: They finally managed to squash EU
They did a simple and really effective tweak to smash EU : remove lane swaps from the meta. EU teams really suck at standard lanes and last season laneswap was a big advantage for them
: AD carries
Kalista & Draven are "the hardest" cuz they require high apm (actions per minute) .Ezreal requires high apm but he has some safety with E. The "easiest" are probably Lucian, Sivir, twitch,tristana , because they are auto-ttack based and have some escape abilities. But in the end, the ADC champ is as good as the player is.
: What about jungle?
Try level 2 mid gank for a change its almost a blown flash for sure, then after base gank them again. Try not ganking at all after first clear, base and then gank. Try not ganking till 6 (you will get flamed though). After first base look which of your lanes is pushing and go there because enemy jungler will try to gank for sure. Every game is different.
Bulletkid (EUW)
: ok i kinda get you, you are saying if you cant beat them ( make other people play macro) then just join them ( play only micro and bust your head into the keyboard for that 50% coin flip teamfight) well even thought that can make you better at micro you will probably just become a selfish player. But i guess its just like society, where people are anti-pathic, superficial bastards, so if you wanna keep living your life you gotta become 1 of them. I guess the only way to make people play this as a team game and not a individual game would be creating a set of rulles that would make you want to play as a team, i mean according to Nash equilibrium, who clearly states that if there are rulles bounding peoples decisions they are most likely to cooperate. The only problem is that this rulles are very difficult to manage i guess, if you increase 2nd tier turrets rewards and lower kill rewards you would probably make the game more boring in lolesports thus decreasing riots revenue. And atention, im not saying whatsoever that teamfighting isnt important, im just saying that 1 winning teamfight is really boring, those games where a team is dominating, but oh wait theres 100000 second timers now so if you lose a teamfight doesnt matter who was playing the map better only matters who smashes the keyboard better
What you are saying (and i agree with you) , is that you shouldn't start a team fight for no reason , unless there an objective to gain from it. In the professional games that's the mindset teams will try to get advantages without even fighting and only take a fight if they have to (like a baron fight to end the game ) or if they know they are too far ahead to lose it. That's not really the case in solo queue and its almost like 2 totally different games. If someone tries to shotcall or ask his teamates to do (or not to do) something in solo queue guys will always get offended by this.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bulletkid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wlxKavhf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-07-31T09:49:08.960+0000) > > 1st of all you should tell me what lane do you play. > 2nd Understand what you need to improve > 3rd if its macro-play go watch trick2g, its not like he is a genius at macro-play , but he does one thing i like, he tells you to play 0 mechanics champions in order to understand the game, like voli , udyr, are they boring? yes very boring, like dead boring, so whut? if it means improvement i think you should try to watch him or try to watch bjergsen play in mid lane matchup, normal na lcs streaming doesnt teach u anything, its mostly for entertainment, lane matchups is the real teaching stream, if its micro play try to just watch some videos in youtube of your favorite champions, there are many mechanics you still dont quite understand, and after learning those, try to learn how to play the champions that counter your favorites, because you might wanna learn some cooldowns and the best way to avoid being pressured. > 4th and the most difficult for myself dont tilt, this is high personality dependable, and its hard for me just because of my psychological identity , which is preety troublesome > > if you need any help talk here, have fun on the rift =) Hi, believe it or not, when im not exercising/studying or playing league, the only thing i do is watch streamers play e.g sardoche, bjerg, insanityxxx, voyboy, etc. I also understand i have to learn to play like them, and im not implying im challenger or even plat level, my point is there isnt much i can do when most of the time my lanes end up losing and the enemy team closes out the game. im not saying i always win lane, because i dont, but even when i get a kill or two on the enemy laner there's nothing i can do about other lanes winning and grouping mid (the lane i play) and then we just cant win since they're so far ahead in objectives/gold
If you're not allready doing it i suggest you watch Foxdrop (jungler) and Phylol (adc/mid) they have videos and recorded games. They are very good at explaining what they do and why, builds, macro-play , laning techniques etc..
