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: It's called feminism because it focuses on the equality starting from the female part of the spectrum. Because you know, worse pay, haven't had a right to vote for even a century, that kind of thing. So it's still all about equality.
It was about equality because women had way way less rights and had to push that agenda first. Nowadays - not everywhere - it looks a little bit diffrent. But in a time where you weren't allowed to vote, work or buy things and were more or less an addendum to your husband the term feminism was pretty spot on.
: That is true, but in bots you can practise CSing (because some champs aa are super week), you can goof off and practise flashy plays. Try crazy stuff, but with the right mindset of why you´re doing it. I kept playing Ekko jungle in bots until I got a well enough jungle camp route and speed. I also played GP to practise that awesome Barrel combo. You can practise those things in bots, things that can give you sometimes an upper hand. But humans dont act like bots, so... Once you´ve gotten the general idea of how a champion works, powerspikes, a champs limitations, etc, you can now play PvP.
The training of plays would really need a test mode to be effective. A cheat mode basically. So you can repeat the same combo over and over again. Here an example how DotA manages it: With this Dendi can go through the combos over and over again in seconds.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sephyrias,realm=EUW,application-id=mmWRnfcc,discussion-id=Zv6WAzfP,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-06T05:19:13.996+0000) > > > Then we end up with the sandbox-mode discussion again, but nooo, Riot doesn't want us to get one... Although I completely agree with you on everything else. This one scares me. Sandbox mode would open the way for even more code loopholes for botters and scripters to exploit and work their way into live servers. I guess it is one of the main reasons they don't do it. It's like telling them "hey! here's how everything works!" and it's gonna be hell after it. There's lots of script abusers as it is. Wouldn't like to see it get worse.
DotA has it. That's no argument. There was also URF mode and people didn't suddenly have 80% Cdr on ranked because Urf was around, did they? Adding another mode has nothing to do with scripting/botting. Or do you see players using Rift items in 3v3 or vice versa? Didn't think so.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I am not talking about basic mechanics. I am talking about people learning to play a mechanically challenging champion in ranked games.
But a learning process is never over. By that reasoning a low elo player shouldn't play at all because he never really learned any of these champs, else he wouldn't be low elo but curb stomping games. A plat Vayne has still alot to learn - if she didn't she would probably play at the worlds right now. There is really not a single champion in the game that you can't learn to play on your own elo in more than 5-10 games. Yes, this includes Zed, Vayne, Draven, Kalista, LeBlenk, Riven, Azir, Lee, Elise and whatever is considered mechanically challenging. Sure, there's stuff that's harder to pull off and you'll fail them, but so will others that played the champ on your elo because, again, else they wouldn't be on your elo.
: totally agree, rito must make turrets stronger, they are useless vs minions , the nexus turrets are just for decor
But why? What would be the design goal behind very strong Nexus turrets? Games should be dragged out? The players shouldn't be necessary to defend the Nexus vs Super minions? Because the only time minions reach the nexus is when the inhibitors are down. So if Nexus turrets can handle a destroyed inhib, whats the point in destroying it for the opponent team if it gives no gold and produces no pressure? You'd always wait for Dragon/Baron respawns or Aces to go for a direct nexus kill instead of risking an inhib - which then would gain you no benefit. You see, there's a game design reason behind reasonable weak/strong Nexus turrets : PLAYER AGENDA. The 10 people playing the games should attack/defend important objectives - not the objectives themselves.
: dont forget the snowball overload (i think assasins are idd a type of snowball champ) a few is good and makes the game fun and challaging because the snowball champs have a high risk and a high reward but there are now to many of them and it is just to easy to make the snowball roll.
Snowballing was toned down alot. People forgot the worst days of S2-S4. Specially the assassin meta with Zed + Ahri in literally every game played. More gold for early kills etc. Yes, there will always be issues, that's just how games always will be, because there are simply to many factors and whenever you change something it has direct or indirect effect on everything else, but the doomsday procclamations are as old as the game. People called LoL a dead game in every Season, after every big patch and you know what? They were all wrong and chances are this thread is too.
