: Client Down
nothing seems to be working at all. spent maybe 30 minutes logging it and it says to check my connection after i logged in, nothing else works.
: Cant start game
same here unfortunatenly, button just stays grey, i cant click anything to start the game
Gabresol (EUW)
: Support and Mana Regeneration
I actually find that it gives too little sustain. In season 8 there is really really very little way to have good mana sustain early in the game which is painful. All you can do is take an item that you are obliged to get anyway, and then your other two options are to get mana flow band which does practically nothing early in the game and the biscuits which are the only option. End game skills spamming is very easy obviously, because of the ridiculous regen that redemption gives or other items. This particular "issue" is more a case of nami herself, she's just a very good early game champion.
Kieru (EUW)
: League Of Legends is totaly broken, not playable for enjoyment unless you pick meta champ.
it's always been not a very balanced game, that is what makes this game popular. Based on popularity on champions various things get nerfed/buffed, then reversed in the future again. Then masteries are changed etc etc. Changing everything over and over makes this game 'alive' and that's how riot is earning their money and keeps people coming. The only thing that really strikes me in this season is how easily everyone is one shotted at even quite early levels with no 'feeding' by for example a rengar or something like that. It leaves no room for counterplay or anything like that.
: So regarding LeBlan it the right way?
they should just revert the entire assassins update changes to her. she was broken already before that to someone who knew how to play her.
l MrD l (EUW)
: WHy is LBs damage getting gutted when lethaility is the true problem?
I dont get why they needed to change her at all. she was fine, and she was broken before the assassins update. if you knew how to play LB - you were good. almost all boosters in 2016 were playing LB in flex queue. but now they changed her and made her even stronger.
: DIfficulty of climbing SoloQ as support main
You can climb with a support, last season I climbed from zero after placements (silver 2 or 3 or something) to diamond 5 within ~180 games or something. This season got placed plat 3 after placements. It was hard climbing all the way as a support. But possible.. The only downside of climbing for a support is that it takes more games. As a jungler you could probably climb way faster, jungler is the most influential role in solo queue. For something like diamond 5.. it really is possible to climb to it with pretty much whatever champion in whatever role even if its not in the meta, as long as you are playing consistently and you are just "better" than most people in this game
: Thoughts on Lissandra
she has a lot of issues. one of my favourite champs. its hard to play her. she is squishier than Leblanc. she has mobility, CC and burst damage and wonderful wave clear. practically - everything. but to balance it out they made her mobility very predictable and "slow", they made her burst only good mid to late-mid game and as soon as late game hits she falls off drastically, and her CC is of course always decent but everything that she has is mid game on long long cool downs + she is short ranged. In general probably a balanced champion, but she did take a hit once they nerfed her base damage and made her more squishy than a %%%%ing Leblanc lol. The itemisation is another issue. She needs pretty much everything: survivability, Cdr, damage because of her short range.. There are items for that, but her base damage is not high enough and she start falling off fairly quickly if you build her around it. Or if you build her oriented in damage and CDR, you fall off in survivability and as soon as you E you get 1 CC and you're dead. The easiest thing would be to make her passive better. Now she has a free spell cast, but on top of that she has one of the highest mana costs, lowest mana regen and one of the lowest mana pools in the game. SO in short - she has NO PASSIVE at all. But some CDR reduction, a bit of AP rates increase would give her a better identity. Her biggest issue is right now falling off in late game dramatically.
: Lissandra
she is only really good in LCS with full team coordination in the real solo queue, she is not too bad from mid game up until mid game ends. after 40minutes+ her win rate goes down dramatically. Her AP ratio's are not enough and base damage is low except the damage on her E . All in all she feels weak. Will take a while for them to buff her as they dont seem to care about her at all. they just nerfed her several months ago making her more squishy than Leblanc LOL
GLurch (EUW)
: Playing off-meta is no report reason and never was. If someone gets reported for it, nothing will happen. No matter how often that person is being reported. And if he gets punished for playing off-meta, he can send a ticket to the Riot Support and his punishment will most likely be lifted. Even if it contradicts the "have no fun on others expenses" rule, Riot doesn't want to force a meta on the community.
the singed support guy who was playing with smite got banned though temporary.
