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: Finding my Account Banned For Use of Third Party Programs
So I opened a ticket and Riot responded and completely ignored all the points given, and instantly accused me of: 1. Me being the one Scripting/botting (ignored the whole statement about me being away and not having used this account for 8 months) 2. Sharing the account with others (clearly stated I never did) Seems like the Riot worker simply copy pasted the general statement paragraph and copy pasted it to avoid even looking a the possibility of me being innocent and instead just states why scripting and sharing accounts leads to suspension (instant accusation) which I'm obviously aware of. Here is the link to the response: []( The response also states that I'm responsible of what happens to my account and that it should be reported instantly if anything is suspicious and I understand that, but as someone who studies abroad Riot can't expect a user to log in on his account from another region everyday for 8 months just to check if theres anything suspicious activity or the chance of the account possibly being hacked. Honestly, it's pretty disappointing for a company like Riot to just instantly accuse victims of hackers of being cheaters and not even try to look into the problem and give the victim a chance of proving its innocence.
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