: Offering free Coaching
Yo man id love somoene to coach me and my buddy we're both silver V and we make alot of mistakes. We do get good scores but we loose alot of games for some reason id love you to help us improve.
: What 4800ip Champion should i buy?
Hey guys i bought rumble i might be going for wukong next since ramuhdo suggested it and im kinda curious THX for everything!
Dessem (EUW)
: Let's make one thing clear: there are *very* few champions that are "not viable". Rumble is not one of them. He's not the greatest and isn't in the meta, but Rumble is a very valid pick and a good champion in the right hands. If you look for **a toplane champion**, Orianna and Ahri aren't good fits. If you look to do **huge amounts of damage**, you should be carrying a teamfight. ;) I assume you mean to provide CC/**ability to dictate the flow of a fight**. Have you considered {{champion:62}} ? I know he's not in your list of champions you're interested in, but he does fit the bill of what you're looking for: a toplaner who can deal a lot of damage, but who can also dominate a teamfight due to his awesome ult (when used right). He's a bit like Gnar, in that you can express mechanical superiority well with him. You are somewhat tanky (and can go full tank if you want), have good burst, and your ult is a large AoE teamfighting ability. Out of the champions you listed, though, both Vladimir and Rumble are top lane champions (with Vladimir also being playable mid lane). Vladimir has very poor CC (slow in his pool), whereas Rumble has a Slow and his ult, which is a big teamfighting ability. Rumble can do large amounts of damage if build properly and not falling behind too far, and he is decently tanky due to his shield. If possible, I'd recommend trying Rumble out during a free week if you're worried, or looking up some YouTube videos/streams with people playing Rumble to see if it's something you'd enjoy playing. My recommendation therefore is {{champion:68}} out of the champions you listed, with {{champion:62}} as something to look at askew. --- EDIT: I forget. Orianna and Ahri are both mid lane champions. Both are capable of doing a large amount of damage, and both are able to influence a teamfight, but **Orianna's better capable of expressing her dominance in teamfights** due to the large AOE damage and CC she brings. Ahri's CC is single-target, and she expresses dominance through **pure, raw, unadulterated damage**. Neither however are close to Gnar, being pretty fragile. Both require a fair amount of skill to play, but are solidly meta and strong champions. I'd personally prefer Orianna over Ahri if you want to dominate a teamfight, given Ahri has a harder time expressing her superiority due to playstyles.
wow man u wrote so much xD i already playid rumble and wukong in a free week i playid really well as wukong but i dont really have that feeling of playing him sometimes. When i tried rumble i sucked, i didnt understand ulti (i do now) and it was when i was bronze II tho maybe u could add me and play 2 or 3 games with me so u can see how i love playing I also love playing aggressive
Dessem (EUW)
: What kind of champions and what lanes do you enjoy playing most? In a teamfight, what do you feel is your "job", i.e. what do you most like to do when a teamfight breaks out?
i love to deal huge dmg also help my team ( i main gnar atm) like... i love top lane and in team fights i love bursty champions that deal huge dmg that get an huge amount of kills but that its also able to carry a teamfight. I was gonna buy rumble but 1st its a bit tricky to play and somoene told me its not that good atm
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