RazerX (EUW)
: You should only leave your lane early to join up if you can get an objective. If you're just leaving lane and get nothing done you're just giving up your advantage. On the other hand staying in lane when you could push elsewhere is also a bad idea. What you could do is, if you get your lane turret, switch lanes with your midlaner. He can then farm bot and you can push mid and take the turret. Your support can assist. If your team can work together well you can just group up and stomp other lanes take objectives and such like Dragon or Baron. Since you're AD you have the strongest turret pushing power so use that as your advantage in other lanes.
Well,the problem is my team is likely to fail the fight if I do not join up, sometimes the enemies engage from bush or use stun spells, sometimes my teams just engage because they think they will win the fight, the thing is I can not push other lane turrets because their ad is defending , and it takes time for me to walk from top/bot to mid, the fight is generally over when I arrive.
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Téglagyár (EUNE)
: Now that ff15 is live on SR, there should be ff10 on ARAM
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Just another day at the office for a Support main. :)
Well, I think this happens to all roles, toxic top,mid,jg,ad or sup, it is not easy to play with sup main, I have seen a lot of ad and sup kill themself when their ad or sup is warding or roaming, it is not about roles, it is about players'awareness.
KokalePoika (EUNE)
: Nerf Draven...
Draven is weak without axes, it is hard to 1v1 against him as ad, but if u play syndra or assassins or some champion who is tanky and can stun him or make him lose axes, it is easy to kill him, as a ad, u can only kill pro draven with aid of support such as nautius, and u can solo kill him in late game using twitch kogmaw etc. To play draven, u have to catch axes and dodge spell shot at the same time, it is not easy, and he is not as powerful as some champion such as twitch in teamfight, he does not have very high attack range, I dont see any reasons why this champion exist without high damage, u dont have to solo kill draven in the game to win the game.
Stelbent (EUW)
: Remake in champ select
I dont think it works for normal draft or rank, because player will remake due to bad bp or bad team, and if there are 3 or 4 players premade, they can troll and vote you out easily.


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