Saibbo (EUW)
: you really think they couldn't send mini-patches to fix stuff without waiting 2 weeks?
They could, except it would be a pretty big pain in the butt for everyone involved, especially the players who can't handle even a couple minutes of server downtime.
Sourika (EUW)
: ????
It might have something to do with the Shen ult. He started channeling it roughly the moment the Nunu ult popped, and we've definitely seen weirder bugs, so it's a possibility, especially considering they're both channeled abilities.
abixbg (EUNE)
: Should we report players for "gg ez" spam?
I do. It's pretty annoying, and the fact that someone would do that just indicates that they wouldn't have a problem taking it further and being unsportsmanlike in other ways, so if that's the case, they'll be able to see that, and if not, then the report doesn't mean anything.
: Does anyone even care anymore about ranked ?
> ...I intentionally fed in a ranked game... > ...people really dont care anymore in ranked games Hello? Am I missing something?
: can you guys help me
Click the gear in the top right -> "Initiate Full Repair". If there's no text there, then it's the only button available in the center of the menu.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Voice Effects used for Champion Voiceovers.
I'm pretty sure they all have 20 bass and 10 echoe, as well as 5 treble to top it off
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: A very simple suggestion for the voice chat.
The solution is to use Discord, which has this exact feature built-in with a customizable keybind
: B U G S
It's a sign. Better not try that again, or else risk facing even greater reprimands.
: Check your internet connection
Sounds weird. Have you tried checking your internet connection?
Saibbo (EUW)
: wait until next patch in 1 week i guess... the hotfixs are just for "popular" champions {{champion:157}} {{champion:145}}
Hotfixes are usually slight numerical value tweaks that don't interfere with the game code, so they can make changes to the balance of the game easily on the fly if the numbers are looking way off.
radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
Some games that I didn't see mentioned here that happen to be some of my personal favourites: -**Crypt of the NecroDancer** (great soundtrack, recommended even if you're not a big fan of rhythm/DDR games) -**Devil Daggers** (hard but has a weird sense of zen to it once you get the hang of things) -**Risk of Rain** (hard but somewhat relaxing in a similar fashion, loads of replayability and unlocks) -**Snakebird** (if you're into puzzle games) -**Super Hexagon** (super difficult and quite abstract, not for everyone and has flashing lights) -**Ultimate Chicken Horse** (platformer, easy to learn and hard to master, lots of dumb silly fun with a pretty solid playerbase) -**Uurnog Uurnlimited** (one of the more obscure ones, puzzle platformer with quirky and interesting mechanics and cool visual style) -**Downwell** (quite challenging game with super fun mechanics, excellent sound design and satisfying visuals) -**Eldritch** (very atmospheric and heavily influenced by Lovecraft stories; give the visual style a chance) I'm convinced that a lot of these aren't exactly for everyone, or in other words mainstream, but I thought I'd share them anyway just in case there's a slight chance you might be interested in something not everyone is talking about already. Additionally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you scoffed at every single suggestion right away. I'm totally content with just introducing them with hopes that one day one of them might pop into your mind and you'll give it a shot. Hope you find some cool games, and I hope I helped at least a bit in your search!
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >actually it wasn't who got my account banned for toxicity it was my friend so am not really toxic myself Do you realize that this is even more severe than toxicity in chat? Account sharing is forbidden and can result in a permanent ban. But on to your topic, my main account is in the same spot as you are. 3 months with over hundred games played after the ban, still honor level 0.
My initial thought was something like "my friend came over for a visit and played a single game on my account, then flamed the heck out of everyone," even though 1 game usually isn't enough for a 14-day ban.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Not to mock you or anything like that, but 6 gigs of RAM is a bit lower than what's considered reasonable these days.
Oh, absolutely. I am fully aware my machine is on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to every single part of hardware. The problem is Riot is glancing over people like me with low-end machines entirely. When such high RAM usage raises an eyebrow even for people high-end machines, it's probably a lot worse for low-end machine users.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: How much RAM do you have in total?