: I'm starting to not enjoy this game anymore and i think ill stop playing it.
How can "Stop playing something that you dislike" be wrong to you as an individual? Riot has to care if many people leave their game, but you as a single person can just start playing something that provides you joy. I can't understand people spending their freetime with something they loathe. That's a sign of either masochism, addiction or maybe you don't know what else to do except playing LoL. Anyway on the topic of the state of LoL i strongly disagree. LoL is in a very good shape and lookin' back on Pre-season + S1 nowadays is biased by nostalgia goggles. There were champions way more opressive then now, build + champ diversity narrower by a order of magnitude and in general even professional players had no clue about the game concepts/mechanics compared to nowadays. In the end, i wish you well and hope you either re-discover LoL or find something new. So long!
Perilum (EUW)
: It's just my experience. I usually don't see Austrian, Swiss, british or Spanish people flaming that much. We all have different cultures. Europe is the region in the world were the most different cultures are on such a small space. So we clash anyway. French and German kids are so popular of accusing to flame and insult, because they're the majority and have one of the highest living standards and lack social behaviour.
I can assure you that many players other people assume they're german are actually swiss or austrian. I'm very active in the swiss community and there is quite an astonishing amount of actually nice people which behave like the biggest assholes as soon as they enter a game. A very interessting shift in behavior akin to certain drivers which suffer from road rage.
: tell that to elise or fizz or aatrox or maokai or others
If you can't anticipate that a champion designed to dive is going to dive you if you give him an opportunity, then it is your mistake. And also Fizz / Elise are still very predictable in their behavior since their fight pattern is usually the same when they dive. Try to remember it and either strike preemptively or punish them on the way out. Specially Fizz will get blown up in seconds by turrets if he get hit by a disable. And to Maokai + other tanks i already wrote a big text about how much damage they actually have to tank. If you lose a fight while a friendly source deals easily depeletes 25-40% of your opponents max. HP you've either been outplayed or overstayed. So in both cases: Your own fault.
: Well, your pal should learned to cs. One day he wont get jungle or support. Hell, even supports need to cs from time to time.
Except non-main ADC's usually always suck as because positioning is the most important aspect of this role and sadly positioning is the skills most people lack even in very high elo. Most people never play real 5v5 games and only soloQ so their teamfighting is abysmal to mediocre even in +D3. Unless you can snowball the lane and carry (like 99% of all soloQ games) a non-regular ADC will pretty much lose you the game. And they definitly won't carry a game, that burden is automatically shifted to top/mid.
Perilum (EUW)
: Raging German brats, French as a whole, Arabs with 300 ping, South Africans with 500 ping, Italians. Oh and don't forget the portuguese. They combine everything bad. I guess they're the closest to polish. On top the turkish guys who absolutely refuse even basic english words to communicate and usually quit the game after they tried to come up with some islamic stuff and insult everything and everyone because most people hop on to that baits, because nobody respects allah by don't caring. Seriously EUW is not enjoyable.
Suddenly basically everyone in europe is on the list, because in the end the community is just very toxic in general and asshats come in all nationalities. Don't boost stereotypes as it leads to unnecessary discrimination and we've enough bile in our community as it is.
: Tanks never were severely affected by turrets... I think I'm missing the point.
Even Tanks cannot tank turrets for more than a few shots during early-mid game. And outer turrets should be already destroyed when your top/jgl can easily tank them and then Inhib+Nexus turrets are the next threat. And while you can tank them for a few seconds too, you've to be very careful. 150-290 AD, 4 AS, 75% armor pen and +125% dmg bonus lead to more than 1.5k dps after armor (175 armor). Sure in the really late game when a toplaner (depending on matchup) can reach over 300 armor they're less of a hassle because DPS drops to 1k dps - which still means you die after ~5-6sec.
