: Let us honor enemies and have them receive a bonus for being honored by an opponent.
I agree. Sometimes I have friendly chats with enemies, or they act extremely sportsmanlike by, for example, avoiding to kill a dc on my team. I would really like to honor them! I guess riot doesn't allow us to honor enemies in fear of people inting in order to get honors from enemies, but i'm sure that they can find a way to punish such behaviour
: That nobody got punished.
I have none, but I just assumed so since I never get any message, and people get them occasionally... based n other people's answers, it's possible that they do get punished but i just do not get any feedback on it
: You got proof of this where?
Wen294 (EUW)
: First of all you only get the message if your report was the last report needed to trigger the punishment. I get the pop-up every so often. Second of all you need to really, and i mean REALLY abuse reports if you want the 'value' to reach near 0. Had a talk with a rioter about this. For example if you always report someone for saying 'ez' after a game then your reports won't decrease in 'value' too much because it's consistent behaviour. Even if none of those people end up getting banned for it. On the other hand if you report 6 people on average a game or something, now that's when the system starts kicking in.
oh so not all the people who report a person get the message! that's useful knowlege :) Thank you for taking the time to answer!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The notifications you're talking about are set to rarely occur, and only under certain circumstances. Also, these notifications doesn't appear in cases of players getting banned for 3rd party tools (botting), since it's not handled by the Tribunal, but a seperate tool that hands out punishments in large waves.
CoopA826 (EUW)
: Why do so many people complain about things they don't understand. > even though I know that when (and if) so happens I should be getting one But you are not just one of these people. You are even more arrogant and claim you know how it works even though you don't know how it works. If you had invested literally 1 minute to research how the system works you would realize that you don't get a message everytime someone is banned. And therefore your entire thread is now invalid. Cheers
I know how it works and that's exactly why i am asking. I do know peple who get that message all the time, and i do know that people's reports have a "value", and if you use the report system right the "value" increases while if you abuse it it "decreases". If you read through the lines you would have understood that THAT was just a way to complain about all the bots in games i get every.friggin.day. Furthermore, I was starting to wonder if the value of my reports became so low that didn't mean anything for no reason. Probably it's you that does not know how the system works, so go read that page you were talking about
Rioter Comments
: Botting
Just happened to me too! please riot, you need to give a decisive response on this matter, we cannot keep playing like this!
AnWaRkh (EUW)
: Co-op vs AI Q is full of exp-farming bots?!
same here! I just got 4 of them in my team - 4!!!
: I think the gold income for junglers depends heavily on how well their team is doing. If they're doing poorly, the jungler has to step in to help out, sacrificng their own farm. If they do well, the jungler can clear the jungle and plan their own schedule to gank.
I believe it also depends on who gets the kill when the jungler ganks... it's possible that they want the jungler to get an advantage early game and so they let him have the kills top and mid, meanwhile he won't take the ones bot to get the adc ahead too.. now, I haven't watched all the games so this is only a hypothesis
: Krepo's EU Gold Gods
all of the top 3 teams have a jungle-adc distribution.. i'd say there is a strong relation between how the gold is split among the team and the victory rate


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