: Can we get more SINISTER looking skins in the future PLEASE?
>Can we get more SINISTER looking skins in the future PLEASE? Probably not. Riot (or Tencent) cashes in hardest on Project, Arcade, Star Guardian, and other "production line" skins. Although Dark Waters Diana was recently released, which was a pretty great skin for "sinister"/eerie aesthetic imo. Dark Star skins look kind of stupid to me; not remotely sinister. Elderwood Hecarim was fairly "dark" in it's splashart. Deep Sea Nami too. Also the Bloodmoon's are kind of sinister I guess (see Diana's recall it's like something out of Ju-On). But really though, I wouldn't say League is a game where "sinister" works or even fits in. Even the most edgy and dark champions are kind of a joke compared to what other games do. League is basically to DotA 2 what Fortnite is to PubG: it's the one for kids, so flashy bright skins sell better than dark ones. TLDR: They make more money with flashy skins that appeal to memey, gamey, scif-fi dorky stuff. League doesn't take itself seriously enough to go full out on "horror", and it doesn't have a big enough community appeal, else Riot would be making more sinister stuff instead of what we get annually.
Unsiqhted (EUW)
: The Akali rework is a slap in the face
CertainlyT is somewhere right now, laughing at us all...
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am not so sure about this. Riot has professional writers and such and as far as I know they agree on themes and details that must fit, pledge ideas and write the lore. Though it still needs to be looked over to remove grammar and spelling mistakes. Also it needs to be sure that the lore fits. Now this quality check doesn't go away if you hand the job to the community. It may even add more work, as instead of having trustworthy intern writers they know, they will have hundreds of unknown people who need to be examined. I may be totally wrong about this, but I feel like this doesn't reduce any work whatsoever. The only reason why Riot would do something like this is for fun community events, but that may not be a good business decision.
Didn't consider that. Well put. I assumed that the reason for some skins having no flavour text yet, was due to the creative team being overworked and focused on matters of a higher priority. But obviously even if this were the case, a competition itself would also require organisation and time spent reading over entries, and probably more time spent than if they simply had their own writers adding entries in their off-time to begin with. I didn't exactly think this one through... Still, would have been nice to see community input for at least some skin entries.
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aphelium (EUW)
: Suspension without reason? can they do that?
Send a ticket to Riot Support. Also I'm pretty sure the T&C's state you can have your account permanently suspended without a given reason. That's what I remember reading almost 6 years ago when I first started playing. That said, the T&C's get updated a lot, so by now that rule may not even exist, assuming it ever did...
: Worst Joke On Earth
A good joke makes use of the context and setup prior to the punchline. The fact that your punchline had literally nothing to do with blowing up a warehouse, really made what could have been an okay joke, a pretty bad one. Not even "so bad it's funny", just disappointingly bad. Really, you just made a pun out of a champion's name and tried to build the rest of the joke around that without any thought for the relevance of the context...
OloPlz (EUNE)
: hate egirls
You don't want a serious discussion about this. If you did, then you would have included a definition for what "Gender Gap" is, as well as evidence to support your claim. Until then, your statement is baseless.
: I love your enthusiasm, but honestly... There are too many Star Guardian skins. This isn´t an anime game xD I think Riot should take a break from this skin line and PROJECT while I mention it. Its oversaturated, we need a break from these.
100% agree with this. Too much PROJECT/Star Guardian/Arcade, not enough innovation. Some new skin lines would be a breath of fresh air
: So you're one of the people who wants every champion to be played the same way and have the same damage. You're the reason why the meta is breaking. Some champions are made to be naturally strong, like Vayne for example. But then when Riot tries to batch balance them like how you simpletons want them to, problems emerge. Miss Fortune and Lucian got over-buffed because of it! What I'm trying to say is even if something broken emerges, like Zoe or AP Kai'sa; people will complain but then instantly find a way to counter it anyways. People still think Yasuo is broken. Easy way to counter him, don't fight next to minions. Try luring him to the river for a gank. Keep distance from Vi. Dodge Zoe's bubble at all costs or block it with a spell shield. So if they make a Tank / Assassin who does more when one-on-one; simply stay close to allies.