Perilum (EUW)
: Turrets should just scale like minions. So you need gear and level to fight them. They're static. This is the whole problem. And if you have some penetrations, you can improve your damage to towers as well.
You seem to be misinformed. Turrets do scale, in terms of damage at least. All turrets start at 152 AD and scale up to 180 and 250 AD respectively and have the Penetrative Shots passive. The passive gives them 30% armor pen and "Warming Up"+"Heating up" increased the damage of consecutive shots on the same targets as such: 100% - 137.5% - 175% - 200% - 250%. So outer turrets at the start of the game deal: 112+155+200+228+285 = 980 dmg (Armor red. included) at level 1! So 3 shots are 460 dmg which are easily around 50% of a targets health in 2.4 seconds (Turrets have .83 AS). Laser Turrets even have 75% armor pen and deal around 600-2.600 damage per second before armor (150-290 AD, 4 AS and up to +125% dmg increase from heating up). That is alot. Here a comparison to a late game Vayne calculated by Phreak himself: > _Level 18 Vayne versus Dummy Target B (3000 HP, 175 Armor) with Blade of the Ruined King, Berserker’s Greaves, Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, Mercurial Scimitar, and a: > > Phantom Dancer DPS: 772.9 _ In comparison, against a 175 armor target an inhib turrets deals 1820 dps. And this also shows that turrets definitly do not deal to little damage!
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Well yeah, but then champions with a lot of mobility have a ridiculous advantage. If you're Sona and you walk under a turret by accident, you die instantly, but a lvl 3 Katarina can safely dive you and not lose almost any HP. Now I know she has always been a good turret diver and that's ok but she just shouldn't be able to do it this early without any risk.
Okay, can you decide what the problem is now? Turrets deal to little damage so they're no threat, but turrets deal to much damage so people die without mobility? So the damage of the turrets isn't even the problem, because apparently they kill people. Also i can't even agree with the premise in the first place. If turrets are no threat i'm stumped to see so many dives fail miserably because aggro wasn't juggled correctly. Yes, if the enemy rotates smartly and dives you with a 1-2 people advantage you should be in danger even under your turret, because that give incentives to take action and not just hug your turret and wait till min. 40 when Vayne/Trist start to 3 shot everyone under the sun. Also T2 are currently often a huge stepping stone. Their shield made siege comps alot worse + wave is clear is one of the most important factor atm, which makes clearing T2's without Dragonbuff 2 or a catch beforehand nearly impossible. This here is just usual GD whining without any reflection on actual situation in the game. Black-White Doomsday procclamations about how this would destroy the game, when we actually have probably the best season ever.
: Well, as long as it isn't Destiny!
Well, as long as it's related to GW it's shit anyway. I'm happy Blizz didn't get the damn IP and could actually make a great game.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Scratch hear means do noticeable damage to the tank's hp bar wtout dying, and no, I did 3 full rotations with zed to even see a black spot in his hp bar.
This is so much hyperbole. Stop talking pls. "3 full rotations with Zed deal no dmg". Q and E alone would deal around 2k dmg just from Zed alone. Without the dmg of his Shadows. The ult would easily add another 1k and then theres your passive + Botrk for 10% max hp and 15% current Hp. I'd recommend hitting your skillshots.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Blade of the ruined king, Black cleaver, Last whisper, can you get any more anti tank than that?
And every tanks melts if you have those. If you try to say otherwise provide some math, because i already did it and any ADC will rek your shit. And they usually only go for LW and the rest is critical hits.
: Probably a hint you should try this amazing game called: Real life. a bit more. Nothing wrong with gaming a few hours a day. But if you have more IP then you can spend you probably want to cut back a little if you ask me. I don't really see a great reason why they should add a feature that will 1: not benefit them in any way and 2: should only be a minor problem pro-gamers are dealing with.
