: Im trying to be a Zed main...
although stopwatch stops the ult damage proccing it doesnt really counter him enough.... lately with these ad lethaility builds he can just W up to you slow you with E Q and auto if you flash away he will ult and finish you off if you zhonyas the ult hes just gonan come close and stick around unless you can flash away.... he was balanced when they rushed botrk imo as his dmaage wasnt so raw
: Relic gives a small shield with the second upgrade when you earn enough gold. This is the base for the item choice. For runes you use fleet footwork, overheal, bloodline, coup and domination with lifesteal there aswell. this gives a great deal of survivability making adc's able to stay in lane longer. Once you have the 2. upgrade, targons brace, you get the shield, the shield in itself is very small but if you get to farm a little before a fight breaks out the shield is massive. All this allows you to skip a lifesteal item untill the very last item you buy, wich would likely be BT only when you can buy it full. Alot of the ones in my league have serious problems grasping the whole concept of this, I've even seen relic shield without fleet footwork and it just doesn't work the same way... Hope this helps!
Yeh this makes perfect sense :o thanks :D
Lazarević (EUNE)
: When will Swains rework be realeased?
normally a patch is every 2 weeks but on a dev update that was out theyre changing it so thats theres a big patch every 4 weeks and a smaller patch every 2 to help sort minor things out just to help get a better clearer of balance i think it was so im not sure myself now but if they stick with champion release every 2 weeks it should be the 7th feb ... champion updates are usually released along with the patch
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: if you remove the ruby sight stone ...
i think they added it to the tune system now but yeh sometimes goind down the domination path isnt always good lol
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: Any tips on climbing out of gold?
ive been in the same boat ,.. stuck in gold for many seasons until i peaked at plat 4 last season season but i got too over confident and just played everything i didnt know and quickly dropped hard to silver 1 lol ... never again XD but for me i think i just need to farm better and play more consistely like stick to fewer champs and roles so that im sgticking to similar play styles... For ADC though dont go chasing kills youre importanrt so stay alive stay with team and get them objectives.. not every game is an instant every plkayer is doing badly... most players are decent so i guess its just trusting players to do their thing and remember its a strategic game not a fighting... so make wise choices :3
AresSteeL (EUNE)
: Farm or Kills ?
farm and always farm kills are a bonus though but always focus on farm... thats how high elo players carry low elo... they just have betetr farming skills eventually just outfarming hard and literally being fed Getting kills is mainly useful to push objectives or if it will help a team mate imo
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: Will Malphite be reworked ?(in the future)
they were planning to change his ult to give him more of a mountain feel i remember there was a version of him keeping his ult but then he literally becomes impassable terrain but they scrapped that idea but they were trying to figure something out
Shengi (EUW)
: Warwick Q bug on E Vaigar
its supposed to be like that.. wws Q makes him immune to CC when being casted to allow him to stick to the target
: New skin concepts!
id love to see more of the sacred sword skins tbh they look really good but maybe not a sacred sword version maybe liek sacred staff or something XD
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: I think toned-down Evelynn is how all champs should be able to deal with tanks
as an assasin though she shouldnt be able to kill tanks... i think what makes tanks actually hurt is there high base damage against squishy targets which arent really building resistances.. i know some tanks like garen and darius are desiged to hurt but thats just because they lack in good uttility to make up for it when you have mao and nautilus who hurt quite a lot with good utlity i found thats the problem but htinking about it now they were originally designed for the jungle so perhaps they had that damage to help with clearing? o_O Also i think tanks should be difficult to kill too but they just shouldnt hurt a lot if that makes sense ... ADCs are the main way to deal with tanks with quick succession of crits etc which is why peeling them is very important but agian youre right in the fact that they hurt a lot
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Phrase (EUW)
: my next mage will be....
sounds like you like bursty utility mages :o id say either lissandra morgana or anivia :o
: How to play VS Zoe during TF
Yeh i find that its after the laning thats the problem... But IMO theres nothing you can do except hope she misses and dont hard enagge on her otherwise youll get an E to the face and youll know what happens next....... IMO playing vs Zoe is not dependent on you its on the Zoe player and hope too short..she misses and doesnt take advantage of the jungle to get longer ranged Es... They created a champion which gets rewarded by playing safer.... which was the exact reason they reworked nidalee a while back. Im not sure why they did this with Zoe.. I would say wait for her E to go on CD but thats just too short The only thing i try to do is get a pick either on her or the ADC ...