Right. This is the last reply you're getting from me, because you're just irritating me now. I've explained my point, and if you didn't like it, that's just tough. So do yourself some favours going forward: 1) Quit making assumptions about people who you don't know the first thing about. Assumptions are not arguments, so stop that if you want anyone worth a damn to take you seriously. 2) Stop resorting to petty insults and ridiculous accusations. Neither are necessary or conducive to having a discussion. 3) If you can't conduct yourself better than this, it'd be better you said nothing than to keep embarrassing yourself like this.
: You're probably one of the people who spammed the forums about Zoe's release, aren't you? And again: - Tank / Assassin. Many people say "Tank/Assassin would just be a fighter." But then why do Fighter/Assassins exist. - The name is a play on how Void creatures are named, Ao'Shin. Ao Shin was a cancelled champion remade into Aurelion Sol. That's why I specified in his lore he was rebirthed in the Void. - If you think things are broken then how about you explain what should be nerfed and what has what cooldowns instead of just spreading your hate?
>You're probably one of the people who spammed the forums about Zoe's release, aren't you? My only issue with Zoe is why they didn't revert Nidalee's Q after removing it, then building it into Zoe's kit. Aside from that, no complaints. Why is Zoe relevant to this discussion? >Tank / Assassin. Many people say "Tank/Assassin would just be a fighter." But then why do Fighter/Assassins exist. I... really don't understand what you're trying to prove here... But, just because you can think of something that hasn't been done before, doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to make real. That's all I'll say on that one. >If you think things are broken then how about you explain what should be nerfed and what has what cooldowns instead of just spreading your hate? Sometimes, kits are just broken beyond anyone's ability to balance. Your design is fundamentally flawed to the point where no amount of number adjusting would ever make it healthy to the game. There is no _need_ for a "tank assassin", and there never will be. The idea of something which has the inflated defensive values of a tank, whilst possessing the potential to delete champions has been complained about by the entire community for years now, and this is just a problem with _regular_ tanks! Imagine now, a tank which could do just _slightly_ more damage than a normal League of Legends tank, let alone assassin levels. It would be obscene. Tanks fill a role in League; they are designed to soak up damage which was intended for squishier champions on their team. Assassins fill a role in League; they are designed to quickly jump into a fight, kill a high priority target, and get back out again. If it still doesn't occur to you from a balancing perspective why a "tank assassin" isn't a good idea, then I'm sorry, but I don't want to waste any more energy on this. And if you think what I'm saying is "hate", I don't think you're gonna cope when someone in the real world is being genuinely hateful towards you...
: Ao'Shin, The Wrath of the Void - Tank / Assassin
People always rip into the balance team at Riot Games. But, I think we should all just take a moment to be grateful; OP demonstrated how infinitely worse balancing could still be...
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: 10 Star guardians are enough... I think XD Although, I would like to see what Star Guardian Zoe would look like
I reckon she'd look pretty much the same, but some disgusting shade of neon...
: more than 50 accounts, maybe 80, im tired
You'd think someone would learn after their first punishment...
: so Xayah and rakan already gets theire third skin what about kled aurelion ivern
**Popularity:** Far more people play Xayah/Rakan compared to Ivern/Aurelion/Kled (who have small playerbases by comparison). Bigger player-base = more money made off skins. **Model Complexity:** Xayah and Rakan are basic humanoids (easy to make skins for), whereas Aurelion has complex fading particles, Kled has a lizard thing, and Ivern is a weird-ass tree with a golem that would also need reskinning. **Opportunity:** Xayah and Rakan's skins so far have all had thematic reasons behind them, and have been released in accordance with events that specifically relate to them. Ivern/Aurelion/Kled were not suited for Valentines skins, and were not chosen by LCS winners to become skins.
: New damage item concept
No, they got rid of items having crit AND ad in the same package: It's one or the other now.
fi zzoh (EUW)
: How to make league more fun(a message to riot)
My my. What precious little opinions you have {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Til Salgs (EUW)
: Change is good!
lakisha2001 (EUNE)
: Pls read this, im addicted
What are terms and conditions?
