: Xerath has no combos. All u need to do is land skillshots. That's relatively hard, sure, but it's nothing that's specific to that champion. Zed has nowhere near as many combos as riven has. He's not particularly hard to play. Sure, playing him at the level ppl like LL Stylish do requires insane skills, but most of those skills are not specific to zed and rely on having great reactions more than timing combos right (same with vayne). GP's only actually tricky mechanic is chaining his barrels right. And even that still just involves pressing 2 buttons.
Skill isn't determined by how many combos a champion has, or how many combos you can remember, or "how many buttons I have to press, my poor fingers waaah". Xerath, and many champions like him need a hundred times more map awareness and positioning than Riven does, for the simple fact that Riven can so easily manoeuvre herself to get out of sticky situations should she make an error. One misstep with the likes of Xerath, and it's "goodbye healthbar." Not to mention, he's actually limited somewhat by a resource bar (like all champions ought to be). Champions like TF, Shen and Soraka need to be keeping a constant eye on other lanes to be played to any degree of success. Taliyah, Lee Sin, Bard and others all have so much potential to f*ck up if they ult wrong, that you have to seriously focus on when, and in what situations your ults should be used, or you will lose your team the game. And then you have things like Azir, Kalista, Aurelion, (Bard again)... hoo boy. Riven is not the "be all and end all" of skill, just because she requires more big-boy combos and animation cancels than other champions. She can be played to a degree of success by players who don't fully utilise her combos, just like how any champion can be. I think the only game where specific champion skill hits the sh-t is DotA 2 with heroes like Meepo and Invoker. At least in LoL you only ever have 4 abilities and one character to control at any given time.
: Hardest Champion in league as of season 8
It's still {{champion:268}} Honourable mentions: {{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:64}}
: "Anyway, who lets a game even get to 50 minutes?" Why do you evben ask this question, it doesnt matter who does it, it just happens. But i can name one person, You: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3329351312/42072044?tab=overview
Touche {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Still, doesn't detract from the point that Vayne can be countered by not letting it get to late game
: So when 2 lategame champion is on each team there should still be around 50% winrate for both
I don't understand what you're trying to say. Anyway, who lets a game even _get_ to 50 minutes? That's absurdly rare, and anyone who sits on their thumb and lets a game with a Vayne in it drag on that long deserves to lose. Of course Vayne is gonna win a lot at 50 minutes; you were _supposed_ to have won ages ago to _prevent_ that from happening. It's called counterplay, and it's the same counterplay you use to stop any lategame carries. There's nothing wrong with Vayne having an 80% winrate at 50 minutes. If she had an 80% winrate at 20, or even 30 minutes, then she would need immediate balancing...
: first : it should not happen, a lot of times when teemo Q me or jhin do 4 shoot to me as yi and I go untargetable, it will do nothing, no dmg and no blind or cc, it is why champion have outplay potantial ,it is also correct for other champions, if you press master yi q when ornn goes to a wall or want do end breath of w if you go untargetable you will not deal damage or cc, because you are not in map, if u look at mini map you are not there, it should happen with malzahar ult, i dodge it like teemo q , ornn E or W , camille E , fiora diposte or yasuo Q if you go untargetable they will deal no damage and no cc , even something like teemo q or adc autoattack that is point and click like malzahar R , it will be dodged in middle of way, but this is not happening with malzahar R , it is a bug also yi is an assassin without cc and exteremly hard to play and win like other assassins and in mechanics timing for q and w is so important, high risk high reward
Pressing Q at the right time is really the extent of a Master Yi players required ability. You oversell exactly how "good" one needs to be to play that champion.
: Vayne winrate = 80%
But she's a late game champion. It might shock you, but late game champions are supposed to be good at late game.
Trollonio (EUW)
: Why are french players so self-important?
Not gonna question your logic, because there really isn't any logic to question here.. Doesn't get much stupider then "I'm mad at all French players because some French players spoke in their native tongue instead of in my language".
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: The girl we all want
Even for off-topic, this is fuggin off topic...
