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: Beekeeper Singed
What about Barkeeper Singed? Spilling Beer on the ground instead of a gas cloud.
boqn326 (EUNE)
: What The Funnest champion of all
Well... definetly one of these: {{champion:34}} - Interrupting Teleports/Backports of your own team members with wall, just for fun :D or killing a team member by stopping/excluding them with wall when he's being chased by the enemy team (I only recommend this with premades or if you get flamed by someone) ;-) {{champion:1}} - Flash + Tibbers = How to tilt enemies very fast xD {{champion:432}} - Mess up team fights "by accident" with your R; build up gate through towers to have fun with your team by passing through again and again {{champion:30}} - get Penta way after your death (Once played with a Karthus main: "An enemy has been slain. Double kill. An ally has been Slain (Karthus). .... Triple kill. Quadrakill. ....... Pentakill!" {{champion:99}} {{champion:21}}{{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} - press R to kill people {{champion:8}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} - dodge crazy shit {{champion:154}} {{champion:497}} - perma CC incoming! {{champion:82}} - be the fcking Night King with your R on Dragon !!!
: how do you play teemo correctly without being useless because the enemy just builds MR?
You can't do a lot against that (build magic pen items like Liandris, Void staff, Sorcerers). But why would the whole enemy team build full mr? The only reason for that could be that your team is full ap. And then its your fault, that you picked Teemo and built him ap. When you see that your whole team is picking ap, then it should be you picking an ad champion, at least. Sry for my English, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say :-)
: It's too hard to cope anymore
I totally understand what you mean... trying to ignore it but not being able to... so many toxic players that are bad themselves... I wish i could play with nice people like you :)
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: > Example: I had some trouble ganking in one game because all lanes were constantly pushed so I decided to help push towers (3x), get Dragon (2x) and made calls for Herald and a Baron... I was still called a useless jungler because my ganks didnt get the lanes kills. Just to relieve, you were not useless. You did what you could and that's fine. **When to call X useless.** It's probably the same with every role: getting outperformed on a macro level. Ex. Top lane. {{champion:3}} vs {{champion:80}} You are galio and you lost your lane. Pantheon decides to ult ontop of mid since his wave is pushed and he'd risk getting ganked by walking up. You don't follow and also decide to keep a freeze. You gave the enemy an opportunity to pressure globally while not pressuring anything yourself. That's pretty useless FOR THE MOMENT. If you do said thing but get a sick 5 man knock-up taunt which wins you the game then you are actually not useless FOR A MOMENT.
Thanks for the comment :) very good example... I think I understand..
: There is a thing called "lane gank" for the top and the bot, which may happen when your laner is pushing and you can sneak through lane bushes unseen cause the opponent is possibly tower hugging and does not have advanced minions that would allow him to spot you. The problem with that, however, is that some laners simply does not know how to farm without push, and so will keep doing it even if it's clear that they should stop it and allow the wave to reset, which would hopefully prompt the opponent to move to the center of the lane where you can ambush it. But sometimes you are just left there, probably pinging like a madman to hope that you laner will get what you want, but he will keep pushing and pushing no matter what:D.
> There is a thing called "lane gank" I do this in every single game I think (enemies are not expecting that gank and its pretty fun to sneak through the bushes to the enemy), but sometimes it doesnt work to get kills with that... but thanks for the tipp :) some team mates refuse to let the wave push in so it was time wasted in the brush :(
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xProwel (EUW)
: What can i do when im being bullied in chat?
Prove them wrong ;) But first - just type **/mute all** and then concentrate on hitting that enemy hard :-) maybe they are too busy flaming you (and trying to hide their own insecurities) that you can win your lane easier... after 10 or 15 mins you can write in /All chat "btw, i cant read what you're saying, you have been muted all the time, just for you to know" so they will get a bit mad ;) In Solo Q I usually just /mute all at beginning, communication can be done through pings. This prevents you from tilting or feeling bad, I promise. :-) And then, after the game, report them and write a short explanation why, helps the Riot support.
