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: I need a good guide for mage vs assassin
If you really aren't comfortable with assassins: Step 1: Immediately rush {{item:3191}} or {{item:1033}} Step 2: Depending on their range (most assassins are melee range), harass them exactly as they are about to try and get a cs. Preferably with CC to make them miss it. Step 3: Harassing early is great, but do not extend too far, as that is the number one way to die to an assassin early on. Try and control a minion wave closer to your tower, forcing the assassin out of his safety net and into a potential gank. Get your jungler to gank from around the back of the enemy turret, not through the side brush, as those brushes are often warded. Step 4: Take {{summoner:21}} or {{summoner:7}} in addition to flash. {{summoner:3}} is also very helpful against high burst. All three of these just help you survive so much better until you can upgrade into Zhonya's or Banshee's. ________________ **My early game versus most assassins: ** {{champion:84}}: Super bully her til 6. After that, let her push and harass her from under tower while farming, or hard push if she leaves to gank somewhere. Naturally, SS when this happens. Always save cc for when she engages you, especially under tower (for an easy kill). {{champion:131}}: Same story. She will annihilate you if she hits a Q-R, so get used to dodging Q during the laning phase pre-6. Dodge away from the curvature of that skillshot, as it will make it less likely to reach you. {{champion:105}}: Bully til 2-3, then play safer, as he can cheese/ignite. Save CC til he tries to engage, so you can easily disengage off of him. Get a gank if you can. If he roams, don't follow. Warn the lane he's approached, and hard push your lane. Weave left and right unpredictably when under tower to put him off firing a Fish at you. Zhonya's is actually not the worst idea for avoiding the damage of his fish, if the enemy team has a lot of AD anyway. {{champion:38}}: Bully til 6, buy Mpen boots to help with his passive, don't attack when his shield is up as that's a waste. Abuse his lack of a ranged auto if you're a ranged champion. If he ever uses his Q to last hit a minion, hit him with a spell immediately as the shield goes down. Try and bait him to dive under tower once he hits 6. He'll most likely roam though, in which case, either warn other laners fast and follow for a countergank, or hard push your lane. {{champion:55}}: Bully til 6, step on knives when they land under tower to bait her (it sometimes works on stupid Katarina's). Save CC til she ults to interrupt it, or exhaust her. If she seems to be going for a knife, fire a skill at it; you might catch her if she doesn't react in time. Consider Banshee's. {{champion:7}}: Buy magic resist, pray to god, stay behind minions to avoid chain, let her push so you can coordinate a gank with your jungler. She'll most likely escape, but it's better than giving her kills, and you might burn her flash. Would strongly consider building Banshee's. {{champion:91}}: Be SUPER careful of his early; he has the most evil first blood cheese in the game. Just farm under tower, harass with abilities when appropriate to. If he has ignite, be even more cautious. Rush Zhonya's. {{champion:238}}: Take stopwatch rune (even though it got nerfed), bait out his Q's, and harass til 6. He's not as big an early threat like Talon/Fizz/LeBlanc. Buy Seeker's into Zhonya's, naturally. When he hits 6, try and bait him into ulting you under tower. When he ults, wait about a second, then fire cc directly behind you to screw up his combo. This is VERY fun when he's under your tower, of if you can use something like a Graggy/Azir ult to push him backwards under your tower. For all champions who you can harass til 6, bear in mind that they all have cheese/ignite potential if played well, so don't overextend if you can help it, and try to always be aware of where the enemy jungler is. Be careful leaving lane, as they may camp the brush and wait for you for an easy kill. Warn your teammates the moment they leave lane. Keep river warded as added insurance.
: Rengar, Le Blanc, Fiora better be next
Hm? Oh. You mean press R to win a teamfight? Yeah. Sure they're gonna do that :)
Kagarrash (EUW)
: Kai’Sa's unnecessarily deep neckline
Political castration. You don't see women getting shamed for giving 50 Shades of Grey it's box-office status, yet for guys, god forbid if the fictional females depicted in video games aren't wearing their full plate armour and burkas! Haven't crazed third wave feminists destroyed the modern man enough...
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: I have accualy won 2 games in PuBG, but still, use ult for wave clear?
I've won 3 games in Fortnite BR, trust fam
: Any good tips on Draaaaaaaven?
