Metharius (EUW)
: dayum! right in the feel! why riot, why?
yeah LoL has become so bad over the years. I miss the days where i could pick whatever jungler i wanted. Oh the good'ol Feral flare days.
Bloopar (EUW)
: The game is fine, the problem are the players. You get stuck with total garbage who plague games again and again and have no choice but losing. Rito does absolutely nothing about this. Even worse : if you put them back in their place (I just had a trash feeding ahri saying "thats what you get when jungler is afk" - well except I had more kills, less deaths, more assists, and more farms than her..), giving them a chance to understand it's THEIR fault if they suck, then rito bans you. So basically bad players remain bad and dont even have a chance to understand their mistakes, and good players keep seeing their game trashed and trashed again until they get enraged and troll, flame and have to spend money again on a new account.
I agree, there is too much trash in these elo's. I feel like players should also be matched based of total hours put into the game. That way at least the older community with more skill and understanding of the game are fairly matched a little better than being matched with some people who just buy gold 5 accounts and just straight into solo q thinking that theyre Xpeke's 2nd coming.
Icepaw (EUNE)
: The new rune system has made dmg excessive. Lower damage, so that an adc needs at least 5 shots before someone dies. Then, kick out all the %%%%ing smurfs ruining the game for gold, silvers and bronze. They dont care about the rank, and either troll around being toxic, or they stomp their lane and act toxic cause thei others arent as good as them. And when you want to report them, they just laugh in your face telling you they dont care since its not my main.
Yeah imo they should just remove the ability to have two accounts, like make it a bannable offence then wed see a lot more people trying harder and being less toxic.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >You do not need to play the current "meta" to win in low elo. It's true but you know... people are in that elo for a reason :> ....
Not really, you try and play against a gp with klepto as someone like sion. Or maybe try and play ezreal against vayne with relic and 3 pots. probably a cull rush too. Elo does not mean much in my opinion; ive played with masters and the only difference is that theres a hella lot less trolls, %%%%%%s and everyone knows the ins and outs of their champion limits as defined by the compositions of the enemy team. Besides that part of my point was that in this elo there was no 'meta' like you are saying where as now there is and its suffocating this game. And 'mark sama' yeah some people are in that elo for a reason. But not all, i typically dont play much ranked. mostly normals and just screw around with crazy builds and stuff but when i do play i play to win. I dont know if you've felt it seeing as your in round about my elo rn but everyone in this ranked elo is either really good making my games a stomp so EZ. Decent so that i have a chance to carry myself or completely useless and start the game 0/6 and simply want to surrender from 15 minutes. The majority tend to be in the 15 min surrender category.
Sleepkn8t (EUW)
: Riot could do much more in this field of changes like asking the LOL community what they want to be changed next Season, What they want to be improved what they dislike, etc. This Season they made alot of changes I still dont like the LVL up system and the "Masteries" thing. With Runes + Masteries you could personalize according to the champion you play, we had a lot of room to experiment.
Yeah thats what I miss and like different rune pages incorporated entirely different play styles on the same champ. It's a shame I really was looking forward to these new runes but now I really regret looking forward to them 😂😂
: If you can't adapt to the current meta, it's you, not the meta.
I wasn't saying I couldn't adapt to it I simply meant I didn't like it. But yeah I mean I wasn't so focused in ranked back then so I probably never had to pay any head to the meta. Like I really enjoyed yasuo top and played it there since season 4 but it seems as if his rain of terror has been put to an abrupt stop with these new runes 😣 now I have to play super well just to break even against my lanes
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Siląs (EUW)
: games not balanced at all, its adc meta.
thankyou, i was just thinking how is this guy complaining when you have a vayne with a 300 hp shield plus a janna, lulu or whatevver shield that is now impossible to one shot or even damage XD
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bensky (EUW)
: Idea for a new Gamemode
OMFG this is the best idea since toilet paper. Please riot listen to this ingenious idea!!!!
