LurkMan (EUNE)
: League just isnt fun anymore
Toxicity is the only fun this game brings. Theres nothing more humorous then bunch of E-Warriors taking it out on each other, until big papa Keyboard Gladiator the fifth comes in and destroys them all.
: I am not "sensitive to trash talk", but it annoys me nontheless. I do not play league to be a virtual punching bag to some hormonal, raging little boy. If you cannot control your temper, then maybe you should not play teamgames.
I flame just for the fun of it man. Do you not find it funny with the insults people make just for you? its the only fun in this game seeing a man thinking of some insult to completely roast you and it comes out like "lucian you coal skinned bitch play the game"
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Don't want to hurt your beliefs there buddy, but "harm to god" never got anyone punished. Hating on the followers of a specific one on the other hand (aka Jews, Muslims etc), yeah, I can see that happening. Some of these are hatespeech, some are abusive chat.
Wait are we getting banned for insulting god? How can we get banned for insulting something non-existant lmao, smh you people get sensitive by the minute. But yeah dont diss us Gays and blacks they cool people fam.
Caraméla (EUW)
: Would i get banned for these?
Holy shit knee grow. "Go die in a pit" Banned for being negative. "I wish all of your friends and family die by cancerous ebola" Banned for threatning "Your mother should kill herself for giving birth to such a disgusting piece of dogshit like you" Mother jokes :/ "You don't deserve life go hang yourself fucking gay" Im gay, so i'd ban you for using it as insult 8( "I hope nazi kill your family and satan rape your filthy soul" Mein Kampf, banned for satanism. "Report this black" This is just borderline funny though. "Your mom is a disgusting hairry smelly and slutty piece of non important garbage" Mother jokes huh? banned for 12-year-old-ism.
DankGod (EUW)
: Report logic New vs Experienced players
TL:DR you have to be some sort of steve urkel type of n- to not be banned lmao. You legitimately get banned for being negative towards your own internet connection. it actually pisses me off how they doing this. cant even play a game without constantly on the threat of being banned by saying "man my iphone is fucking up right now hold up"
Irrsinn (EUW)
: Which is in what way short term? If you manage to remove elements that will ruin your game for a large amount of people it will gain popularity and make the game more enjoyable and more popular - that won't fade just in short time You fail to grasp the message: why do others have to accept your behaviour? What makes you think it is your god given right to flame? The goal IS to make this game enjoyable for most. Most in this case is people that somehow manage not to flame their socks off.
You realise ever since riot has put their foot down on players, the que times went up. more people started quitting right? Back in 2014 you could probably get like 40-50 chat restrictions before getting banned, now you get banned for the 3rd time doing it. they became way to aggressive on the topic and its just making people go "why should i play a game that just wants to appeal to the little annoying kids rather then the average player?" I could get banned for flaming myself, thats how bad it is right now, and only way to improve this is completely ignore flaming as a whole. I'm guessing around thousands of players that played daily has quit since around Tyler1 Ban because they prefer to watch him then play this joke of a game. Now GrossGore is doing, so his fines would follow. Keyori. Dunkey, all they're fans either stopped watching them or quit with them. They focusing way too much on banning petty insults then fixing their game.
: > No-one learns from being banned, That might be your personal opinion, but factually that's simply not correct. Most people actually reform after being punished just once. The overall success of the first 3 punishments can easily be seen by just looking at the numbers. About 5% of the community ever get any kind of punishment. 0,006% manage to get a permaban. This means that only one out of 833 punished players doesn't reform after any punishment and just continues to be toxic All others either reform or stop playing. That's a success ratio of 99,88%. So no, it's simply not true that no ones learns from being banned.
I have yet to meet a person who actually reforms. i myself have gone through 3 accounts in the past 5 months and I generally gotten to a point where i dont give a complete crap if im banned anymore and it will never change unless they give me a reason, i only play one champion and gotten use to T2 runes that it rarely ever effects me ever. so i continue over and over because my chat is never banned, by the time i get a 14-day ban i would have a level30 account ready for when the 14-day account is perm banned. Eventually ill get Tyler1'd But Could careless, i play this game to past time. it use to be fun but they screwed up this game so bad, with all the changes and how sensitive they are being with shit talking. Just ruins the fun i use to have.
: There is always one post a day about "TOXIC ONES SHOULD BE BANNED".
This a post about if they actually should or shouldnt, honestly to me, if people think people who flame should be banned generally shouldn't be on the internet.
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Fernanix (EUW)
: Em, i have no idea what you were saying about twitch.
I called my nig and "ill fucking burn your tail off m90" but you get banned for joking around apparantly, but what can i expect? Robots have no emotions or know any context of a human conversation. Having a system that banned people just on the words they use is the most terrible idea ever because of how easily abusive it is.