Stand still while throwing axes for extra axuracy Max E to nuke opponents with your skillshot Only use your ult to clear minion waves Always 1v1 enemy Darius's; you'll win Always find an AR, shotgun and sniper rifle before the circle gets too small Focus dps on tanks during teamfights; no one else will be able to kill them Relish in knowing you are only the 5th worst kind of player in the game ({{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:55}})
: Missions revealed and oh boy... (April Fools missions)
>there are alternatives You're **_supposed_** to do the alternatives. That's the punchline. It's April Fools Day dammit... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Kian987 (EUW)
: Next champion Ussain Bolt and Shen still sucks
Just play something else? You clearly don't enjoy playing Shen. If everyone else is a Matrix or Bolt or however you wanna put it, play anyone else but Shen
Xr1pper (EUW)
: Malzahar's passive should block Braum's passive
Braum's passive isn't crowd control until the 4th blow. Braum's passive therefore isn't removed by Malzahar's void shift. Only crowd control and damage proc the shield, causing Malz to take 90% reduced damage and ignore CC. Works as intended.
: 3 New Items And One New Rune !
: Why are they buffing Ahri?
Riot is to Ahri, what a pimp is to a ho. Or to put it more simply, Ahri isn't relevant enough right now, and she is very good at selling ~~sex~~ _skins_ to this ~~horny~~ _wonderful_ community. So, by changing her (ie: indirectly buffing her, making it ambiguous by sprinkling some minor nerfs in there too), Riot are simply ensuring that they continue to profit. They _can_ milk those.
Syöttäjä (EUNE)
: I own kai'sa but cant pick her in ranked champ select
You've owned her for less than 24 hours. What on gods green earth wold possess you to use her in ranked? Unless you play ranked like golf, where you try to get your LP as low as possible...
: Pizza Delivery Sivir
Pineapple on pizza is a forbidden fruit; and forbidden fruit are the best kind. Claim heresy all you want, but deep in your hearts you will always know the temptation...
Kaluchi (EUW)
: Kai'Sa worst adc out there?!
She was released with the intention of being risky and hard to use. And she's been out for what, less than 12 hours? Someone will get good with her, as people do with all champions, and someone will find an optimal build for her. And her ult is only suicide if that's the only way you can imagine how to use it. It's not like Veigar's ult where you are limited to point and clicking someone dead; with a bit of thinking and at the right time, that ult makes her extremely mobile, which is great for getting into and out of sticky situations. It's also not easy to predict; she can appear anywhere within an X unit area around a target (in front of them, behind them, to their side, wherever you want), and gets a shield to help trade up; great for 1 v 1's, better for a weak squishy in the backline, trying to flee a losing fight. As for her lane phase, well; I get the feeling she's intentionally weak in lane to compensate for possible late game dominance as a result of dealing mixed damage and having "evolutions". Worst ADC out there? I personally think that goes to Ashe or Miss Fortune. Ashe is limited in what she can do, and Miss Fortune has an ult which roots her while she uses it, a Q which relies on lane opponents being stupid, a useless E, and "love tap", which encourages you NOT to focus targets. By comparison, I reckon someone who properly learns Kai'Sa will do a lot better in the long run.
Karun (EUW)
: Very Good Concept For a jhin custom skin
That's some sweet Dishonoured fanart you got there
: we need new skin for kayn or zoe pls :/
Zoe is getting a pool party skin. Happy birthday
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What about Kai'sas shoulder and hips "things"? What about her whole visible second skin? That's a transformation. having glowing eyes and visible brain hidden under the clothes is not. > Golly, I think I'll take my mother on a vacation to the void next year, seems like a great place for fashion advice. You totally should, just look at rek'sai, for someone who spends all her time underground she sure looks nice. Well i would say this applys to all the champions, so maybe just visiting Runetera in general would be a good idea.
Okay okay, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I respect your opinion, and I'm sorry I got a bit carried away back there. Yeah, Kai'Sa's wings are irrefutably some kind of transformation. It's just a bit contrived in my eyes, how human she still looks, and how conveniently her void skin accentuates her curves. Kai'Sa just rubs me the wrong way in the end. She bothers me because she undermines my personal impressions of the void. So long as she doesn't do that for you, you're the one winning in the end and I wish I could be as satisfied.