Glaiver (EUNE)
: Post your all time favorite skin splash art ♥ I really like anything with moody, dark water involved. Atlantean Syndra, Crabgot, and the new Dark Waters Diana are honourable mentions. (Edit: I suck at linking pictures apparently. It's _Deep Sea Nami_ if you don't want to click the link)
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: Whatever u do to aatrox, but dont make this his voice...
_Welcome, to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight, featuring-_ {{champion:266}} **"I AM AATROX, COMMANDER OF EDGE AND LORD OF LOUD SHOUTING! TREMBLE, INFERIOR THINGS, BEFORE MY GOOFY RUSSIAN ACCENT, MY ENORMOUS SWORD, AND MY MIGHTY TRIPLE SLASH ACTION COMBO!"** {{champion:92}} "But. That last one's my thing..." {{champion:266}} **"FOOL! MINE IS SUPERIOR! COME! FIGHT!"**
TatarQiz (EUNE)
: Awwww <3 These ideas are really nice! I am glad to see that I am not the only Evelynn lover here :D. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Thank you. I bet Riot could do something really special with her next skin if they focus on making her transition between visibility and invisibility more thematically engaging
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Riven is just as much skillshot based. Just with a shorter range.
RemZero22 (EUW)
: Who is Lux's lover?
Perhaps she's just a single pringle
: Whatever u do to aatrox, but dont make this his voice...
It looks like they turned him into a skill-shot based Riven...
íGengar (EUW)
: What was the fiasco of the blood moon one? Is it garbage? I play Evelynn now and then and I don't think any of her current skins look better than the vanilla model ^^
Essentially, people were disappointed by the first new skin specifically designed for Evelynn's new model. Criticisms included the Bloodmoon Evelynn skin not matching up well in terms of quality with the other Bloodmoon skins, as well as being a bit dull/boring in it's execution. It was a similar problem to that of the Valentine's Day Xayah and Rakan skins, but to a slightly lesser extent (because those skins were _really_ bad).
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Glaiver (EUNE)
: Why are people obsessed with fighting instead of farming? Farm = guaranteed gold
This game is a Multiplayer Online _Battle_ Arena game. Not Stardew Valley. Every ability you have is in some way tailored towards combat, and that's probably supposed to be the _fun_ part of the game, despite it not being the actual objective. If you don't get that a game is supposed to be fun, you might be missing out. I mean, you _could_ sit there, waiting for enemies a hundred times weaker than you to get to low enough HP that you can eventually smack them for the gold for the entire game (cough-Nasus-cough). But most people associate fun with more stimulating interactions. Such as, fighting. It's the same with games like Overwatch: you don't go into it thinking "oh boy, I can't wait to slowly follow a payload around the map til it reaches the end!" You think "I wanna shoot things, or blow them up, and I wanna do it now." That's the fun part. What's not to get?
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Champions with the most mobility usually win
>I wonder how much the meta would change if only champions with low, no or irrelevant mobility could be the only champs to use {{summoner:4}} . That would actually be amazing. It would give immobile champions some much needed love in terms of mobility. However, there's no way Riot would do this... {{sticker:cass-cry}} Maybe they could make a rune, which gives immobile champions some kind of mobility spell. Or halves the cooldown of flash, or something like that...
: Unbanning Long-term League Players
First: Riot won't "reach" this. So burn your hopes. Second: No one could possibly take your views on player behaviour seriously, with a name like that. Third: You ain't slick; you're not getting your account back. Finally: It's a bad idea because it will essentially make some players untouchable, and that's blatant favouritism. No one player should be any more, or less valued than another. It doesn't _matter_ if you started playing last week, of if you've been playing since season 1; if you're toxic, you've got to go. Loyalty will never excuse abusive in-game behaviour.
: > [{quoted}](name=kiwishrew,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EhdL81Ei,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-10T00:31:30.030+0000) > > Well shit. I was really looking forward to playing Jinx again... Guess I&#x27;ll go back to playing Ziggs, Lux and Taliyah mid :/ Oh Irelia mid is meta.