Bulletkid (EUW)
: i kinda hate that mindset, "teamfights are the game winning/losing move" even thought this is true in some cases, its false in other cases, and people think that teamfights is the only thing in the game, people in low elo no nothing about lane pressure, you can win a game with 0 kills, you only need to kill the nexus remember that, macro-play is much more important than teamfights, the only problem is that its much harder to understand the waves movement , than it is to just spam spells in a 5v5 straight fight, thats the reality. low elo players dont like to use their brains, and when their teamate is split pushing an inib, they start 4v5 and blame their teamate for splitting, when all they had to do is stall, because in the end of the day you have more probability of winning if you go for objectives than for teamfights, teamfights are a high risk- medium reward gameplay or high reward depending on factors like time in the game, objectives available after teamfight etc , objectives alone tho are within the low-risk medium reward and the medium-risk high reward range which is much safer and much rewarding , meaning your probability of winning its higher and not so much random as the 50% flip coin , only teamfighting playstyle is
You're right about the fact people are ignoring macro-play/objectives and only care about fights. But that's the mindset and we can't change it, 90% of the players don't really play for the win, they play for kills and individual highlight play. Guys prefer getting a quadra/penta than winning the game.. -How many times was your team winning and a teamate starts flaming/trolling/throwing because he's having a bad game or loosing lane.. -How many times did your team nearly ace the other team in a fight, and they kept chasing a low enemy in the jungle instead of pushing lane and getting inhib or drake/baron..
Xhyr (EUW)
: Back after two years...
I know how it feels i had played League back in S3 (stopped playing before S4) and came back after 2 years in S5. The change that has thrown me off the most was the map/jungle rework in the rift. -When is stopped playing the last champ relased was {{champion:222}} ..
Caraméla (EUW)
: i usually get 90 in 12 minutes or sth and i considered myself to be a main adc... any tips on improving my farming skills plz?
Thats really good CS bro, pro ADCS are around 80cs at the first 10 minutes, they catch up in the next 10 minutes.
: minute 10- 80+ minute 20- 150+ minute 30-250+ Aim for full build at minute 35-40. IF you need more tips add my main account "jousef"
What ! This CS would be good for a high gold/plat ADC.. Even in LCS some ADC's are around 270 cs in 30 min...
Speedy59 (EUW)
: How much farm should I have as a jungler?
IMO you can't really set a rule for CS for junglers, it depends on the champ you play (clear speed) and how the game is going on (ganks-invades ...).To have an idea how well you're doing in the game , I would say you look at your level compared to laners : -before 10 min you should only be no more than 1 level behind solo laners ( worst case) -after that (mid game) you should be the same level as your solo laners (or better of course).
: Still considered a "high skill cap" champ. After all, he only got two gapclosers/escapes, ranged poke, incredibly good farming for an assassins, a passive that favors his last hit greatly, and a damage steroid. Oh, and no mana. Can't be more high skill cap than this. Obviously.
and a point and click ulti . not something easy to land like a varus ult or something :)
Makk78 (EUNE)
: Remake!! caused me punishment :/
Season 5 (before remake even existed) i used to have a problem with my network and the game used to stop loading or crash a lot , and i've had many systematic 5/10/20 min queue penalties, because i left game to restart or couldn't join or joined too late. I know how frustrating it is especially if you don't have a lot of time to play. Your problem is not the, Remake feature, your problem is that client is bugging so try to find a fix :) Luckily for me this stopped happening with the season6 update (they changed something) , because now even if i dc it lasts few seconds and then im back in game normaly, while in s5 if i got dc i could never ever join the game again (it bugged).
µµµ (EUW)
: What do you mean?
They want all the ranked 5v5 teams to play at the same time of the day ,so you can find opponent team very quickly and don't wait in queue for too much. Thats what i've heard.
µµµ (EUW)
: Why?! Dont enough people play anymore?
Apparently they did it this way to get most teams logged in in a shorter timespan so they can limit queue times.
Mini Baws (EUW)
: That champion you HATE
-any champion that leaves invisible and annoying sh** behind them like shaco and teemo -Heimer because his miniguns last so long in lane thats just annoying. -Zed : point and click ulti ,combined with ignite, he basically can oneshot a squishy by pressing 2 buttons. OP champs will change every 2/3 patches so you can't hate them for that..