: What is this new background image on forum?
i thought teh same just now i thought it was a hint at something XD
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Ahri, Assassin or Fighter?
the runes are designed to change how you can play a champion such as sustained damage or burst etc well done for thinking like that :D but shes mainly a mage with assasin characteristics
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: Show who is pinging an item
I kinda feel like they should remove pinging altogether .... theyre never being used for their proper user .... just as a use of spam and harrassment now.. especialt the ?????????? ping ._.
: max e first max last W last hit minions with e ( u get some mana back) try to poke with Q and spam E (e does more damage when u hit an enemy with Q/W first) when 700gold get {{item:3070}} when tear is full buy {{item:3003}} try to go tanky so {{item:3151}} {{item:3027}} also these are good late {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} u can also buy {{item:3102}} instead of {{item:3285}} Runes: sorcery phase rush ultimate hat celerity and scorch i like inspiration hexflash for good ganks and cosmic insight but really runes are whatever work the best for u cassiopeia can dominate anyone in lane if played right get {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} as spells (i use these) u don't really need ignite u already have great poison damage i pick ghost for more extra ms it's great flash as usual try to keep your W for ganks on your lane so the enemy can't escape u get a tiny ms bonus when Q is hit on an enemy when u see your allies pick {{champion:17}}or {{champion:27}} PICK HER!! her e works with singed's poison trail and teemo shrooms i don't know if i got more tips
you dont get mana back with E it only returns what it costs eg if it costs 40 it returns 40 however with tear you techinally get mana back as tear reduces cost of E
: What ADC should I buy?
jhin ans jinx i say is probably the best all round ADCs o_O
: Gimme some advice for low elo
ignore when people say play this champ... just play what you know play your role .... always push advantages and get objectives dont chase an LB etc around the map .. just push... got an ace? dont B push... your top is splititng top and you see 2 enemies go for him? push mid or bot... see draf spawning? push out bot create pressure top get that dragon.... Laning phase does help get a lead spread gold but dont just sit in the lane farming and playing mortal kombat lol
xMabzz (EUNE)
: Why am I suspended?
if you were hacked you need to contact riot and prove it
: > [{quoted}](name=l MrD l,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MkBZnZjo,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-12-28T17:58:00.143+0000) > > Mordekaiser .... no arguments XD Actually mordekaiser became underpowered after his shield nerf on riven release patch and mordekaiser is still underpowered, even rework didnt do anything special to boost him up.
i meant the rework into bot lane replacement ADC morde.. XD
: which champ do you think that should be nerfed next patch
Kayn: without a doubt lol mainly his shadow form as it lacks serious counterplay theres is nothing you can do vs him unless he gets behind Vayne: with press the attack dying to 3 autoes and not being able to run or fight back to to her ult and passive... i understand shes a strong duelist and tank killer but to be an assasin kind of player attack 3 times and killm squishy targets and kill tanks with no problem is something i think needs looking at ... let her be that tank killing ADC and if she must be able to duel fighters ADCs assasins etc its fine but not so that they die to 3 autoes... lower the scaling of her Q so that she has to use more autoes vs squishy but let the E when stunning targets have them deal bonus damage in a way so that shes still got duelist feature Katarina: it kinda feels like she doesnt even need ult just daggers and shunpo ._. if she does ult its either at the start of the game to help her snowballing or just to finish off a low hp target which dies in less than a second Fizz: i tried playing the guy to understand what hgis weaknesses are and i just find 0 if he wants to kill you he will .... he doesnt get punished for bad mistakes either Darius: one hook one death .... he doesnt feel that kitable either once he gets a phage he gets that bonus movement speed and just charges at you to land a hook i would have said Zoe but tbh i find her damage fine its how her kits works that has an issue late game its spam E Q behindyou Q back and dead you dont need to care about range they need to limit the spam of her E or make it harder ---------------- I feel like the main issue i have with these champs isnt the damage itself its the counterplay to them
: which rework do you think is the biggest failure
Mordekaiser .... no arguments XD
: Why do infinite stacking still exist in the game Nasus veigar
thing that gets me is that you dont have to group and 5 v 5 to be playing a team.... the stacking late game creates a good indentity that makles them a strong late game threat and with nasus it comes at a super effective split pusher because of this he can create so much pressure... if every champ was ajust a complete laning phase then 5 man team fight imd and end the game would just be too basic
: Account permabanned for one game!!!
its not ridiculous at all from the day you started youre told not to be toxic and yet many people are bad game is a bad game but to be banned for 2 weeks then perma ban is more than a bad game
Synoxia (EUW)
: When did the community actually become this "snowflaky"?
