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: Dude Gragas can't run .. He's the fat bastard .... You expect him to come instantly from top to bot???
But he's a super athletic fat bastard he got no excuses loool (gragas e)
LordSocom (EUW)
: Nice xd Love rush hour aswell :P
Thanksman that means ur a legend
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: The moment you realise you are getting carried by Teemo
You underestimate Teemo...bruh
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SirSoap (EUW)
: Ahh now I remember you! You created a thread with the Lucian Unchanined trailer and the how Lucian gets Fed video. I told you that something is seriously wrong with you;D Gotta love your vids! Currently watching the rest of them.
Omg! Oh yh its you! ROFL! It says you subscribed a bit ago! <3 all homo and shit included. Whata small world..and yes I have the same disease as Joker from dark knight {{champion:35}}
SirSoap (EUW)
: Man great vid! MOOAARRR:)
<3 I hope you watched my other vids too! Also guys please don't forget to upvote the thread it helps me out a bunch {{item:3070}}
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Qwandy (EUW)
: This trailer is actually a sneak-peak of a long needed Lucian Buff. 10/10 I see what you did there. :)
JediGrasp (EUW)
: That braum XDDDDD
"Next time you have my back! >:( " XD
Szèth (EUW)
: When Braum uses "Stand behind me" he says "Stand behind Braum".
oh darn it! searched hard for the sound but the sound collections i listened to missed some out. Either way I'm planning on using that shootout scene for another video, editing it more and with different purpose, i'll add that in too! Thanks for telling me buddy!
: I love the fact that Lucian uses Braum as the human shield. Nice touch!
thank you, I was looking around for a sound of Braum saying "Stand behind me!" - like his move, but I couldn't find it, maybe he doesn't say that :( At least I added Braum saying "Next time you have my back!" - oh the irony
khobis (EUW)
: Lucian Unchained: Movie Trailer
rofl thanks for the ratings
SirSoap (EUW)
: Something is seriously wrong with youxD
LOL im thinking the same :'(
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: Post your "When i was a noob"
I used to split level my abilities out equally each level and drop my ult first in a fight so that it would be off cooldown faster{{champion:86}}
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: Can you give me one good reason why the boards had to be divided to regions again?
: Skin ideas 1x Gnar and 2x Zac
It is absolutely about time for a new Zac {{champion:154}} skin, I see many requests for it now, unfortunately Mr.Rito{{champion:79}} is busy producing skins for champions with a billion already, instead of Master {{item:3070}} {{champion:154}} or even fixing bugs (apparently {{champion:25}} snare + {{champion:51}} trap hitting {{champion:14}} at the same time during his ultimate causes him to forcefully (and unnaturally) go out of control and perform an immediate (again unnatural) 45 degree turn during the ulti - 15/02/2015 game). I do, however, like the Junkyard Zac skin idea of yours - and therefore I commemorate you, gentleman. - **King of the Rift**
Phainon (EUNE)
: wtf ? o.O haahahhaahhahahah Nice video mate, the song is so spot on, i laughed my head off hahaahahahahha
khobis (EUW)
: [BUG] Katarina can Fly {w/Video}
Rito {{champion:79}} WHERE ARE YOU I WANT JUSTICE
: Top 12 Beards and Moustaches in League of Legends
While the Rito Squad faff about **comparing moustaches**, I am on a truly manly mission of getting a **game-breaking bug** to gain more attention and be fixed, I want justice for what has been done to me so I guide you all, lost sheep, to a thread truly in need of the world's dire attention (free-advertising-opp-lololol-hereigo: ( It has evidential footage of your trickery you filthy {{champion:35}}s In hope that Justice {{champion:59}} may be served, **Frosty Skull**, **King of the Rift**.
: I believe I can flyy This isn't actually a bug, just next level mechanics. ;D
> [{quoted}](name=kawaii red,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=xdFElNZH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-02-06T14:24:30.007+0000) > > I believe I can flyy > > This isn't actually a bug, just next level mechanics. ;D This bug has been in the game for ages, question is, where is Mr.Rito {{champion:79}} ? :)
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