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: yes. i find myself encouraged by riot to smurf. i have repeatedly tried to get their attention to fix the reason for my smurfing so i wouldnt have to smurf anymore, however riot pretty much just confirmed smurfing is the way to go as far as i could tell.
What would you reason be then?
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But...she keeps hurting my bae...</3
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Wadud92 (EUW)
: In my opinion, players who suffer issues with team mates disconnecting should take a reduced loss in LP. So if their MMR says they should be losing 17, lose 10 instead. This way you still prevent people from disconnecting or tanking a game in order to avoid LP losses. Make the disconnected take an increased amount of LP if they do not attempt to reconnect in a fairly large amount of time (say 5 mins) or if they do not reconnect by the end of the match. Do not punish them if they are trying to reconnect however. We do not want to punish people who are trying
yeah but nothing seems to be taken into consideration at all...its like riot just doesnt care.
: Depends on 2 things imo: 1)How close we are to the end of season. 2)How close you are at the "V" . 1)When you reach sept/oct ranks are pretty much done. People are more stressed and also some gonna troll just to be "gate keepers" . 2)At V people don't care so much. Gonna give you an example: I am 99 lp plat 1 and want to go dia but at champion select i get mid while i only play support.I will dodge it . At d5 i may not do it. I play medium but i feel i can mid .Still its 50-50 for me to win or to ruin my lane alone,while as support i am much better.
Thats an effective way of putting it actually. well played
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: Gold, especially high gold is one of the best elos in terms of "experience" with less flamers, trolls and afkers. Sooooooooo
I have to disagree. I had the best time grinding through silver 5-1 minimal tolls and stuff like that. Now i hit gold 1 and all i seem to be getting is a bunch of disconnects; people picking into counters; people that are unnaturally bad at what they play; and people that give within 2 minutes of the game starting. Its super bad tbh and im getting sick a tired of it, but that plat is too near to give up now so i have to grind through this bullshit.
Krabby (EUW)
: well ofc, the season end is near, people want their rewards, and they are really stressed out,
No the atmosphere has been really bad for a long time
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: Wasn't played at all loloklooloilojollislwlelelelkekekddkrk facepalm . Dude get placed silver play ranked find a booster playing yasuo litterly 1 v9 raping your whole team even tanks with goddamn over armor which is 400 or something close still rapes the poor tank a tank player gets mental scars and bans yasuo every time he has a ban Ps I am the poor tank Yeh and I know cc the bitch you will say can't cause the fucker dashes throw the nexus %%%%% easy
Dude a smurf playing any champion would do that....
RocketRo11 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=kurnubego,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rZ3WkLyZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-07T16:38:14.363+0000) > > Well, both champions who use frozen mallet as core overpreform. There is also Gnar. Gnar is a vegie, and easy to counter. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Yasuo has clear counters dude. Easy counters in fact. Le Blanc, zed, talon, darius, pantheon, riven......etc
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: NERD DEFINITION:an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits A true nerd wouldn't be on LoL.I bet ya can remember the last time now. Piece of advice:just mute.
Calm it I didn't use NERD in its literal meaning; otherwise they wouldn't be playing league of all games. I dont even understand how the definition of NERD would help me remember the last time i called someone a noob???
: Also dont play yasuo top dude.It makes me cry.
