Rismosch (EUW)
: Dear toxic Players. Here's why you always get Feeders in your team.
They suck. They make the same mistake 10 times in a game and cause there to stupid to learn they cost you the game. Screw motivating dumbasses like that
: Tips/coaching for other supports
Added them both an alt account
: Tips/coaching for other supports
I've added you both on an alt :)
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: Main support (d5 s5) looking for dynamic queue players. ( currently silver 1)
: I love people who write "ez" after the game...
OP is a utter baby. Grow some balls jesus.
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Beedle (EUW)
: EXL is looking for a dedicated support (Gold 2+)
Name: Loveyoursupports Age:28 Soloq rating: Diam 5 Main champions: All supports minus - blitzcrank,annie. IMO better with TK, Janna and thresh. Experience in 5's: Zero - I've never played on a team, though I've always wanted to. Why you?: Because I have perfectionist attitude, i'm not satisfied unless things are done right and will keep going until thats achieved. I rarely die, I think I averaged around 2 deaths last season on all supports, though I know there is so much to learn I feel i make alot more calculated decisions than most. I'm a massive teamplayer in the sense that as a support i want to give everything to my adc even in smaller details, such as clearing wards for extra gold. But i'm also a person who expects a similiar mentality from his team, to want to improve, to not make the same mistake 10 times in a game and want to learn.


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