Febos (EUW)
: Blame that on the "Flash Syndrome" (I made that up). That spell is so broken that (almost) EVERYONE uses it. The game itself is balanced around that spell, which should tell you something about how balanced it is. Going back to Kha'Zix, I guess it's just because the other options are less popular. Exhaust can be useful, but it's situational. Ignite is probably overkill for Kha'Zix, since he already packs a lot of damage in his kit. The only champions (mainly junglers) you see breaking that "Flash Rule" (made up too) are the ones like: {{champion:35}} Has a built-in Flash. {{champion:2}} played as a Tank and he can't be CCed with his R {{champion:120}} obviously Ghost is better I'm definitely missing a few, but you get the point. Only champions that don't really need Flash should take something else. I often joked about seeing {{champion:23}} with Flash and something else. I used to say to my premades "What are you going to do with that Flash? Auto-attack?" Guess who was wrong. I always take Flash on Trynda now SPECIFICALLY because I can Flash+AA or E+Flash to finish someone off. That's how stupidly broken Flash is. Even a champion that shouldn't use it does (Trynda is "immortal" and has built in escape). Kha'Zix also has built-in escape, but Flash gives you so many options which makes it invaluable.
Hmm I should focus on using my flash correctly in game and then it will be more useful than it is at the moment... :D because always when i get chased for example, I flash and they still catch me :( and when i try to finish someone off with a flash I miss my spells and he gets away... but I think it takes time to learn things like that :)
: Try altering your rune page to make yourself more prone to out-trade without needing exhaust. Runepage tailoring to allow you to have flash and still be optimal is the way to go with an extremely specialist champ like khazix. I'd suggest keeping all 9 armor seals because both ad champs and monsters deal ad damage (obviously ad champs do) making it worth but mixing your glyphs and marks (with kha i'd mix in some scaling cdr and even a cdr quint. As for marks, kha happens to be someone where all ad marks ends up being optimal in my opinion because his build is lethality heavy so lethality in runes is uncecessary.
As I started LoL in S7, I haven't had much gold to buy more rune pages, but I will soon! Then I'll go full AD Quints for Kha'Zix and so on ^.^ Thanks for the tipps!
: 1st thing that came to my mind was
Hahhahah I didn't think of that but would look great in this style ^.^
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: And why not {{summoner:6}} instead? Shouůd help you with ganks also also avoid getting caught. Its also very op summoner spell due tothe 2016 buffs.
: {{summoner:4}} is OP and undisputed you get to potentially gain kills with it.. but most importantly also save yourself from nasty situations. > maybe I die 1 or 2 times more because I could have flashed and that could lose you the game.. especially a kill on a jungler <-- free baron you name it. Defensive side of flash is really important aspect about the game. Offensive Flashes are great, but its really in how much flash avoids 'deaths'' that allows it to be great.
Thats right, but you could also kill the jungler thanks to exhaust and go for baron yourself ;) And Exhaust can avoid a death, too... :D
Peαnut (EUW)
: The extra mobility helps with ganks and late game to get into a good position. Your builds are also very aggressive. My usual build is warrior-black cleaver-maw/ga-ga/maw-lethality item. 90% of the time you wanna go ninja tabi, unless they have incredible cc or are very ap heavy, then you go merc treads. You shouldn't aim to gank a full hp enemy. Kha'Zix burst, if done right, deals about 400 damage at lvl 4. Use this to your advantage and ask your laners to poke their opponents down for you. A successful gank is not always a kill. Gaining summoner advantage is also a successful gank, and relieving pressure from a struggling lane is a success too. A lot of time the flash is used aggressively or to get into a better position in teamfights. The flash allows you to have an easier angle to assassinate people. If you want any tips, shoot me an add in game, I'll be willing to help in any way possible. Cya on the rift! ^-^
Hi ^.^ I guess I have the wrong play style on Kha'Zix... There are not many people who main him so I only build what I thought could work and it would be nice if you could teach me some tricks on Kha as he is a very nice and interesting champ :) I will add you when I get back from my night shift I was just wondering why Exhaust worked so well directly the first time I tried it ... maybe it works very well in general with a super aggressive build like I have and the other problem is that I also often miss my flash or press it by accident so it becomes useless.. And as I'm not the best LoL player I'm often afraid to flash "after" someone to kill him because I'm afraid to miss my Spells...
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: i played support.. its easy as hell to climb if your good at it.. you can 2 v1 bot easily and snowball and roam.
