: this guy on boards...
you guys are so funny
: No Sense
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Choppa n1 (EUW)
: Friendlist gone ?
everything is fine
assembIer (EUNE)
: at dota its same system 25 for win 25 for lose...and people get 8k mmr somehow mmr is the lp you have like if you have 5000lp it mean you have 5k mmr ismple and it will fix the matchmaking again when i play at silver i cant play with bronzes and gold or when i play grandmaster i cant play with challenger and masters
dota is a great game and much harder than this hentai game more objectives map crowd control all champions is free voice chat nice mmr syste they ban trolls and much more man i go back to play dota this game belong to garbage with his shit community
assembIer (EUNE)
: Idea for MMR system
man really i agree with you i am silver 4 atm with a 66% winrate and i win 15lp and lose 20 this system is wrong !!! i quit this game i dont wanna play anymore this harmful for my mental game everyone is trolling flaming report jungle no gank when lane is 1-7 report jinx cant hit ult report top lane troll everyone is so toxic and the game is anbalanced every 2nd champ is OP
: Just look at the average rank in your ranked games, it's bronze while you're in silver. Explains enough
explains enough??? and what exactly ?
JustClone (EUNE)
: Well, it is not. You are playing with your extremely unskilled low elo friends. while you are silver, that buddy of yours (Morgan Ph) is bronze. And your other buddy (Hack3rx) is bronze 4, about to fall down to iron league. This makes the average MMR way below your Silver rank. (Allowing you to carry games, that are much easier than you have to play, hence your win rate...) As a result, you are risking way more, than your friends, who are gaining more and losing less than usual. Solutions: 1)Play flex with them, and solo alone. 2)Play alone, and ignore them completely. 3)Play with them in solo, but do not get surprised that everything works as expected. If I have to explain anything else, please ask.
i played with them 1 game
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: Aggressive Gameplay
because they are low elo players
: Thanks for this, Im happy that is happening, and its not just me making my team lose on purpose. Say thanks to matchmaking, it will only get worse, until this game is completely dead.
: Why Eune is so bad server ?
because this game suck and when you play at low plat elo they flaming cuz they think they good
: Weekly reminder: fix your trash client already
this client suck... so many milions they earn but they dont invest them in game they spend money on miami drinking coctails
: League has voIP and nobody is using it because there is Discord. Better quality and group management.
when you play solo ranked what discord man like dota voice chat
Pikaguif (EUW)
: There's already a VC unless you're on a mac then it's bugged
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