Maybe I'll just go back to Overwatch then. New Irelia in my midlane? Nope. I play other lanes SPECIFICALLY to avoid the broken shit that gets put in toplane...
: >What have I missed? Banner of Command got reworked and is going to get DFG'ed. Ezreal is breaking another item interaction, Kai'Sa is busted. We got a new champ that is an assassin support that has a resetting AoE Darius ult. >Exactly how much did they destroy marksmen? Crit marksmen don't hit a massive power spike at Shiv and IE. They have to scale into the late game. On hit carries and lane bullies (MF and Draven) are busted, and Guinsoo's is still the same busted piece of shit it was. > What the heck is "Clash"? 5 man competitive mode. Basically pro play for us plebs. It's ranked 5's from back in the day but with more prizes. You buy into it (with BE obtainable Clash tickets) and the more you buy in, the better your reward when you win.
Well shit. I was really looking forward to playing Jinx again... Guess I'll go back to playing Ziggs, Lux and Taliyah mid :/
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King Lego (EUNE)
: Question about Taliyah Jungle
I think it'll be fine, and if anything a little underwhelming due to the large cooldown on her ult. Without her ult, I reckon she'll just be "ok" at ganking. It's a shame Riot keep making these champions that look so fun to play, but then get ruined by pros, forcing Riot to nerf them for everyone else. They shouldn't value the pros over the community...
TheFgtRat (EUW)
: A Soccer theamed game mode
fak tart (EUNE)
: i got banned
Make a new account and _prove_ you've learnt from your mistake by not getting it banned.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Except it doesn't. Febos and Zyzyx are correct. It's an ancient greek word.
Egillion (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is back ! Riot has done it again !
Well I finally learnt what "META" stands for today
: The more I read what you posted, the slower I read for some odd reason.
I used way too many commas
Raoul (EUW)
: Pyke could really use an escape tool...
He has enough mobility. Not all assassins have to have such cowardly mechanics.
: You forgot {{champion:163}} E And i agree anti-mobility spells are really cool from a design perspective.
Actually I meant her E from the start, not W. Got my abilities mixed up
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Good concept but it doesn't fit pyke. Here's the reason: He is the vengence of drowned and betrayed. He himself was betrayed and thus drowned(or so he feels), and as such, he is lurking in the shadows, taking out anyone in his list. And thats the part they were focusing on: his fury and rage giving him immense strength when he sees his pray. And at this point, they nailed it. However, his passive also represents that he was already weakened by the waters, so that strength came at the price: he can't survive at all if he gets hit again
I would say your reasoning for why it doesn't fit Pyke is exactly that; _yours._ Subjective. As is mine. But whilst I respect your opinion, I disagree with it on the basis of his lore, and the mood of his voice-over and trailer. You say Pyke is furious and ragey, and that that is the part of him that Riot tried to capture. But I don't think rage and fury are his defining qualities at all, and that if this was what Riot tried to capture, it was a mistake. When I think of furious and ragey, I think of Renekton. I think of Sion. I think of Rek'Sai. And I don't believe Pyke fits in with any of them. He never bellows, or roars, or announces himself loudly. He's subtle, restrained, quiet, and suggestive in a way that spells "inevitable doom". He murmurs threats and whispers of dark, crushing depths. He disappears into mist and incorporeal waters, only to appear behind you and whisper "you look familiar..." From his trailer and lore, I have assessed Pyke to be more _"sinister"_, than furious or rage-filled as you have suggested. Think Elise. Think Thresh. Think Evelynn. These are all champions who "lurk" and threaten, and whisper chilling, detailed evils, and prey on innocent victims. They don't violently maim and kill everyone in their path; that's what a furious, or rage-filled champion like Renekton, or Sion would do. Therefore, to my mind, Pyke is right at home with the "sinister" group, and I think his kit should have reflected this thematic. The only part of his kit I can credit with capturing this tone is the spell that makes him turn invisible. Everything else is fast and visceral, and it just doesn't make sense to me. Nonetheless, I maintain that I respect your opinion. EDIT: Although come to think of it, Thresh and Elise's kits hardly scream subtle either... perhaps it's just difficult to make a slow kit in League :/
: You are right about most things, but you might lack experience in transfering a character theme into a kit. No offense, but there might be more to it than imagination. For one thing I personally believe is that it's kinda hard to put a slowness to an assassin playstyle. He was supposed to be a innovative new supporter design, not a second Nautilus. And his dash is hardly comparable with Ekko's. The stun is also not random as long as it's not buggy for a reason..
