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: Does Jhin have 5 skillshots? or 2?
5 as his ult has the potential to hit more than 1 target
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: What is this Zoe lie?? OP damage
She honestly doestly feel rewarding to play... Other burst champs like veigar and syndra are more reliable and does the job just as much Also if you think Zoe is bad have you played vs malz? and for some reason blue kayn can jusy W Q R people to death? lol
: Get caught by her E and you are donzo. As she does the R, Q what does more than half your health and you can't dodge the q if you get caught by the bubble.
Sleep is blockable and can again be dodged
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Honestly when playing her i feel like shes a bit underwhelming compared to other burst mages since she requires some set up which can be easily predicted as well as her Q and E being so easily blocked but then again with more practice i should be able to find my arouind this bte once she misses Q shes easily killed and one thing i would like though is the sleep to be extended to 3 seconds.... to help with setting up the Q its like you dont have much time to think XD
Doomley (EUW)
: There is one thing they should do... Make it impossible to play the new champion in ranked for the duration of the patch that the new champion was released on (so roughly 2 weeks) and make is impossible to ban that champion in normals for the same duration. this way we can avoid ranked trolls and at the same time get a good look at the new champion if it is actually good or not before banning it every game for no reason.
thing is no in normals its still mainly a lot of surrender at 20 so its not a full gameplay most of the time and people dont play much meta champs such as yasuo lee bot if that makes sense... idm this but i wanna try out new champs in standard game to get a good feel of her :S
: You thought that you need to take ranked seriously? You weren't taking ranked seriously? Dude you have 2000 games in ranked, Its like you played ranked while you were taking a shit.. You are the real definition of troll, you didn't take ranked seriously?! Or you are just bad? a %%%%in silver 2 player with silver 4 mmr? 2000 games?? If you didnt take ranked seriously then whats the point?? Go on Normal Draft, its basically the same %%%%in' thing? You gonna come at me with the "trolling people" excuse and I will send you 50 minutes of gameplay in a normal game, extremely competitive game. You are using the "I didn't take ranked seriously" excuse when you actually played all day long ranked only, just because you thought you were a secret challenger.. PLS What a %%%%ing hypocrite, you blame people in normals, you say 90% of the time they either troll or ff 20.. but you have only 5 normal games in 40+ games ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! You are the %%%%ing troll here not the people in normals! Stop lying you have maximum 5 normal games in 50.. the rest of them are all solo/duo! 25 lost and 9 wins in recent games :D ..Who is the troll ?? Not taking ranked seriously can be considered as Negative Attitude, because you only think of yourself and probably dont help your team as much as you should.. This thing here is the reason why low elo is trash and toxic, because they all think that they are secret challengers, lie and probably report good players who try to win the game but this thing here is the reason they don't.. and when they rage they get banned for it.. and btw I think this account is newly bought! Please, ban this guy.
O_o you ok? lol i dont troll around if thats what you mean lol i just love to play different champs a lot thats what i mean by not taking it seriously lol i need to stick to a few champs but thats my issue lol highest ive peaked to is plat 4 and thats when i took it seriously by sticking to just a few champs and only 1 or 2 roles but then i get so confident i go back to my old ohhh i wanna play this now and thats when i hard drop again lol XD
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Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Has playing League using voice chat improved your English?
if anything its worsening my english lol...
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: does eve sucks balls?
Just played against an eve.... all shes did was run up to me E and Q and i died.... There really wasnt much i could do these rune changes have helped her a bit too much
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: Old Thunderlords was a small aoe. What about electrocute?
only one target but i think more damage in favour ..... the one for AOE now is the meteor but thats less reliable to hit
QuantuMan (EUNE)
: Unable to buy Urfwick
do you own the skin? cos i noticed i bought the skin went in game to try it but the skin was locked like i didnt have it but as i scrolled through the other skins urfwick popped up again being unlocked.... kinda like there was a locked version and an unlocked lol
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wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Runes...
What i do now is just have one page and edit them every game :o Youll be able to quickly edit as you learn them
Leptyx (EUW)
: Rune : Dark Harvest
Enemies would make sense lol it needs to feel good getting kills and getting the harvest
xbill6 (EUNE)
: Tell me why we can play ranked but season has ended
In the pre season ranked is still up lots of players still play ranked during pre season as it can still increase your MMR.... the higher the MMR the higher you can place when you do placements for next year... si it can be a nice boost
jonisen22 (EUW)
: Soraka should be penalized for spamming heals on the same ally to increase her in-game depth
she is a bit anti fun but i kinda think her W should work on an infinite charge system where if q lands it grants a W charge and the W can only be used if theres a charge
: I mean the only thing that boots help on Urgot is that he can roam faster and might engage fights better, But I been thinking of this and I think I know why people build no boots now. It's cause Urgot don't need escape or better ways of stay on his target, as long he takes them down below 30% hp before his combo ends, which is where he can't be kited anymore since ult is not possible being missed.
the problem is you mentioendonce he enagges he doesnt need them but if an urfgot cannot get close he will struggle to do any damage and keep within range.... better to buy boots and not be kited around
wepwolf (EUW)
: Please give the option to turn chat off - Stop toxicity once and for all
problem is ... its not just chat now.... its ping spam as well as how a player interacts with you too now
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: Ohmwrecker rework, been 3 years now
i think i saw somewhere that its getting removed.... but id liek to see it reworked into an anti siege item sort of like a banshee/zzrot counter item
C9 xZioh (EUW)
: But for SoloQ he is a little bit weak atm and I think Riot should change that
hes not weak its just that he doesnt have much outplay potential like vayne which is probably the reason shes played a lot
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: I got a question for Urgot mains.
i buy boots?... i dont see why you wouldnt ... lol
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: Evelynn needs a necessary buff
theres plans for buffs on PBE right now like refunding ult CD if you kill champion and changing E damage to work on AD? apparently there trying to bring back hybrid eve
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Smerk (EUW)
: I'm too lazy to count final AS in this build. On-hit builds are not bad, so this one can work pretty well, just make sure you're not overcapping AS, especially considering extra bonus from ardent
im thinking mainly for pre season too with that mastery that allows you to exceed the cap :o
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Lleajy (EUW)
: Does flex have a better lp gain ?
it has its own MMR remmeber at the start of the season where you get pushed back a few ranks but it was quite easy to climb becaus eyour MMR was higher? beasically the same it hasnt dropped since you played it but it will do in time like normal queue
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: Is ardent censer still a good buy after the patch 7.21?
id probably get it asd a mid game item now ... get sightstone and redemption and then ardent is proibably what i would do
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usually when you get a message of being banned riot gives you the reason can we see that ?
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Rawner (EUW)
: When will "The Harrowing" - League of Legends halloween event start?
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Lennya (EUNE)
: I am tilting a lot .
one thing i do is just go back to basics and just act like i dont know anything just let the team work and you follow up and i tend to just listen to them like im a noob and jut do it ..... sometimes i find out that im just not being a team player and try to go off aloje being a hero with splitting trying to get picks etc when in reality im just not working with my team if that makes sense :o
Mìmo (EUNE)
: U have option "mute" they make it for reason but if u do not like it thats your own problem u asking to much, report for spam ping , whats next ? if they do not talk in chat on eng they need to get report ? I mean cmon{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
because it just covers a problem.. problems have to be sorted out ...
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Mìmo (EUNE)
: Just mute them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
thats not the poitn though
29Freedom (EUW)
: If more people report this annoying behaviour, the IFS will detect it as toxic, so Riot will know that spamming emotes and pings is annoying behaviour and so it will become punishable
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