People should know by now that new content doesn't come out the second the new patch is up. Why do people still expect this? It's insanity
: Proof of Riot loves Lux... and hates Elise
Nah, this is just proof you aren't thinking clearly
: Looking for E-girls. ♥
Looking for down-votes, more like...
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: Win a mystery gift! - It's my birthday!
I was playing league of legends in my room once, marathoning games back to back for hours and hours. It was late (2am), and I didn't wanna wake my family, so I was playing in the dark, with my door closed. I was doing okay, I'd just won a game and was about to start a new lobby, when all of a sudden, I began to smell something absolutely _revolting._ I _knew_ what it was immediately, but I refused to believe it; _sh-t..._ But what could be the source? There was no one else in my room except me... _oh no._ Mounting horror began to fill my body; had I somehow sh-t my pants without even feeling it? I didn't think that could even happen, and I didn't dare move out of shame and disgust. I was about to turn on the light in my room, when the sudden realisation hit me. It was both an awful, and relieving realisation at the same time. I _hadn't_ sh-t my pants. But there was definitely sh-t... I got up, and turned on the lights. And there, on top of my leather messenger-bag, perfectly placed and dead-centre, was a steaming, off-brown pile of diarrheatic sludge, and standing next to it, looking up at me with expectant, wide eyes... ... was my cat, Gizmo. I must have locked him in my room when I closed my door. I didn't know he was in my room, because he likes to sleep under my bed, and he must've been meowing at me for ages to let him out, but I had my headphones on, too engrossed with League of Legends, to prevent the putrid grossness that would result from my negligence. My room had to be fumigated, and the carpet replaced, as the cat-mess literally dribbled off my bag when I tried to move it. My nice, leather messenger-bag, had to be thrown away. And that's the story of how I was almost convinced into believing I had sh-t my own pants from playing League of Legends for too long. Even though I didn't, I cut down my playtime substantially for the next few weeks. And I always check under my bed now.
: > Riot were failing the moment they introduced manaless champions... So they where railing when league came out... as there has been manaless champions since the release.
That was the joke... But in all seriousness, manaless champions are a nightmare to balance
: PBE Preview: Chemtech Tryndamere
_Star Guardian Ezreal and Syndra Angel Blade Riven and Demon Blade Yasuo Omega Squad Veigar, Fizz and Twitch_ All the things they could have included in this patch, and they release a Tryndamere skin. ON IT'S OWN, with no other skins?! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Welp. That's another month of league hiatus. What a disappointment...
Spyros320 (EUNE)
: ***
Your English is "brokener", friend
deja vudo (EUW)
: kha'zix how to double jump
: Is that really the case? I've noticed Lee Sin is quite OP, as is Riven, Kat, Kennen, Tryn even Garen and Mundo, if played properly?
>hugely underwhelming, complained about on a consistent basis, _**or **_ _**unbalanced**_ due to not having a REAL resource to manage >_**or unbalanced**_ >**_unbalanced_**
: Champions without mana
Riot were failing the moment they introduced manaless champions... But here, in addition to the ones you already mentioned, here are the others, all either hugely underwhelming, complained about on a consistent basis, or unbalanced due to not having a REAL resource to manage (I'll say that perhaps Rumble is the exception, but even his piddly "heat" is easy compared to mana): {{champion:84}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}}
shamshamm (EUW)
: Janna feels super weak
I think in terms of game-play, Janna is equally as impactful as any of the other champions you mentioned (and ultimately more so if used to her full extent). The only real difference is that she isn't as "flashy", and lacks vibrant particles. This may make her _appear_ less impactful, purely on the basis that she isn't dashing about or turning people into squirrels or throwing out giant heals (except with her ult). So that's my view: she probably _appears_ less impactful because her kit is simple and her particle effects are less vibrant than those of the other champions mentioned. Janna is a very passive support as well, whereas the others you've mentioned are far more aggressive and active in general (perhaps with the exception of Soraka, but even she can poke rather effectively).
: What's your motivation
Hansiman (EUNE)
: My pants are _lose_, so I might _loose_ them. =)
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: Peer pressure vs reality.
Social Psychology answers everything you want to know. But, prepare to have your faith in humanity shattered
: Syndra's ult is so op :'(
Seasoned Syndra main. Can confirm, items like {{item:3065}} are really just a big middle finger to AP burst, and should be a strong consideration for any midlaner (or ADC) who may have to fight burst-heavy, AP champions such as {{champion:99}}, {{champion:134}}, {{champion:45}}. It is really not as bad as people think to build one defensive item. To date, the only midlaners I truly struggle against as Syndra, are one's that built {{item:3065}}, even after getting myself {{item:3135}} (the last two were Veigar and Karma, and they rekt my sh;t).
