MonstaX (EUNE)
: Is it unsportmanlike to kill a troll?
Trolling means having fun at the expense of others. When a person is continiously going towards your turrets and dies there he is NOT a troll but a feeder. Killing a feeder is perfectly acceptable because it helps you win faster (which is beneficial for you AND for the enemy team because they generally don't want to play the game 4v6). Killing an actual troll (especially in normals) generally means that your sense of humor is lacking. However it is an acceptable behavior still.
: Can we tone down Iceborn gauntlet for ranged champions?
Afaik the changes on PBE are making the slowing field for low armor count smaller than it is right now and less sticky (so you won't be slowed as soon as you get out of the field as opposed to how it is right now). The thing about IBG is that it allows AP ranged champions kite melees without sacrificing too much (Frozen Mallet is horrible for AP champs). Because it builds up from Sheen it even gives you a power spike if you decide to rush it in lane. I actually have no idea how I am going to build my top Lulu against Tryndameres and RIvens after that change goes live. (because there are no good armor items for AP champions)
: EUW server down
How many skins do we have to buy for Riot Games to buy a separate laptop to hold the EUW?
Athem (EUNE)
: Bugged Tip of the day: "You can only get 40% CDR" - > NOT ANYMORE!
Only last year the Tribunal have punished over 280 000 players.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Well good for you that you are still winning with her. I am also Soraka main, I played over 700 ranked games with her last season and definitely more than 200 games in normals. I played all possible matchups and I played her even on sololane many times (even in ranked - and I was winning), I was 13th best Soraka according to lolskill last year and that was because I wasn't playing the HP regen sit under tower build but AP. Anyway, I won't be writing a poem here. In new season, adcs, assassins and new meta supports (poppy, jarvan, shen) are all doing too much damage and Soraka heals for less, with longer cooldown and for more mana. Playing Soraka on SR in this season I feel like I have no influence and impact on the game. Not even my ult helps at all, everyone just doing so big burst that the small heal (because its no longer viable to build AP and survive) won't change anything. So far, every single Soraka I encountered in ranked (usually against me - which actually was easy matchup for her because I dont play hard engage supports but Janna, Lulu, Karma now so we couldn't punish her at all) lost the game. Those players didn't played badly. They used everything they had, but it simply wasn't enough.
Well, after Soraka's manacost on W and range on Q was nerfed at first I couldn't play her at all. It felt as if I was just burning through my mana pool during the very first skirmish and I could never hit the Q because I wasn't willing to get into its range. Now I adapted and I play it in any matchup that isn't Blitzcrank with reasonable success. Soraka is very dependant on her teammates being alright. She can compensate for their inferiority in mechanics (to the opposing counterparts) but she can't compensate for total lack of map awareness, positioning, gameplan and will to win. I have seen exactly 0 J4 supports. Interesting.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Soraka is barely viable. One of the worst supports. After the nerfs she get she can no longer play offensively like Janna for example. Hitting Q is barely possible on anyone above silver, proccing E is impossible unless the target is cced already (and it must be longer than knockup actually as its easy to just walk away from it even without boots - and after they get boots, its just not possible anymore with such shortlasting cc like knockups. There were two way of playing Soraka pre 5.24, now there is only one - hp regen build and just sitting under tower, which will be punished heavily by assassins in midlane and jungle, attackspeed junglers like Yi (absolutely no way to stop ulting Yi from killing both Soraka and adc) and generally by any hard engage enemy support but especially blitzcrank, but also others. Also supports like Annie and Sona can output much more damage in early levels than Soraka can heal. She is extremely vulnerable to tower dives and if she ever ults for any other lane, there is no way she can win a 2vs2 botlane - and she can be punished heavily for that. If you don't do this, don't come QQ about Soraka on forums please.