: oh come on, if you name every one overly successful kid a Mary Sue, you'll hardly find a popular book without one. Being a boy who survived and possessed some rare skills does not make a Mary Sue yet. To be a true Mary (or in male case, Marty Stue) he should also defeat and humiliate every one who gave him an ill look, own a heart of every girl around, lose nothing at all, and be good at everything at once.
I've always heard the male equivalent being "Gary Stu". Other than that, upon mulling it over, I completely agree with everything you just said. Harry Potter isn't a complete Gary/Marty Stu
BlueStr (EUNE)
: How i view Kai'sa, and i'm pretty sure that i'm wrong, is that the _suit_ is actually in charge. It keeps her in check with an illusion of free will, hiding behind the mask of consciousness and controlling her desires, thoughts and actions from a subconscious level. Also i kinda think that Kai'sa is the name of the _suit_ rather than the girl, kinda like the goa'uld from the star gate series but not as direct (and not as hidden)
Unfortunately the lore seems to indicate that Kaisa was her name to begin with, and that she is quite conscious of what she does and who she is. I feel like Riot wouldn't make it so subtle if the suit was in charge; you'd at least hear voices or something, like with Kayn.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > who we're expected to believe survived in the void when Kassadin and Malzahar were literally transformed by mere exposure to it (oh and no, your new lore does not do that any favours, although the Icathian stuff was pretty f-cking sweet). So far in the lore Kassadin wasnt even exposed to the Void and Malzahar was already quite talented before exposing himself to the void, but it doesnt really look like he actually changed, more like just gained a new power. I would say lore wise they fit quite well, when it comes to outside looks malzahar and kassadin are pretty much full fledged humans the only things that makes them part of the void is theyr powers(calling it a transformation is quite an exageration), the likes of Cho'gath and Rek'sai are full fledged Voidlings and look like monsters. Kai'sa is something in between those 2, she doesnt have just the powers or the void, but also a bit of the looks. Keep in mind she's still human who just spent alot of time in the void, she's not a a complete Void-born.
>calling it a transformation is quite an exageration Well if a bioluminescent, purple brain which shows through your skull _isn't_ a transformation, I can only assume that Malzahar was born with it. And his glowing blue eyes and strange voice... impediment? _Aaaah_, that's just old Malzy, ya know? Been like that all his life! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Convenient that Kai'Sa's only voice change after _years_ of living in the void was somehow going British (I hear they love a good 'cuppa in the markets of Bel'Zhun boardering the Great Sai Desert, and around the Eternal Carpacitic Towers and Flesh Cysts of Raga'Nakthu down by Voidtorias Secret). And glowing eyes? Nah, Kai'Sa can't have that overshadowing her perfectly plucked eyebrows and pearly whites. She can actually get out of her Icathian lingerie any time she feels like doing so, judging by how agreeably it retracts from her face each time she decides to give the camera a twirl and flourish her raven locks. Golly, I think I'll take my mother on a vacation to the void next year, seems like a great place for fashion advice. Kassadin will join me, just let him grab his 6 inhalers, void sword, Shuriman blessed robes... guess he's just allergic to something in the air over there.
: Mary Sue is always a bad story =)
Well, Harry Potter sold, didn't it...
b e (EUW)
: Help! I'm becoming a Yasuo main...
I came for the title. That made me smile
Βrave (EUNE)
: Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading this, and I wish more people put thought and feeling into the game. People like you made the early MMO's great. You pull the game in the right direction with humor and consideration born through a love for the game and it's lore. Please direct likeminded friends to this game to help raise the bar of player interaction, and apply for a job with Riots creative writing department. GGWP
That might just be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me (please don't be sarcasm, I'm a very naive and trusting individual) {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day, Brave!
: if riot don't make kai'Sa "sexy" the players will not play her... it happend with illaoi :/ look evelynn she is sexualized as %%%% (with the reason of she is a succubus so she needs to look sexy for attract people and kill them) and she have like 4.0 play rate, now look illaoi play rate ..... so remember kids: BOOBS= MONEY ...... another question is .... WHY SHE LOOK LIKE PHARAH?!