Havin' more IP than necessary is really easy when you're an old player. If you play since the beginning like me and most of my friends it's really easy to get 6300IP in between 2 champ releases and everything more than that will add up. One of my friends who only plays a game or 2 a day has like 100k Ip overflow with nothing to buy with it.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Confessions of a noob
I'm kinda boring. Since i played Dota 1 many many years before i joined LoL in the beta i haven't had any misconceptions about items or champs. But even in this day and age i constantly learns stuff about the UI i never really looked at or cared about. Like: Your arrow turns green when the ward would be placed inside the brush. (Learned that in S4) or the text "Your Team" "Enemy Team" in the Champ select has the color of your team ingame (also learned that in S4 <.<). Stuff like that.
: The thing was i would say, there were timers that tracked it, even in the fog of war when the enemy team killed the dragon without you noticing. What gave you kind of a little advantage. So my guess it, they said we don't want to see that feature outside of our hands, so that no greyzones are possible. Also they saw that while maybe it was some kind of skill to manage that manually by writing times in the chat and stuff it didn't really add anything really interesting at all. This feature only saves you the work to manually write down when you killed a certain monster. And i guess that is part of the dumbing down he talks about, that they took away such particular skill things. Even though they kind of just stopped you from having to write down stuff you saw anyway. I would also say they packed the timer infos on the stat window on purpose, so you are able to forget to check it and miss the spawn, since that was the same thing that could happen when you wrote it down and forgot to check on the times, what was kind of the skill anyway. So there is no real big change at all. On the dead recap i agree, it is pretty confusing and doesn't really help that much. I would even say it does more harm than that it helps sometimes. In the meantime you could checkout: it has a death recap addon part that is pretty good.
Jeah, people still are never on-time for dragons and barons even in P2-D5. So that change actually only "dumbed down" the game for only like 0.x% of all the players, since the rest can't do it anyway - with or without timers.
: It's weird for me, I am having fun in every game that I play. I wouldn't say it was a waste of time, I regret saying that now, just quite salty over how I didn't get put into silver II. It's hard to describe how I feel, I like having out there some kind of proof that I am winning games. I know at the end of the day it's just a game, but the satisfaction of getting higher and higher is really nice for me.
Jep, you won these games and you know it. If that what's important to you then nobody can take that from you - and then it doesn't matter if someone else can see it, since then it becomes showing off, which you shouldn't have the necessity for. And once you know you can do it, just do it again! Good luck.
: you do extra dmg the more health the enemy has so {{item:3153}} is good VS high health targets as {{champion:154}} and {{champion:31}}
Mainly this. It's just a good combination with his Ult in general.
: Not only do you not get LP from winning ranked games, but you can't go through promos!
If you think you wasted your time while playing if you didn't get any points you probably should stop playing. If playing the game itself is "waste", why do you even keep playing? It's not like gettin' from S3 to S2 is of any meaning - and i'm not "league bashing", this holds true up to Master. Because unless you're doing something professional with that skill it's only a hobby for personal pleasure. And once it stops being any fun, you probably should reconsider your position.
: 12 according to her bra size and riot's logic
Because bra size has an age correlation. Average LoL player brain at work, ladies and gentlemen!
Xhín (EUW)
: Opponents using bug in URF mode
Not a bug though. Items have 80% reduced CDR too. I'm still amazed that people do not abuse items more often. Though it seems they fixed BV from the previous iteration of URF. No 6s shield anymore :(
: the most fun thing about URF is *blank*
: People who complain about balance in URF...
Puh, i'm glad i'm sofar the only one playing Ap Trynd. Shitting all over the Ez's and Zed's in the game it's ridiculous :D
Petsho (EUW)
: People must love to play with you!
Yes, because unlike you i'm actually a teamplayer. If you think KS'in exists, your mindset is wrong. There's no need to discuss this. This discussion is over 10 years old and has already been talked to death in the early days of DotA 1. A kill and an assist > A kill. Not 100% efficient gold distribution gets important at a world championship, where every slightest mistakes matters tremendously. Solo Q? You can lose games which you lead with +20 kills because of a fucked up braon/dragon fight.