Soraka is one of the very best supports for SoloQ granted your teammates are not running around like headless chicken. She has exactly one bad lane matchup in Blitzcrank. She is actually a counter to most assassins because of her Silence that forces them to step away from their target (which means that the target gets to live and the assassin dies unless it is Zed). Soraka is vulnerable to being dove however because of her self-healing with Q (and you land it easily if the opponents actually commit to killing you) she can survive long enough for some of the enemies to die or just give up the dive. Annie has too high cooldowns to outdps Soraka's healing. She gets the ADC to halfhp during stun (if her ADC also commits) and you just heal it all back up. Sona is nearly never played in ranked. Also her damage scales with the amount of allied champions around her so unless it is a full on 5v5 her damage is laughable (until she gets Lich Bane). Soraka is not aiming to win the 2v2 lane unless by winning you mean her lane surviving without getting behind and then outscaling the opponents. Soraka doesn't proactively win the lane because the opponents can just choose to turn it into a farmlane and there is nothing Soraka can do about it but go even. And I can tell you all that because Soraka is my most played support and I play it a ton.
: The upcoming Soraka changes wont meet their goal.
The idea of moving her self-healing from Q to Q was suggested way back when Soraka got her manacost on W and range on Q nerfed as a better alternative change (because it would force her to invest into Q as opposed to max W, then max E and only then max Q). I like the way they did the self-healing aspect as well as rewarding for landing Q by restoring mana (which she was eating in shovelfuls after the nerf). You can't give Soraka better AP scaling (at least not much better) because you don't want her to be a viable solo laner (especially with the self-healing on a spell that you WILL max out in solo lane). She might even be a viable solo lane champion with the changes on the PBE because you simply can't manfight her (you will lose every trade against her and it is unlikely that you will be able to all-in her because Silence).
: > [{quoted}](name=layrit,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YTdEHNs2,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-06T11:32:59.780+0000) > > A lot of people buy champions they enjoy (or think they will enjoy) playing. This means that until they get EVERY champion they like they won't start buying champions they don't like. Also count in the cost of runepages and you stop being so surprised when people tell you "I have no support" or "I have no Mages" or "I have no frontline champs" because THEY DO NOT ENJOY THAT ROLE so they don't buy them. > > Also Soraka is extremely hard to play on a decent level. > > P.S. I am low Dia and the only melee champion I might be forced to play are Garen and Rammus. I simply don't buy melees. well, there's a free champion rotation each week and theres pretty much allways good options for every role in that rotation. and if you're talking ranked, and if you're actually standing on the side of the douchebags that dont play support because its """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""not fun""""""""""""""""""""""""""" or """"""doesent fit my playstyle"""""" then why the heck are you even playing ranked. ranked is serious buisness, people actually try hard to get better and knowing how other roles work and knowing their weakness might be a hundred times more usefull than getting good with your crappy vayne mechanics or something like that. in league you need to be versitile, flexible, you need to adapt to your team, and if you dont understand why team compositions, big champion pools and support is important then you seriously dont deserve to win. ever. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
This is a common misconception "if you're playing ranked you have to play all roles well". In reality people play 1 or 2 roles extremely well (relatively to their current placing) and others not as much because they don't enjoy/understand them. In ranked everyone wants to win (except for the "ff20, go next" crybabies) and a lot of people don't want to rely on their teammates to carry them so they pick their best role... every single game. This leads to big contrast in skill in different roles. You can even look at the LCS as an example. Whenever a player switches role the level of his play drops drastically (we could witness it looking at C9 Hai in the jungle). P.S. I play a ton of supports. However I NEVER play frontline because I don't like it. I like being on the edge of the fight, dealing damage, healing, kiting the opponents. Whenever I have to play an engage I either play too cautiously (not engage) OR engage so deep that if my team doesn't intervene I'm sure to die.
: But I didn't do anything..
The only support that people notice a lot is Soraka. Generally I see a lot of things like "raka, how can you live with yourself?" and "raka, do you think its fun?" and "raka, stop doing it!!!"
: you gotta have champs that can be supports fosho
In theory EVERY single champion can be played as support if built and played right. However the impact of the champions will differ depending on the "viability" of the champion in that role.
: But as Soraka your main function is using your point-click heal and ult. Landing the E or Q is not really required to be more useful than a feeding second adc or so.
As Soraka you WILL be focused every single fight. Since you don't have a dash (a lot of ADCs do) and you are squishy as hell you will die in the first 5s of the fight. You need A LOT of skill in positioning to be at all useful.