Unfortunately, you are right to an extent :/ However I imagine some find Illaoi, and other strong women to be sexy. It's just that when it comes to the player population of this game, it largely consists of young males who are drawn to very accentuated feminine "qualities" (to put it nicely). If league had a more diverse player-base, it would also have more varied demands, and therefore a more diverse range of characters in general (supply). Although, Riot seem to be resisting the urge to release very "busty" champions lately, which I personally admire, in exchange for more creative (mostly) new characters.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: One would think returning lore character would have more work put into it. I agree. She is way too generic for her own good and the only think defining her is the suit that just... well, is. It's only mentioned that it moves on its own will periodically in her quotes but it's nothing more than a fancy eco suit. She did not suffer from corruption, she did not have any problems after emerging from the void. I mean, kids abandoned in the forest/jungle were basically feral and could not even speak properly. But nah, she's fine. She's been cast into dangerous environment where everything is designed to kill and consume, but she's fine. No scars both physical nor mental, no troubles adapting to human world, no speech impediment _(unless you count British accent as one)_. And you know how convenient is that her second skin can grow a helmet out of thin air? Otherwise we wouldn't have a chance to see her pretty face and perfectly done hair. But please, leave my boi Kog out of it. He's perfect.
Great minds think alike. But I'm afraid I gotta be hard on poor Kog, because tough love. As a guy who's always stood out from the crowd, I can sympathise with Kog'Maw. Still, he could try wearing a little more carapace, don the team colours once in a while, make an effort to attend more of Malzahar's seminars. I just wanna help the little guy fit in better with the other boys :( He's a part of the void team, and I'll always respect him for that
Rismosch (EUW)
: But none of them are busty females who show much skin. And none of them are particulary sexy. Thaliyah has a big nose. Camille looks like a robot. Xayah is a furry. And Zoe is a child. Of course what is sexy and what not is highly subjective, but they don't meet the level of the other sexy champions, do they? Kai'Sa kinda does, no?
It is all rather subjective I suppose. But we're in an age of "progressive socio-political change". And Riot is in the spotlight, having grown massively since they first started out. They've gotta make sure they don't release too many generic "busty women", or else they're gonna look bad. On the topic of subjectivity, I'm more of an ass guy. Breasts are fine, but I know what makes me look twice. Also, showing skin is kind of a diminishing factor for me. Janna is just too much, for example. Sooo... whatever floats yer goat, and different strokes for different folks I guess... Basically I think League has plenty of busty females.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Considering that in the last seasons we got so many originla champions, I find it refreshing that we get something mainstream again. Yes Kai'Sa has poor visual design that doesn't fit her lore whatsoever, but she still looks good, doesn't she? I mean we got so many "ugly" things in recent times, I appreciate to see something sexy again.
Sexy is fine, I suppose, not gonna complain about it. In fact I already acknowledged that she's a fine addition to the already generously populated attractive female demographic that exists in the champion pool. But it was done at the expense of any and all credibility that the void had, and I really did have a soft spot for the void-related things... And actually over the 2016/2017 period, you've got Taliyah, Camille, Xayah, and now Zoe in 2018 isn't "ugly" by any standard. They're all pretty, even if one of them has scissors for legs and another is a child. I'm still waiting for a fat slob of a lady to ship with Gragas.
: > Heresy or Creatively Distinguished If we go by the lore they created for the Void creatures, they develop an armoured outer shell after being out of the Void for a while. Kog'Maw could be similar in concept to Seath the Scaleless from Dark Souls, in that he never developed that armour and is more or less an albino.