: People playing off meta
yup eternity ago when the meta was not even starting, when you had no ADC bot lane, you saw all kinds of things in this game ( at around season 1). Now we still see that meta shifts and we start to see malzahar support for example. If I played malzahar support merely 6 months ago, I would be reported 9x in every game and would probably get banned also. There really is a lot of hidden combos in this game. skill is always better than meta. I would say play whatever you want
soulspooke (EUNE)
: Low difficulty champions make game boring
none of the champions are really that easy. yes some are easier than others but still playing with one champion for a long time will make you better at it.
xtimigui (EUW)
: When i was playing a lot with ziggs (after their rework) he could always do dat ... push and get towers easily.. I just dont know why they only discover their **"power"** now O_O
yeah it happens often. its like with Syndra. she was quite broken and then they buffed her and she remained silent for like 3 months, now everyone is banning her. Her win rate above 125 games is over 65%. there are more champions like that.
íGengar (EUW)
: So if Ziggs ADC is a thing
I would say it just simply means that a bot lane is not a mandatory ADC and a support. It could be anything. Someone who remembers the old season 1 days of Blitz + Morgana bot lane will agree. It's strange that it took so long for people to realise that you can have lots of champions in bot lane.
Rioter Comments
: Minus LP?
yep. i had like -3 LP on diamond 5, because i dodged on 0 LP, since i got trolled in champ select and someone picked me soraka and then declined the i would have been left with katarina support lol. next game i lost with -3LP but didn't get demoted.
kid kola (EUW)
: To many smurfs on euw
i dont think there are smurfs in bronze. i smurf as mid/top laner, and after placements i already got placed in gold III, and im not even a midlaner. and as support im only diamond 5. what you might be encountering could be organized boosters, which all log in together to form a team to boost players.
: Should i play Ranked?
check who you play with in normals on are majority of your players gold-platinums etc? than that's where you have chance to end up in. regardless, you should play ranked, it's more fun and competitive there. i dont imagine how it's possible to be stuck in bronze 5. i played placements with midlaner on smurf, and the lower silver is already winnable just by building the correct items.
: Loss streaks
this is apparently how MMR works. when you win a lot of games in a row, matchmaking will put you with lower MMR teammates against higher MMR teammates, so to see if you can "carry on your own". Then you start losing games, after some losses matchmaking will start putting you with higher MMR teammates against lower MMR teammates to see if you suck or feed and lose games on your own. And this cycle pretty much repeats. Basically the idea is to put you into 50% win rate as soon as possible.
: Lissandra, extremely underrated champ
my favourite champion to smurf with, but she is not that good in solo queue, just because you have to go deep and create team fight presence, what happens most of the time - no synergy with the team, bad follow ups or complete mispositioning. she is a perfect champion for 5v5, thats why she is in like every LCS. And unfortunately she is getting nerfed next patch just because of LCS - which will make her even more unpopular, with already her lingering 47-49% mediocre win rate.
: Leblanc broken already at lvl 1
she is fine up until her W starts to get a 4 second cooldown. And that happens at around mid game. In early-mid game at like level ~7 she also starts to be way too annoying if you don't build any MR. as always i would say she is not broken, but she is VERY VERY unfun to play against.
: Smurfs are Destroying Ranked.. my experience with smurfs.
when i was playing normals on a new account, i had maybe first 2-3 games of 20/2 etc. after 5-6 games like that i was already playing with diamond 5-3 players in normals. i don't know what riot does but their system detects it very quickly. when it comes to ranked though, the only problem with smurfs is maybe when 3 or more of them gather in one team and just completely stomp enemy team. as a solo smurf you also won't have that much influence, it depends of course on what role and champion you play. like are you challenger janna/soraka smurf ? well good luck on your way to diamond in 200-300 games.
Rezodo (EUW)
annie is just a bit too easy i would say. farming is ridiculously easy with last hitting Q and never running out of mana. and then all her combos are very easy as well. the only skill comes in probably itemizing her. also can't really 1v1 her because if she even dies, tibber enrages and finishes you off. sigh.
: Reduce Soraka's base healing by 50% and increase the HP cost by 25-30%
the most easily countered champion with items - {{item:3123}} = eternal exhaust.
: I can't get up to Diamond because of my team
just keep on playing! it might also be that there is something you dont know about that is keeping you down. but eventually you should be able to rise to diamond. either way, platinum is a very decent elo already and you should be proud of being in around ~6% of best players.
yoniame (EUNE)
: Support role still hated
it's really hard to fix it. but supports need more gold, and in general more champions have to be able to support.
: Is Auto Fill actually fixing anything?
it does not accomplish anything. it just in fact does not fit their entire idea why they had to bring the new champion select at all. instead of focusing on a real problem - supports and WHY people don't want to support, they are doing things to force people into supporting.