But i like yasuo top :'(
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arialo2002 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hαttori Hαnzo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=94t4Izqr,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-10T20:43:09.594+0000) > > Ok, so this guy goes ap or ad or full tank and does more damage than like all the team anyway and is unkillable. They try to nerf his tank aspects but he still gets played tank because its just that good. They buff his ap scaling and it pretty much just encourages everyone to get like one ap item on him... > > Riot will we see a rework here? or will this cancer continue? Im tired of worrying about ekko every time i see him. Like voli does damage as a tank but damn that guy doesn&amp;#039;t have like minimal mana costs and a 3 second cc move, or a gap closer or a aoe stun or a second life (passive doesn&amp;#039;t count). pretty much making ekko unkitable compared to other tanky damage champs. > > I Just think that ekko is like GP very difficult to nerf without making him shit and unplayable; But unlike GP this guy requires 1/10 of the skill to be effective. So please. On behalf of all the squishy mains and voli bears trying to catch a 2 hp ekko and failing {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} Rework this shit Okay, I will explain to you where you are wrong: First, tank Ekko is not a thing anymore. With one AP item, he cannot deal enough dmg with his abilities, and I didn't see a lot of tank Ekkos in a past 2-3 moths. Unfortunately (for you), Riot confirmed they will do only minor changes on Ekko in assassin rework. Also, you should worry about Ekko only if Ekko is good, just as you would worry only about good yasuo. Mana cost is not a problem, some champions doesn't even have mana, or any costs (yasuo, zed, katarina), and it's not that big problem. Ekko's stun doesn't have 3 sec cc, but he cc needs 3 sec to land, and a lot of ekkos don't use it, so, ekko must be good enough to use stun, and he must be smart enough to knows how to place it, or you must be dumb enough to not pay attention on his ghost that will appear at the moment when ekko cast his ability. As an assassin champion, he needs gap closer, some champions have more than one, and they are way more sticky than ekko (fizz, zed, akali, even new kled). And, I think reason why are you crying on boards are because you don't know how to counter Ekko. Yes, he has counterplay. First, his early levels, as all melee assassins, you can poke him, if you are range champion. At lvl 2, he can trade with you hard, but after his abilities go on cd, you can trade back. As all assassin, ekko needs kills to snowball, so, ekko without kill is useless ekko.
If you think tank ekko isn't a thing anymore then it isn't worth really speaking with you, but i will humor you. Tank ekko pretty much relies exclusively on trinity force to do damage. The new Korean build for example goes along the lines of trinity into full tank ; and cinderhulk into trinity full tank. If they get ahead they get a wits end but thats up to you. And that build is legit retarded to be honest. I know because ive played it my self and gone 14/3 in 20 minutes. Although the damage falls of a bit after 30 minutes its still more damage than a voli bear who doesn't get free 300 move speed and is super easy to kite with one health bar also. One time i tanked a thresh and lucian Whilst killing the lucian; The poor guy lanterned over the wall i dashed over and hit him to half hp then he flashes so i ult on him cuz thats where my ghost is then he e's and i dash again and kill him and then kill thresh. This is all during a team fight and the lucian was fed too. You cant honestly tell me to sit here and find that balanced. And the only skill in ekkos kit that is hard to use is his stun and in team fights that shit is invisible so it lowers the difficulty greatly. The rest of his moves are piss easy to use. You mentioned yasuo but as a yasuo main i can tell you Tank yasuo is super strong but that can be expected as he is no where near as good mid as he used to be; he has transitioned into top lane. Im not gonna say he is the only champion that needs some small fixes but the problem with Ekko is that he only has two options. Either be really good and not get nerfed. Or get nerfed and never be played again. Thats why i think perhaps a complete rework could make it a bit easier to balance him.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Butthurt is strong in this one. No really you guys cry over ekko like you cried over eve and akali. Build defences and adapt. He is weak early on, only way to actually get rid of him is to actually learn to play. Never had problems with ekko as I just plain and simply avoid him and kite him to death. Also, his mana costs are actually rather strong znd you can see his stun A MILE AWAY!!!!
This is pretty much what everyone who has no idea how to play against someone says. Just build defensive but the problem with that is that you would have to go at least two tanky items to not get one shot by his tanky build as an ADC or mid. And even then you have to kite him for a long time all the while your enemy carry is probably shredding your team mates because other tanks are pretty easy to peel like maoki...etc(and they dont have a revive button when almost dead). And im not cryig when he came out i was really looking forward to him but hes just spiraled out of control to the point where i dont want to play him because it feels unfair.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: I think he was in a good state on release. Just tank ekko screwed it all up. If RIOT handled tank Ekko good from start there would've been no problem.
