Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: When did the term “babysitter” originate in league of legends?
If you're getting called babystitter, you're doing it right. Tilting the opponent is a legitimate strategy which can completely deconstruct the psychological balance between members of the opposing team, resulting in reduced team-work, which could ultimately end with them throwing the game. Teemo was being a little b-tch in this situation because despite him taking someone to counter Nasus he still got destroyed. Obviously Nasus can't fight his own battles that early on, he needs to get to late game and he can't do that whilst being harassed constantly by a ranged champion. Teemo was just venting because he felt hopeless. You as the jungler made a strategically strong decision by helping Nasus remain a relevant concern to the enemy team. I imagine the enemy team then had a few choice words for that Teemo, given that Teemo is normally expected to shut down Nasus in the laning phase. TLDR: players only say "babysitter" to scorn and spite the enemy jungler. It never works, and if anything will usually incite the jungler into ganking that lane even more. League psychology is funny.
p0wloz (EUNE)
: Will renekton ever be balanced?
He sucks late-game, has a sub-par level 6, and can be countered by just not going near him when his bar is red.
radetari (EUNE)
: what? why? I ain't trolling also the the reason why some people are stuck on their rank might not be connected to their skill but the champion they play also i noticed it when I play toplane if I play something like Yorick or Sion i have higher success rate then when I play GP or Nasus guess siege and breach champions are more for me, Nasus is one too but his scaling doesn't work like other siege champs, he has to get his scaling with stacks while others have it already also the counters teemo counters nasus, but doesn't counter sion or yorick teemo is an example here, not my archnemesis the thing is I dont play those champs often cuz they tend to become boring very fast but i guess there is no other way to win for me then to be bored to death
Mood shifts don't "cause" Bipolar disorder, that's why I got a little flustered back there. But that's really the only reason I ragged on ya. >also the the reason why some people are stuck on their rank might not be connected to their skill but the champion they play also I agree with this; if you choose to play champions which you either can't play to their fullest ability, or who are simply not good enough in the current meta, you're gonna find it hard to climb. But again, that's just the nature of any MOBA, and it is your decision who you play. It is therefore, also your decision whether you climb or not: Are you playing for fun, or to win? Sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it... >I dont play those champs often cuz they tend to become boring very fast but i guess there is no other way to win for me then to be bored to death It's up to you how you choose to play. If you think or feel like you can only win with boring champions and you **_want _**to win, I suppose you can keep playing champions you find boring. Or if you want to have fun, you can play fun champions at the risk of possibly losing. No one's forcing you to do anything
: ***
And what was it I said that you personally have a problem with?
MinchSko (EUW)
: where is the new kaisa skin and autumn skins
Dude. They've literally just been announced. Don't ya know how skins work? They get teased, you wait for 2-4 weeks, THEN they release
radetari (EUNE)
: The psychology of this game
>It is not fun anymore Opinion >Everything you play gets countered That's called balance >You cannot carry anymore because of the goddamn bounty system that punishes you for doing good in a way that 5 guys will hunt you down and make your profit into theirs Again, counterplay. If someone can carry without being stopped, you may as well leave the game and start again >It doesn't matter what tank build you use, Mundo will be the tankiest champion in the game One champion is always gonna be; but some tanks are more useful than Mundo >Doesn't matter how much armor I have as long as the enemy has a slight advantage Perhaps try building some HP with that armour? >Doesn't matter if you ping someone to fall back, they will always continue forward That's the nature of soloque. Focus on what you can do, and don't take the losses too hard >Doesn't matter if you are starting to climb because instead of getting matched with better teammates and against better enemies, you get matched with worse and worse teammates and better enemies Actually, you get matched with better team-mates and better opponents, as they were clearly good enough to earn their way into higher ranks. Generally when you stay in a rank too long, it's probably because you belong there until you find a way to personally improve enough (not saying the ranked system is perfect by any means, though) >Being exposed to so much mood shifts on random (because as I said it is a dice roll or coin flip) can cause something like a bipolar disorder What? >Mood shifts on random can cause something like bipolar disorder Come again? >can cause B i p o l a r D i s o r d e r {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} I wasted my time reading up til this point...