: Project Skins!!!!!!!!
Project: Cashgrab Project: Literally make champion grey, add one colour and BINGO Project: Who even wants unique skins anymore, amirite? Project: Entire community just wants robot version of their favourite champion Project: Congrats Rito on finding another way to make maximum income with minimal creativity Project: Rake in more cash with Project event about buying hextech boxes with sci-fi labels Project: This is getting old now
Allosen (EUW)
: Which Champion has the best Ultimate ?
How does one define "best", and what characteristics does it include? If we're talking about best visually and thematically, that would be a matter of opinion. Best in terms of effectiveness and use depends on the criteria against which we evaluate them. For example, {{champion:61}} and {{champion:54}}'s are very good AoE CC ults, but not so effective at single target focus and raw damage. Things like {{champion:254}} and {{champion:164}}'s ults are better for single target focus. {{champion:99}}'s ult is designed purely for damage, as is {{champion:45}} 's. In terms of straight up surviving, any ult that makes one invulnerable, or delays death is probably best, such as {{champion:10}}, {{champion:23}}, {{champion:203}} and even {{champion:127}}. For duelling, we have {{champion:48}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:67}}, {{champion:92}}, the list goes on... My PERSONAL favourite ult is {{champion:161}}, because there's nothing more satisfying to me than wiping out a team in the jungle with a giant purple death-ray.
: What is the easyest champion?
Any champion with a mobility spell makes them automatically more forgiving than the "usual suspects" (ie: {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}})
: There's no way out of silver I guess?
I hear reaching 100 LP then winning 3/5 of your promos can get you into gold
Neuronnix (EUW)
: Indirect nerf to fizz - Seastone trident does not proc echo
: It's not my age that puts me above everyone else. It's my experience that puts me above everyone else.
Well then forgive me for doubting your "experience", but I feel like someone with more experience would have less of an ego attached to them, and would have had the sense to talk about experience from the beginning, as opposed to age. I would also like to make a point of reciting an adage older than you, if you so value age and the "experience" associated with it: >After crosses and losses, men grow humbler and wiser. I'm sure someone of your experience will understand
: i'm old school. I am not some young teenage whipper snapper. I most likely played games before you were born So I use the older term manic depression, not bipolar. Which means the same mental disorder.
>I most likely played games before you were born What exactly were you trying to achieve by saying this? No matter how old you claim to be, you just make yourself look like a preteen boy when you try and host a "my %%%% is bigger than your %%%%" contest. And not that I should need to say, but I'm not a young teenage whipper snapper. For you to assume so on the basis that I use modern terminology is amusingly ignorant. And if you believe age somehow puts you on a pedestal above others, you truly have my pity.
: Manic depression.
But mania is the exact opposite of depression. I suppose you must be referring to Bipolar Mood Disorder, in which case yes, that is bad when you go into the depressive state. But, people with Bipolar should be on Lithium Treatments to counter this.
Alesia (EUNE)
: Morganas Ult didn't stun Draven
Firstly; Draven is a champion who builds AD items. If he owned either of the two below items, that would explain why he didn't get stunned. He could have also moved out of range of Morgana's ult exactly as it went off (meaning he doesn't get stunned). {{item:3814}} {{item:3139}} Secondly; you win some, you lose some. I sincerely doubt he's "hacking" to get away on 10hp. To me, that just sounds like either he's getting lucky, or you're not doing enough damage fast enough. Thirdly; regarding the lag, that's generally not the result of a "hack", but rather a temporary loss of connection. It happens to everyone. If this Draven were drophacking, that would have kicked you (and your team) out of the game, letting him get a free win.
: Nah, these are weak when counterplayed properly. Unlike the first 6 which can snowball out of a random double kill
I was referring more to "disgust" levels, as opposed to anything else. They're all 11 on the disgostometer
: Camile skin
Next skin releases are probably: 7.11 Star Guardian {{champion:81}} {{champion:134}} 7.12 Angel Blade {{champion:92}} & Demon Blade {{champion:157}} 7.13 Omega Squad {{champion:105}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:29}} Then, Riot recently announced in an article that they would consider skins next year for {{champion:69}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} and some other underdogs. tldr: you've got a long wait, my friend
: What would I play then?..
Probably {{champion:35}} or {{champion:17}} if I had to guess {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Leafý (EUNE)
: Mode like Dark Star Singularity but instead of thresh LEE SIN
Or how about we just like, have a game mode (_hear me out, guys_), where it's identical in every way to Summoners Rift... buuuut (_here's the awesome bit_), without: {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} Who likes them anyway, right?
ZippeP4L (EUW)
: Can we get a counterplay to Lux's ult?
