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: No, i haven't, does it work for MS too, since i only had a problem with FPS
: I cant see my FPS and MS meter in the top right corner help!!
did you try to press F ingame ? if you are new or didn't bind it into another key this will work. i had the same problem when i first started but a friend helped me.
: Patch 8.3 Enemy summoner spell cooldown
that is league since season 1. You can't see the enemy summoner spell CD but you can see what summoner spells they have. Here is a trick . whenever you see an enemy using a summoner spell ping it instantly in the chat so you can see when it is unavailable by making a division in your brain. For example i saw enemy jinx flashed at 8:13. I ping it by pressing alt+click on the thing you want to ping . usually flash has 300 seconds CD (6 mn). So i know that until mn 14:13 jinx doens't have flash so i can take advantage of that like asking for ganks and playing agressively. I wish that i helped ;)
kjono1 (EUW)
: Honestly it is likely for your own good to be honest, the games last quite long and you can't leave without affecting the others playing. You have to think what's more important, a computer game or your life, make sure your priorities are right. **School comes first** , after that a job if you have one, league comes last, the game should be more of a break away from school/work etc, a way to spend your free time, it is not something that you should spend hours every day on. Tbh unless you can balance your time correctly then you shouldn't be playing the game. Make yourself a plan, you have to do all this stuff before you can go on league, have it so that you can get one or two games after you have studied, or done whatever you are meant to do; or that you can play it on the weekend after all your work is done, and agree it with your dad, if he says no well, your dad is only looking out for you kid you'll just have to move on :)
i wont play it at shool day . thank you so much bro for your attention
Treycos (EUW)
: Go buy another dad But serioulsy, focus on your studies, any video game has to be your LAST priority
it still holiday. i am sure i wont play it in school time. i only play it on holidays. but he doesnt let me .
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