Thats what im trying to address they cant nerf him without making him useless. How would you recommend they fix him?
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: This buff has really not done much for Xin tbh. When he goes in, he goes all in. If you build full damage, you are deleted as soon as you engage. Xin is a good duelist but in solo queue, he is actually hard to play because he is that type of champion who either stomps or gets stomped. Even when you are doing well while laning phase is still on, as soon as it gets to mid / late game you really need to be careful about your movement. If you are the first to jump in, you are dead. If your team does not have a proper tank, you need def. items in order not to get one shoted but Xin is not naturally tanky. Sure he can kill adc in a 1v1 scenario but any team that protects their adc is a tough game for him. I play Xin as my main jungler (I main support role though) and I really don't think Xin is OP.
Do you build devourer? Guinsoos? full AP? offtank? becuase these are the builds that one shot. A xin i was against ( he was jungel i was top) was 3/4/?? and i was 12/5/?? as nasus with weell over 500 stacks trinity and full tank. He dove me under inhib turret. tanked it nonstop. plus tanking my damage as nasus which is around 1k per q per 3 seconds. and he managed to survive my ult damage and nearly killed me under turret so i had to flash. he just tanked and took the turret. He had no tanky items.
prof1cy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TmT CaLaMiTy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aMoTJtFq,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-02-18T12:49:51.477+0000) > > Yeah and udyr had a shit win rate as well until everyone figured out how strong he was (udyr main). win rates dont mean anything Riot balances the game for Diamond+ play anyway, 90% of the winrate for a champion comes out of the bronze-platinum segment.
No, it does not make sense to balance the game around 4% of the whole league community when most of them are in gold, silver bronze, plat.
Dantanius (EUW)
: Who is Xin Xhao?
my spelling is sexy thats who ;)
prof1cy (EUW)
: he got nerfed again on PBE. That being said, he also had like a 47% winrate before buff.
Yeah and udyr had a shit win rate as well until everyone figured out how strong he was (udyr main). win rates dont mean anything
TTekkers (EUW)
: When does kiting become running the fuck away? Kiting is the theoretical way to counter Xin, but there is a point where you're not really attacking enough any more for it to be kiting :P
the problem is that it takes a whole team to stop him from getting on our adc and bursting him, in the mean time his team is shredding us. Its pretty much either catch him out or never team fight. traditionally i would just pick voli, renek, riven into him but now he is impossible to push out of lane because his heals and crit make him untradable and all inning him doesn't work either.
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: forgot to mention how random her passive was and wasnt good at all
Her passive could be controlled and its good that it was a bit random and hard to control, having the ability to half HP any champ at level 1 with two AA is stupid... If your team reported you for trolling then they are just idiots.
: Her numbers where low, her ult didnt suit an adc at all. Its a well know fact that she was underpowered
Oh, i see. Your a Quinn main. You are not welcome here. Your kind belongs in some deep dark corner of hell.
kvykvy (EUW)
: Quinn right now is probably most viable ADC in every single lane,if god damn mobility and increased dmg isnt enough they also gave her retarded blind which fully shut down champs and gives almost no counter play to it.NERF HAMMER INCOMING
: but its a fact that she was the most underpowered adc before rework
Where did you see this fact? She had a blind, high burst and sustained damage. Blind automatically makes her able to 1 vs 1 any adc when combined with her burst. A chase down ult that also gave her burst. A jump that allowed her to get away from any melee target?I just do not see where her weakness begins to take affect?
: wut? I hope that is a trolling thread and the guy "King Zandelor" is trolling too, since quinn was always the most underpowered adc, and right now she got some love to become somewhat on par with other adcs...even tho her kit is still not smth we wanted to have...
I really do not think she could be called under powered before the re-work.
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