: nerf cam's q damage rito
Camille is weak af atm, she scales okayish into late and has a very weak early game. Learn how to abuse it.
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Meltzahar (EUW)
: This thread should get more (and Riot's) attention.
Tell your friends about my post and tell them to like it. We have to get a few HUNDRED of likes that someone will care abou it^^
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: Worst season so far? Let's argue!
PS: Don't forget to upvote xD
: Playing since s3 and I have to say I think s4 was the best and s6 was the worst. s5 went through a lot when tencent became a partner which changed things A LOT (don't get me started on juggernaut patch) but the game was still fun and enjoyable despite horrific tank meta. However in s6 this just became worse and the game was so unfun for me I left for about 6 months and waited for s7. Still doesn't beat the abomination that is s8 (ardent meta, funnel, banner of command, zoe, etc.)
Didnt play back then so its pretty hard to argue here xD
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: Hacker hacks into EUW accounts and gets them banned.
Hey there, Its not that easy to hack into an account. Its nearly impossible tbh. Yours friends have prob given out their password on unserious websites or smth like that. Yours Chris

my nunu is gg

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