Kartagia (EUNE)
: Poll for placement games. Please, reply stating your worst and new position, win/loss of placements
From p4 to s1, 6-3 in placements i had 1 loss prevented thats why only 9 games.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
oh they already closed my ticket do you want to know how they answered my 2nd message that is in the thread. this is how it's basicly go away we don't want to talk to you they didnt answer any of my questions > Hello again lCurval, > > Thank you for writing back and for the feedback. Riot Games has established a set of boards for our players to be able to submit their feedback and advice. Rioters check these forums every day for suggestions and insight directly from our community. > > EUW: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/ > > Please know that because our teams receive so many feedback reports daily, we are unfortunately unable to respond to every entry individually. This does not mean your suggestion has been overlooked. We are sorry that we are not able to respond to every post. > > Thank you again for taking the time to contact me with your thoughts. Your passion for League of Legends and participation are a big part of what makes our community so awesome. > > Please let me know if I can assist you with any other requests. Best of luck on the Fields of Justice! > > Misty > The Forgotten Blade Princess > Player Support Specialist > Howling Abyss Expert
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It's just one case that they clearly failed and found out about. What im talking about is a system being wrong because of: 1. False reports 2. Keywords being used in games that don't have to actualy insult someone 3. Spiral of reports 4. Wave of bans targetting innocent players because they had been reported in the past (punishing for the same thing twice) I really hope you will get it someday, 1 chat restriction and it will never wore off.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
In somecase it might so how come all i got was copy pasta? Ye sure bans were lifted in this particular case. Case of human error not a system error.
: It proves that those unjust bans were lifted.
No it proves that the one human error bans were lifted not that the system is working and not banning innocent people and thats what im trying to proof. Also read comments on that thread they lifted those bans and just sent them copy pasta. Is that the behaviour you approve? Someone even lost their promo because of it and all he got is copy pasta. They really stopped caring when they have so many people playing this game.
xMidnight (EUW)
: No the key is to never tell anyone anything. Be quiet, mute everyone and yeah... thats how u are FORCED to play this game to not get banned.
Exactly but thats not what i want to see. I want to talk and communicate it's a team game for god's sake.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well i have no idea what that prooves can you elaborate?
lCurval (EUW)
: Proof that innocent people are getting punished by verbal abuse reports
**Also i think that the fact that half of players think that this system is not fair proves that there must be some more clarity when it comes to it. Tell us more about it or delete it.**
Shozis (EUNE)
: So where exactly is the proof? The fact that you don`t have access to chat logs doesn`t mean you are innocent, and it is not proof. Don`t worry, as far as I know Riot will soon implement reform cards for chat/ranked restriction too. Toxic players always claim that they are not toxic, but in reality I have seen very few chat logs of punished players which were not punishable. When it`s 100% clear they are guilty they start playing the 'He started first' game' or 'He flamed worse, I never wished anyone cancer and never wrote that I fcked someone`s mom' game.
It's not proof that im innocent.. It's a proof that the system is not working properly. Why? Because i CAN'T prove that im innocent how would i do that? I've got only 2 reports in last month or so at least that i know of and still got ranked restriction so the only thing i could do is ask for proof from riot. In any legal system i have to be proven guilty not reverse. They don't have any proof or they don't want to provide me with it. If they don't have proof im not guilty. If they do then provide me with it and if they can't access this proof it doesn't exist to me and it proves that they lied when they've said that some innocent people got banned and they got unbanned when they appealed. So they must've said so just to calm us down. Can you understand my point now?
: 3x 14 day suspensions in one year? How is it possible that i havent received a permanent one yet?
Please support my thread then let it be seen this system is wrong http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/a9txrizh-proof-that-innocent-people-are-getting-punished-by-verbal-abuse-reports GIVE US TRIBUNAL BACK
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I've read a lot about it not sure about the one you are talking about can you post a link maybe? Also i take criticism and always answer to one not a shallow statements sorry.
: Can you point out to me the part of response which indicates they don't have your chatlogs? All I see is that they can't at this moment say if you will lose ranked rewards or not. (Nevermind, found it.) Also it seems like a generic response sent because they get multiple such requests daily. Keep pestering them with tickets till you get your chatlog. And no, this thread proves nothing so far.
It does prove that they don't unban people which proves they previous claims false also it proves that they dont have access to any chat logs and rely solely on their "system" that no one knows anything about is that enough?
