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Lennya (EUNE)
: I am tilting a lot .
one thing i do is just go back to basics and just act like i dont know anything just let the team work and you follow up and i tend to just listen to them like im a noob and jut do it ..... sometimes i find out that im just not being a team player and try to go off aloje being a hero with splitting trying to get picks etc when in reality im just not working with my team if that makes sense :o
Mìmo (EUNE)
: U have option "mute" they make it for reason but if u do not like it thats your own problem u asking to much, report for spam ping , whats next ? if they do not talk in chat on eng they need to get report ? I mean cmon{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
because it just covers a problem.. problems have to be sorted out ...
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Mìmo (EUNE)
: Just mute them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
thats not the poitn though
29Freedom (EUW)
: If more people report this annoying behaviour, the IFS will detect it as toxic, so Riot will know that spamming emotes and pings is annoying behaviour and so it will become punishable
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: Rakan or Nami is currenlty better?
Nami... she offers more
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Fathands (EUW)
: It stacks multiplicitively. So: 0.9^(the number of times you reached 50 stacks.) 0.9^(4) == 0.66 == 34% cooldown reduction.
can you explain simply lol where are you getting 0.9?
RageGene (EUW)
: illaoi E change?
darius to me is the only juggernaut i consider good... The rest are actually far too kitable.. Darius is the actual being where hes true to teh word... get close and youll regret it hard as he can hook you as well as hard slow you until you get axed the other juggernauts just dont have that reliable wya of sticking to anyone .. if they do get close they can just as easily escape Illaoi i kinda think they need to shift some power out of her R (instant triple slap) and put it into her E like you say but not the range... i kinda find that vessels should get slowed when hit by a tentacle (only when youre a vessel though) so at later ranks when the slapping gets faster from E youre gonna get hit by it a bit more reliably
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: But Riot gave Yi 2 skins in one year. So it could happen that with janna too :3
he means janna already has a victorious skin XD
Acrilyk3 (EUNE)
: How to stop being trash
dont think of the lane as a mortal kombat style its not a fighting game where you get kills when in top lane i tend to keep the river warded not the bush to get deeper coverage as well as tri (if youre pused) but generally try to keep the lane frozen and get that river warded.. if youre on the side of a tri get a pink for it and use trinket for river... when youre frozen in the lane its much safer as you can see the jungler coming and just back off if theyre camping top try not to die and waste their time... if they do camp hard and succeed in a kill try to not fall for the same gank pattern as a lot of junglers in low elo repeat the same gank pattern
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: earphones. These theyre just too good... no way i can fault them
: Azir, thoughts?
hes in a good spot but hes not Azir anymore IMO...
Fathands (EUW)
: Hotfixes don't update the tooltip. Tooltips are updated next patch.
ahhh ok ty :)
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: Riot .. please can u give me my account DeathByMySidee back ? can i have a second chance please riot
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Éxîled (EUW)
: Nasus is a toxic Champion.
The thing people. We'd to understand is that just because a champ loses hard early doesn't mean they're out of the game this can be true for early game champions as they lost their advantage (LB etc) but with Nasus he's a scaling champ he's going to have a very tough early game but he makes up for it with his late game.. he's very good at splitting not because of his q but his e wave clear as well as his w to help him duel so many chhampions... Qss can help but then also it's best to not try to 1 v 1 him but get a team... you. Red to create an advantage before he becomes a challenger to deal with.. as a 4/0 yasuo did you create an advantage or stay in top lane and using tp to get back to top faster?
Fajerk (EUW)
: 7.19 Xerath missing vfx/particles/indicator for Q & W
Happened to me just now XD although the particale depends on the angle of the Q O_o
Ateryo (EUW)
: Look at Reddit, look at the offical page from the rework. 80% or even more dont want it because it really really bad! I just playd him to vs {{champion:101}} i had tier 2 boots and Morellos finished, he out dmg me with JUST a {{item:3108}} and tier 1 boots. So why punish the playerbase that spent the time to learn and master the champ with this? Good Riven player are unstopable to, if they do a mistake they die like a Azir but yeah, better play Tristana mid is now the same champ, Attackspeed buff, one knockback, a better escape and a she can bonus dmg tower like the older Azir. Hell Azir is now more Trist then Azir.
Is there a link to the reddit post? I kinda find the damage fine its the fact that his range is gutted which reduces his mobility as well as increasing his chance to easily get killed.... The bonus attack speed when 3 soldiers are out not good at all.... you cvan instantly get 2 soldiers out then when you can finally hget the 3rd and get that attack speed the fight has already favoured a team or the enemy have already repositioned away by simply walking due to that really short range.... As a late game DPS champ... Play cass or karthus IMO cos right now Azir is completely ruined.....
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: Should I refund Ornn?
honestly if you like a champion keep playing them ......... Imagine if people gave up on playing azir or Ivern.... they wouldnt have reached the OP status as they did... all champions could be very good just a matter of practice..
: it's time rito does their job and ban mild flaming
Mild flaming such as that is not really a bannable excuse......... yes its not good but everyone even you has a bad game and just has that urge to flame but the thing is.... If its reported it will be noted and further reports from more games would then be looked at tand thats where the punishment is handled..... To ban people for just blaming things on KDA seems extreme....
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tlan17 (EUW)
: I want Jannas W to feel better to use.