6 Gb (odd number, it's a 2Gb stick + a 4Gb stick) total, 512 Mb reserved for the integrated GPU, leaving 5.5Gb for use.
HanDeus (EUNE)
: Can the "EMOTES ARE HERE" stop?
Ę̗̙͚̹̞̺͔̖͓ͦͫ̌͝M͚̙̞͔̝͚̫̯̮̂̂ͤ́O̵̙̱̦̭͙̲͑ͣ̚T̉ͨͮͬ̊̈͑̍̕͏͔͕͚͎E͎̮̰͉̯͊ͤ̍̄͘S̫͚̘̘̘͑͜͜ ̌̆̀̽͏҉̙̟͚̦A͕̠̱̪͔ͥ̇̊̓͐R͖̟͙̄ͨͬ͗͑̋E̛̺̼͍̰̪̞̬ͨ̓ͭ̒̈̑̓̃͞ ̐ͬ̆̔̿̊ͥͮ͏͏̳H̵̶̤̤ͭͪ̽̓̓̉͠Ĕ̴̸͚̮͈̝̞͑̆̏ͅR̘͙͈ͯ̕͟Ẽ̤̹̦͉͇͔̣̤ͦ̇̍͌ͤ̅̿
Rioter Comments
snoofy lv (EUW)
: Zoe dmg
Her damage stacks on top of her E - hitting a sleeping target with any skill or attack will deal 2x her E's damage on top of the original attack, resulting in loads of unexpected damage. It's not just her Q alone.
: League Client RAM usage over 750k
The new client is stupidly resource-intensive. I haven't been able to play without stuttering unless I check the option to close the client while in-game, and it's using anywhere between 300Kb and 500Kb of memory when it's open. I'd say they need to work on some optimisation for the client, but considering it's current state, I doubt anything is going to change significantly.
: Hardest Champion in league as of season 8
{{champion:142}}, but mostly because she's banned 120% of the time.
: Master yi q untargetability bug (Riot watch)
It seems like both abilities went off pretty much at the same time. I'd take an extra closer look at 0.25x speed if I were you, however due to the nature of web coding and tick rates and such, it's possible that the events happened close enough together that the game just grouped them up and displayed them at the same time, even though Malzahar had to have sight of you to use his ultimate, implying he did it just before your Q went off.
: Why do I have lower rfamerate when capping it?
It's probably hardly if at all noticeable unless you're just staring at the FPS counter, but from a technical standpoint, I don't really know. Commenting to see if anyone in the replies actually knows this one.
Ph4t C4t (EUW)
There's a button you can bind that's ~ (tilde) by default, which, when held, only allows you to target champions with attack-clicking, and clicking anywhere else will only be considered a move-click. Should work in most cases, and I've found it extremely useful.
: Play Zoe like Perkz
The timing of her Q-R was messed up, Zoe's combo is really unreliable now and it absolutely doesn't offer the "extra reaction time" for the enemy team that they were hoping to achieve at all. And yet they post this article about her old style of combos right after her nerf?
Rocadinis (EUW)
: Please lift my 20 minute ban (if I have it). PLEASE ready this, I'll give a good explanation.
Well, I might be a little late, but I lifted your 20 minute ban! Enjoy the game! No need to thank me.
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: Is it worth buying a rune page for 6300 IP now with the upcoming changes ?
There's no hurry, since they'll cost the same relative amount of blue juice after the change from IP.
Big Weenie (EUNE)
: Smart ping menu
It was pretty bad, but thankfully they've issued a ninja mini-fix for it and it's back to normal now.
: Can someone just coment here when the new patch is released?
The patch should go live in about 4-5 hours, or at around 6:00 AM GMT (unless I'm horribly mistaken). Champions don't take too long after the patch to be released, but on the page with information regarding the new summoner icons, it says they can be earned starting 18:00 PM on April 19th, which would hint at the time of release for both champions.
