: Why does everyone hate Yasuo?
People(mostly low elo) don't like taking risks like Yasuo in soloqueue, hence why people just ban him a lot of the time ( I don't ever bother banning him i'd rather ban sion lol). If he's in your team, and feeds, he's useless and provides nothing. He doesn't offer much peel, engage, CC, utility or anything special when he's behind. If he's in the enemy team and gets fed, he'll kill your midlaner constantly and 1v5 while avoiding death with his passive, W, and 0.1 second cooldown dash. I think at about gold level people start to learn his weaknesses - shut him down and he's garbage. The same can be said for many champions, but paticularly Yasuo; just like Riven, if he's behind, there's very little he brings to the table other than dashing in and dying.
: Sumoners Code https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/get-started/summoners-code/ This does not say to not call for reports. it does however state to Drive Constructive Feedback and Facilitate Civil Discussion, which is something i was doing.
Obviously they won't put "asking for reports against the rules" - if that was the case they'd have to write EVERYTHING you aren't allowed to say. It's classed as harassment. A riot employee told me that if a player wants to report another player, they will do so. Pestering people to report others is classed as harassment. "Harassment" is a broad term, in real-terms it means don't be an ass and you won't be punished.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Untrue. I always mute when I play ranked, but not when I plays normals. Just last week a had a very angry jungler wishing me cancer and death in caps, and he didnt get banned. In fact I belive nothing happend to him.
No, very true, I have 36 permanently banned accounts. Currently, there's two ways of getting punished: Light flaming for a few games will get you a chat restriction. If it persists, it'll escalate to a 2 week ban. After that, if it still persists, it's a permaban. "Light flaming" would be saying phrases ranging from "noob" and "stfu" to "*** off". Hard flaming is an INSTANT 2 week ban, rarely permanent. Saying phrases such as "%%%", wishing diseases, threatening someone or being racist, sexist or otherwise prejudice in any way is a straight up ban. Don't believe me? Go into a game and type "%%%" in whatever context you want. Have someone report you. I guarantee you will be 2 week banned, regardless of if you have had a punishment before. This thread is essentially asking Riot for something they are already doing. The only thing more they could do is instantly permanently ban someone the second they swear.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You always demote on first loss at 0 LP unless you just got promoted or if your mmr is very high. If you get promoted, win and then lose to 0 LP, the next loss will be a demotion. Your mmr seems to be pretty normal so your demotion is expected.
you couldn't be more wrong when you promote you have immunity for 3-5 games, meaning you can't be demoted. even if your MMR is garbage and you promote, you won't be demoted if you lose straight away to demote your MMR has to be atleast 1 division lower than your current division, and to demote a full league t needs to be 2 divisions lower (ie to demote from gold 5 > silver 1, your MMR needs to be silver2 or lower) A few months back I played on account and went 9-1 in promos. While duoing with my friend, I lost like 4-5 games in a row at 0lp and didn't demote. It took about 7 games before I demoted.
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Barraza (EUW)
: Old support veteran looking for skilled and crazy ADC to duo with in ranked
: "Who Cares, it's only Flex" Mentality Needs to be Bannable.
No it doesn't. Flex is like normals , it may be intended for "ranked " but realistically it's just a mode people use to play random champs and have fun. The Flex MMR system promotes insane luck scenarios where bronze players are matched vs diamond players. It's also based off solo MMR, So what's the point trying to climb flex when it's essentially soloque with bad matchmaking ? There isn't a point. I played on an old unranked account from s3 and 10-0d my placements. I was placed in Bronze 1 because of the amount of bronze players in the enemy teams. It's not competitive enough, so people just have fun. Fun isn't bannable nor should it be.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: /mute
Not only do I forget to do this but I think part of the reason I am fairly high ranked is because I predict, stratagize and shotcall very, very well. I constantly predict where the enemy jungle is, i'm constantly making calls / warnings and I end up bieng shotcaller in solo, I am a very vocal person and I think muting takes alot away from that. Ontop of that, muting doesn't stop them from seeing what I type.