: To everyone who says "I dont have support champions"
A lot of people buy champions they enjoy (or think they will enjoy) playing. This means that until they get EVERY champion they like they won't start buying champions they don't like. Also count in the cost of runepages and you stop being so surprised when people tell you "I have no support" or "I have no Mages" or "I have no frontline champs" because THEY DO NOT ENJOY THAT ROLE so they don't buy them. Also Soraka is extremely hard to play on a decent level. P.S. I am low Dia and the only melee champion I might be forced to play are Garen and Rammus. I simply don't buy melees.
: Remove "You can only get 40% cooldown reduction" tip from the loading screen
Did you know that 180 000 people that were punished by The Tribunal this year have reformed? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I might have not got it word by word but I hope you catch my drift...
: How do you learn new Champions?
I generally try them in ranked. And learn them while playing them in a high-pressure environment. Most of the time it works wonders and I pick up that champion extremely fast. It didn't quite work out with Azir... I probably got reported by my entire team =/ I'm low Dia btw.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: Finally we found a way to counter Rengar
I was kinda expecting the gif of a Cat playing with the wool ball... You know he isn't all that dangerous when he isn't so much focused on killing you.
Aimist (EUW)
: What do people build on Lulu /Nami?
Generally when I play top lane Lulu unless the matchup is really really bad and I'm getting rekt there (read: Renekton/ good Irelia) I'll get myself Sheen {{item:3057}} on first buy. The idea is to improve my trading ability to a point where even the most aggressive lane opponent is afraid of trading with me -> this allows for us to freely harass and easily predict ganks (if the opponent is posturing more aggressively than he generally does). You DO NOT have to upgrade it unless you are feeling like it. After that you generally build for the team: {{item:3060}} {{item:3050}} . People who are building straight up full AP Lulu are either very confident that they can carry the entire game themselves or too arrogant to pick up useful items. P.S. If you are playing against Mundo pick up the {{item:3123}} on your 2nd buy because it generally takes ADCs ~45 minutes of getting killed by charging straight for them Mundo to buy it.
: You're not allowed to learn new champs in a normal
I generally buy a champion and then play them for the first time ever in my own promos. That way its more fun. I generally pick the hardest possible difficulty in single player games so why not here? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hairyloco (EUW)
: Breaking the laning meta = taboo
The biggest joke is that currently Rift Herald is more valuable than Dragon UNLESS the opposing team vastly outscaling yours. This means that having a duolane top is more beneficial than having it bot. The only problem is that putting a solo laner against opposing duolane will leave him underfarmed/underleveled. However this can be fixed by either using duojgl for the first couple of minutes or low eco solo laner (like Lulu) or both.
Lycacomia (EUW)
: Orianna ball bug
From my experience if the target goes untargetable or dies the ball immediately jumps back to Orianna *most likely making her ult under herself*. If the visual is glitched and doesn't display her as possessing the ball, check your buff status and look closely at your stats (the ball grants its carrier MR and Armor).
Katfyr (EUW)
: Were AP mages honestly a "problem" to nerf their items and buff MR items?
Actually the new masteries ARE the compensation. Mages now either have flat Mpen in masteries so that they can negate nearly all base MR (15 boots + 8 runes + 6 masteries @lvl10) so they just blow up anyone who dares not to build MR from the start. OR Mages have 7% Mpen and an increase in AP ratio for ALL offensive spells. The cost increase is offset by higher gold gain (iirc) AND the fact that you can take Bandit on your Mage. This means that if you are ranged vs melee you can essentially farm the opposing hero for 3g once every 5s. If you proc it at least once in 10s you'll get 18g more per minute which completely offsets the price increase on ALL AP items. The new masteries aren't "pro-AD" or "anti-AP" or "anti-tank" they are just VERY straightforward. For every type of champion there are AT MOST 2 options. The new lifesteal masteries are completely offset by the easily available Grievous Wounds that halve all the self-healing.
Agidyne (EUW)
: You know, being Diamond isn't as great as it sounds.
I've found out that the best course of action is to just silently go to some other room and read a book. Let them have their quarrels in their own Bronze/Silver environment. You will NEVER be able to persuade them unless you literally produce a laptop from somewhere about your person, start LoL, ask a guy on your friendlist to test something with you and test the interaction. In some special cases they will try to tell you that you had a bug during your test or something on the lines.
: Why can Soraka heal minions?