I like the way you think. Although the colour scheme still feels a bit too garish by comparison for me (maybe a pinkish or red colour to emphasise his lack of development, or a more purple-y blue to show that somewhere along the line whatever causes the void-y-ness to happen, failed in Kog). Your idea is gonna be my head canon from now on {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I personally take Kai'Sa not as a Void creature, but as a void-touched human. The third one in line. As I see it, Malza and Kassa are greatly distinct from native Void habitants and therefore deserve their own line of champions. It seems, Riot thinks in the same direction. So... now we have the Void team: {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:161}} ...and the Void-ish ones. {{champion:90}} {{champion:38}} — and now Kai'Sa, too. The only problem about Kai'Sa is her name that is more Void than Voidish (that apostrophe in the middle that should not be there). So... it's mostly okay that she's more a female human than a monster. To me, at least. PS: And we still haven't got a full support champ in either of two lines =(
I see and respect your perspective. But, I can't entirely agree with it. Kai'Sa _lived_ in the void for years, allegedly. Malzahar has a glowing orb for a brain, and Kassadin is made up of oxygen tubes now (or whatever it is he breathes), just from limited and temporary proximity. One of them is now a prophet of annihilation and the other was completely altered to the point that he made it his life's mission to keep the void and Runeterra separate. Kai'Sa is a very ordinary woman in void lingerie. The new lore even _states_ that there was nothing particularly special about her, and _yet_ we're somehow expected to believe that she lived in the void, survived it even, without somehow being the exception to everyone else who has been completely altered by it? Kai'Sa isn't void-touched, she's void _born._ There has to be something that makes her special but NO! She's bland and boring and just... ugh, I'm mad now. The way I see it, we have the Void Team, as you put it (I like that by the way): {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:161}} The "I gazed into the void, and the void gazed back" team: {{champion:38}} {{champion:90}} And then we have Kai'Sa. On her own in the "Mary Sue of Void-Related Stuff" team. "I lived in the void, no biggie." What they could have done was make it so her void skin was more simbiotic, and trying to take over. I know they did this kind of concept with Kayn (who was horribly edgy and made me want to vomit), but god damn they had such an opportunity to put Kai'Sa in the same league as Kassadin and Malzahar. They had such a wonderful way to make her feel like an individual who has _genuinely_ suffered and continues to fight the influence of the void, as Kassadin does. They could have made her an inspirational member of the same team in which Kassadin and Malazhar are part of; a dynamic triad of void-altered humans! But I don't buy it. Sorry for ranting...
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: Why are people still banning Zed?
Because no one enjoys fighting him. He escapes everything and forces you to build Zhonyas or Stopwatch, when you could build something better and take a better rune tree than inspiration. God help marksmen, too; he's well worth the ban if you don't enjoy fighting him.
: Earthlings VS Martians
Whatever you're on, I want some. How much?
Taskun56 (EUW)
: Actually, the current situation isn't "balance" unless we're using the definition you'd clearly prefer (which is deletion). Balance implies playable to a certain degree of allowable counter-play. Zoe has no strengths that aren't immediately outclassed by ALMOST every other mid laner (40/41 midrating).
>Actually, the current situation isn't "balance" unless we're using the definition you'd clearly prefer (which is deletion). Firstly, I never referred to the current situation; when I say balance I'm not referring to self-centred, fotm players who abused Zoe's power. I'm referring to _everyone else_, who has had to put up with it! Because of her nerfs, we can now play the game without being terrorised into banning Zoe or being forced to pick her. The game can now be played somewhat normally again, at last. To that end, "balance" has been restored. Secondly, if you'd care to ask for my "preference" instead of arrogantly assuming it (because no one is stupid enough to expect for a champion to get deleted), mine would be for the development team at Riot Games to quit letting CertainlyT release overpowered garbage onto live servers. No champions get "deleted", and I am completely at ease with that fact. What I cannot stand, is the sheer amount of horsesh-t we have to put up with thanks to CertainlyT. Darius? Broken on release. Thresh? Broken on release. Yasuo? Broken on release, and STILL a balancing hell. Zoe? Well, you get the idea... >Balance implies playable to a certain degree of allowable counter-play. Zoe has no strengths that aren't immediately outclassed by ALMOST every other mid laner (40/41 midrating). Thirdly, not every champion has to be the king of X or the lord of Y. There are always gonna be champions which kind of sit in the middle, and there is no problem with that most of the time until they start dropping in popularity. When this happens, Riot can simply rework them to have a different niche. Take Ziggs for example; he was the most basic of basic mages for the longest time, until they realised he just wasn't interesting enough. So, they reworked him to specialise in demolishing structures. And that worked out great! Finally, a mini-rant; Zoe goes against literally every design philosophy Riot games has constructed over the years. They've tried to reduce RNG in games and are desperate to get rid of crit one day. Yet, Zoe gets an RNG summoner spell ability. Riot games nerfed Nidalee's Q into the ground, yet gave it to Zoe, a champion who also (up until the nerfs) had an UN-COUNTERABLE form of CC, which can have bonkers range if fired from the fog of war over terrain. Zoe, deserved these nerfs, not only for the usual reasons a champion deserves them, but also because she goes against everything Riot have built. CertainlyT just doesn't care about balance... TLDR: Nerfing overpowered champions _restores_ balance to the game, and having them nerfed into obscurity is better than having them ruin the entire game for everyone else. Also, never trust CertainlyT to release something less impactful than an extinction-scale meteorite.