: Being calm IRL doesn't mean that you do not have anger management issues under X circumstances, saying that most people who flame are probably chill IRL is an oxymoron Edit: it's not an oxymoron, I meant sophistry
Well, I don't have to go to anger management. Speaking as someone who actually had counselling when I was like 8, no I don't. When I was 8, I would throw fits, scream and completley lose it at the slightest thing that went wrong. I don't do anything of that sorts IRL, the only " anger " i exert is to dumb fucks on league, and even then, it's mild flaming. I don't say racist things, hate speech, I don't make death threats or anything that indicates i'm legtimitatley angry.
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: If you are single, dont worry!
Optimists clearly don't understand why depressed people are depressed. The thought isn't of ' bieng single your whole life ' its more the fact your never going to be good enough for the people you want. And no, there isn't a lid for every cup.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Flamers flame for one reason : to get a point across. How could said flamer get a point across if they are permamuted? They can't. So, what would be the point in trolling? I troll only after someone has pissed me off. Many other trolls troll because they find it funny to argue with people in chat. Tell me, if they can't argue, and they can't digress the point they are trying to make by trolling, what would be the point in doing it? Admittedly, those who would get permamuted and literally don't care anymore would likely troll. Then they can get permabanned. Still, doing it in that system would , undeniably, in the long run reduce flamers. I would not be making accounts and flaming and inting as hard as I can right now ( literally at this minute I just went afk in a game 5 minutes ago ) if I was permamuted. I would be playing ranked not flaming because I can't. Instead, i'm joining games with the sole purpose to feed for 5 minutes to bypass remake then AFK.
: > [{quoted}](name=ks me i troll,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=85mANgOM,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-15T18:55:16.481+0000) > > Makes me cringe when people tell me to control my emotions. But does that make it bad advice, though? Considering what you say later in this comment, it's probably the best advice you've received in ages. > However, if there is a 0/10 nasus in my team. I CHOSE to flame him. I want to let him know he is a piece of shit and should shut the fuck up and let me attempt to carry his garbage ass. So your excuse for CHOOSING to flame someone is just because you don't see them as skilled, and you have a sudden urge to insult them, make their experience worse, and get mad at them over things that they're probably already aware of by the time you stop playing the game to flap your fingers on the keyboard in what essentially _is_ blind rage no matter how you try to word it as being otherwise? _Can't imagine why you got permabanned._ > I don't do it out of " rage induced sezuires " like you think I do, I do it because I would like to take the risk and just let this guy know he's a fucking idiot. Either way, we don't want you doing it. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter _why_ you flame. What matters is that you flame. Either learn to accept the fact that people don't want you doing it and the world isn't going to revolve around you if you keep doing it, or play something else. You only want a permamute because you don't like the actual rightful consequences for your self-admitted horrible attitude.
No, I don't flame said nasus because he's unskilled. I flame him because he is clearly not willing to even let someone else carry him. Nobody is stupid enough to continue to fight when 0/10, I don't care how " tilted " that person claims to be. And I really don't care if you want me doing it. Why is that a debate? It wasn't the point of the thread. And yup, your right. I don't like permabans, they piss me off. And what happens when you piss a flamer off? They flame more, and harder. Which is exactly the problem with the system. If I was permamuted not only would i NOT FLAME but I wouldn't be trolling like the community thinks I would either. Flamers flame to get a point across, how does trolling get a point across if I can't tell them the point in the first place?
Magneset (EUW)
: Yes its "enough" but its far from perfect. There is tons of information that you cant get across by using pings. Also people who are generally toxic will find other ways of harrasing when they cant vent thruogh the chat.
Well that's generalizing. I for one, if I was permamuted, wouldn't bother trying to piss people off. I can't tell them WHY im doing it so what's the point?