Its an interesting feature. However most of the time its sole purpose is to increase the skill ceiling of Soraka and Karma (so good ones don't heal/shield minions when they aim at the champ while great ones utilize it in pushes).
: Layrit, not really because it was not a 1k up vote thing in 2012 you could trade them with permission from both side during the month of December. Trust me I was playing back then but the skin I wanted wasn't out yet then. Edit: for the people who then missed it later it was made a 1k up vote thing the months after in 2013
If the only people that can use such system are the people with 1K upvotes it makes system both safe and useless. It is safe because people who get 1K upvotes either post adequate ideas or spend A LOT of time grinding it. It is useless because the amount of people who can trade in such a system is very low. This means that you have not only to achieve it yourself, but to find a person with the skin you desire that also achieved 1K upvotes.
: Skin trading should make a reappearance this year
The only real problem (apart from the fact that Riot might lose substantial amounts of money through this feature) is that it gives reason for people to steal accounts of other people. There would be quite a big amount of swindlers. Even if we say that the average age of a LoL player is 16, there are enough naive people that will suffer. The same system works in Dota2. There were multiple attempts at obtaining an immortal item of my friend by cloning my account (same avatar, same name).
: Quote from a diamond smurf trying to help silvers
I agree with you BUT trying to steal Baron if you are behind is a low risk - high reward play. At worst your jungler is dead for 40s tops (so he'll be up when your opponent reaches inhib tower considering some of them will make a buy beforehand) and give them extra ~200g. At best he takes 1500 teamgold, a buff that helps you with (split)pushing and delays opponent's win condition by 7 minutes.
Vuks (EUNE)
: {{item:3035}} says hi. No way a Vayne won't have this by the time there's a 5k hp dude around. Not to mention the current rage for Black Cleaver on most toplaners/even junglers. Also her dmg may be low because she is exclusively single target damage, even her 3-hit passive emphasizes that. All the carries above her have some kind of a massive aoe damaging ability. But don't be fooled, she simply funnels that damage into those tanks. Another thing is her 2 second cd ~~tumblr~~ tumble. Hey bro, wanna hit that skillshot? Oh man, that wall isn't me! *rinse&repeat*
{{item:3035}} only cuts through 35% armor. With the way armor works in LoL the difference between 200 armor and 300 armor is negligible. The marginal armor is extremely low after you reach 100. Vayne NEEDS to have a 2s cd dash. If it had a higher cd she couldn't dash in, make a couple of shots and dash out. Considering her range she would die every single time she dashed in. Using all your damage into killing tanks even if you do actually kill them is inefficient. If you can spend your damage on removing actual threats you will win a fight much sooner and much more clean. IF Vayne ever gets hit by a CC after she dashed in - she dies.
Vuks (EUNE)
: What if I tell you that a typical Vayne just sits at the brink of the teamfight, mindlessly spamming those bolts at the closest tank, melting them in 3 seconds? Now THAT is bullshit. You wanna focus her? Nope, she will either go invisible, stun and kill you, or she'll just fire those 3 massive-AD-from-ult boosted autoattacks, melting you just like that 5k hp 300 armor Sion a second ago. Bullshit.
You are exaggerating. I just checked on and her damage dealt is only 15th among ADCs (out of 20). The very same website says that ~80% of Vayne's damage is physical (mitigated by armor) and only 20% is true dmg. This means that if you itemize into armor you will be able to reduce MOST of Vayne's damage by a significant amount.
SajoThePro (EUNE)
: is it a bad idea to play say for example Velkoz as a supp outside of these 2 situations? like use one of the champs you reccomended above as a supp almost always?
When you build a team composition you generally expect to get AD damage from bot lane carry, AP damage from midlane carry and frontline with meaningless damage from top. Jungle is generally the most flexible spot however generally you put another frontline champion there. This means that in your "normal" composition all you need is CC and peel for your backline carries. Supports generally have the least gold on their team which means that in order to use your CC you need to either be naturally tanky or to build that way. That is why the most popular support champions are {{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:89}}.
SajoThePro (EUNE)
: Mid lane AP champs as Support. How well does it work?