Mada (EUW)
: make complaining about ks reportable, please
Someone who's seriously complaining about a KS probably will let his stubborness and close-mindedness show through in other situations. That usually warrants a report for Negative Attitude
Petsho (EUW)
: I don't think KSing is acceptable. By that I mean actual KSing, if someone has gotten the enemy from 100 to 1 and still in range to AA, you don't just take that kill. However, if you're in a dangerous fight where you or your teammates might die, I'd say go ham. Take what you can, don't risk dying just to let others have a kill. If my jungler takes a kill during a gank on my lane, I don't complain because it still helps me get ahead. But if he throws in his gap closers or even ults just to take a kill I could've gotten by myself, that's a KS he shouldn't have done. I don't think you should spam "ks noob" in chat, but I think you should be allowed to ask them not to take the kill next time. Kills just aren't as valueable on the jungler or support, especially early game. Sure you might your gold item upgraded early, but if your ADC has to go back with a pickaxe or extra doran's instead of a BF sword that's kind of a disadvantage.
Even in that case it's acceptable. 450g is better than 300g. Simple as that.
: they should at least bring back runic bulk. if they nerf every single tank. Some people like that role and if they find it so boring, then remove tanks. easy
That sentences makes no sense. A tank does not mean he has to be able to soak up the dmg of 5 people. This is not an MMO, and you don't have to tank bossmonsters dishing out millions of dmg. This is a PvP game and having someone just running in circles, dealing no damage but taking a million is non-interactive gameplay. Why would you want that? Just because their concept of a tank is not the MMO-Tank, doesnt mean they've to remove all these champs completly. But Tanks cannot be indestructible, else what's the point in picking anything else if you can't kill them anyway? Don't you see that? A tanks job is to be a big nuisance and disrupt their team as much as possible. Naturally they've to be able to soak alot of dmg because they're in the middle of the team but the opponent also needs options to handle them - that's what balance is supposed to do. Nobody was talking about "tanks being boring", only you were. But when tanks are to tanky games become sluggish. Same with assassins being to bursty means games snowball out of hand way to fast - which was also a problem LoL had to face and while not gone it got better. So calling for a removal of all tanky champs is just stupid internet hyperbole and usually the reason why these forums are useless, shit and Riot never shows up. What for? People only scream around like apes instead of talkin' anyway.
: Options for an assassin lategame
You couldn't. And you can't. You will lose some games because people will throw. Last week - or two weeks idk - i lost a game with Janna 0-1-17 and our teamscore was ~40-10 with an similar dominating score on turrets and dragons. And then 2 guys got caught around 10 times, went farming when the opponent went for Baron (we had wards) and went into 1v5 fights. No seriously, one guys got ganked but he managed to run away but once he was out of danger he turned around alone and ran into 5 people and died. You can't win these games. Forget them and play the next one.
Poohs (EUNE)
: Yeah that nerf for sejuani wasn't needed at all.. Same thing for Lissy in the previous patch.
Jeah, don't nerf Ahri 2.0. A winrate of 60% is np.
Hrki (EUNE)
: Riot has a bias against tanks. They think that tanky champions are not healthy for the game because it's boring to watch 10 second long fights. They prefer 0.5 sec flashy #LCS plays. Hence why all assassins are so strong and can instagib squishies, and tanks get nerfed ASAP.
And they're completly right with this. We had the time of Atmogs, Warmogs Stacking, Sunfire Stacking etc. And it was boring. 5k+ Mundos, Shens and what not just waltzing through whole teams and fights taking so long that people could respawn and rejoin. No, that's really boring and im glad its gone.