Magneset (EUW)
: This is how Riot decided it should be. They are not going to make a perma mute function because people cant reform. You are given plenty of chances to reform with several chat restrictions and a 14 day ban. If you are unable to reform during that time, i think its fine that you are completely removed from the game. Besides, perma muting is a bad thing not only for you but also for your team mates, because there will always be cases where you need to lay out details, as to coordinating a gank with a team member. There are plenty of reasons as to why no one should ever be permanently restricted from using the chat.
Actually, when chat restrictions were becoming popular Riot said smart pings are enough to communicate. And that was before they upgraded them.
: I don't know i think. You need to lose your attachment with this game. You say you will often / frequently buy accounts to see how low you can get before you get permad. Like thats just sad dude, get out, get a girlfriend or something. Stop latching yourself to this game, it isn't healthy
I have nothing else to do, I have money that I don't need and I find it fun. Did i mention i literally have nothing else to do in my spare time?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yes, i'm not going to reform. I'm marked for flaming my teammates. Not inting, not going AFK. Although you may find it hard to believe, I have inted once the entire season on a smurf account that I bought. It was 2 week banned instantly. So why not permamute me? The only rule I break ( on most of my accounts ) is flaming. Shouldn't the punishment fit the crime? If I began inting and going AFK after the permamute, fair enough. Ban me. But, because they chose to permaBAN me instead of permaMUTEing me like I should be, they just generated a monster troll. I will likely frequently buy accounts and see how low a divison I can get before i'm permabanned for int feeding.
: didn't really work if you kept getting banned. You said that in plural. Meaning it happened more than 1 occasion. So you've just contradicted yourself :/
Worked for me, before I got my first perma. Ranked bans were only a thing like a year ago. Every one of my permas including my first one was this year.
Infernape (EUW)
: Then unbind the enter key or use auto hotkey to disable the enter key while League is running. Alternatively, learn to control your emotions while playing.
Makes me cringe when people tell me to control my emotions. Read the thread. I am more then capable of not flaming. That was demonstrated paticularly when ranked bans were a thing. I thought " fuck it i'll stop flaming, i just want to play ranked ". However, if there is a 0/10 nasus in my team. I CHOSE to flame him. I want to let him know he is a piece of shit and should shut the fuck up and let me attempt to carry his garbage ass. I don't do it out of " rage induced sezuires " like you think I do, I do it because I would like to take the risk and just let this guy know he's a fucking idiot.
: I see your point, I truly do. I even think the Idea with the **_permamute_** and **_ranked ban_**, is a pretty good idea, and would definetely keep a lot more players from flaming and just ruining everyone's game experience. But comparing a Flamer with an anxious human being, is just **straight up wrong**. I guess you are old enough and therefore you should be mature enough to contain yourself. By flaming you maybe get 10% of the playerbase, to change their playstyle for this match. The rest will just tilt to the end of whatever. And now you want to ruin everyone's game by _trolling, flaming, feeding and going afk_, just makes my own thought valid to think, that you are fully immature and that you really deserved that permaban. And I hope Riot finds a way, especially for you, to IP-Ban you.
Yes, I will troll, flame feed and go AFK in all my matches. I will perhaps buy some accounts and just stream myself doing it, it's fun. But you know what? You know why I do that? 2 reasons : First, is because I have nothing to lose ( the point of this thread ) . I would not evne consider doing ANY of that if my main was perma muted instead of permabanned. What's the point? I can still play the game. Second, because the community is what makes it fun to do. League has the biggest crybaby player base of ANY game. I wouldn't int from the start, but the second someone cries in chat, boom, straight tto midlane. Do you think I enjoy logging on WoW and ninjalooting? Nope. It's boring, there's no reason for it. Nobody gets mad, Blizzard haven't wronged me , what's the point? And , haha, that's funny that you think riot will IP ban me. I'm insignificant. Spoiler : Riot only care about their image. They could not give a fuck if I run around doing this because there's 100 million players , I'm just one. If I became popular like tyler they WOULD IP ban me. But, even if they did. I can just use a mac spoofer and VPN.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: They've tried ranked bans before and it didn't work. People just went on to be toxic in normal games until they could play ranked again.