There are 2 situations in which you want to have an AP support (instead of utility or off-tank): 1. Your team is full AD and enemy team has a reasonable frontline. In this case the opposing frontline will stack armor and mitigate big portion of your team's damage UNLESS you force them to also build MR. Generally the items that give both armor and MR are not bought. (by the time GA is bought on the frontliner the game should be over). 2. Your team is running a kite-composition. The only utility support that fits into kite-comps in Janna but there are certain situations in which you can't pick Janna (f.e. if the enemy team has Morgana or if your own team has Orianna *that Monsoon-Shockwave synergy!*). Generally in these situations you pick: {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} If you are feeling particularly adventurous: {{champion:45}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:26}}
: So you're trying to say that Vayne isn't op? Because THAT is bullshit.
Vayne is most definitely not OP. Because of her tiny range and inability to increase it in any way she has to fight the frontline. Also it is nearly impossible to peel for Vayne because to be effective she jumps into the middle of the fight.
: Why this Worlds is The Best and the Worst for Champion balance
Tbh there are no "super OP" champions in the game. The ones people are whining about the most have VERY clear weaknesses and people are just too lazy to utilize them. Also if you do believe that there are OP champions in the game you can ban NOTHING on your red side or target ban the opponent, as long as there are 2 or more S-tier champions left you (on red side) have the advantage because blue can only take 1. I don't like the lack of champion diversity in the support role (same Thresh, Braum, Tahm Kench and Alistar every game) and the fact that when the teams are announced player by player the supports are called as "supporting the ADC" instead of "supporting the team". Breeds the wrong mentality.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Weekly Weekend Free Skin Contest Twitter mystery giveaway (24-25.10.2015/EUW/EUNE)
Done. I believe there is a typo in your post. It says "Results on 19.10.2015", it should be "on 26.10.2015". Thanks for doing it and doing it regularly.
: What Beats Fiora?
Generally good duelists (like Jax, Yi, Xin) or assassins should work. Altho the assassin might get rekt if Fiora parries an important part of the combo.
: > I believe that if there was some reward (a carrot on a stick) that would encourage players to play ranked on their main accounts and leave the unranked for new players it might get slightly better. The problem with that is that there are a lot of players trying to achieve exactly that, getting the ranked rewards by leveling a smurf and then getting gold instantly, fail, and try again. The high average of flamers amongst smurfs is due to the fact that those are almost exclusively people that are "stuck in ELO hell bc of f*cking noobs" or people who have been banned so they need a new acc
The problem of people who create new accounts in order to get seasonal rewards can be solved by making the rewards differ with the rank. F.e. we could raise the minimum value of the skin you get at the end of the season. This would encourage players to get as high as they possibly can and then keep trying to get higher. Riot can even encourage players to spend more time playing by giving some candy for your loyalty to the game (at certain milestones you get something nice). The problem of people that are banned starting new accounts can't be solved unless Riot starts giving IP bans which they shouldn't. I don't really get why I got downvoted. I mean which MOBA game has a worse community?
: My awful smurf experience so far.
Out of all MOBA games I've played (DotA, Dota2, LoL, HotS, AoF) League's community has the worst attitude of all. You will get flamed and blamed for everything you (and sometimes not even you) do or not do. League's community doesn't welcome new players into the game. For some reason they (community) think that new players should only play with bots until they learn the game. However even in Co-oP games you WILL get flamed for being new to the game. I believe that if there was some reward (a carrot on a stick) that would encourage players to play ranked on their main accounts and leave the unranked for new players it might get slightly better.
: Unless you get 90% crit. Then you know that if you have a normal auto-attack once, the next 9 will be crits. :)
Actually this is untrue. You may have any number of normal autoattacks in a row. The odds of you having more than 1 normal autoattack out of 10 are quite small tho.
OnkeI Tom (EUW)
: Parents and Gaming
If they see gaming as addiction you will NOT be able to persuade them. If you are stressing because you can't get your daily "fix" of gaming and they are capable of seeing it yet they do not react - they'll drive you mad and you have to either find yourself a new hobby OR get the hell out of there. If they are incapable of seeing that you are stressing - they don't understand shit about bringing up a teenager and you'd rather see a psychiatrist.
NoobHunter5 (EUNE)
: Favorite Champion
I really really like {{champion:99}} . The way she looks, her lines, her skillset, her VO. It is too bad that I'm terrible at her. So my favorite champion is {{champion:117}} .