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Thats the problem :/ I'm too much of a nice ass. I don't like playing easy champs like Pantheon (Does Renekton take skill?) Thats why I try to learn champs like Azir, Camille, Fiora. But if playing easy champs in low elo is the only way im going to have a chance at winning then I'm going to have to fight fire with fire. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Renekton kind of takes skill. He isn't super hard, but you at least need to understand his mechanics and optimal spell rotations to be most effective. Sometimes you'll want to waddle up to a creep to look like you're gonna hit it, then insta-stun your opponent and pull off your full combo whilst getting out unharmed before they can fight back. Other times, you'll want to dash into a stun then auto Q dash again to disengage. You may even just want to Q>Q>Q>Q to really piss them off, then when they try to engage, stun auto and E away. The thing I like about Renekton is that he's deceptively simple, but if you can be creative with him, you can make your opponent look very silly (I also enjoy tilting toplaners by stunning them as their cannon minion gets low. It's very satisfying to watch them miss it). TLDR: people worry so much about showing off their "skill", that they forget it's not always about a champions kit. A one-trick Veigar can be more skillful than some guy playing Zed. You shouldn't shun the "easy" champions because other people call them easy. They deserve some love, too
Mada (EUW)
: As long as they don't talk until that date, everyone should be happy :-D
Except the people who, 2500 years from now, will have to deal with them again
modyfighter (EUNE)
: Yasuo or zed
Both are dumbass edgelords that'll get you hated for playing them. Zed is safer in as much as he can escape and dart about, but if you're not killing squishy targets you're useless. With Yasuo, no matter how much you feed, you'll always come back because he's inherently overpowered. I don't mean broken. He is simply overpowered. You will miss almost no farm, you will dodge skillshots without meaning to, you will avoid ignites by walking because of your flow shield, you'll negate ultimates because of your windwall. But worst of all, if any of your team have a knock-up like malphite or vi, you basically win the game. So yeah. Yasuo is stronger. A hell of a lot stronger. Just know that you are basically scumming out by picking him
: I am already balancing my own game and it seems well done, compared to stupid METAs.
People who understand balance, don't change every item in the game for one character. That is either extreme bias, or pure insanity
: what about unbanning players who got banned for toxicity and ready to reform as a christmas gift
Why don't we open the prison gates while we're at it, and let all the criminals back into society? Because "Christmas gift", lol. No. What a dumb post...
: And those are not nerfs, most of the champions building that Infinity are ADC and they will most likely get the Bloodthirster, which got an awesome buff. Plus, if not, then you have more base damage on the Infinity. I can still apply some last nerfs, which will be light but that's it. He is balanced with these changes, I even nerfed the E again twice as more and buffed the Ignite. What else.
Hopefully, you will never be in charge of balancing anything in your life; you lack the understanding required
JayCoww (EUW)
: Evelynn's New Voice Acting is Unneccessary and Inappropriate
Rioter Comments
: This will fix Yasuo's permaban, while making him still a decent pick
Cheini (EUNE)
: Lux and the Inspiration tree
>5 second cooldown ults >Free meteor procs with Q >Can start the game with a Zhonyas consumable I think Lux is gonna be just fine
: We are talking about champions aesthetics, not if you're willing to give them money for a blo*job. The fact is, they are all using their attractiveness to fool men and kill them. We have seen this again and again, and it's getting redundant. And so, to use your words : So because they're attractive women, they're automatically prostitutes ? Why can't they be just attractive women that don't use her charms as a weapon ? Why does she HAVE to rely on her body to murder ? Imagine if Riot changed Zed, and made him a gogo dancer that kill his enemies after charming them.
Firstly, >Imagine if Riot changed Zed, and made him a gogo dancer that kill his enemies after charming them. I am 100% okay with that; there's too many edgy champions in the game. Bring on the gogo dancing assassin! Secondly, Zyra, LeBlanc, Miss Fortune and Cassiopiea definitely do not use their bodies to lure men. {{champion:143}} doesn't give a crap about luring (or anything that isn't green and leafy), she just wants plant land. {{champion:7}} deceives people with her words and intelligence. {{champion:21}} again, doesn't care; she's just a stone cold pirate girl looking for revenge on Gangplank. The fact that she happens to also be attractive is irrelevant. {{champion:69}} terrifies people; she certainly doesn't use her attractiveness to lure them from what I'm aware. I'm pretty sure {{champion:60}} lures people with false promises; not her body (much like LB and Cass). Only {{champion:103}} and {{champion:28}} use their attractiveness to kill.