Rioter Comments
: Evelynn Perma Invis + Charm without counterplay is bullshit
But you can dodge her charm; that IS counterplay. It's not like Ryze's binding or Annie's stuns. You get 2 and a half seconds of wind-up time before she can proc it, and she needs to get within range to do that AND hit a skillshot which can't go through minions, otherwise she's wasted time that she could have been farming/taking map control. And her ult is an execute. Half the roster have execute abilities, and hers isn't nearly the strongest. At least she can be seen by control wards, too. Shaco can't, and that is bull. Neither can Twitch, who can as good as assassinate your team with one ult. Hell, at least it's not Zoe's Bubble. THAT lacks counterplay outside of taking cleanse and building QSS. She can shoot that across terrain from the fog of war without any warning at all, and once you're asleep, you're practically dead. Eve is fine, you've just got to get used to playing more safely. For example, waiting until you can see her on the minimap (perhaps ganking another lane), before trying to engage on your top-laner or push minions.
jOhNyP (EUW)
My mistake! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
jOhNyP (EUW)
Why does no one know it's Kha'Zix? >
Kurotsu (EUW)
: So this is the Odyssey / Guardians of the Galaxy characters?
: 2 good reasons Kayn is getting a legendary instead of Ziggs: - Kayn is a more popular champ - Ziggs already has a lot of skins, Kayn only has one (which is bad imo)
>Kayn is a more popular champ Community is a bunch of edgelords...
D4rkPrinCe (EUNE)
: League of legends Movie at the theater ( cinema )
Sometimes I'm grateful Riot doesn't listen to it's community...
: Ability Power vs Magic Resist
You misunderstand. Banshee's Veil isn't for tanks; it's for ability power casters, who generally have very little magic resist. They need it against high damage opponents, or when they're losing. But what balances it out, is that it doesn't give a lot of AP, and it doesn't give any HP. Other magic resist items generally come equipped with HP, and this means these items offer more effective defence against magic damage than Banshee's.
amuseme (EUW)
: game idea
Not gonna lie, I'm not keen on that idea. I don't want a 4 man-premade forcing me into a "pity match" when we lose, just so we can lose again and get tilted more
: I drew some League women
What unholy damnation hast thou wrought upon us? Only Janna and Sej look remotely okay. Sivir and Quinn are just dudes, Ahri and Xayah are like monstrous dolls, and Kai'Sa is nightmare fuel! This must be some kind of attack on the patriarchy to rebel against unfair standards or beauty, or a government experiment to induce PTSD in war criminals as a form of torture. (In all seriousness though, you're a damn good cartoon artist, I particularly like Janna)
: ok i understand and like your points,but i never told that zed have to 1v1 a tank,i just sead that full tank Tahm Kench should do more DMG then a full build Zed,he is not a 100% sure to get out,the most of the times he get silenced and its over,Talon if he use his ult and dont kill his target,he have his E,and he can stai inviz for like 2.5 seconds he have a choice to go or to back out ,and get out with his E, thats it thank you for your reply again
What good is Tahm Kench's damage if he can't reach the carry? Beyond flash, he has no way of getting on top of, and sticking to his target long enough to kill them. It shouldn't matter that Full Tank TK is _**able **_ to potentially deal more damage than Full Damage Zed. A good team is gonna have an easier time predicting and stopping TK from outputting his damage onto the carry than Zed is. That's what matters; the time it takes for a champion to kill someone, and their potential to access said champion. Or to put it another way, a champion who could do 2 million damage in 1 second sounds OP, right? Not if he has zero movespeed.