Worked for me. Once I started playing ranked I wanted to play more, when I kept getting ranked banned I just stopped flaming.
Magneset (EUW)
: Riot states that if you flame or are toxic you get banned. You clearly know this and you STILL rant on the forums, telling them how its their fault that you cant control your immature behavior and should have special rights? Its not "who you are" and you cant compare your behavior to someone with anxiety, thats honestly pathetic. If you cant play by the rules, find something else to do.
... Your acting like I don't already know. Did you read the thread? I'm not complaining that I got banned, I was well aware I could be banned if I was flaming. I am complaining about the method of punishments Riot use. They continue to say WE WANT PLAYERS TO REFORM , but some people, like me , will never reform. That's why I want them to impliment permamuting.
: > I will flame the shit out of him. I'm not going to ignore him, i'm not going to sugarcoat him. And that's not allowed for two reasons. 1. Nobody likes to get flamed. 2. People who get flamed on start playing worse, which is very counterproductive when you are playing a game in which you have to destroy the enemy Nexus. > Telling a flamer to stop flaming is like telling an anxious person to stop worrying. It's pointless and stupid - it's just the way they are. A worrying person doesn't affect other people in a negative way. Flaming does. While flaming is against the rules (for a reason), worrying is 100% allowed. > Onto my point - why are permamutes not a thing? Riot used to do that. People litterally got thousands of games chat restriction. The result? Players found other ways to show their frustration, in the way of intentional feeding and trolling. It just didn't work. > How many flamers do you really see who come back and " reform " after bieng permad? Not many do. But what we do know is that only 5% of the community ever gets chat restricted. Of that 5%, 90% reform and never get punished again. So in fact, the punishment system is very effective. > Does riot think permabanning is an effective motivator ? Not for first offenders, but there is no point in giving people who got 2 chat restrictions and a 14 days suspension any more chances to reform, as they statistically almost never reform. That's why people who are toxic after their 14 days ban get a permaban. They are simply not welcome anymore in the community after their consistent toxic behaviour. > Chat restrictions are NOT a punishment and nobody even notices them. They are not meant as a real punishment, but more like a warning. > I was bieng negative ( not flaming , bieng negative ) A negative attitude doesn't contribute to a good team spirit and is also considered toxic and a punishable offense. > Let's be realistic. All of my accounts are banned including my main, I have nothing to lose. Now? Now i'm going to int, flame , feed, troll and go AFK in ever game I play. You are free to do what you want, you will only have to face the consequences of it. You might have nothing to lose anymore, but the question is, what do you exactly gain from doing what you described? Before you would do that, I would really question if you don't have anything better to do with your life than doing that. > What about ranked bans? They were not effective. The only thing they did is shift the toxicity from ranked games to normal games. They didn't solve anything.
You completley mistook this thread, I am pretty sure you half-read it. Yes, I am aware flaming is against the rules and no body likes it. I don't even like bieng flamed. Do I cry about the fact a random person on the internet told me that i'm shit at LoL? No. Because i'm not a sensetive crybaby. Not the point. I never said worrying is against the rules, I mean in terms of mindset, it's the same thing. Anxious people willl remain anxious and flamers will flame reguardless. Again, as someone who apparently doesn't flame, you obviously odn;'t understand the system or the point of the thread. Chat restrictions are insignifcant to someone like me ( and many others ). I can tell you now if Riot did a 3 day / week ban in place of chat restricions, it would be much , MUCH more effective. I would stop flaming much faster if they did that. With chat restrictions I can still flame, int and play. With a ban, I can't ( atleast not on my main ) Yes, negative attitude is punishable. But i'm a natrual pessemist. I think negativley about literally everything. It's the way I am inside and outside of the game. If we are banning for even a slight amount of negativity, why don't we just remove the mute button? WHat's the point? Barely anyone uses it, people would rather cry, moan and argue then mute me. What do I gain? I find it funny. I really love inting to crybabies who spam the chat with " REPORT DRAVEN FOR INTING " and " OMG ELO HELL ". The only reason I whaven't done it in a while is because I know how fast you get banned if you do it in a ranked game. Now I get to have fun while getting back at the crybaby community that makes riot so soft. Go play a blizzard game, look how hard it is to get banned. Why? Because in general people on games like WoW don't cry. Even if you say the N word and spam it in trade chat, people mute you and move on with their day. In league, they cry about it, ask everyone to report you, and I noticed that most people don't even mute you, they would rather just argue and cry. Ranked bans are affective. Why not leave them in anyway? They still stopped some people, myself included, flaming.