Tokkun (EUNE)
: TB for ranked would not get rid of trolls. It would only make the Q longer. A better ranked experience will be when the champion mastery will be in place and hopefully RIOT will put some sort of system in which if a player doesn't have enough games on a champ he cannot play it in ranked. I am fed up with people experimenting and trying out new champs in ranked. Do it in normal game where you don't hurt anybody, don't mess with people's hard work. Another thing that may improve the situation is giving the "Loss Forgiven" status when a player has been afk for 10 min. I have had a lot of games finishing before the 20 min mark because 1 or more players decided to go AFK right from the start. Until these things are addressed the Ranked game experience will continue to suck.
Fringe cases though. The people feeding 0/X or even 0/1x in my games usually have more than enough games on their champ and still suck balls.
SpongeDude (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=pampam666,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=GoRN7BX2,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2015-03-23T21:20:56.213+0000) > > Tbh i dont care about TB ranked,cuz when TB for normals was first anounced i was so excited and after it was released i was so disappointed. The only flaw that TB has is the u can spam the " find another team" button, till you find a team that suits u best. Hence the freaking 40m wait times, to find a match. Simple logics that riot won't understand.
So.. people want a way to dodge shitty teams, but then are upset if they themselves consider everything shitty and keep dodging, because it increases waiting time. I gonna give you the bad news: It's literally impossible. Either get stuck with teams you don't like but start immediatly or search the team you like, but that takes time. Can't have both and it's not Riots fault.
DrussIV (EUW)
: Like Riot would say the real reason if it was negative.
Tinfoil hat much? There's an easy reason and they've stated it multiple times. If you think Riot is out to get you then that's your own problem.
DrussIV (EUW)
: On a serious note, I would love to know why URF is only a one-off, or at best a once a year special. I mean at first they said they want to improve it. Fair enough. But this long? My only two guesses is that they want to entice people with it, keep playing til it's back or come back when it's back. The other guess is that they think it might attract attention away from the normal game and LCS/Worlds.
If you "love to know" it, then maybe read one of the many statements about it?
Escheton (EUW)
: How about adding vision provided to after game stats?
I'd rather see all the stats removed. It's just a E-Peen and harrasment tool and 99.9% of all players will not use it for actual information. Besides people hardly ever know how to read and process the informations anyway.
Sdars (EUW)
: 1. I was talking to all the people who focus on the quantity of nerfs. This isn't the first time I've talked about the state of Irelia. 2. She's been getting only buffs since 2012, appart from the recent nerf to her base E damage, which still wasn't enough.
To 2. only buffs? Since preasons 3 she only got 5 armor. And before that the stat boost i already mentioned. It just shows you how a champ can become stronger when the environment changes, since she basically wasn't touched in 2 years and now she's super strong.
Lawful (EUNE)
: Based on luck and you are ignorant as fuck if you think otherwise. End of discussion. Don't compare LCS teams that live in the same room for half a year and practice together daily for 16 hours a day, learning how to play with each other, while being every single one of them at the peak LoL performance of high challenger caliber No , that kind of play isn't random, but any premade UNDeR challenger level, is going to be luck based.
If you cant even discuss it, then you're ignorant not me. Also pretty much full of shit too.
Sdars (EUW)
: When will you understand it's not about the quantity of nerfs, but the quality?...
1. Have we talked before? Or why do you talk as if we had this conversation before? I'm certainly aware of that fact, but if the irony is lost on you that's not my problem. 2. The quantitiy and the quality of Irelia nerfs were both up there. E lost 0.5 AP ratio and flat dmg, R lost base dmg and got higher CD and the W lost 50% of it's heal but got the active. Irelia was alot stronger before, buuuuuuut 2.5. She also recieved alot of base stat upgrades on the other hand.