: ''While the Tribunal is in recess we are unable to provide specific chat logs or reform cards for these restrictions. An extensive audit was conducted on your account, which analyzed games played for extreme instances of negative and toxic behavior. As a result, we have decided to place ranked and chat restrictions on your account to help you adjust your behavior in game'' So basically you were told that ''While the Tribunal is in recess'' Do notice that you will receive the Report cards, But just not ''while'' its in process. A 'extensive audit is being done'' what part of this process is unfair to any logical observer. You had a special investigation done on you, because of your high level of toxicity or trolling or afking. Now the facts are that you will receive your ''Chat logs'' After the tribunals recess, That should clear matters to you up.
A special investigation that was just a system baning me thats all. They dont have access to chat logs therefore they can't do a proper investigation they just do what their system told em to and i think we have seen enough bugs from rito already literaly every single patch there are some
Mada (EUW)
: Didn't read it all. I think the first two paragraphs already said it all. " Have you ever had a situation where you get verbal abuse report for literaly nothing? You just finish your game and suddenly a window pops out that tells you that you actualy harassed someone in a game where you barely spoke at all and why would you flame at all? In this harsh times i have a feeling that you can be literaly reported for anything. " => You can get reported for anything. There is nobody stopping me from reporting you for verbal abuse if you have been afk the entire game. You will still see the warning you mentioned about the verbal abuse report. " Sometimes i point out mistakes of my team, because everyone wants to get better i usually try to do it in gentle and polite way, but some people will respond for that with "wtf flame please report X". " => I highly recommend not giving tips to strangers during a game. I also recommend not chatting with strangers during a game. The other day, my adc kept bugging me about doing duoq after this game up to the point where I had to take cs so we got anything at all from our advantage...
Well i really advise to read it all. THats not what this post is about it's about riot not caring if they actualy punish innocent people or not.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Have you ever had a situation where you get verbal abuse report for literaly nothing? You just finish your game and suddenly a window pops out that tells you that you actualy harassed someone in a game where you barely spoke at all and why would you flame at all? It's only a warning, if you didnt do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about. > I didn't agree with that i had a feeling like my behaviour improved a lot lately(i've even got a message from rito saying that i did) Congratulations, but either get rid of all toxicity or you get banned again, you should probably hold off those tips to other players
thats not a point in this post it's about riot not caring if they actualy punish innocent players they just send you copy pasta :)
: did you recieve a reform card? EDIT: the feedback you have recived from Riot looks pretty much like some copypasta
Because it's second message is like i don't care go away already
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Jandarmu (EUW)
: Chat Restriction
I think its caused by what im about speaking in this thread: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/9b0OPr4j-few-reasons-why-chat-restriction-is-not-effective-system-and-a-poll-for-everyone-with-it
huckasex (EUW)
: > Basicly what's happening now that if you have flamed in the past and got into the spiral of reports you are not gonna be back to normal. Why? Because system will hunt you down. wrong, thats not how it works you can easily get out of you improve your behavior
Well i think i really improved i even got message from rito that i did, yes it's possible it showed in my client and yet 3 days ago i got ban..
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GodLoyal (EUW)
: i've been stuck on this screen for more than 1.5 hours
Stop trying to reconnect or it will not go away... Just leave it be there is nothing you can do :C
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: They're not ignoring us. Having the servers in this state is costing them money, they'll try to fix it asap. As for the poll - Much like the majority of the community - If I buy RP or not will depend on what skins are released / go on sale.
So you are telling me that one of the biggest game companies cant deal with ddosing and server problems? Also dont tell me that it's some massive ddos attack those are small attacks that target only 1 game so if it takes 4 weeks for them to fix something this simple there is only 1 explanation they dont give a shit.
: I always love it when people say they won't buy RP anymore. Yet when there's a skin you really like, or a new champ you can't get with RP....... :D
I haven't bought a single skin, I buy only champions but it ends now.
lCurval (EUW)
: I'm done no more RP for rito
Just got lagged out from ranked, I was 15-3 corki. Fuck you sir rito
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: Ranked became a stompfest. What is going on with the matchmaking?
I would say that there are 2 reasons behind it. One being the placement matches who are just awfully balanced. I can see players with 30-40 games in S1 or S2 with around 20-30% win ratio which means that someone just carried them hard in this few matches and their KDA is just pure shit. The other reason you've already meantioned which is elo boost. Rito doesnt give a shit about either so gg and keep praying.
: kha'zix pros how to do double jumps??
Press w then Q right after that then if you killed someone you can W again and tadam double jump. * and no it doesnt shorten your leap range * and no you dont do it mid air * and no its not old bug. This mechanics actualy still work and its nto really that hard to be honest.
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