: > [{quoted}](name=low mechanics xd,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ogqFNEbk,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-10-14T12:25:46.707+0000) > > eune is better you said it yourself you have two d2 accs on eune and one p2 at euw and yet you say eune is better, seems legit
u cant tell the diff, its not me playing bad, its team. but since im the one losing this convo is dead.
: yea, yet you farm like Plat 4, i don't play on eune, barely have games on it.
yet you cant farm when enemy has 30-0 assassins XD go l2p first
Titanìa (EUNE)
: Big difference on euw
y with the numbers of monkeys in game
: you aren't even in Diamond, idk what are you talking about, and you have above 7 cs per minute average on only 3 champs.
ur p1 negative winrate in eune, meanwhile i have 2 d2 accs in eune and p3 euw. you are nothing to tell me about anything.
: the difference skill-wise only comes apparent after diamond. For example, my classmate easily hit master on eune but struggled to get to d2 with over 700 games on euw. He recently hit master in euw and has peaked rank 137 eune. Differences in skill are hard to notice even between tiers like bronze-silver, silver-gold, gold-plat etc but denying that there is a difference between the two regions in higher elo is impossible
: I stated this a bunch of times. I personally went to D3/4 in both regions, difference was minute. Queue times are better on EUW for obvious reasons. People speak a cleaner english, altho there is a lot of foreign spam, same as on EUNE. Toxicity/running it down/flaming was about the same level. Shit players were all over the place on both servers. It all comes down to your geographical location. I have 10-15 less ping on EUNE, hence I chose this one. Most of us are not aiming for a pro career in e-sports, so even if it was 30 times shittier skill-wise, which again unless you aim for the top it isn't, it wouldn't matter which one you chose. Other criteria would be friends. Which server are they on, for me again, it was EUNE. So in the end, it was a no-brainer. Having fun nonetheless.
i have 2 accs in eune that were peak d2 which i boosted them easily, but now in p2 euw thats impossible, the amount of monkeys i get in my team average is 3.5, and if not players are so stupid that they cant lead and end the game, no side lanes, just go aram mid and 50/50 the game.
: yes it is, the difference shows in Diamond if not earlier.
yes i saw the difference, the difference is eune plays at its own style, so players have higher iq mostly, but in euw people play like apes because they are pro player wannabes, they can just watch some montages of dopa and run down 0-20 with TF.
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low mechanics xd

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