: Can We Get Proper MatchMaking System
i dont know what rank you are. i will agree with that i dont want to be matched with premades, and i rather play as solo. but this is the whole point of dynamic queue unfortunately. and riot insists on keeping it and not bringing the solo queue back. sigh. and about the rest of things, i dont have problems with. some people have bad games. some people are one trick ponnies that play just 1 champion. nothing wrong with that. same shit happens on the enemy team.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Aurelion sol?
he is really good but extremely difficult to play with. i would agree that they need to relook CC and his stars. imo if he has his W activated, his stars shouldnt disappear, or if they do, then they should return with W toggled on.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
all of them are viable supports. velkoz especially.
: Bots in bot games
it's pretty terrible. i was just last week leveling my smurf also, and in some games i had up to 3 bots. they all usually start with boots and nothing else and then they just feed and feed. if you need power leveling i suggest {{champion:74}} . you can probably still 1v5 bot games and win them. because the AI has no freaking clue of your turrets existance and just run into them and die.
: Something must be done about that stupid que time.
Riot needs to acknowledge that not assasins need rework or mages, but supports are in need of huge changes - especially when it comes to gold income, roaming, level disadvantage. And i mean queue times show that.
: Please remove this autofill garbage.
was it on ranked draft? i'm curious at around what rank it starts, is it something that happens in higher elo ? because on my main i'm diamond support so i always get support. and i was watching people streaming in diamond queuing mid/top and they always get their role and have to wait 2-7 minutes. so now i'm scared as i'm smurfing on other account where i only play mid/top and i just dont have champions or runes for anything else. and if i get placed as a freaking jungler.. i dont even have a jungler champion to begin with! lol. so im curious at around what rank it starts so i can prepare myself some runes and champions.
: Lissindra item build tweek?
really a lot of high elo koreans, and in general people skip the {{item:3027}} , and go for {{item:3001}} first with double dorans. because it is pretty much Op early game against another AP. the very powerful mid game build would be {{item:3152}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} , but it lacks mana and from what i have seen mostly works if you continuously have a blue buff. since i'm a solo player i don't even think of getting a blue buff and i really don't rely on it. normally 1 mana item is needed, mostly it's ROA. i'm smurfing on a new account where i primarily will play Liss, and i buy frist zhonyas/abyssal with double dorans depending on whether its AD or AP matchup, and then get not ROA but a {{item:3030}}. which is i think also a rather under rated item, it's like a more offensive version of ROA and the active is like another Q. {{item:3001}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3020}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} mid game is pretty damn strong. though i'm still in my placements and playing against low-mid gold people, so not sure how it will work in higher elo.
Smittles (EUW)
: Well I'm in Plat currently and I feel like I hear Bronze-based insults more and more every match I play >_>
at around ~plat the "boosted" insults start, and the "boosted animal" lol.
Smittles (EUW)
: I'm Curious: In Bronze Matches.....
my friend is bronze 4 and somebody was flaming someone and told "THAT'S WHY YOU'RE IN BRONZE". but well.. the entire team and the enemy team was around bronze 5-3 also.. so that didn't really make any sense.
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: How is DYNAMIC que fair for solo players?
i climbed from silver 2 to diamond 5 as SOLO SUPPORT(= most premades are usually in bot lane so you can imagine the horror i had ). it was hard but it was possible. i do agree with you - it is NOT fair and i would 120% definitely be playing on a solo queue if i could choose. but i can't choose and riot insists on not bringing it back so there is nothing we can do..
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Aurelion Sol Suggestion?
i see him as a very viable champion, but as much as i love how he looks and all his skills, i do find it difficult to keep people getting hit by stars. Itemization is pretty tough on him too. He needs MS runes, he needs good health pool, armor, MR and mana, rylais slow and by that time people will have shit tons of MR. And he still goes oom pretty quickly regardless. One time i saw Sol going really well(was a sol main in diamond), he was building {{item:3030}} , which, before he got rylais, let him catch people very easily to get them back in his stars. Maybe he is a little bit unforgiving to play with. And he has really so many counters. I even doubt why they did, that his stars disappear when he gets CCed.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: I hate LeBlanc
the whole idea of champion is dumb. yes she is an assasin but there are also healthy assasins. but this is just dumb. dash, then dash back. or double dash with your R. it is really difficult enough to catch her when she dashes when most of the stuns in the game are skillshots and have long delays, when her dash is just totally instant. once you finally catch her she then disappears and reappears with a clone. and it's on a 60 sec cooldowns. its WAY too short and forgiving for her. because that stupid clone most of the time gives her ~50% chance to survive even if you really catch her. It's also not really about one shotting. Of course if someoen has like ~100-120MR then she instead of one shotting will drop someone from 100 to 20. But in a really safe way, with dashing back and sitting there waiting ~20 seconds for her R to come back so she can repeat it while someone is forced to go back to heal or get rekt in 20 seconds again. For such a champion with such a dumb design and unfun mechanics, it's just way too forgiving for her - her passive, her cooldowns, her mobility. Fizz compared to her is still fine.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Support items.