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It actually severely depends on mentality. There are people that looking at a rich man want to become as rich as him and there are people who'd like that rich man to lose all he has and be as poor as them. Generally the idea WILL work because people love getting something cheaper than they otherwise would. This means that you will be less likely to encounter a flame war in your games. Essentially THIS is the goal of the system (as opposed to making Riot go bust by giving everyone a free skin). I admit that there is a considerable amount of people in the community who will report everyone and everything just so that those can't get anything however if a person is constantly reporting others just for the sake of reporting people even an automated system can exclude those reports. Could you propose a better system? I'd be glad if you did so we can present it to Riot and be ignored together.
Yuux (EUW)
: 30 Game Positivity Challenge
I think that if Riot made a system that would encourage people to be non-toxic the community would improve drastically. For example: If you weren't reported for anything (other than unskilled player) by more than 2 people in one game (so that a trolling duoQ can't screw you over) during X games you get a X% discount for any non-legendary skin. This discount would grow as you pass certain milestones (f.e. 50-100-250-500-1000) with the last milestone being a 100% discount (altho to achieve it you'd have to be a plush kitten). What you are trying here is at best making people dare themselves into "I am NOT everything that is wrong with gaming community and I can prove it". Considering the percentage of players that visit forums the impact will be minimum.
: Ex-Main Quinn Top, trying to get back into shape! #903 Quinn World already, lets see how far we get!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 19 (Eune/Euw) Worlds Special nr 2
Since nearly everyone is going with SKT, the odds of a specific person winning if this is true are extremely low. So I'll go with **KT Rolster**.
zidic (EUW)
: Is duo queue with someones smurf considered ELO Boost?
As far as I know "elo boosting" means that you ask another player to play on your account for you (and get higher elo than you'd get yourself). Since when you are playing duoQ yourself it is totally fine with the rules.
: yeah nobody cares. soraka's ability to heal people up is already a pain in the ass to deal with so of course there should be a backlash when using it. if soraka could just spam heal people without cost she would be megahitler. and this is a remove %hp true damage post it just so happens that vayne have it.
What if I told you that Soraka's playerbase would really really like it if her W dealt either Magic or Physical dmg so that if you itemize defensively you can actually not commit suicide by healing your team a couple of times (considering enemies are not autistic and know whom they should focus)? There are at least 5 other threads on the same topic in the past week. Why don't you just join them instead of creating an illusion of there being so many of you hating on true dmg?
: im complaining about %health true damage again!
Yes, Riot pls remove true %hp dmg on Soraka's W so one can actually itemize against it and kill themselves not as fast! Oh, wait, its another "NERF VAYNE!!!111" thread... Noone cares about Soraka {{item:3070}}
: We found a way to stop a fed Nasus!
There was a game when opposing Nasus had over 900 stacks. I was playing Karma and kiting him for ~30sec until his entire team died and my team killed him (altho still via kiting because none of us could fight him head-on). It is so much fun to watch Nasus try to kill your ADC, then try to get to you (Karma), then give up on chasing Karma, run AWAY from Karma into the teamfight when everyone forgets about the fight and runs the hell out of there while you (Karma) still chase him and make his life hell.
: can we "veigar" annie.
If I was to rework Annie I would: Make her throw the Tibbers (like in Cinematic) Make her benefit from having Tibbers on the field Give little ms boost to the shield so she/Tibbers can close the gap or run away Lower the initial damage of some of her skills BUT compensate by providing more sustained damage (via Tibbers)
: the guy in the higher seat gets to decide. isn't that hard to understand rly
It is not that obvious. The other guy can simply instalock smth and you can't do shit about it. The pick order only works if you can reliably pick before the other guy, announce your lane and kindly ask other guys not to break the meta unless absolutely necessary.
: 'Not respecting pick order' as a report option.
You shouldn't "respect" pick order. You should "accept" it. But then again there are problems when people are trying to pick the same role in the same rotation. In this case pick order doesn't work (because one guys can't pick before the other guy).
DawnTerror (EUNE)
: Suspending accounts for MMR boosting without explanation
I'd suggest you to go onto NA boards because to meet a Rioter on EU boards would be a miracle.
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