I do see your point in game majority of people are toxic whereas everyone on boards dont seem to be toxic at all but seem to think were on judge judy or something XD
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: My guess is that you were toxic and got what you deserved
id like to just add on to this as well.... you only mentioned that you werent feeding or cheating? theyre the least main things that riot would be concerned with... theres other reasonsd to get reported..... having a bad game wouldnt be unless it is in fact actual intentional feeding.... it gets me so wound up seeing people in game saying 9X this guy just for having a bad game when that person is flaming so hard and being toxic .. id mention if any deserves a report it would be you but then they question why ? do people not realise being toxic is punishable ... lol ..............
Loonsteer (EUW)
: Tips on what to do when auto fill support and ADC is a really bad.
stay with them .. if you roam then chances of them dying would be high if theyre bad but in a 2 v 2 situation no one is bad enough to charge in dying unless there is an advantage such as draven just focus on keeping them alive and they will auto theyre not bots remember :)
: Muse Sona
the only way to get it would be when riot re realse it or from loot boxes :S
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: Does Jhin have 5 skillshots? or 2?
5 as his ult has the potential to hit more than 1 target
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: What is this Zoe lie?? OP damage
She honestly doestly feel rewarding to play... Other burst champs like veigar and syndra are more reliable and does the job just as much Also if you think Zoe is bad have you played vs malz? and for some reason blue kayn can jusy W Q R people to death? lol
: Get caught by her E and you are donzo. As she does the R, Q what does more than half your health and you can't dodge the q if you get caught by the bubble.
Sleep is blockable and can again be dodged
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Honestly when playing her i feel like shes a bit underwhelming compared to other burst mages since she requires some set up which can be easily predicted as well as her Q and E being so easily blocked but then again with more practice i should be able to find my arouind this bte once she misses Q shes easily killed and one thing i would like though is the sleep to be extended to 3 seconds.... to help with setting up the Q its like you dont have much time to think XD
Doomley (EUW)
: There is one thing they should do... Make it impossible to play the new champion in ranked for the duration of the patch that the new champion was released on (so roughly 2 weeks) and make is impossible to ban that champion in normals for the same duration. this way we can avoid ranked trolls and at the same time get a good look at the new champion if it is actually good or not before banning it every game for no reason.
thing is no in normals its still mainly a lot of surrender at 20 so its not a full gameplay most of the time and people dont play much meta champs such as yasuo lee bot if that makes sense... idm this but i wanna try out new champs in standard game to get a good feel of her :S
: You thought that you need to take ranked seriously? You weren't taking ranked seriously? Dude you have 2000 games in ranked, Its like you played ranked while you were taking a shit.. You are the real definition of troll, you didn't take ranked seriously?! Or you are just bad? a %%%%in silver 2 player with silver 4 mmr? 2000 games?? If you didnt take ranked seriously then whats the point?? Go on Normal Draft, its basically the same %%%%in' thing? You gonna come at me with the "trolling people" excuse and I will send you 50 minutes of gameplay in a normal game, extremely competitive game. You are using the "I didn't take ranked seriously" excuse when you actually played all day long ranked only, just because you thought you were a secret challenger.. PLS What a %%%%ing hypocrite, you blame people in normals, you say 90% of the time they either troll or ff 20.. but you have only 5 normal games in 40+ games ?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! You are the %%%%ing troll here not the people in normals! Stop lying you have maximum 5 normal games in 50.. the rest of them are all solo/duo! 25 lost and 9 wins in recent games :D ..Who is the troll ?? Not taking ranked seriously can be considered as Negative Attitude, because you only think of yourself and probably dont help your team as much as you should.. This thing here is the reason why low elo is trash and toxic, because they all think that they are secret challengers, lie and probably report good players who try to win the game but this thing here is the reason they don't.. and when they rage they get banned for it.. and btw I think this account is newly bought! Please, ban this guy.
O_o you ok? lol i dont troll around if thats what you mean lol i just love to play different champs a lot thats what i mean by not taking it seriously lol i need to stick to a few champs but thats my issue lol highest ive peaked to is plat 4 and thats when i took it seriously by sticking to just a few champs and only 1 or 2 roles but then i get so confident i go back to my old ohhh i wanna play this now and thats when i hard drop again lol XD
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: does eve sucks balls?
Just played against an eve.... all shes did was run up to me E and Q and i died.... There really wasnt much i could do these rune changes have helped her a bit too much
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Allisrem2 (EUW)
: Old Thunderlords was a small aoe. What about electrocute?
only one target but i think more damage in favour ..... the one for AOE now is the meteor but thats less reliable to hit
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