{{champion:22}} is a pretty good champion that could do well with AD support item equivalent to {{item:3098}} . ezreal support is another one. obviously both are not really supports. but even though we have real supports, we have seen a tremendous amount of mages filling support role, which is very refreshing to see instead of seeing continuous tanky/healer-shield supports. adding another support item would make it even better, the fact stays fact that something must be done with supports to make the role more attractive
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Is there a site that helps you find your playstyle?
there really are so many champions. like mages: there are burst mages, assasin mages, control mages, more supportive mages. you will have to begin with chosing where you want to go. look at the games you have played and what you were always building in those games. for example in my case, i have always played healers in various MMO games. i also used to like debuffing/cc kind of mages. so i simply play supports like soraka or janna or zyra. i also started playing on my smurf a lot of lissandra mid because of the vast amount of CC.
Cestilea (EUW)
: MMR vs Divison / League Ranking
rank sometimes doesn't say much. MMR is hidden so you can't really see. Someone that is in silver 1 might have a very high MMR and will be matched against high golds or low platinums(if it's a smurf for example)
: How come that I never get to have one-sided 20 mins stomp games on my sides?
well the matchmaking will put you eventually where you are supposed to be. it is really very BAD luck to have bad 15 games in a row. even though you don't see your normal ELO, you can visit and check your games and rank of people that were playing there with you and against you, that might give a slight idea of how high your teammates and opponents were.
Mirgata (EUNE)
: Is cleanse viable ?
viable but requires a lot of experience with it. you see it in higher elo, where people pick it up against {{champion:4}} or {{champion:127}}
: Not a rant, but a lowelo question.
Exhaust doesn't slow him but does reduce his damage. Normally as a support you can't do anything unless you are a damaging support. You probably want to burst him and kill him if he is not too tanky, or wait for his ultimate to end, and drop an exhaust on him. Immunity to CC doesn't really give you much option to deal with him.
: fastest way to earn ip
are you new ? if you are below level 10 - it's playing with beginner bots. if you are between level 10-20 then playing against intermediate bots.(co. op vs AI). if you are level 20-30 then probably still with intermediate bots, as you will win every game and get 75% of your regular IP. Normals grant 100% IP but since you won't win every game it will be quite limited. If you are above level 30 then bots will only give you 55% of IP. Then playing normals is all you can do, and try to win as many games as possible.
: Silver 3 constantly matched with plat and diamond players
if you are talking aboout normlas, then it's understandable. for example i've been leveling a smurf lately and i'm now level 26 on my smurf and i played 11 games normal draft, 10 of which were wins. after about 3-4 games i was playing as level ~24 with and against gold players. now after 10 games last game i had diamond 3-5 people on my and enemy team, while i was only a level 26, i don't even have all runes and masteries. i was amazed to see how quickly the system spots smurfs in normals.
: The Lulu-Paradox
i know that E is actually a good shield and stuff. but i had most success with lulu maxing her Q first, and in fact going thunderlords, and just a very 12-18 offensive build similar to zyra. the early game damage is outstanding. then i max E second and leave W for the last. now i haven't played her in a while, and when i had success with her it was around gold-platinum. basically being agressive just gives you a lot of early game lane presence. the damage obviously falls off eventually and thunderlords becomes kind of useless. as well as Q damage.
: Why I like lissindra
i don't like any of her skin particularly, her basic skin is just so good looking already. they should make it similar to deep sea's nami's something like "dark ice lissandra" which would be her basic skin but glowing and more badass looking . i'm leveling a smurf now with which primarily i will be playing ONLY mid/top {{champion:127}} and see how high i could rise(i'm diamond 5 support main) . i also find her extremely balanced, in fact, maybe just slightly underpowered in terms of her range and cooldowns. she fits in pretty much every team comp. you have to build her rather tanky to be useful with all the CC. all in all actually i'm sitting hours farming XP/IP just for this champion lol.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Malz feels unbelievably weak...
well, he is balanced i would say. on the same level like {{champion:127}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:115}} and other mages.
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