: go into a bush lol ;p http://www.imghosting.cz/images/47vXH3L.jpg
Who hasn't already known about this bug for ages? x)
Luis Sc (EUW)
: looks super-awesome, really --! mad kudos for your work :D
starly135 (EUW)
: Very very good, Shame the shield was too heavy, is it possible that you could add an image of you with it as well if you still have the whole cosplay? Looking forward to your next go 'cause you've done a really good job and look fantastic!
I can add a picture with the shield sometime yes :)
: Looks so cool and you're so beautiful!! This is coming from a girl so you don't feel creeped out for some reason. Gj. ^^
No, of course not. Thank you very much :)
HV Cable (EUW)
: Looks nice, but Leona without a shield is like Jax without a staff. The helmet could've used a tiiiny bit of work (the feather wings part). Still, really cool initiative there.
Yes, I had to rush the helmet a day before the con, didnt have time to buy feathers, so I had to use paper. I am going to redo the helmet later :)
: Great, now, does your skirt also turn transparent when you walk through a brush? (G,D&R) #valkyrieleonabug
Sadly there were a lack of bushes at the con, did not have to opportunity to check this out! {{champion:32}}
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