opicka69 (EUNE)
: Bots from CO OP games to Custom games
Leyruh (EUW)
: Why aren't all Champions available as BOTS in Practice Tool and Custom Games?
I totally agree with you, it would be SUPER fun for me and my friends if every bot was available, i dont see why Riot don't put in a little more work into bots, i also always wished we could add doom bots to custom games too :P
: pretty sure if you ping someones item it just puts their name in chat and the item i havent tried it myself but i know a ton of people start randomly pinging items at the start of the game sometimes then later when they are 0/7/0 they ping my items as the jungler when they spent the whole time at the enemies tower xd
oh man, yup you're right, thanks man
: probably someone pinging your items try muting peoples pings see what happens go for the saltiest player first
In the chat it said it was me who was pinging but it wasnt
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: My advices to your are: - Main one role - Play a small champion pool (it is useless to play 10 champions you are average at, it is way better to play 2 champions you are good at) - Make sure you use the right Runes/ Masteries each patch and for every champions (check www.probuilds.net) - Never flame or complain, only use chat for useful things (enemy summoners times, a shot call, etc.), if someone is being negative on chat mute him to avoid tilting, if they all start flaming just mute all - Never give up and always keep trying your best, 80% of games there's a team that throw her lead - track your win rate on champs on op.gg to make sure you're playing the champions you win the most with Hope it helps
: Sure, anyone is welcome not add me and ask, currently I have exams coming up, but after june I can help every day if need be. Please note I can only reliably get you from bronze to silver. I can give you advice but I don't yet have the game knowledge to get you further reliably.
yeah . i added you on league. I play mid mainly but love playing different roles. If you can send me ur skype and stuff on league that would be great
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