: i get you point,but the only thinks he can kill are adc,and some times the supp %%%%ed him over,like lulu,tham kench,bard,fiddlesticks-and he is only good at doing that killing adc and now you wonna take that from him
No one's taking anything from him. But why add to him? He's fine. He's designed to kill squishy targets and get out. That's it. Sure; he's a feast or famine champion, who falls off lategame, and there are better picks for raw damage. But Zed isn't about raw damage. He isn't meant to be the king of damage. He's an assassin who kills squishies and gets out, or fails to kill squishies... and _still_ gets out. And that's great! You get to be safe, and kill high priority targets. What are you complaining about? You know what Talon gets when he doesn't kill his target? Dead. And those tanks? They can't escape like Zed. They can't outplay or re-position like Zed. They can't pull off surprise attacks with almost no counterplay like Zed. They're slow, they have huge hitboxes and end up soaking up damage and cc from everyone on the enemy team. But guess what? If some dumbass Zed tries to kill them? Then yeah; that Zed is gonna get eaten. TLDR: There's no problem with Zed. He fulfils his exact role as he should. Maybe even too well, given how hard it is for a carry to avoid dying to his ult.
: No hextech chest and key after 8 missions- ARAM ARAMA
The normal missions don't count. Only the numbered missions. You've completed 2 numbered missions so far. The others are meaningless
King Lego (EUNE)
: Do you think toxicity has increased solely because of how League has become?
Do you think loaded questions are good titles for discussions?
person (EUW)
: my name got reported and im forced to change it, i dont see why
In today's episode of spoilt, first world brats being outrageously insensitive, we are not excited to bring you another unremarkable, first world spoilt brat being spoilt, insensitive, and complaining about their petty first world 'problems'! Witness in awe and disgust, the audacity of a child who has such a fundamental lack of perspective and sensitivity, that they would compare their privileged life to that of being a Jew in Nazi Germany. Indeed! Complaining about a video game, _freely_ provided to them no less, for not always being exactly the way they want it, and then alikening their struggle to that of people who were dragged out of their houses, beaten, raped, forced into slavery, experimented upon in some cases, and eventually gassed to death. But Riot! How _could_ you force this poor child to stop being such a whiney, b-tchy little bleeding heart about a service you freely provide, the terms of which they agreed to upon installing the game? How could you? You're lucky you're only being asked to change your name. Keep it up; do us all a favour and get yourself permabanned.
PzyXo (EUW)
: push bro . please push . PUSH . %%%%ing PUSH ALREADY
>push bro . please push . PUSH . %%%%ing PUSH ALREADY It's a boy!
: fun no mana/energy champions
Just learn to play mana champions, don't be afraid of having some actual difficulty in the game...
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Pizza or Spaghetti
Pizza. No contest
NixyIsGod (EUNE)
: Elementalist Lux
**Short Answer: ** No. **Long Answer: ** Riot put more time and effort into making Elementalist Lux than the majority of skins in the game. Elementalist Lux probably brought Riot more income than any other ultimate skin, by proxy of being literally 10 skins in one designed for one of the most popular champions in the game. What made you think that they would just give you the skin they spent over a year planning and making, for free? Riot is a business not a charity.
3 D (EUNE)
: What would I get for writing Dr.Mundo x Master Yi fanfic? (not here ofc)
The pride, satisfaction, and self respect that only someone who's written a Dr Mundo x Master Yi fanfic could know...
: Actually I would recommend attacking teemo constantly and poking him as he is quite squishy and enough damage would cause him to be unable to push past his half unless he is stupid and wants to risk himself to ganks. I constantly do this with tank champs with long ranged abilitites like Illaoi, Urgot and Nasus.
Yeah but we're talking about Rengar. You can only poke with his E, which is fairly simple to dodge. Beyond that, your main source of damage (Q resetting at max ferocity) can just be completely wiped away by one blinding dart. Then, you have to stay there fighting him til you die, or run away whilst taking a crap-ton of poke...
: How To Play Rengar Top?
