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Sherrinka (EUNE)
: No, you wouldn't want longer queues... stop spewing this bull
I personally have no problem with autofill. Some people may have the time to wait 20 minutes but some people just don't. Additionally I don't think that many people would wait the 20 minutes. Sure I would wait 20 minutes sometimes (promos for instance) but its a whole different thing to wait 20 minutes before every game. Even if the q times are shorter it just seems like a waste of time. Those people who wait 20 minutes will increase the waiting time for everyone else as well so I don't think thats a change we will see anytime soon. Additionally I think people who dodge autofill should get stricter punishments. It annoys me that those who are being egoistic about autofill get to dodge it or troll without real repercussions and in a community where most of the players always think "they" are the ones that have to hardcarry I think it is good for them to be the ones supporting from time to time. I have a diamond something friend and he always refused to play support ("Its the only lane I wont /cant play" is what he said). Now we forced him into it and he actually found pleasure in making plays with Thresh. What I mean is everyone has to autofill from time to time so people should stop complaining and try to actually be selfless for once.
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Uruck (EUNE)
: I disagree. People will pick those champs regardless of the rewards. They pick those champs because they are fun and it is fun to win no matter the rewards. Disabling the rewards, to me, is a way to encourage me to avoid playing the featured mod and keep on playing ranks and normals, which riot obviously doesn't want. If that's what they wanted why bother at all with the rotating game mods?
I disagree^^ Winning doesnt equal fun especially when you end the game after 10 minutes, but Im sure it does when you have such a big ego that you cant handle losing a game in URF. Riot also doesnt really care about people playing the mod, thats why its only there for a weekend. Theres a reason they banned a few champs right of the bat the last times urf was around. Aside from that, if anything will stop players from playing the mode it is champs with 0 counterplay because they are untargetabler or some stupid thing like that.
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: And that is, ladies and gentlemen, why we need removed rewards/banners/borders for extreme flamers. Because they will otherwise always deny and always say it's other's salt and even say they're banned and reported for their skill. Only removing rewards can maybe, *maybe* make them stop and look back on their behavior. Sorry if it's off-topic.
One should be able to see what exactly one got reported for, because anybody I've ever known to have gotten chat restrictions or ranked bans has deserved it. Yet every single one of them always denies being toxic even though I know first-hand that they are to other players in chat. The thing is that people have different understandings of what they deem to be offensive or toxic and so they often simply don't know what they got the restrictions for, even though it might seem obvious to you and me (because human ego). They are still in the wrong, but they should have insight on why they were reported or it isn't going to solve anything. Punishing them even harder, at best will lead them to blame "Rito" for their "broken report system" or their teammates who "troll" them. It's just as in real life. Punishment is often counterproductive, rehabilitation is much more effective.

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