Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: Well nothing affects your ranked stats. If you lose, you lose points. If you win , you win points. If you are lucky enough you might get a loss prevented so you won't lose any points. Afkers get banned or they get a restriction.
what is a loss prevented
Don Wrong (EUW)
: Your ranked stats aren't affected, loss means loss, win means win.. They CAN get banned or get any kind of restriction (leaverbuster or whatever, lowpriority queue, etc.) but there are also chances thay don't
that seems reallly unfair shouldnt there be extra reprecussions. or some sort of consellation for the team that suffers
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: I don't think you'll receive any other punishments but that ranked game will count as a loss. Sorry for the inconvenience but not much you can do about it. :/
didnt recieve any othr reprecussions and it didnt count as a loss XD thanks anyways bro
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