: > [{quoted}](name=kiwishrew,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cgLLua2y,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-28T13:34:23.692+0000) > > Artillery mages are immobile, but make up for this with long range, high damage abilities which allow them to siege and fight from a safe distance. > > {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} are the only true Artillery Mages in the game. > You forgot {{champion:96}}
Well, Kog isn't an artillery mage; he is an Artillery Marksmen, I guess? {{champion:18}} is probably in the same category
Zavion (EUW)
: what even is an artillery mage? Are they these: {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} ?
Artillery mages are immobile, but make up for this with long range, high damage abilities which allow them to siege and fight from a safe distance. {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} are the only true Artillery Mages in the game. {{champion:61}} is zone control/utility. {{champion:63}} is just a mess right now (pretty unfun to play against as a support, pretty unsatisfying to play as in mid). I think {{champion:268}} was supposed to be Artillery, but he basically became a "I can do everything and no one can stop me" kind of deal. So they had to shut him down hard. I think from that experience, Riot have been put off attempting more artillery champs, which is rather unfair in my opinion, because Lux is a classic that has been tried and true for years, Ziggs has become a massive hit in mid AND botlane since his rework, and Vel'Koz seems fine. Xerath still has an underwhelming passive I guess.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: {{champion:6}} I, as the representive of health in League of Legends .. _takes a deep breath of the chemicals he is addicted to_ think that this game shouldn't show off things that inappropriate for children! Something like that is not meant for innocent eyes, I say let's shove a drill in her stomache and drag her into the meat grinder!
{{champion:41}} here, here! _proceeds to skin a man alive and throw him into the ocean_ Somebody think of the children! We- oh, one second... _shoots a mother in front of her child_ ... as I was sayin, we need to think of the children; their innocence is on the line, here! Down to the briney depths with that Evelynn!
: LoL rly need new Mage champ! Pls
Well whatever they're making next, Riot has confirmed they won't make another artillery mage, which is a shame...
: Two ? {{champion:103}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:69}}
So because they're attractive women, they're automatically prostitutes? Good sir, I don't know which parts of town you've been visiting, but in the real world, you'd be lucky to find a 6/10 on the streets. Those are 9's at least. In fact, what are you smoking, good sir? What in heavens name art thou inhaling upon? If I strolled into my local brothel and was offered a f**king spider-lady or snake-woman, or a literal plant monster who wants to strangle me to death with thorny vines, or a pirate with back problems or a demon that wants to flay me alive, I'd bolt! Can you imagine the number of animal-borne diseases you could contract? Don't even wanna think about the plant toxins or demonic STI's that one might end up having to explain to the nurse... Ah, but I digress; point is, they ain't prostitutes. ... What was this thread about again? Eve being a sex demon? Nah bruv, she deals in pain for sure; but she isn't gonna get any "customers" by saying "I'll twist your winky til it comes off, for $20", or "Hey kid; want me to break your legs? I can do you a double deal and skin you alive if you pay extra!" See, I get the impression (and I'm sure Eve agrees), that people (big shock incoming) don't actually like pain? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} IKR? So, she has to _lure_ them with the promise of something they want (sexy times), before turning the tables and giving them the pain train. She's a mistress of pain, for sure; she just needs a way to make ends meet. Don't take that away from the poor girl... (In all seriousness though, the contrast between promised pleasure, then intentionally dealt pain is what gets Evelynn off; tragedy hits hardest immediately after something funny has just happened. Pain hurts most if it is inflicted right after pleasure; or in Eve's case, the "promise" of pleasure)
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:59}} No
zixus (EUNE)
: Evelynn's...... Ehm ehm "interactions" +18 topic
Riot grew a pair; huzzah! Just waiting for the bleeding hearts/feminists to come and spoil the party as usual (instead of doing something useful, like fighting for women's rights in other countries...)
Kittlyn (EUNE)
: Evelynn rework, please don't let it happen.
You posted in the wrong category. Games and jokes is where you go to troll
: My point is that according to her lore she aims to become more powerful,meaning she wishes for more power.Thus,greedy for power.
With respect, I disagree Yeah; she wants to be more powerful. And what? Is a bodybuilder who wants to become stronger greedy? There's a difference between ambition and greed
: > Syndra now aims to grow powerful Found this in her lore.
