ;n;
: More Ping Options
Ah yes....the wards ;I Not sometime "Its blue over here! HEY...ITS BLUE!!! Do you mean I should ward or???"
gayboi (EUW)
: New loading game screen !?!?!?!
: This would be nice but I could imagine it being "too much work". Technically the correct icons for just the champions are in the game already, as they're displayed when a kill/dragon/baron is gotten. Would be a good way to show off you have multiple skins for one champion as well (if the icon would be bound to the skin, so you can only use it if you own the skin as well.)
WOOOT WOOOT!!! I agree! WE GOT US AN INVENTOR HERE!!! (Hire this person Riot)^ PS: Nothing should be called "too much work" in my standards ^^'
: Friendly reminder to Riot to introduce champion Summoner Icons with the champion mastery system
Aaaaaw yiss. Oh...and if possible...with their skins too! As for me...arcade sona....sweetheart annie....or archlight vel'koz :))))
Cause some got too smothered in their childhood. Or is still getting their child...hood.
Rich (EUW)
: Can people stop using cancer as an adjective?
Slang is slang. Your puny little thread wont change cultural language. Just as the dutch here mentioning its part of their cultural slang. If so there would be threads for people saying "can people stop using noob as an adjective?" It isn't ill meant at all most of the times, and we don't think of the disease (at least I don't), when we use the word as an adjective to something. I can call a person "cancerous" because she/he is despicable and/or mean...something negative. *Last but least....don't tell others what to do and not do. If you're not from North Korea that is. *


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