>you might lack experience in transfering a character theme into a kit. No offense, but there might be more to it than imagination. Yeah, I'm aware of this :( >He was supposed to be a innovative new supporter design, not a second Nautilus. I suppose my ideas could risk him seeming too similar to Nautilus in some respects. I remain disappointed that his theme was not embraced as whole-heartedly as it could have been, despite how demanding that may have been from a technical standpoint. >And his dash is hardly comparable with Ekko's. The stun is also not random as long as it's not buggy for a reason.. When I say random, I just don't get why he has a stun on a mobility move. It feels to me like it was randomly slapped on because he didn't have enough CC to be a support yet. And when I compare it to Ekko, it's only in the respect that it has a clone mechanic going on, so it ends up resembling Ekko's theme. I think I failed to accurately convey what I meant when comparing it to Ekko's dash.
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who's the most rewarding champion if you can hit skill-shots?
{{champion:99}} is satisfying, but it's pretty easy to hit her skill-shots. {{champion:115}} same as above, although harder to hit ult, and requires good knowledge of when and how to use the Satchel Charge. {{champion:222}} is a weird choice, but I have to include her simply for how AMAZING it feels to execute enemies from across the map with a rocket. The rapture of your passive triggering a couple of seconds after pressing R is just unholy. Her W is also rather hard to hit, but it chunks HP at later levels, and the slow/reveal is nice. Her chompers are "technically" a skillshot, but they're more about positioning and less about predicting and reaction times (putting them on top of someone who just got Morgana Q'd is hilarious). Sadly her skill-shotting becomes less relevant late game... Still, I would argue that Jinx is fun if you can skill-shot. Would have mentioned {{champion:101}} too, as he is basically the king of skillshots, but you struck him off the list.
: Is riot points are cryptocurrency?
No. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
: Which are your favourite mid lane champions and which are the strongest right now
My favourites are {{champion:115}}, {{champion:134}}, {{champion:99}} and {{champion:127}}. I don't know who is good and bad right now because I haven't played since Zoe release. Also your favourites make me want to murder you but we're all friends here {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
L0onster (EUW)
: A sad story. (Over 8 accounts banned)
>Maybe it is riot way of saying F off, we don't want people like me playing. Well... yes? Obviously. I'm sorry, but of course Riot don't want toxic people playing. It's not sad, it's a victory. And after 14 accounts, it's astonishing that you haven't learnt to just not talk in the chat. Even if you can't help but be toxic, you should at least be able to control what you type in chat. Otherwise, of course you deserve to be banned. Anyone who inflicts toxicity on others deserves to be banned :/
Gabresol (EUW)
: Riot has too much mercy
>I really do not care how hard the player numbers drop, I believe a purge of everyone not using the chat as intended is needed! Just get done watching Infinity War? That's cute, but Riot really does not care what you believe in as an individual. They have to make money, and they will lose money if they implement your half-baked solution. Now, if the community suddenly boycotted the game because of toxicity, Riot might do something. But as it stands, the player-base only continues to grow, and by extension, money. Why fix something which isn't broken?
You're being negative, even out of the game... I'd say there's lesson to be learnt here in real life, too, _regardless_ of whether or not you want to acknowledge it. You probably forget, but there's a person behind the screen that you're typing to. You're addressing her/him in all caps, as well as many others. What you're essentially doing is throwing a public tantrum in the boards over getting banned. If that doesn't demonstrate a real life negative attitude, I don't rightly know what does...
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