Sdars (EUW)
: First, you don't need to just see what happens every time: If riot introduces an item that gives 100 ad and costs 1200 gold, you'll know it's OP and should be nerfed (that's around the cost effectiveness of Cinderhulk, btw). Sejuani was at a stable 54-55% win ratio. She's now almost at 58%. Amumu also rose his win ratio after Cinderhulk. If you check LoLKing for the top 3 win ratios, they are all tanks you see very often in the jungle, while before Cinderhulk, it was Heimerdinger at the top, followed by Sejuani, followed by Katarina (Katarina is 4th now, even with Luden's Echo being so great on her). I checked the win ratios of all tank junglers, and all of them rose at least 1%, but many rose 2-3% and even more.
1. This does not have to be linked to Cinderhulk, since that wasn't the only change. Bami's Cinder probably has a bigger impact on the jungler performance, but that kind of data is only available to Riot. There are multiple factors and you can't 100% say that those 2-3% increase is correlated with Cinderhulk. 2. I don't like to check "Weekly" stats, because i think they're more influenced by trends. Also they're not as reliable directly after patches, since people need to adapt. Exception: There are crazy surges like Ahris like +15% winrate increase. 3. Only Sejuani is at a level that probably needs an inspection. But that's also due to her direct buffs she recieved lately. She's 3% ahead of Amumu and 5% ahead of the rest. Because except the 2 jungle-kings (queens) the other 5 top junglers are all basically equal and Wu/Vi are definitly not tanks. Also Amumu will probably always be a stellar soloQ jungler due to his Ultimate, that's just how it is. 4. Goldefficiency does mean less for junglers though. Also before, when people started buying very efficient jungling items it became a problem because NON-jungler bought it. 5. Lol, i only just saw it now. Your calculation is incorrect. The item gives you 25% **bonus hp**, which means the additional HP you get is increased by 25% not your total. I take Seju lv 18 as an example (no runes/masteries for simplicty's sake). She has 2215 HP. She'd have (2500-2215)+350 = 635 bonus hp. This then gets buffed by x1.25 to 794 HP. => 423g worth There's your mistake :) Also this further strenghtens my first point: Bamis Cinder gives them a good early clear, which is what they needed.
Sdars (EUW)
: Cinderhulk is OP, here is why...
Are tanky junglers taking over since 5.5? Are they completly overpowered due to that? So far i can't see anything pointing towards that. Seju's rise was before the change and Amumu always had a high win rate in soloQ since .. the beginning of this game. And the rest? We'll see if there's any changes in mid to long term, but crying wolf before anything happens brings nothing at all
: Slight nerf, maybe. But please, PLEASE, RIOT, dont do the same thing as kassadin/veigar! Be gentle. I agree with the fact that even if she doesnt do well in lane, she really doesnt need much to become good. Farm a little and voila, trinity force and you're golden.
The most funny thing is: Irelia is still the most nerfed champion in LoL - only Khazix also recieved as many nerfs. Yet, she's one of the strongest champs you can pick. And it's not even her power but more her reliablity. She'll always get her job done and you can't shut her down. Maybe change her passive completly, so you can actually peel her.
Choda (EUNE)
: Jax is a better version of Irelia and if you can't see that that's your problem sir.
Jeah, the worldwide 2nd highest ban rate in all high Elos definitly show how bad Irelia is. Thanks for enlighten the whole LoL community.
Lawful (EUNE)
: Are you really going there?
If you spout stupid nonsense like : "Playing with a full team is just luck based." 1. Your team is not composed out of randomly skilled people - unless you only play 5 man rankeds with strangers you don't know. 2. Your opponent team will - if they're serious - not be composed of bronzes playing together with diamonds. 3. The game is not based on luck. Except the outdated crit mechanic which is still used. If you say teamranked is based on luck, you include all premade teams. That's why generalizations are bad.
Lawful (EUNE)
: How is what i said not true then?
Jeah... 5 man premades are all about luck. Just look at all the LPL, Korean and LCS teams completly winning and losing randomly.
Geekician (EUW)
: How to perform Lux's Ult+Flash trick (reverted ulti) with 100% accuracy
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