Your point?
Phrase (EUW)
: super galaxy skins
I'm happy Elise got a good skin; she deserves one. Annie, Nidalee and Gnar are just skin hogs, though...
: Tryndamere or Sion are the best you get for wrath rn, Or Maokai and Malphite of course Aurelion Sol is extremelly prideful too, same as Ornn or Jarvan IV
That moment when everyone forgets Renekton, who literally went crazy with rage and is now just a beast of wrath incarnate...
: I based Syndra on Greed because she thirsts for power. Envy I was not sure about poppy.It might be totally wrong.
Syndra isn't greedy for power; she just _has_ power, and unlimited potential to become more powerful. She simply doesn't believe in restraining power, much like Zed. Poppy has literally zero of the 7 deadly sins; she's a purely altruistic character in the lore. Her only flaw is that she's oblivious to her true destiny as the hammer wielding hero of Demacia, but even that is a good thing, because whilst she's searching for the hero, she's literally _being_ the hero without realising it. She's not remotely jealous of the hero; she's just too humble to believe she could ever be the hero.
: Wrath-Sion Pride-Jarvan 4/Aurelion Sol/Draven Greed-Syndra Sloth-(Not sure about this)Gragas Envy-Poppy(?) Lust-Evelynn/Ahri(?) Gluttony-Kog'Maw/Cho'Gath/Tahm Kench
Envy Poppy? Greed Syndra? Whatever you've been smoking, I want some
: Or not. Which is probably a level of hell in itself. GJ rito, sending an innocent yordle to hell.
Actually, I hear ignorance is bliss; so long as she doesn't know she's the hero, she has a purpose that she's satisfied with pursuing. What if she does find out though? I reckon that might mess her up a bit
Scköll (EUW)
: Thats not only a kayn issue. Many players overestimate themselves when playing a new, or NEW champion. And since they saw what he can do, they think they could do the same. It also happens with Shacos, Yees, Lees, and Hecas. So Kayn just fits into the roaster now. What bothers me on Kayn though is that he has 3 spells of invurnabilty. His Dash, his Wallghosting and his Ultimate. Am I the only one here that thinks that's too much invurnabilty for one champ?
You're not the only one. Why Rito? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: The Lore is disposable for Riot, so do not bother with it ... just play the game and that is it ...
Lore (to me), shouldn't stop Riot from being more creative about their choices in voice acting and how a character will be distinguishable from other champions through their voice lines. Riot seems very good at making edgy, cocky, narcissistic, overconfident, or abrasive characters. Beyond that, I see them struggle, and I find that a bit sad. The earlier release of God Fist Lee Sin was a prime example of a skin that everyone else seemed to love, but which I positively loathed. God Fist? More like God Complex. He just doesn't shut up about how he's better than everyone else, and while that can be okay, I just see it in SO many other champions too. He was actually worse than Aurelion Sol for that, and I found myself despising it: even just the name "God Fist" put a bad taste in my mouth. Clearly Riot Games still have designers with a low mental age working in their creative department (cough-Kayn-cough). But yeah, I digress. Lore isn't really what I was talking about. That said, I can see why it seemed that way; voice-lines often refer to the lore of a champion, and sometimes even completely rely on it (looking at you, Azir). And I must admit, lore would be rather important to the personality of the two prototypes I suggested. So I guess in writing this, I disagree with you; I will bother with the lore, because I think Riot Games ultimately do care about it; it just takes a long time to rewrite the lore of every single existing champion to be consistent with one another, so I can be patient. IN the meantime though, they just need to release less edgy cocky trashy bs.
Zanador (EUNE)
: The first one is Amumu. He has been cursed, doesn't remember anything, and everything around him just dies and rots away. I don't think he has a single line where he expresses a will to fight either. The second one could be a lot of fun, but to make the fun work, someone would have to come up with a very good and original reason for this champion to be on the battlefield.