BlueDavil (EUW)
: tanky champs that farm well under tower ?
I believe {{champion:420}} has a reset with her "dunk" ability, and she has a wide skillshot which clears waves with a bit of damage. Oh, and her tentacles can help in a pinch. Start out dorans blade or shield, Build Black Cleaver, and then full tank. Gl hf
Kappapeia (EUW)
: Your fave comicbook villain thats underrated
Perhaps not super-underrated, but he really does have his moments https://gyazo.com/b9f4751ebac5312cc47f3ad68162ea3b
GizzlyBear (EUNE)
I think people are downvoting you because you write in all caps. You ought to know that some people find that childish and obnoxious
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Why is pulsefire caitlyn a thing?
I don't know why people are down-voting this either. An ultimate skin ought to be unique in every way, and the fact that they created a Pulsefire Legendary skin that actually looks BETTER than the original ultimate, seriously devalues Pulsefire Ezreal to a lot of people. I sincerely hope they don't do this to SGU, DJS, or EL. NOTE: don't actually own Pulsefire Ezreal, but I know I'd be unhappy if this was done to DJS or EL
Fìzz (EUW)
: Shaco omega squad ?? Hahahahaa. Riot pref Fizz and Veigar. And Fizz need Skin Legendary.
The day you get a legendary is the day Riot gets torched
: I'm certainly not mad, this is more of a last stand/good bye post for the Old Client, not a rage post ;P Even if they stepped over me, I (or better the directx bug) held them off for **1 HOLE DAY**, I did my job the best I could do to honor our Old Client. Now she can get her very deserved rest. (Q.Q)7
You think posting a thread in protest will delay them in the slightest?
: Very funny riot, very very funny.......
: Orianna vs Syndra
Barrier synergizes well with Ori's E (which you should save for when you think Syndra's gonna ~~climax~~ ult.) Heal offers less raw and immediate protection than barrier, and cleanse is simply useless against Syndra's ultimate. Her stun is easy to dodge, so for that, just git gud. Then, you should be okay. The other, slightly crazier option is Exhaust. 40% damage reduction during her ult is veeery useful. But, I would still take Barrier, personally (as a person who plays a lot of both Syndra and Ori, I alway take Flash/Barrier)
: Why i don't like theme based skins
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Lets play a guessing game. Lee sin: 40% pick rate Kindred 1.83% pick rate. Who is rito goin to make more money of creating a new skin for? I'm pretty sure they wont even make their money back from a kindred skin. Sooooo. Forget about it, its not happening. You are getting an upvote from a kindred main but you also get my honest and realistic, reasoned opinion. ( statistics may vary * champion.gg* )
See the recent "State of Skins" article written by Rioters. You might be pleasantly surprised
: That feeling when... 7.9 patch special.
Well, that's _**a**_ method of saying something which could have easily been written in a short paragraph (albeit, an obnoxious one...)
: Riot! You will need to step over my dead body to retire our old Client!
They'll step over you, alive or dead. The old client is being retired, and it would be better just to accept it than getting mad
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xxxfkme (EUNE)
: Pulsefire Ezreal rework?
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/05/52-pbe-update-pulsefire-caitlyn.html Check back on this page. So far, there's already new VO for Pulsefire Ez, with more changes to come apparently
I think it's more or less common knowledge at this point that the next few patches skins have been "leaked", since the Reddit thing
: Storm Queen Syndra skin (concept Splashart) + LOGIN SCREEN
The concept is interesting, and the art is good despite not being up to Riot's standards (which is hard to expect of most people anyway). But, what does this Syndra skin actually _do?_ Like, you could go into a bit more detail on the lore behind why/how she became a storm queen, what a storm queen even is, and specify how that will translate to the game in terms of particle effects and model redesign. This would accompany what you've done so far nicely. Buuut, in case you didn't notice it, that musical choice sounds almost identical to something you'd hear in Skyrim, and coupled with the concept of a dragon attacking, this skin could easily just be called Dragonborn Syndra, or Dragonslayer Syndra. She's even got the orangey colours of a dragonslayer, and the armour by the looks of it. Further more, there is already a warm coloured, implicitly lawful good Syndra skin (Justicar) which this may get mixed up with if it isn't more refined to look different. I suppose what I'm asking is, _why, and what makes Syndra a "storm" queen? And how will she be different from other skins such as Justicar Syndra, and the Dragonslayer skinline?_ When I think of the word "storm", I think of thunderclouds and rain and lighting flashing. The colour orange is the last thought one tends to have. So, if you can justify the title of "storm queen" (which by the way, is a freaking awesome name), then this could be a cool skin I think.
: Xayah Buff pls ._.
She doesn't need buffs, lol
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