: I have won like 10games in a row and i still get 17lp per game, its so weird.
i unistall this game today dude i playing again mmorpg better iq better peoples
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: You get the rank that you deserve in this game. If you don't like your rank, get better at the game, not just for 3 games, but for all of them! Don't get mad about it, it's only a game :)
dude you are S6 Bronze S7 Bronze and full normal games , i think you no need talk for this topic {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I am really bad at LoL, I am in Bronze V and it is all Riot's fault! No, wait... It's my fault. ;)
dude my main mid , and sometimes pick top or jungle yes i m bad not a challenger yes sometimes i m bad or easy tilting my last 3 game here Kassadin main.. pls i talk a serious :D Kassadin S / +202 XP Summoner's Rift Ranked (Draft Mode) 15/2/4 223 15.2k 29:38 14/10/2018 Kassadin B- / +145 XP Summoner's Rift Ranked (Draft Mode) 6/5/7 125 8.9k 25:46 14/10/2018 Kassadin S- / +400 XP Summoner's Rift Ranked (Draft Mode) 12/2/5 160 12.1k 24:50 14/10/2018
Kintaros (EUNE)
: System is bad...because honestly the only way i see people climbing is luck. I get this type of games in plat/diamond and if you see them how they play you wanna hit your head over a wall. The jgl who comes mid even if you say "no thx im fine" and gives free buffs..to enemy then the enemy ad d5..who cant even get 100 farm in 22 mins...Or full blitz ap logic lel. Your jgl who simply keeps inting and start raging at your team for no reason.I did a game on my 2 account too sion i go bot cuz im pretty ahead and i say "go baronn is freee" my zed "no nooo dont get baron sion you noob"... I keep pushing 3 enemy come bot including jgl and they still sit mid waiting for flowers. Im sorry riot you dont do a good job with your ranked system. I saw better silver players then diamonds.
yes true , some silver players are really good , and climbing really need luck , maybe faker carry 1v9 silver elo i dont know :)
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I think once you climb, you shouldn't get demoted. THis will caurage people to play ranked more. I think not only me many people have this ranked anxiety, and it is not good for a game; it keep you not play game.
I just want to climb a little I don't want to be a challenger i want to only good match ups , silver elo very bad and lots of unranked player start play silver elo
: >You are entering elo hell , now all 5 iq players on the server are coming to your team and you are getting cancer I was Bronz 5 in ranked flex, now I'm silver 5 in around 30 victory by playing support. If you are good you'll easily climb back up.
yes now 12-2-5 kassadin main 4 honor 1v9 carry and you playing ranked "flex" i m playing SOLO I think you didn't understand my topic
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