Amumu is exactly what made me think about this to begin with; in my mental search for champions who aren't narcissists, trolls or pricks at times, Amumu shone. But the thing about Amumu is, he has maybe 20 voice lines at most, and he's very one-dimensional as a character. I reckon with some development on his lore and voice lines, Amumu could easily fit first profile I suggested, and I think he'd have a lot of potential to really stand out among the cocky, death obsessed and loud champions in the game.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: The only champion I see that meets your descriptions is Kayn. Yes, he's an edgelord, so fine you don't like his character. Ornn, Ivern and Taliyah are recent champions that do not at all mock their opponents. With others that do, such as Jhin or Kled, it's conveyed with mostly really amazing lines that strengthen their character as a whole. I don't see why you express this discussion as a "rant about personality variety" rather than "a suggestion for a champion's personality" (or alternatively, "I hate Kayn").
I agree with you for the most part. I cannot deny that; Jhin and Kled's lines are beautiful, and a real display of Riot stepping up their game; was very impressed with their release (although Kled has fallen a little into obscurity which is a shame because he has so much to say.) Taliyah is great as a champion, but I think her personality falls a bit flat. Ivern is again, pretty unique from a mechanical perspective, but his personality feel a slightly one-dimensional. You'd never know that Ivern had a whole backstory of regret and darkness because all of his voice lines are super-jolly and upbeat. Perhaps if the odd hint of regret or awkwardness around certain subjects just creeped into some of his lines or the way he says them, it would really flesh him out a bit and make it seem as though his lore exists ingame and not just on paper. I don't really know much about Orrn (because I wasn't around on his release), but from what I've heard he's got an interestingly detatched and cold vibe about him laced with some dry humour in places. I'll have to give his VO a listen to. And yeah, I was never especially good at picking a title and sticking with what it suggests my post is about; I tend to go off on tangents.
: >Someone who has fallen to a fate they can not escape as a result of a flaw in their character {{champion:78}}
I actually really like Poppy for exactly the reason you described, and was considering mentioning her in my post. She's refreshingly modest, apologetic, and oblivious to her true nature, and that really makes her shine as a unique personality in League to me. That said, I wouldn't say that she's "fallen to a fate", so much as she's been chosen by it; the difference being that her's is more of a destiny which she will in all likeliness one day discover. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Solash (EUW)
: >Someone who has fallen to a fate they can not escape as a result of a flaw in their character, and now they live to eternally regret it? Ivern is that champion. He was turned into tree man Jones after he slaughtered a forest's guardians at the end of his very barbaric life. Everything Ivern does is to give back to the land he stole from and to atone for his past deeds, of which he'll probably never really forgive himself for. Ivern is a victim of his own character flaws and is living out the result. Exactly as you wanted
He seems pretty darn jolly about it. You're not wrong, though. Simply put, I meant a more forlorn kind of character. If Ivern was still mourning over what has become of his human body, and the sins he has committed, then I'd consider him a character who has lived to eternally regret it. Ivern was more reborn, than anything else; he's seen the error of his ways, moved on. To be honest, he doesn't seem at all bothered by what has become of him, and that's why I don't consider him to be the "victim of fate/his character flaws". He's more "chosen by fate" to be changed for the better.
Rioter Comments
: League will die.
One less salty assassin main is fine by me
Chaeor (EUW)
: Syndra .....
Weaknesses: -Hard CC -Engage when she's used her E, and take advantage of her pre-6 -Sidestep her stun -Wait for her orbs to disappear before engaging her -Build Zhonyas and use it when she ults, or GA -If you're Zed or Fizz, save your R/E for when she ults to negate it's damage -Anivia can take an ult with her passive and then safely respawn under tower -Build Banshee's Veil (or even Spirit Visage, it's surprisingly good in AP midlane matchups) -Coordinate a gank with your jungler (one of you can take a 4/5 orb ult without dying if you do it right) -Take Barrier to negate her burst -Take exhaust to reduce her damage as she ults -She is very weak after she's blown her load -Going Ori with Barrier gives you excellent shielding from that ult -If playing Zed/Talon, take Hexblade/Maw/Steraks Gage; most Syndra's will ult before procing them, and that's when you can re-engage and win She's just like any other burst Point-and-clicker; once she ult's she's useless. So learn to abuse it and play around it, and you'll know not only how to counter Syndra, but every big bursty like her.
: I finally made to gold playing nothing but support
>a mastery 7 only brand playing freak Thanks for the chuckle
: Xayah and Rakan Star Guardian hint
Or it's just a taunt. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: What about a mage that builds AP and crit?
>AP and crit Nope. And that champion concept is busted.
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