Rengar top is not good, sorry to break it to you. Teemo top is designed to sh_t on most toplane picks in the laning phase. Your best bet is to wait under tower until your jungler comes to gank. Ganking Teemo before he hits 6 is a great way to set him back. The alternative is, go gank other lanes, or go with your jungler to invade the enemy jungler. Basically, don't fight Teemo early on. Find other ways of being useful to your team. Don't take ignite, take tp instead so you can gank bot/help with drake. And in general, don't pick a champion that relies too heavily on auto's against Teemo.
: Very frustrating when the towers being oneshotted lost us the game :(.
Rioter Comments
Kamille W (EUW)
: My 0/4/0 Jhin at 4 Minutes
This is not, perfection. Jhin must leave the fountain exactly 4 seconds after it has opened. He must then achieve 4 creep-score, 4 kills, 4 assists and 4 deaths, before leaving the game at exactly 4 minutes in. Only then can you be considered a true virtuoso
: Did we get a easter egg for a Sona rework ?
Well it would be a bit silly if her ult made the enemies dance in this super dramatic cinematic. So yeah, I reckon it's not especially indicative of anything significant. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Chùos (EUW)
: Please nerf azir
>he one shot the adc late game He's supposed to. >ealy game he has too much poke damage (can harass without getting any damage) His soldier range got nerfed into oblivion and he's piss-easy to abuse before level 3 >he is so safe can't be gank because of his e You mean the E which you can literally walk in front of to stop? The E which costs over 150 mana to cast (W>E>Q for full dash, otherwise it's puny) >please rito nerf Please nerf that one champion who I can't fight
: hehe that's kinda true yea :P but yea I think I'm one of the kids then XD although I'm 23 still love the projects :D hehe
Well. You asked, I answered. And it's your right to disagree with me as much as it is mine to disagree with you. Just be aware of that being one of these people comes at a cost, and that cost is creativity.
: So what do you suggest? :)
Less boring metal armoured/cyborg/robot skins. Less factory line, "we need more money" skins, like Project, Star Guardian, Darkstar and Bloodmoon. More unique skins devoid of a theme. But obviously, Riot won't do this because there's less profit and more creativity required. Why be creative, when you can just slap grey armour and blinky lights on a champion and call it Project? Kids'll eat it up...
Tameemsh (EUNE)
: OMG that PROJECT:Quinn skin !!!!!!
Omg, yet another grey metal skin with glowy bits that everyone loses their collective sh*t over for some reason... Muh Project skins. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} To the artists credit, the concept is fantastic. But Project is just over-saturated and exploited for money at this point...
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Mid is the only role i want to play.
As a midlaner myself, I understand your attachment to the role. However, toplane isn't useless and static. You can make it exciting and impactful. You can still help your jungler when they're topside in either jungle, gank midlane, contest rift-herald, split-push to pressure the enemy jungler, teleport for ganks at botlane. And top isn't just reserved for tanks! If the support or jungler takes a tank, you could consider a fighter, assassin, or even a mage if you don't have enough AP on the team. You also have high diversity in the toplane in terms of mechanics, rivalled only by the support and jungle roles. You've got things like Singed who require an entirely different strategy to play, Rumble/Kled/Gnar, who have very unique mechanics and utility, flashy fighters who resemble mobile assassins (Cammille, Irellia, Fiora). Heck, if toplane is as useless as you say it is, it shouldn't matter what champion you pick! I've seen people take Gragas and Lissandra top to great success, as well as various marksmen. In terms of lane safety, I'd say being less safe gives you more of a challenge (although I don't quite understand why top should get ganked more easily when mid has 3 times as many directions from which to be ganked...) TLDR: -Toplane isn't useless -It has a diverse range of champions which can be played very differently, and can often be adapted to meet the needs of the game -There are ways to play other than just picking a tank, including champions which resemble traditional midlaners and marksmen -I don't personally agree that mid is safer from ganks than toplane -You will have presence as a top-laner if you choose to have presence. People only think top is useless because many sit up there farming and don't leave til mid game.
