: stable 150 fps + and around 40 ping and lagging
Started having same problem,playing on EUW,stable ping around 50ms though mini lag(package loss) happens every 10s or so,tried pinging to certain german servers,ping looked fine as well.Tried playing on EUNE server,same problem occurred. Would be nice some feedback from riot.Thank you
It's quite simple,you had bad win ratio/kda on normal games so your starting point of placements was lowered heavily,most likely to bronze1 or something like that.
: What puts you instantly on tilt?
That retarded jungler that starts pushing your lane when you died and doesn't finish it and after all just lets enemy laner freeze it near his turet and then you are like : oh I am 2 levels behind,thanks.
: Heres what I do when I notice my team mates dont play at my level.
How do you decide who is at your level and who is not? People do have bad games and sometimes rivals are just better,deal with it and try your best.
SpiritGuy (EUW)
: Top 5 most overpowered champions (UPDATED)
1.Zed,scales too well with duskblade+thunder. 2.Graves,too damn good against melees. 3.Elise,scales too well with runaan echos. 4-5.Quinn-Corki,so much utility for ADC,if enemy doesn't respect that,always get punished.
: Stuck in bronze 5 for 100 games. Tips?
1.Get a coach. 2.Stop playing when you are tired as fuck. 3.Stay positive ALWAYS,even when theres a slight chance of winning,giving up is 0. 4.Try getting a single role 5.Dont concentrate on rank,concentrate on your plays/score/team fighting and other stuff that you can actually improve. 6. GL
UbaHoro (EUW)
: season 6 the season of flames.
In my option flames ratio just dropped,due to fact that everyone gets their role more often,less situations when one lane ends up 0/10.So far so good.
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: The states of Ahri
She's still top5 tier pick and you are crying for buffs ? Come on ...
: Graves? His strongest role?
TOP/JUNGLE,adc would be his weakest role due to range and his whole kit set to fight in close range.
Well,in lower levels more than half of the players are bots,especially on ARAM/dominion,so far no response from riot.
: Pick or Ban: ADC Edition !
: How much did you advance the most in one sitting?
p5-p1 with a smurf,double skip ^^
: Why do people care about 'flame'
Welcome to 2016,where people get offended everywhere by everyone!
: Support main , lost in Ello hell. (read content)
1.Find a decent ADC 2.Play offensive supports that can combo shot enemies,that would be zyra,brand,annie GL
: Request for giving me my tax back
Rengar isnt a government,he's from mafia,so i would suggest going to the godfather about this incident.
: Banned for asking riot support for help.
I dont really imagine that such thing could happen.In my point of view they noticed connection from different country long time ago and suspected an account share,later on that guy simply over took the account and then you finally realised to contact the support.Oh well,good luck trying to prove your innocence.
: What to do against LoL Academy?
I dont think that will help,they have a lot of botted accounts.One of solution would be limited friend invite per week or day.
2Bibby (EUW)
: Uninstalling the game, permanently.
Fearak (EUW)
: Keep losing.
Quite possible that meta shifted hardly and one of your main champions went from good tier to trash tier( immobile adc/squishy supp).Would advice to take a rest.
: how can a main support advance
1.Get a decent adc and duo queue. 2.Become the leader and main team caller.
Baam Jyu (EUW)
: 5 years and I have NEVER had to deal with shit like this
I have exactly the same problem,you are simply disconnected from champion select,at least in my case I reconnect after 40s-1min,I think it has to do something with your router.(didnt have this problem from other location)
: Is Zed OP right now?
I think hes ok,might be bit hard to counter him early in lower elos,but he falls heavily late game if built against him.
Siphano (EUW)
: Annie's rework for the mid-year mage update (unofficial)
More way to counter her ? Are you serious ? Did you ever tried to figure out why she isnt viable in top elo/LCS ? She has no range,that allows most champions to abuse it,she can barely ever out push her oponents,no movement buffs,annie is only good at stomping noobs.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: I don't like x, y, z =/= x, y, z is unbalanced. There is no such thing as perfect balance in online games. And no-one really wants it, even if they whine that things are unbalanced. Game is rather ok, have some rough edges because it's god damn pre-season (some people sort of really forget that or do not understand what it's for), but all in all is in one of the best shapes it ever was.