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Pragmatic answer to "I'm good, but my teams are bad"
So for example, if 2 teamates both have 40% kill share (lets say 8 out of 20 kills) and one went 5-0-3 and the other went 1-8-7 ,did they both play badly ? Losing because of bad teamates is a real thing, its not always the only reason someone looses games, but it really happens you know. When teamates give too many free kills to enemy carries, or when they decide to skirmish just before drake , end up dying and the other team gets free objectives, no matter how well you're gonna play the map. It will end up costing you late game.
Sakuczya (EUW)
: Why is lol so difficult...
Maybe cuz it's fool of kids/angry teenagers who are given a keyboard and a space to insult others .
: Hiss of Death: Fnatic vs Splyce
game1 : {{champion:38}} beat Fnatic game2: {{champion:90}} beat Fnatic wp Sencux.
: Playing against bot will do him no good, he needs to keep playing normal games with a couple of champs for different roles until he becomes fond of them. Nobody learns from playing against bots as they're no where near at functioning like actual players do.
By practice in custom games i meant , like if he has difficulty farming/last hitting with certain champs/ clearing jungle/mana management/ different ability sequences (exp : ryze combo/ zed combo...) practicing against bot (even 1v1) can help, but sure if he wants to become good on a champ you need to play normal games.
: Vi and counterplay
so you're trying to say that all this series of events including : -Janna E,W Q -Jhin Heal, QSS, flash and autoattack and W -Ahri E -Pantheon W happened in less than one second ...
: btw why we dont see rengar and heca in competitive ? because teams can use wards
not only they use wards but they are way faster to group so the Rengar can't jump anywone without getting insta-popped. Heca is a great teamfighter so you will see him way more in pro-play.
: Improving at League of Legends
In my humble opinion you need to : 1-practice the champs you like in custom game (agains bot) even if you allready started playing them . 2-detect your weaknesses (look at your stats) and try to adress them. 3-play safe and don't be too agressive, playing safe has never lost someone a game, over-extending does. 4-watch streamers , i mean not those who show-off but those who give us "normal players" the tips to improve. 5-watch LCS , try to learn the simple things they do like positioning , warding, what they max first and why, items etc.. EDIT : know what the champ you're playing was designed for. so you can play them they way they are meant to be played
: The game feels way too snowbally nowadays.
I think most of it comes to the fact that people in low-elo (where comebacks are more possible than high elo), do not adapt their item path when they are behind. You can loose lane on a bad matchup or the enemy playing better but try to do it gracefully. Some guys are loosing hard an keep buying snowball items then become useless in a teamfight. Thats why comebacks are more rare because even if the other team makes some mistakes in a fight your team wont be able to survive and stall the game.
Krestek (EUNE)
: Is flaming by using good words bannable?
I always flame and insult teamates but never get a ban or even a report .Why ? because im never the one who starts flaming..The only time i talk to a teamate (apart from wp, gj , ty) is like when a guy goes 0-4 early game i would tell them "X stop feeding plz", thats it. But guys will always find a reason to initiate flame even if the game is not lost yet : -If you're a jungler ,they would die in lane (overstaying) and go like "report jungle for no help" while you were clearing blue on the other side of the map. -i'm adc and i went like 10-0-3 , the 1-4 ekko would say "report ADC for ks". -If you group midlane to protect a tower, salty midlaner would ping you to get out of "his lane" (while he has the right to push sidelanes). -Your support would dive botlane while you are 40%hp and then blame you for not saving him (now adcs need to save supports?). -in a game enemy player was escaping from our jungle and our lux used her ulti to try and get the kill, missed him by a kilometer and when i finished him off (as a support), started insulting me ....? Do you really wanna use kind words with these guys ?
: I opened a chest and got DRAVEN...
They gave me 2{{champion:74}} shards, my most hated champions in League..
: It's fair that we invade and got a kill with it & then it just ends. Then we did all for nothing.
Well getting that kill level1 doesnt mean you would win the game 5v5... but a 4v5 game is really unfair for the other team, and remaking also punishes the afk player for wasting the time of 9 other players.
