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: Play morgana, lulu, blitz, any cheese supports that you can build damage on. Also try to get a zz'rot portal, then get another team member or 2 to get one and place them all in one lane. It's how i got out of bronze
karolmo (EUW)
: Why do you blindly rush lich bane on sona on games where your team doesn't lack damage? If your team has a Lux, it would be better to get utility items like Mikaels. Also you bought lich bane as morg (A waste of gold as morg on a game where your adc needed mikaels for ahri and yas) Also, why do you use windspeakers as malph, who has no heals or targeted shields? You also use Meditate over Merciless, what is a terrible idea. (1.5% of your missing mana is literally nothing, while 5% extra damage is not) Overall, some guides about builds and basic gameplay should help you. I'm not a fan of eye of the watchers over Frost queen's claim active, neither.
Okay so i need to improve my builds. i was also new with malp but my team insisted i played him so idk. Thanks for the tips :D
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: i think u should not trust mmr on It is not that reliable. Your mmr doesnt depend on winrates. U can be diamond with 40% winrate while ur silver friend has 70% winrate. To answer ur first question. No, u can't raise ur mmr with normals. Because you have "normal" mmr and "soloq" mmr. Your mmr is based on which elo u ended last season and how u did in the preseason. Added that with ur performance on the placements, you'll get ur new mmr for this season. The highest rank u can get straight away is plat1. All diamond+ would get plat. All ex-plat get most likely gold. All ex-gold get silver etc. etc. Basically u'll drop a tier after the reset unless u are challenger. (then u drop 2 tiers). If you didnt play any ranked games last season, then ur placement is all that matters for ur mmr. Personally i ended season 5 plat 4. If i would look up on the mmr im playing against others, which is 1780 so around gold 1-2. I would be placed there depending on my 4 future placement matches. ps: if u get 25+lp after ur placements then ur mmr is higher than where u are currently being placed.
Thanks! really helpful answer
Sefi (EUNE)
: the accuracy of sites like for checking MMR is questionable at best. Riot never released their MMR math so the best these sites can do is guesstimate from other players in the leagues. My own MMR last season jumped about 300 a day when i wasn't even playing. Also if i may suggest to you, wait with your placements, wait until challenger tier is filled or you will get a large hit to your rank.
Well i hope its not accurate :c thx
Infernape (EUW)
: Ranked MMR doesn't affect Normal MMR and vice versa. The MMR for each queue is kept separate. Your friend may have a higher MMR than you as he/she has won many games with the average MMR for their matches being high. If you win a lot of games against high MMR players your MMR increases substantially.
Thanks ^^ guess i'll just stick to normals for now
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Dude, I went 5-5 in my placement matches and I dropped from Platinum 5 to Silver 1. xD Must've had a bad MMR at the end.
damn.. But if you climbed to plat i have faith that you can do it again :D
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: Placements Ranked S6
Same thing is happening to my friends. Your mmr is probably bronze. Placement matches hel your mmr go up a little bit but its more about mmr
: Nope. You get a small buffer when promoted/demoted that stops you falling back from 0 LP and get your footing in your new division. In Silver 5 for example you get a massive buffer which means that if you're playing at like a Bronze 5 level or something you'll get demoted, but not before.
Sefi (EUNE)
: You're shielded from falling for like 5 games when entering a new div and sitting at 0 LPs.
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