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: Well, fml. I just posted a 3 paragraph comment answering the other semi-identical post you made, without seeing this one. And it's lost. Basically, since I don't want to rewrite that - and since part of the answer is covered by the other comment - the categories mentioned in the report screen are made to be specific enough to understand what falls into each one without crossing over, but also without being so specific that it would take more than a reasonable amount of them to cover most bannable offenses in a meaningful manner, so the descripted behavior indeed falls under griefing and should be reported as such. And lastly, please edit the post to remove the name as name shaming on the boards is not allowed.
Okay, did not know name shaming was not allowed. Well its kind of obvious but I wrote this right after that game so I still was a little salty thanks for the reply.
Doomley (EUW)
: You can't report players who ban champions that you are hovering and there is a good reason for it. You can however, report players who take your role with the first report option. It's one subcategory is "griefing".
Okay, Thinking about it it could be described as griefing but Why exactly can't you report people who ban champions you hover? You say there is a good reason for it but you don't explain the reason xD
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