Zovers (EUW)
: How to get S(+) grades as a jungler ?
In jungle i've had S with: Jarvan, Vi, Hecarim and S+ on Rammus, mostly engage champs so basically i think as a jungler you need to die few times, and have a lot of assists, number of kills doesn't matter that much. It probably also has to do with warding/destorying wards..and take lots of camps too.
Xêm (EUW)
: I went 18/1/21 as Rammus jungle with 50+ wards placed and 260 CS at 40 minutes and I got an A. Give up bro, it's impossible PS. For my level 7 on Rengar, I went 18/3 or something as Rengar jung and it gave me an S
apparently Riot consider Rammus unkillable so if you die once it compromises your chances of getting S !
: TOO MANY TROLLS & INSTALOCKERS (new blind queue) (heavier penalties for reports& in game report)
I don't really see what will prevent a troll from clicking support and then picking ignite zed or leblanc ... i think there should be a report button in the pregame chat so you report trolls/instalockers.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: So u are suggesting Normal Draft?
not exactly i think cuz in draft mode u pick a role before entering champ select and you have the bans also..
: Remake WITH First blood
So what does seem fair then ? a 4v5 game ? (btw if a player had been allready afk before your team got the kill, the other team will be able to remake)
: Message from tank player
Nowadays everybody think they will become a Zed/Yasuo/Fizz LCS level player, so they think who-ever picks tank is a noob and they won't follow because they want to engage first... Same with most of the ADC's they dont know how to move in a fight they won't follow but rather let you die ,and then get chased and killed anyway...
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I think the possible reason why you loose more games with Morgana as a support is because no one picks engage/tank in your games. Junglers want to pick squishy assasins (Rengar,Khazix, Nida) or trendy picks like Twitch/Kog, toplaners want to play Ryze Quinn,Irelia, Yasuo... and if your support is a mage without a heal your team has like 60% chances of loosing late game unless you snowball really hard early.. Morgana is great as a roaming support ideally she would like to help you push the lane and then roam and make plays with the jungler.Or like base and instead of heading directly botlane she would make a detour by mid trying to grant them a kill or a flash.. If you want to go agressive early game as an ADC (i dont think this is the main role of an ADC) of course you would love to have an engage tank with you.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Morgana is amazing against stuff like Blitzcrank and Thresh though, which is why I like to play her. She's pretty good but I do agree a lot of people don't understand how to play her properly. Midlane Morgana is actually quite fun against stuff like Leblanc but hey, everyone has their preference when it comes to champions. I have a strong dislike for Lux supports but I don't tell people she isn't worth having...
yeah Morg against skillshot assasins like leblanc/ahri is a decent matchup, just blackshield the chains/charm, max W for anivia style farm and set-up easy ganks and roams whith binding when they over-extend. I play her support and sometimes mid and i think her only weakness is her ulti which is pretty garbage...otherwise she would be totally op.
: Remake is retarded
I think remake is one of the few balanced features in League : -The game won't allow a team to remake if the afk/dc player joins the game before 1:30 (needs at least 90 seconds of absence and no first blood), so it gives you a little margin of error .And lets say you afk for more than 90 seconds, in that case even if you still join before 3 minutes your team will probably not remake (while they can) ,when they see its back to equal numbers again.
: its hard, but re roll it or destroy it, whats the point of unlocking a skin for a champ you dont even play?
well it might be a good reason for him to play some {{champion:81}} or for me to play some {{champion:68}} , i mean they are fun champs to play i think
: I got Pulsefire Ezreal is it worth re-rolling it?
rerolling an "ultimate" skin ? really ? I considered myself lucky enough in hextech because i had a "legendary" skin (super galaxy rumble) and i won't reroll it even if i dont play Rumble.
LiLVinci (EUW)
: I like the idea of Vi You think she is good as full tank
No she's not a full tank. but you can build her as an "offtank" (cuz you will be engaging a lot) or as full damage like assasin type, depends on your team comp, but usually this season guys play squishy supports and toplaners so u might consider going a little tankier anyway in the 2 cases you'll have to build trinity force right after jungle item.