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: boo hoo???? srsly?
Did I stutter? Zoe's had this coming for a long time. Go play other champions if you can't handle some balance and equality when you play.
: Does anyone enjoy playing against assassins?
It's pretty miserable speaking from personal experience. It completely puts me off playing ADC's and squishy champions who aren't mobile. Fortunately, it seems assassins aren't getting played that much these days; and truth be told, it's never been more fun to play in midlane
: Nerf Lux to the ground....
Solash (EUW)
: [Possible Champion Leak] - Kai'Sa the Daughter of Void
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Corki has feet - he needs boots to push his plane's pedals Lissandra covers her feet in ice and does the same with the boots Nocturne hides his feet in shadow so you can't see the boots Rumble has his feet and boots in his machine Vel koz buys 3 boots instead of 2 Anivia had little chicken feet so she has unique designer boots made in the Ukraine Aurelion Sol has feet - they're just transparent - but they're real It makes perfect sense
Explain {{champion:267}} then?
LordChampa (EUNE)
: Kayn Skin (Godly?) !??
Firstly, ultimate skins are for simple champions with some prestige to maximise profit made on them. Being new is exactly the reason Kayn _shouldn't_ have an ultimate skin. Secondly, the god skin line seems clearly laid out for Ionian, Martial Arts-y champions. If they make another god skin, I reckon it'll be for Irelia or Master Yi or something like that. Finally, just no. Kayn doesn't need a new skin yet. There are plenty of champions who have been forced to wait patiently in line for years; Kayn should not be an exception to this rule.
: I don't like Autofill.
>_I don't like taxes. _ > _As a person that usually works hard all the time, I do not like taxes. I am tired of paying for other, more lazy people who don't work over and over. Because of that, I moved on to tax evasion, trying (mostly questionable) ways of avoiding it. I had it happen just now that the government sent me red letters more than 5!! times until I just paid again.. I heavily dislike it. I'd be fine with waiting a little longer for roads and council appliances to be built, if I would not be forced to pay taxes that I do not wish to pay._ >_My Suggestion: Remove Taxes and have people-_ I think you see where I'm going with this. Necessary evil, yada yada... It's here to stay, and we have to go through autofill regardless of whether we like it or not, just like how we have to go through taxes.
: Is unusual flaming better ?
Why not just refrain from speaking at all? There are other ways outside of game to take out your frustration. But, I get the feeling that once you finish the game, the frustration will slip away very fast anyway
Murdarici (EUNE)
: just a talented player that want to get rid of elohell where his team always feed, and maybe get diamond, then i can train more maybe i get picked by an lcs team some day i have so good ideas about how they should play and win games, can't believe some don't realize
I've changed my mind; you're a master troll, and you got me good. I should be ashamed of myself
Murdarici (EUNE)
: yeha, kinda ok damage, but hope for some buff soon, and people to think at very skilful players that can't be bothered to hit skillshots
You are beyond insane
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Zoe problems
>and i like her spells, they do decent damage >they do decent damage >decent damage >deeeeeecent. daaaaamage {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: TFW you realize that you don't have a GF but you pretend that one of the Champions is your Valentine for this Event. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Rioter Comments
: Unpopular opinion, but I think that, conceptually, Zoe is fine. Yes, she functions off the old Nidalee Q thing, but she has to throw herself at the target to get most out of her damage. The issue is that she is currently overtuned. Let's just see how she does after a lot of the unnecessary stuff is removed from her kit next patch.
There shouldn't BE unnecessary stuff in her kit to begin with. Or _any_ champion's kit for that matter. The balance team just seem to love letting CertainlyT get his way, even when it irreversibly impacts the game for years afterwards (cough-_yasuo_-cough). And obviously, CertainlyT doesn't give a flying f0ck about balance and counterplay, because no other champion designer has so consistently broken the game, conjured community hatred, and polarised their designs to pick or ban status. He is controversy incarnate, and his only champion which didn't completely break the game on release was Zyra (who got reworked in the end). Darius, Thresh, Kalista, Yasuo (especially Yasuo), and now Zoe. He either doesn't learn or (more likely) loves the attention it gets him.
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