: I dont understand how people get banned , i ve been playing 2 years now and flamed daily and i never been banned
You must flame minorly then. To be put into a stage of punishment you have to flame quite hard I think.
Orthian (EUW)
: "It's like telling an anxious person to stop worrying." No it's not. Worrying isn't against the rules. Flaming is. You're being a dick, you've disregarded NUMEROUS warnings and, by your own admission, been banned on multiple accounts before. You deserve this. You deserve this harsh wake-up call on your atrocious behaviour and maybe now you'll understand that your behaviour is not tolerated in League of Legends. Your excuse on why you flame is weak, your suggestion to make perma-mutes is poor. Let me sum up your entire rant/post in two sentences: "I am a flamer who has been banned multiple times. This is not my fault and is, in fact, Riot's fault for not accepting my behaviour that clearly goes against the rules of the game THAT I ACCEPTED AND PROMISED TO UPHOLD when first loading up the game." If you want some advice: take a long hard look at yourself, realise that your punishment is fully justified, and never come back to League. Your attitude is not wanted here.
Did I say I didn't deserve it? I knowingly broke the rules. That's not my point - my point is there's a much easier solution that works for both parties.
: Have you ever tried to remove chat completely to see if it works for you?
Doesn't work. As long as I am able to type in chat by myself, I can and will.
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Draqone (EUW)
: What?
He is a support main. He was just made to play top because EDG didn't have any other choice because of roster lockins, which explains why he performs so poorly.
Grammos (EUNE)
: I put H2K to win Worlds in MyPickem
H2k do not stand a chance. Maybe they can get to finals but no way can they win, SSG is beatable as is Albus and they got quite lucky with the draw, but I highly, highly doubt they can beat ROX or SKT.
Draqone (EUW)
: But EDG would be exempt, they already have Mouse in the toplane. Not that I am better than him but he is arguably the worst toplaner at worlds.
SamuxBeast (EUNE)
: What do you MEAN.... smurfs are trolls {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Are you 12? Why do you instantly say that every smurf that has ever existed is a troll? I don't even think i've ever seen a smurf troll. Most smurfs play to level / rank up, not to troll...
DaveRod (EUW)
: You do know that nobody will listen to this right? :/
flamer +1 will not listen to this, if anything admitting your bad makes us more toxic I flame because trash players need to know they are trash and need to stop fucking up. EG * enemy adc gets a triple bot * " ezreal no flash " Bitch, I don't care if Ezreal has flash. Fuck ezreals flash he just got a triple so fucking get a sort out.
SamuxBeast (EUNE)
: ITS NOT A BUGG your a smurf{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
What's wrong with smurfs?
: It's not a bug it's just your skill level ...
Yeah if I was more skilled my skillshot would go the direction i wanted it to. Maybe I don't have enough gym badges so my champion doesn't obey me?
: if you click to move and Vi's & champion model walks past the cursor whilst you were charging she goes backwards as this will effectively be where you end up aiming (its kind a hard to figure what happens as we cant see your cursor ) this taught me to click a tad further from my champion model when i started playing VI ps no hate just my experience on the matter
I remember where I was clicking, I was clicking near redbuff.
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Bobbinson (EUNE)
: you shouldnt be banned for toxicity , the same way that you shouldnt get upset over words coming at you from complete strangers. perma mute them but banning is just fucking retarded
finally someone who isn't fucking retarded

ks me i troll

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