tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Just had the worst game of my life, whole team was swearing me.
I don't know how long you've been playing league but this happens once in a while and you'll probably get used to it or not care that much next time. Everyone has bad games and horrible games, if you are not convinced just watch some popular streamers. But it's up to you how you react, my advice is to mute everyone and keep farming and then group up for teamfights. A good player is able to play well when he has great teams and save some of the games when he has bad teams, nobody wins forever. Good luck m8 ;)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: You should check this out.
Thank you so much. Indeed my account has been un-blocked but I didn't receive an e-mail, yes I double checked. I wouldn't have known this if not for your reply. Thanks for the support as well, I appreciate the fact that some people here still believe in good and fairness, I was starting to believe this community is full of evil people.
: It depends if that really WAS a 30 minute game. Some people surrender at 20 minutes and constantly chat when they should be playing to steer the game back into a good direction.
It was a 38 min game and we won! You can check my lolking, it's my last game played.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: No its not flaming, you did not deserve punishment based on this. Maybe you did something on other games that tip the scale on favor of the punishment, who knows. You speak too much irrelevant stuff that is not needed in anyway tough.
True to some extent, although you have to keep in mind this was a long game and the rest of the chat is hidden. I was dealing with a gp top that was flaming me because I lost lane early lane , and a warwick that was for some reason saying "please ff", "13 minutes untill surrender" , etc. In the end we managed to come back and win, and for this reason I am really surprised that they reported me. Who reports after a win? :( Anyway, none of this is relevant to the post, and I agree that I type too much sometimes.
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