Pre season is finished,I'm just stating the fact that immobile ADCS (except mf due to OP ULT) aren't viable in higher elo/competitive. There's simply no point risking taking them in this meta and that was brought by riot,i think pick ratio can pretty much tell what's OK and what's not.Right now we have ashe pick ratio around 2% in high elo,mean while lucian stands around 40%-50%,do you really think Riot even considered what impact new items( frost queen),LW nerf and other stuff will have on such champions?
Dixyl Daron (EUNE)
: We need to increase number of bans in Draft Mode (Ranked Queue).
Nah,we dont need more bans,we need god damn balance in this game,but so far in last few months riot was too slow considering nerfs and only focuses on damn new dynamic queue( which still doesnt work on EUW) and reworks,that in most cases just ends up killing the champions.
: Enough with the Champion "updates" and "reworks"
Not sure what to tell you,but riot just killed completely immobile ADC in higher/competitive elo.Ashe is unplayable due to all new ADC reworks,mf can single handedly one shot ashe with ult,gp can cast ult,no escape,taking almost full damage,kegs also,qss money decrease. Not enough of that we got frost queen added to the game which again goes in favour of mobile champs. I hope riot finally realises that by giving one champions insanely mobile kit with high damage( ex corki) they fully mess up immobile champs. Good luck to Riot team thinking of reworking one champions and fully sending other to the death pit. P.S I think season 5 mid-end was most balanced place riot ever was,but their wish to rework some stuff just backfires at them,when they don't count in every single effect it has on other champions. Right now there's only meta for mobile adc at higher elo,GL TO RIOT FIXING THAT,ALL HAIL EZ/KALISTA/LUCIAN/CORKI/TRIST.
: Gangplank still 100% banned at LCS
many nerfs? Main change was only to shift passive damage to bit later game.As long as GP's ult/keg deals so much damage hes gonna be viable.
: Can I boost the FPS on my laptop?
I dont think that its possible to get any better output of FPS,main problem is GPU,laptops with inner GPU card isn't created for gaming.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Completly freaked out
Just do not duo queue with a lower player and you will be fine,remember the formula 1,2k+preseason mmr/2,silver 5 is around 1,1k~,so basicly after playing all 10 games and going 5/5 w/l you should end up at same elo.
MadClown (EUNE)
: Does this means i will end up in bronze 5 if i win around 7 matches?I ended the season as silver 5 and got gold 5 during preseason and frankly i am scared to play placements when i see a lot of posts like this..
1.MMR is being taken from last day of pre season 2.Depends if you duo queue or not,duo queue'ing with higher elo will let you to get around s1-s5,duo queue'ing with lower might drop you to high bronze/low silver. 3.Try hard,that's all you can do.
: S5: Silver IV. Post-Season Silver V. Won 7-3 placement and get BRONZE IV???
Checked your match history,seems like this was caused by duo queue,yours premade's MMR was quite low,yours was bit higher,but in such situations when you play duo queue,if higher elo guy wins he gets around 15-20 elo(in old system),in case of lose he loses around 30,+ you played against lower players,and that lead to such elo.TIP : dont play with way lower elo players,in long run you will really mess up your MMR,unless you keep over 70-80% win ratio.
Lekain (EUW)
: Matchmaking? Why is it so broken?
I do guess that you play normal games,so then there are 2 things you must know : 1.Normal games have different MMR than ranked games 2.System usually tries to find other premade of similar count of players in it.System failed to do it->you got matched against higher players.
: How to counter Swain
Your whole champion pool gets countered by swain,would suggest viktor/ori/fizz.
: Regar bans..
Rengar isnt that strong over all in 5vs5 team situations,but problem is that in solo queue most players play too aggressive and uncautious,that leads usually simply to rengar getting few kills and from that point he snow balls too easily,especially as most squishies get deleted in less than a sec,no counter play to return to the game.
Buddychrist (EUNE)
: Stuck on "Retrieving data from server" every time I get first pick in draft.
