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Jiblet (EUW)
: Compensation for Virgin Media users.
Guy I was winning my lane and due to finish the game in the next 5-10 mins and i got dc-ed! now im back at 0lp from having 20 before the match and when i check history the game i left because of the issues is apparently won! no fuck.sense here is it?!
: Virgin media - league dced?
Same in Portsmouth, also with Virgin Media! btw is just us or is it the whole server?
De3xter (EUW)
: Anyone else disconnecting?
Is it just Virgin Media users?
GeKoDeKo (EUW)
Hey buddy, I'm doing my A levels now, my second year and is actually pretty fucked up, as I hardly find spare time for LoL during week days. But you gotta consider what you want to do after a levels and then base your gaming schedule upon this, as obv if you want to go uni, I'd have to focus on the grades but if you want to pursue in something else, perhaps you could still play quite a lot.
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: It's not just you. Crashes. Comes back up. Crashes again. This retarded company has yet to realize how to do their work... I'm seriously disgusted right now.
I don't think is very easy to handle that many servers they have. But I hope this game doesn't count as lost. I can wait till it comes back.
: So what lane/role do you prefer playing? And why?
Well, for me personally I think I'm best suiting with ad carries( marksman). Of course there are games that we cant win but I can carry most of the times. Now when it comes to adcs is a big question, whether I can contribute to my team in order to win, because I'm often getting focused by the enemy's carries, either ap or ad. But I'm trying my best to stay away from the team fights at th beginning, so no cc can actually affect me or if I'm out of position I will try to hit anyone I can so the lifesteal I have from my auto Attqcks can help me survive. But yeah, it depends also on how fed or ahead I am compared to the enemy's adc. If I'm 2 lvls ahead for example most of the times I'll be on the frontline, so it depends on skill I think and also the way in which the game goes.
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