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: Hey,It's an ISP issue I can guarantee that cause I live in Cairo atm. Te-Data is my ISP and as far as I know they told me that they closed their gaming portal so I got the same issue as all you guys do but the fix is easy. Using a VPN works I suggest using hide.me vpn for free.( Choose Netherlands ) Contact Your ISP and try to solve it with them,Also if they ask say all the online games aren't working not just league only ,just so you don't get ignored. Gl.Upvote so everyone can see. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
its not the ISP i have both TE-data and noor at home both are not working
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: It's your ISP. Riot contacted them and they basically said "We don't support online games". The problem is out of Riot's hands.
it was working fine untill the last patch its not the ISP i have 2 routers in my home with 2 different ISPS both with the same problem
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: So i talked to Te data online support and here is what they said Live Chat Support:Welcome to TE Data's chat support service, to serve you better please explain your inquiry أهلاً بكم في خدمة الشات مع فريق دعم تي اي داتا , لخدمتكم بشكل افضل يرجي توضيح استفسار سيادتكم Live Chat Support:مساءالخير مع حضرتك "محمود" من فريق الدعم والمساعدة أزاى أقدر أساعدك النهارده؟ Seif:hello mahmoud Live Chat Support:hello Seif:I've heard that there has been a problem with ipv6 and riot games Live Chat Support:is number 22358114 Seif:yeah Seif:if you switched my isp from ipv6 to ipv4 will it cost anything? Live Chat Support:sir ipv6 Live Chat Support:not work in egypt Live Chat Support:we didnot close any games or ports Seif:what do you mean? Seif:Riot games have contacted your company Seif:and you said that you are using ipv6 Seif:and if we asked you you can switch us Seif:to ipv4 Seif:i have the thread if u want to read it sir Seif:sir? are you here? Seif:sir? Live Chat Support:yes Seif:so how can you help me? Live Chat Support:we use ip v4 not ip v6 Live Chat Support:we not close any games you can refeer to games suppporter Seif:sir riot games contacted yhe company Seif:http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/7QFbk7h4-all-egypt-down-euw?show=rundown Seif:here is the link to the thread Seif:here is waht they said Seif:We spoke to TE Data on their Live Chat and described the problem. At this point we believe they deliver internet to your homes using IPv6, while they should do it on IPv4. ISPs can switch you from IPv6 to IPv4 if you asked them to do so, and I believe you should contact your provider directly and request this change. We had few other ISPs also facing this issue and the switch to IPv4 resolved the problems. Seif:sir? Live Chat Support:س Live Chat Support:sir Live Chat Support:i declare we use ip v4 Live Chat Support:And if you have problem with online games you can refer to Live Chat Support:games supporter Live Chat Support:second Seif:League of legends is the game Live Chat Support:you have old problem with speed Seif:they supporter talked to your company Seif:no not speed Seif:my internet is fast Seif:ok? Seif:i can play online games that use ipv6 Live Chat Support:you have old problem with speed Seif:i am telling you i dont Seif:my download peed is high Live Chat Support:so i will close speed ticket problem Seif:sir Seif:it is not a speed problem Seif:my internet is fast Live Chat Support:ok Live Chat Support:for on line games Seif:great Seif:a bit slow but it is working Seif:but for league of legends it is impossible for literally more than 90% of egypt's player have the same problem as i do Seif:i am in a facebook group with more then 5 thousand egyptian league of legends players Seif:they all have the same problem Live Chat Support:i believe you Live Chat Support:but i declare only right data i have Live Chat Support:we not close any games Seif:i believe you Seif:but will you please just switch me to ipv4 Seif:i looked through my cmd Live Chat Support:sir Seif:the inter net i am getting is ipv6 Live Chat Support:we already use ip v4 Live Chat Support:no ip v6 in egypt Seif:then why did your comapny tell riot games that you use ipv6? Live Chat Support:no sir Live Chat Support:we sorry Seif:what do you mean? Live Chat Support:we sorry Live Chat Support:for any wrong data Live Chat Support:the right data is we use ip v4 Seif:so you basically told riot you use ipv6 Seif:i beg you to contact them again and inform them that Live Chat Support:sir Live Chat Support:I declare right data for you about your line Live Chat Support:you can send complint Seif:i belive you Live Chat Support:to Live Chat Support:complaint@tedata.net Live Chat Support:and will get reply with in 5 days Seif:but that means that you gave riot games wrong information Seif:ok great Live Chat Support:including Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM) Seif:my e mail is Seif:seolol@ymail.com Live Chat Support:ok you can sent email for them Live Chat Support:Is there any information not clear or can I assist you with any further request? Seif:but try to go easy on the fake information adn lies okay? Seif:take care Live Chat Support:thanks Live Chat Support:i will record that Seif:and contact riot games or trust me there will be a great down degree with your users may i just comment on the great english XD
its like u are talking to a donkey machine that doesnot understand anything...
: Hey, friends.. Vodafone is my internet provider.. And I am not facing any of the above mentioned problems, besides the usual spikes in ping and drops in FPS (perhaps a new server for MidEast might fix this?). It seems that the problem lies with TE Data as the majority of the those suffering from these disconnections are TE Data customers. I suggest switching to another ISP all together just to avoid installing unnecessary software programs or going through technicalities the majority of us may find hard to follow.
i tried using hotspot form my mobile and i use vodafone sim card still didnot work
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
yes the stupid company TE_DAta i got banned for 20 mins and i cant reconnect ...


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