Maiziea (EUW)
: You're not kicked, the issue is that owners can't see their own clubs atm, I'm sure it'll be fixed soon. You are still in the same club I'm pretty sure.
That's somewhat reassuring, thanks.
Rioter Comments
: Tl:Dr: not a bug It's not that it teleports you back It's that the ult was already locked in on you and thus followed you to the base, and worked as intended, knocking you back from your original position The same goes with any point and click skill, including cait's ultimate
In that case it should've just knocked Katarina back, but still inside the fountain - not all the way back into the brush..
The7omyto (EUW)
These are the real important questions
: I need 2 orange essence
From what I've read, I don't think they can control what you've got in your inventory. Just wait it out and open some more boxes instead.
: Alpha client? Notification?
Just be patient and try to forget about it. If you're in, you'll receive a notification, and if not, it'll be like nothing happened. You could also wait for the public beta to come around.
Rioter Comments
raxen (EUNE)
: [Patch 6.15] - Sivir spellshields Ignite
That's complete bullshit. 90% of the time blocking an Ignite will be just pure luck, there's no reason for it to be blocked.
candoodle (EUW)
: if there is no way to get more cores without rp purchase i wish they would let us disenchant or straight up delete them from our inventory
The FAQ states that if you want a tidy inventory, you'll be able to disenchant any leftovers into a small amount of orange juice.
: haha no 17-19, not sure why it was 20th, obviously riot was sleeping again
They've talked about extending the deadlines for rotating game modes. I believe Mondays will be part of the deadline from now on.
LolixS (EUW)
: Skin fragments disappeared?
Don't combine two topics into one post - please make a seperate post for each one to keep discussions organized. As for the primary issue, it does seem like a bug. Try checking in the "SKINS LOOT" category to make sure. If you've been hacked in the past I'd advise you to change the password for your e-mail too, as well as setting up two-step verification in case you're using GMail.
KeRdo00U (EUNE)
: My Old Account
Try changing your password if you have access to the corresponding e-mail address for the account.
: Fail Zombie Vladimir skin
Is that a cabbage floating above his hand?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Hextex
That's pretty awesome, what a stroke of luck.
: Be able to change the picture profile
Considering that the new client is already in the works, it doesn't seem likely that this will happen, since there is no banner on the profile page in the new version.
Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: EUNE mechanics OP
Nobody in this match (including you) is even level 30 yet. Please consider the fact that some people are still trying to wrap their head around the game. You've got a Garen trying to support on your team and two marksmen in the same lane on the enemy team. This should be at the very least some indication to that fact.
Vurtune (EUNE)
: League of legends solo que
You don't have to pick champions that are "good" to win games and climb. You just need to learn how to contribute to the game with the champions you do want to play. It's a given that not all comps are going to work against the enemy team, but all you need to do is practice and do your best.
Ireeb (EUW)
: Full Screen Mode
The more features the better, although considering the old client has never had a fullscreen mode to begin with I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't make it in.
Dozy Van (EUW)
: Friends List Bug
This happened to me aswell, however I couldn't pinpoint the reason why the duplication happened. Very important bug, hope this is fixed soon.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Unlocking 6th mastery level question
I would also like to know. I figure permanents are the ones that are added to your inventory upon crafting, so how are you supposed to use those?
Práedyth (EUW)
: has anyone got a spare hextech key for me? pls Q_Q
There's no option for trading or gifting keys/chests at the moment. Your best bet is to wait until they implement the planned feature of letting us acquire Blue Essence with IP/RP later.
I applied to get an account on the PBE over a year and a half ago and haven't received a message about it since. I suppose you need to be active and helpful in the community to receive a PBE account, considering it is purely for reporting bugs and giving feedback.
Sourika (EUW)
: Greedisgood 1000000
They will be introducing some way of gaining Blue Essence via IP, but either way I'm disappointed, since it's still sort of a paywall
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