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Fernanix (EUW)
: Wut? XD I dont know, id try appeal to riot rather than the boards though. Send riot support a ticket. The boards rarely are able to help on these things from what i have seen.
oh no i had a 14 day suspension for one game because of my whole team just constantly "poking" at me for being camped whole game, the suspension ended 9th july. but im like one report off a perm bann and probably someone gonna report me because i said "hol up we dem boyz"
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: > [{quoted}](name=l3imbo,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZZE1duXj,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-07-09T00:16:01.006+0000) > > No idea why you got banned your bronze and you get banned for intent feeding, pretty pointless i mean, clearly you dont feel like playing the game properly so maybe just a permanent ranked ban would of been more suitable. I'm bronze because of bad teams. Check my Nasus, Fizz and Akali stats. 20 kills per game.
doesent matter if you go 20 kills a game and cant carry you belong where your at. unless the score is 20/32 and you got 20 kills then you should just really be the person hyping them up other then calling them bad.
Endellion (EUW)
: Reporting people is the way that people will get punished for flaming/negative behaviour in game. If noone reports a person for flame it is assumed that people are fine with what goes on in chat, no matter how bad it might be. It's like informing the police that a crime has happened, if no one reports it how is anyone supposed to know that something bad has happened*? ######*except for posting a qq thread on the boards
Putting that way im being banned because i cant meet everyones standards..
Fernanix (EUW)
: Pretty sad that you have to flame to stop afking. You said that you did it to save your promos? Lowering team morale and making others tilt on your team wont help your promos.
oh no they all muted me but this twitch, so we started flaming each other in a friendly way but the others reported me because i flamed them but i only flame people when im provoked like, ill go 0-4 cuz im gettin 3 man tower dived and i politely ask for help and they respond with "your lane is finished because your bad just afk pls"
Endellion (EUW)
: I really don't suggest typing flame in chat even if they can't see it. Ever. You're giving Riot just cause to ban you if you're reported.
I make posts with this account for the exact reason of people not ghosting me, so they like "thats that one guy from this thread am going to report him just because he said he flames on a post" Problem wqith riot they dont care if you flame or not, they only care if people report it, if no one reports it you pretty much immune.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: You mute them, ofcourse they will see what you typed unless THEY mute YOU.
Well riot uses a system to flag flamers so all i got to do is not use "black listed words" However it is soon as i get angry im literally just /muteall and play game in silent.
Endellion (EUW)
: Tell me, was your promos more important than your account being banned for 2 weeks? It's like trading a wave of creeps for your two nexus towers. If you have reformed you should have no further trouble...but perma bans can come very swiftly after a two week ban if you misbehave.
Im in silver, flaming was stopping me from afking, btw if i /muteall and speak in chat will they see what i type? i might try that.
: I finally DID IT!
As long as i see anything below Diamond 2 its safe to assume your still in the exact same place as you started 8)
dexcore (EUW)
: I really need advice guys.....Please help me. Mimic everything you see in this image, and you get out of silver elo, i went from s4 to s1 in 2 days of this.
: I got banned for no reason.. check this out
No idea why you got banned your bronze and you get banned for intent feeding, pretty pointless i mean, clearly you dont feel like playing the game properly so maybe just a permanent ranked ban would of been more suitable.
TehBlaze (EUNE)
: the mmr is broken/cursed
Your lucky your in EUW because im in silver and im currently destryoing enemies elos left and right :P GG you though i get that alot too but i just play with my friend whos a jungler and we 2v5 so maybe you should try that
Endellion (EUW)
: Okay, going on the assumption that this isn't a troll thread... Being good at the game doesn't give you a "get out of jail free" card. If you flame sooner or later you get punished.
Do you get it? Annie and Kayle abilities have fire. I flamed them to death. I got banned for racism and vulgar language and i know that, but i did it for the sake of my promos. im reformed now, i havent flamed a single person from my 2 weeks of smite "Being good at the game doesn't give you a "get out of jail free" card." Tell that to hashinshin :P
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ImLearning (EUNE)
: Because you ask about nothing.... You did something wrong.. You got punishment... Dont be pus/sy face the consequences.
"Dont be pus/sy face the consequences." General Shitty ignorant assumption, thank you for your weightless input.
ImLearning (EUNE)
: Huh, I though I'm the one who not understand it. Luckly I'm not :D here is my upvote{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
General ignorance is possibly the most annoying thing ever. Do you have any sort of capability on reading?? "Is it possible to kindly ask for your 14-day suspension removed" ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Eveninn (EUW)
: I love you!
If you truly love me then wheres my free skin ?
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am serious. Eating makes you happy, because of specific hormones that circle through your body. Listening to music and taking a break lets you forget the game. Having a clearer mind can help.
I listen to Hopsin. so that wouldnt work Eating does work but i cant eat 24/7 :D Clearer mind? when im playing in silver elo i always have a clear mind considering the elo requires zero attention :p
Rismosch (EUW)
: Take a break. Eat something. Listen to music.
dont worry dude i know this guy who sells weed. cant flame when your high right.