Having same problem in champion select,randomly disconnect and then reconnect after 50s~,tried reinstalling LOL,checked internet connection,its stable.This problem isn't connected to speed of the internet (got 20 mbps d/5 up),could be a problem related to one of the international router through which your ISP provider connects,so far can't do much without knowing server's IP.
Skubîdus (EUW)
: State of the community
Playing LOL for 4,5 years now,but from my perspective toxicity didnt' really increase,maybe even decayed,but other matter raised : negativity and whining,this game really gets annoying when people can't deal with their feelings,i dont know what happened to people,feels like playing with 10 years spoiled kids.
Had same problems with my other accounts on EUW,feels like mmr and LP connection is quite messed up in higher elo.In order to stay in same elo had to keep around 60% win ratio with decent mmr.
: [BUG] Zed Ult Bug?
Zed's ult has small cast time and another thing is that Nasus ultimate gives him extra range on AA and that's why u get hit sooner than actual textures looks like.
: [BOOSTING] And possible solutions
I'm quite familiar with all this "boosting" deal.There are few main problems with that.First of all,you have to identify account is being boosted by a player or is it just a smurf.In case if it's being boosted,how many accounts were approached(more qualified boosters can boost up to few hundreds players per season). Furthermore if VPN is being used on boosted account/booster even has main account.So far as I'm considered booster might not even have a single account of his own anymore and with proper VPN( used by half of boosters) you can't really get him IP banned.Last thing is that boosting is so popular between high elo players,that full operation of riot would end up probably 1/5 of whole high rank population into bans. P.S After last riot's approach towards boosting,new way of boosting was started.That's duo queue,fresh botted account was started using,and by riot's regulations duo queue is appropriate.Eventually guy gets boosted,and even if botted account gets banned,nobody cares,I think right now close to 40% of all new accounts are bots,their price is cheap as hell and not a single measure was taken to instant ban them.
: you have disconnected. please check your internet connection and try again ..
Most likely problems with your internet connection( packet loss for several seconds).
: I main support and I think that's a very easy roll but I figured that it was hard as fck to climp divisions as support, any suggestions?
Play offensive supports like zyra/thresh/annie/leona.
: I want to become Pro
What to do ? Learn from your mistakes,and if by accidentally you get to high diamond/master,then you can start thinking about searching for a team. Before that I wouldn't even consider searching for teams,you are just not skilled enough.
Nagy San (EUW)
: Matchmaking below lvl 30 is messed up
Amh,as a guy who leveled up like 5 accounts ( main high diam/master/chall),I can say that normal games MMR exists,and as long as you perform high above average you might end up playing against higher tier players despite level difference,especially after you hit 20+ level.
Bazzo (EUW)
: Why is Leblanc's Winrate so Low Now?
47-48% win ratio in ranked is decent enough if we count in the fact that shes quite hard to master.
NasNeel (EUW)
: 1 v 1 Ranked
I'm not sure theres much use of it,it would just end up with few top tier picks out of 120 champs.Whole game is balanced around 5vs5,champions are made for that and not for 1vs1.I think such mode wouldn't prove a thing.
: Vayne mains?
Vayne was never dominant in solo queue,and as the guy who played her since s2 I can tell you that she isnt the champion you want to play in solo queue.WHY ? Her early game is too damn weak,half of the games are done in first 15 minutes,automatically you set yourself behind.Tips?Play passive as hell,try to get supports like nami/sona that will help you get out of the lane without that hard behind.
: Did malphite suddenly become op?
IMO biggest change was MR items buff that gave additional defense from AP mages + whole TOP lane meta changed mostly to atk.speed champs and that lead malphite to be top tier pick.
: How can I always guarantee the minion kill
Start thinking strategically, getting kills/roaming isn't always worth it,you have to remember that approximately 10 creeps=1 kill,when going for poke in lane try to get your priorities first.Ask yourself if you can kill the guy,can he kill you and so on.
: What Positions and How?
I don't think there is one certain answer for such question.Every human is different individual and it's just too hard to say at which role you would exceed most.I would suggest trying all of them and when you feel like one role is the one you play best then take it.
: Play league since day 1
If you actually think that 10 games can decide where you actually belong you are so wrong.I would say it takes at least 50-80 games to determine the level at which you play without including any improvement throughout those games.
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