Dont forget that it works with her new passive now too Her W gives hewr bonus Movement speed increasing her auto and skill damage so W damage poke :o idk if it could be viable to max W first now but i do like the change as it makes her feel like a strong wind character blowing winds rather than just a support with shields and CC if that makes sense O_o
Fillio (EUNE)
: Was Ornn the last champion release for the 2017 season?
there could be a chance of 1 more but id rather see another rework :o or if not another support :o support lacks diversity IMO
GPet (EUW)
: Rank is here to show ones skill. The likely biggest part of 'skill' in LoL is working well in the team. Thus everyone who has a great amount of skill will make his team the better team of the two more often than not. (Ranked doesn't care about a few losses when the majority one gets are wins. This also eliminates one losing singular games for whatever reason as a problem.) I don't see where it contradicts. It's just a flawed definition of skill if it is considered to be just things one individually does.
working well as a team exactly so if youre getting players AFK farming jungle while the rest get an ACE or you get players who think its more important to just chase a singed whos stalling your chance of a baron etc... people think of ranked as everyone on the team is good and it depends on whteher you can carry them when in actual fact its the same for everyone without the wheel on a car you cant steer, without the accelerator you cant move forward and without a player you cant function well as a team.... hence why ranked is a lie at displaying your own personal skill... if it was displayed as how you perform in game which on top of just a win or loss then it would be more accurate
GPet (EUW)
: I can't see how it ever would be. .-. Ranked is (part of) a computer program. It does exactly what we (or rather Riot) told it to, I can't see why this ever could be a lie?
teh idea of it displaying an individual skill in a team based where the whoever the betetr team is wins? its a contradiction its like saying mastery shows your champions skill and how well you do with them when all it is is just playing games
: > [{quoted}](name=l MrD l,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qhcmdZEf,comment-id=0004000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-10T17:31:50.686+0000) > > Im not silver im diamond... > > ranked is just a game of lottery... get the right numbers and you can win ... get the right players and you can win and you failed to get the right numbers 900 times ... yeah right :)
yep luck is luck nothing more
GPet (EUW)
: Pretty sure they don't really care about that. x3
So you confirm ranked is a lie?
GPet (EUW)
: Good for you, but we'll still base rewards on the normal system if that's alright. .-.
yeh sure but they wont be true rewards
: > [{quoted}](name=l MrD l,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qhcmdZEf,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2017-09-10T13:14:33.861+0000) > > Ive peaked at plat 4 so i have experienced plat elo and its all the same .... im just seeing nothing diiferent outside of game gotta learn to carry meanwhile inside its always oh its that guys fault .. dude have you seen this .?. 1700+ games and you are in Silver ... how many games do you need to accept that this is where you belong .?. :/
Im not silver im diamond... ranked is just a game of lottery... get the right numbers and you can win ... get the right players and you can win
: gaining 22-25 pts each won am currently s5 100 pts and 1 won promo but every time i get to s3 i go on lose streak back to s5 xD so now im just %%%%ing around in normals for fun
which is ranked you can go on a win streak but then because of that your paired with poor perforimign tema mates and expect to carry them but you cant which results in a loss streak... its just a repeat
: Negative a lot in games, >6cs/min average (your sitting at about 4cs/min average) Seems you're in denial here ya go watch the game and give me one possible way i can influence the game here
: Negative a lot in games, >6cs/min average (your sitting at about 4cs/min average) Seems you're in denial
Can i send you a video of my games betetr to experience it lol .... as mentioned CS is down vecaus eim having to roam to help out a team who still cant win and im negative because the one smy team are feeding seem to be killing me next... bare with ill send a video of one of my games
: Rek'sai or warwick ?
personally warwick... Hes much more reliable imo.... Rek depends on a few damage items and diving in can be tricky ww is just 1 damage built then full tank does a lot of damage still so reliable easy sustain betetr dueling with W and passive... i think rek is more like a go seek and kill kind of champ...
: You can declare yourself diamond once you get there, I'm bouncing between mid/high plat and let me tell you the difference in skill is marginal between silver and plat, and diamond players are still better because they're more skill AND they are consistent with that skill. There's more to this game than winning your lane and having a good k/d/a.
Ive peaked at plat 4 so i have experienced plat elo and its all the same .... im just seeing nothing diiferent outside of game gotta learn to carry meanwhile inside its always oh its that guys fault ... were so drawn in to the fact that people tell us to get good when in actual fact you good be but youre being brought down by people that really dont belong in that elo (boosters smurfs etc) and i know KDA means nothing but its how people get it that i care more about... playing a game as top lane and i see 20 mins into game that the enemy yas is 6/0 vs a kass and my bot (soraka and MF) dying way too often (not being ganked) vs a trist and lulu (trist being 10/0 at 20 ish mins) and what i dont get is how?... Trist and lulu who have no hard engage.. yes there is a trist dive and lulu W buff but soraka simply denies that....
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: @Riot What about mordekaiser?
He just needs another rework.... i dont think he should be reworked with similar abilities... he needs a full scale rework like sion did... they need to make him fierce and scary like his lore give him a passive based on the bones in his lore his R could be so much more an army of ghosts a new E and W could have potential...
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GunMercy (EUNE)
: Mages Vs Tanks
Velkoz brand and brand to help kill them and any mage with hard CC to help peel the tanks off your team such as morg with her Q or syndra with her E imo
: I saw the buffs for Lee Sin on pbe and i think he needs more
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