As I said: depends on the support and on your ADC... good luck with roaming if you are Soraka and your ADC goes 0/8 ;) I mean... I don't say it's impossible to climb with supp in low Elo, but it's much harder and you need luck with your ADC and a lot of game knowledge ... not every LoL player (including me) has that knowledge that you get over years.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Diabolic Hikki,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yRTQl3EI,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-26T22:54:21.802+0000) > > I do. it&#x27;s called &quot;predicting their pick through their ban&quot;. But I understand if you have no strategy in mind when it comes to banning. Mate, if not even Korean Challengers do that, why would you be different? We are still talking about Solo/Flex. Just look at Faker's streams. No one there bans "strategically". They might ban one or two champions they know would counter the champion your teammate wants to play, or even target ban someone if they know they are in the enemy team, but they don't "strategically" ban consistently. Now, go back a few tiers all the way down to Diamond and the pattern is the same. Are you telling me that you are above all that? > Oh, and I&#x27;m not waiting for an intelligent response after that ill attempt at ridicule. I know your deal already. So you are unable to provide me with 1 good example? Watch me "place the last nail in the coffin". Say, if you don't ban the X popular champion in Y meta and instead you "ban strategically", can you guess what will happen? ######Hint: That X popular champion will be picked. Okay, say you are in a premade of 3, flex queue. All 3 of you "ban strategically" AND the first pick is one of you. The enemy teams gets to pick at least 2 of those X popular champions. Are you sure your "strategic ban" works out in the end with your other 2 teammates? That's just it. You are missing the crucial part of all this. This is SOLO/FLEX queue; not competitive. No one gives jack shit about "strategic ban" in that environment. ######Still waiting for that 1 good example.
Example: {{champion:157}} xD in 80% of the time he is not banned he will be picked So he gets banned. Not because of "strategy", but because everyone hates him (even he can be countered when you know how) I totally agree with _The Febos_ Another Example: when Fizz gets banned you can't predict who the enemy is going to pick because Fizz is 1. a hard counter for many champs and 2. veeeery annoying - so he is very likely to get banned just because no one wants to play against him.
: The best and the worst champion
(only my opinion based on my experience) . #ADC Worst: {{champion:15}} No CC, weak Ult Best: {{champion:21}} Just press R for Triple Kill . . . #SUPP Worst: {{champion:44}} easily dodge stun Best: {{champion:63}} that damage is insane . . . #MID Worst:{{champion:4}} easy to dodge/counter Best: {{champion:45}} no outplay needed, just press R . . . #JUNGLE Worst: {{champion:28}} weak early jungling, no dmg if no kills, sqishy af Best: {{champion:19}} rito pls nerf . . . #TOP Worst: {{champion:157}} because Yasuos in MY team are always 1/10 :D (not if in enemy team) Best: {{champion:122}} no words needed
Nitao (EUNE)
: Not really. I had a big success with damage supports like: {{champion:43}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:37}}. Get few early kills and you become more important than midlaner. So on low elo i usually go mid/support. :)
You're right, I also really like to play {{champion:43}} for example, but only if i can talk to my ADC and if I know how he is playing... :) but I have had so many very bad Bronze and Silver ADCs like a Xayah who thinks she can 1v2 the enemy bot lane or an inting Lucian... happens just too often even if you play good they still play bad and you will die trying to protect them. Ok unless you are a {{champion:63}} support... then just destroy the enemies xD or play {{champion:45}} with his outplay button... :D
: What am I doing wrong in ranked?
Rule Nr. 1: DONT PLAY SUPP IN LOW ELO SOLO Q that's all. Did this mistake in my placements and regretted it ... I won 3/10 and was placed in B1 (would have been B3 if I had played badly) If you aren't premade with your adc, don't play supp. Focus on playing mid/jg/top, so that you have at least some impact on the game. In higher Elo supp will be a very important pick (G, P, Dia) but in B / S you have literally no impact on the game because you are too dependant on your adc... and when your adc is bad you feed, too...
Perilum (EUW)
: Darius is the only Champ with whom I can actually get Penta kills solo in ranked when I had a mediocre laning phase. He is balanced.
Yeah... balanced xD
Byakurän (EUNE)
: I will change your life
Always that "splitpushing" ADC on bot lane...
Shozis (EUNE)
: You don't need to compare numbers, when you can just go 1 vs 5 and blame your teammates after.
"report r3tard team for no help" xD


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