LiLVinci (EUW)
: Different Roles in the Jungle (HELP)
Well i don't actually know if you used to play jungle before or really trying to learn the role from scratch. If you're new at jungling i would suggest you start with : -Voli : good clear and tankiness. -Vi : good clear and a lot of engage you can still build her tanky -Yi : clearing machine but no cc. -Amumu : average clear but a lot of engage and teamfight potential - Heca who is op right now but is likely to be banned most of the time in ranked. But as jungler (at least in solo queue) , if you play passive early game guys will start flaming you for not ganking (even like when they die 1v1..) , so you need to be patient and ignore the flame..
: definitly was my fav mode, during games, it was fun to watch and chill to use especially when eating etc.
Yeah sometimes you're a little tired or just don't wanna play so it was fun to launch the client and watch a high ranked game especially that you had alwyas like 4/5 games to choose from..
Boop chan (EUW)
: Can't find main champion or role.
Well maybe you dont have to main a certain "role" but rather try to really main like 2/3 champs in each position? Or if you really wanna focus on certain role to climb in ranked then you can pick the most suited role for you depending on your qualities/weaknesses as a player: -If you're someone who does well 1v1 in lane and has good farm but has little interest on other lanes, then you should go towads top/mid, -if you're like good at reading plays /vision and decision making (often take good decisions that influence the game) then you should lean towards jungle or support. -ADC if you're good in playing ranged champs and like dealing damage from behind your team but you need to be selfish as of always avoiding to die in fights.
: Spectate mode !! is it ever returning.
i don't even know why they removed it in the first place (problem with the new queue mode ?). I really liked it too ,to be able to spectate high elo games with variety of champs..
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
: "Gank you noob!!"
Our Riven was being destroyed by enemy Yasuo Toplane, gives up like 2 kills early game. As soon as i'm lvl 6 (Heca) i gank for him/her lock Yasuo and give her a free kill (just had to right click to get it). Two minutes later : "an ally has been slain"(again)... Few minutes later i gank top, yasuo overextended and it happens i pick up the kill and our Riven goes "nice KS"...long story short we lost the game and Riven went something like 1/8/3 ...How are you supposed to behave with such teamates ?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Your mistake was going top. Never bother helping losing lane. You got into bad situation cause of that. U should tried to get bot and mid ahead to balance things.
Guys (especially toplaners) who are losing lane get salty real quick and dont understand this , all they do care about is their KDA so they start flaming their jungler for not helping (while other lanes are more worth helping cuz that toplaner probably doesnt know how to play anyway even if with a lead). That's the jungler's life. Sometimes i gank bot get them a kill and a flash and toplaner flames me for not being there when he got solo'd in lane ...
Nickry (EUW)
: Feeders
Believe it or not Feeders exist (normal and ranked) and they can be sorted in 2 categories : -Guys who are actually really bad (lack skill and experience) and somehow still got level 30 by playing (mostly losing) a huge amount of games and still without putting the effort on improving (guy lvl30 with less than 100 wins and who wants to carry on a Zed; Yasuo or a Lee sin etc) -Guys who are average players finding themselves on a loosing matchup (your Fizz) because of champ msimatch or facing a more skilled player and who just won't admit it and try to play safe (too arrogant cuz they silver IV) ,usually the typical guy is 2-3 levels behind and keeps going ham and buying offensive items, and then starts roaming and feeding on other lanes. PS: sometimes you just get queued along with a bunch of really unskilled players and there is nothing to do but surrender.
: G2
To have a team perform as bad as G2 did (IMO all but Trick are not world class players...) is really bad for the EU LCS. But you can't blame it on them, blame it on the other teams in Europe that are so inconsistent this season... FNC is being rebuilt over and over again, OG has never really adapted to the new Meta (and Peke is slowly retiring ?) and H2K on paper had a better team this year but didn't win the split either ...
I 47 I (EUW)
: Server Crashes - Game counts as defeat?
Just happened to me about 5min into a normal game, there were 4 disc on our team and only 1 on the enemy team, and it says loss prevented in match history .

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