: Why are there no princess skins?
I mean, the Star Guardian's are sooort of princess-ey themselves, without fully adhering to any of the tropes. I don't know, I guess Riot/Tencent feel a little paranoid about releasing anything too controversial and which won't net them a profit. For all we know the feminists could get mad at Riot for trying to "enforce gender stereotypes and impossible standards on women", or some ridiculous crap like that. That has had an impact on big game developers before (cough-Tracer's butt-cough). Also gotta take into account that whilst there is definitely a female demographic among the community, it is dwarfed by the male demographic which is obsessed with edgy, hyper masculine skins (God Kings, God Fisters, God 'Staffs'...), generic scifi/cyberpunk (Project), video game references (Arcade), anime (Star Guardian's), anything that's oriental and edgy (Bloodmoon), the list goes on. TLDR: Riot/Tencent panders to it's biggest audience like any game developer does, and delivers content appropriate to that part of the community in quantities which reflect how much of the overall community that particular part represents. Because 'princess-lovers' are possibly in the minority as a demographic within the League of Legends community (or at least not very well known), it is unlikely that many (if any) skins will be made to appease that side of the community...
: Can we get more SINISTER looking skins in the future PLEASE?
>Can we get more SINISTER looking skins in the future PLEASE? Probably not. Riot (or Tencent) cashes in hardest on Project, Arcade, Star Guardian, and other "production line" skins. Although Dark Waters Diana was recently released, which was a pretty great skin for "sinister"/eerie aesthetic imo. Dark Star skins look kind of stupid to me; not remotely sinister. Elderwood Hecarim was fairly "dark" in it's splashart. Deep Sea Nami too. Also the Bloodmoon's are kind of sinister I guess (see Diana's recall it's like something out of Ju-On). But really though, I wouldn't say League is a game where "sinister" works or even fits in. Even the most edgy and dark champions are kind of a joke compared to what other games do. League is basically to DotA 2 what Fortnite is to PubG: it's the one for kids, so flashy bright skins sell better than dark ones. TLDR: They make more money with flashy skins that appeal to memey, gamey, scif-fi dorky stuff. League doesn't take itself seriously enough to go full out on "horror", and it doesn't have a big enough community appeal, else Riot would be making more sinister stuff instead of what we get annually.
Unsiqhted (EUW)
: The Akali rework is a slap in the face
CertainlyT is somewhere right now, laughing at us all...
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am not so sure about this. Riot has professional writers and such and as far as I know they agree on themes and details that must fit, pledge ideas and write the lore. Though it still needs to be looked over to remove grammar and spelling mistakes. Also it needs to be sure that the lore fits. Now this quality check doesn't go away if you hand the job to the community. It may even add more work, as instead of having trustworthy intern writers they know, they will have hundreds of unknown people who need to be examined. I may be totally wrong about this, but I feel like this doesn't reduce any work whatsoever. The only reason why Riot would do something like this is for fun community events, but that may not be a good business decision.
Didn't consider that. Well put. I assumed that the reason for some skins having no flavour text yet, was due to the creative team being overworked and focused on matters of a higher priority. But obviously even if this were the case, a competition itself would also require organisation and time spent reading over entries, and probably more time spent than if they simply had their own writers adding entries in their off-time to begin with. I didn't exactly think this one through... Still, would have been nice to see community input for at least some skin entries.
Rioter Comments
aphelium (EUW)
: Suspension without reason? can they do that?
Send a ticket to Riot Support. Also I'm pretty sure the T&C's state you can have your account permanently suspended without a given reason. That's what I remember reading almost 6 years ago when I first started playing. That said, the T&C's get updated a lot, so by now that rule may not even exist, assuming it ever did...
: I love your enthusiasm, but honestly... There are too many Star Guardian skins. This isn´t an anime game xD I think Riot should take a break from this skin line and PROJECT while I mention it. Its oversaturated, we need a break from these.
