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: Do you like Supports?
As an ADC main there is nothing worse for me than being filled support, When I play ADC it's my fault if I don't do DPS in a fight and we lose or vise versa and we win because I did do the DPS. With support I feel so useless, and what makes it worse in laneing with an ADC that plays differently to myself causing terrible synergy.
Just played him .... Just casually 1 shotin people quicker than a fed Talon. GJ RITO {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Support with a shit ADC?
I main ADC and have the opposite problem, every game i seem to play my support seems to be missing a brain and feeds the lane before 10 min. Best solution for you would be to play another role or duo with an ADC main that inst brain dead. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Describe your promos with 3 words
Four Star (EUW)
: Bronze 5 here here looking to coach challenger teams
So this is how NA finds their managers.
Hopefully when they bring it back it's not random. I never want to play TF Urf again in my life after getting it 4 games in a row.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Why I feel Sona is just a bit weak and useless as a champion.
I feel the problem with Sona is her players. As an aspiring ADC main I hate more than anything a Sona support. For more than a few reasons: 1.Her players seem to have little to no communication with me or the team and just feel like dead weight all game. 2.Due to her insane early damage many Sona players seem to get overconfident leading to an easy first blood. 3.Just being plain useless during fights, oh god the amount of times I've seen a Sona miss her R and just get destroyed. 3.5.Adding to this I find rather than playing on the back line and healing the team they try play like a frontliner but with a 1/4 of the HP. 4.I don't know but I feel like most Sona players are literal bots sometimes... Taking CS, giving easy first blood, building full AP while going 0-12. I just had to vent here a bit but by God does she need a reword her kit just seems out of place in he current meta of the game imo.
Febos (EUW)
: I don't think your problem is with League. Windows X may be the problem. [Try doing this]( It may help you, or it may do nothing. Let me know if it helped.
Thanks for the help I managed to fix the problem :)
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