Rioter Comments
: Give us the log ... Ah yeah recent chat logs means that all toxic logs got you banned, but only that 1 was responsible for it because the system checked u
But i seem so angry in the log... 8( Concerning the rape thing, twitch said he will fuck me and grind my bones into salt for his dinner. it was all in good fun hehe ^-^ *I hid the name because i had someone hunt me down before on my smurf just to annoy me*
: You wasnt banned just because must been reported alot recently since you got banned
> [{quoted}](name=Vammaisia,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UA9T8nO4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-25T10:26:43.044+0000) > > You wasnt banned just because must been reported alot recently since you got banned Nope, i had 25 game chat restric around early may ever since i been calling people fruits..but this particular game i just got back from watching Django unchained, funny thing is it says "due to recent chat logs" yet theres only one.
: Does reporting actually do anything?
You can get penalised just for saying a single swear word and if they report you, its pretty unbalanced.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: A reminder for permanently banned players that you did NOT get banned "for just one game"
i got 14-day suspension for one game and i haven't received a report in weeks. TL:DR dont call someone a selfish %%%% for stealing a penta.
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Hollister (EUW)
Urf everyday? GG Ranked que times.
: i guess you're right, they will probably give him more hair and stuff ,and change him a bit a support your idea because i really love yordles and it's been a while since they made new one and a zed like yordle would be really fun
+ been awhile since we have an Assassin that isnt as Caster all we really have is Yasou not including tryndmere
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: Zed v2?
More like a {{champion:56}} {{champion:238}}
: you realize there is already a video game about styx and would be copyright especially that you kept the daggers and shadow references,i like the idea you have just to make him more original tho {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Styx is a rogue-like character who just uses a dagger and hides in the shadow, Kyrll is more like a deranged yordle outcasted by his own who had to amount to thievery to survive and became one of Zeds Disciples, the inspiration i got from this was very much like Styx but the appearance and "2 daggers" reference can obviously be changed, since riot takes things like this and make it their own instead of copying 1 by 1, this is more of riot a direction. it could easily be changed, him being disciple of shadow that he is a living shadow himself and just becomes this small shadow like creature who was once a yordle.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: Because Anivia isnt tanky, doesnt have escapes, doesnt have shields , doesnt have gap closers or any kind of dashes. She isnt tanky. She cant become untargetable. She cant block projectiles, use flashy moves to dodge abilities. Anivia is squishy, immobile mage that requires to get close to dish out damage. Most mid laners will build either Abyssal or Maw against her so she wont be oneshotting them. She will probably do max 40-50% of their HP with her combo, and only if she hits her Q too. Not to mention how shitty her laning phase is, how high her mana costs are, how dependant she is of items. How she needs time to scale up to become relevant.
But in a Team fight prespective in mid game even if you somehow got her down she just becomes an Egg and continues to one shot everything. soon as her mana no longer becomes an issue killing her with less then 2 people becomes almost impossible without one dying. if its a good anivia of course but most just press R and E and your too low to even do anything about it. high mobility champs can easily beat her but most mid laners are not. like.. 5? and 3 of them are mostly perma banned, so talon and Ekko is really your only choice in counterplaying this champion in solo phase, only champions that i could possibly think that can beat her when she tries to poke are Annie and Syndra really. only two champions that can really burst people down in a stun. But i've never played vs anivia im either top or bot and 99% time anivia is 7/1 by 15 minutes.
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coolruah (EUW)
: I hate this game!
dude i had a thresh that afk'd at the 8th minute because he accidentally flashed in the fountain then he came back ragequitted lane because i didnt let him last hit with the support item then raged me because i called him Aphromoo when he flash hooked (it landed) What i learned is that Jhin can hold his lane solo fairly well for 16 minutes and still carry the game because your shaco premade is a god.
: Yasuo players.. are a shame.
because everyone knows how ridiculously easy it is to gank a yasou considering most picked junglers dont have any skill shots for engage
Nogardz (EUW)
: How to Carry with Master Yi | GUIDE | ANTI-TANK META
best part was when the oooh aahh came on.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: So no proof. Again. What a surprise. Just the usual "no reason!!!!111".
I said they dont HAVE to and players that just got randomly banned from their system are GG'd Read before you speak.
Irrsinn (EUW)
: And did they have any proof? Anything? We have people here daily who claim they are innocent. Turns out it's easy to make such a post but if pressed 95% are not so innocent after all.
riot doesen't have to say anything why the player was banned if you did nothing and next day your banned for no reason at all the chance they be unbanned is pretty low because they just simply don't actually care about people who are banned despite reason why, the ban on tyler and videogamedunkey to prove they ban people but in the end most players who are toxic as radiation never get banned for a long time it took me almost 3 years to be banned for something i never stopped doing for the entirety of it. No ones going to admit they been banned for a valid reason because they're angry about being banned but for the people that just wake up next day and poof they have to deal with that shit everytime because they ignore everyone whos permanently banned innocent or not, only time they ever showed they care for unjustly bans is when people are banned for spending their money, pretty edgy.
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