100% agree with this. Too much PROJECT/Star Guardian/Arcade, not enough innovation. Some new skin lines would be a breath of fresh air
: So you're one of the people who wants every champion to be played the same way and have the same damage. You're the reason why the meta is breaking. Some champions are made to be naturally strong, like Vayne for example. But then when Riot tries to batch balance them like how you simpletons want them to, problems emerge. Miss Fortune and Lucian got over-buffed because of it! What I'm trying to say is even if something broken emerges, like Zoe or AP Kai'sa; people will complain but then instantly find a way to counter it anyways. People still think Yasuo is broken. Easy way to counter him, don't fight next to minions. Try luring him to the river for a gank. Keep distance from Vi. Dodge Zoe's bubble at all costs or block it with a spell shield. So if they make a Tank / Assassin who does more when one-on-one; simply stay close to allies.
Right. This is the last reply you're getting from me, because you're just irritating me now. I've explained my point, and if you didn't like it, that's just tough. So do yourself some favours going forward: 1) Quit making assumptions about people who you don't know the first thing about. Assumptions are not arguments, so stop that if you want anyone worth a damn to take you seriously. 2) Stop resorting to petty insults and ridiculous accusations. Neither are necessary or conducive to having a discussion. 3) If you can't conduct yourself better than this, it'd be better you said nothing than to keep embarrassing yourself like this.
: You're probably one of the people who spammed the forums about Zoe's release, aren't you? And again: - Tank / Assassin. Many people say "Tank/Assassin would just be a fighter." But then why do Fighter/Assassins exist. - The name is a play on how Void creatures are named, Ao'Shin. Ao Shin was a cancelled champion remade into Aurelion Sol. That's why I specified in his lore he was rebirthed in the Void. - If you think things are broken then how about you explain what should be nerfed and what has what cooldowns instead of just spreading your hate?
>You're probably one of the people who spammed the forums about Zoe's release, aren't you? My only issue with Zoe is why they didn't revert Nidalee's Q after removing it, then building it into Zoe's kit. Aside from that, no complaints. Why is Zoe relevant to this discussion? >Tank / Assassin. Many people say "Tank/Assassin would just be a fighter." But then why do Fighter/Assassins exist. I... really don't understand what you're trying to prove here... But, just because you can think of something that hasn't been done before, doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to make real. That's all I'll say on that one. >If you think things are broken then how about you explain what should be nerfed and what has what cooldowns instead of just spreading your hate? Sometimes, kits are just broken beyond anyone's ability to balance. Your design is fundamentally flawed to the point where no amount of number adjusting would ever make it healthy to the game. There is no _need_ for a "tank assassin", and there never will be. The idea of something which has the inflated defensive values of a tank, whilst possessing the potential to delete champions has been complained about by the entire community for years now, and this is just a problem with _regular_ tanks! Imagine now, a tank which could do just _slightly_ more damage than a normal League of Legends tank, let alone assassin levels. It would be obscene. Tanks fill a role in League; they are designed to soak up damage which was intended for squishier champions on their team. Assassins fill a role in League; they are designed to quickly jump into a fight, kill a high priority target, and get back out again. If it still doesn't occur to you from a balancing perspective why a "tank assassin" isn't a good idea, then I'm sorry, but I don't want to waste any more energy on this. And if you think what I'm saying is "hate", I don't think you're gonna cope when someone in the real world is being genuinely hateful towards you...
: Ao'Shin, The Wrath of the Void - Tank / Assassin
People always rip into the balance team at Riot Games. But, I think we should all just take a moment to be grateful; OP demonstrated how infinitely worse balancing could still be...
Super24Lily (EUNE)
: 10 Star guardians are enough... I think XD Although, I would like to see what Star Guardian Zoe would look like
I reckon she'd look pretty much the same, but some disgusting shade of neon...
: more than 50 accounts, maybe 80, im tired
You'd think someone would learn after their first punishment...
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