: lol. well, they fucked up, then they saw it was a mistake but riot is too trash to apologize. they just turned it into a warning. HA. fucking trash riot. my account had also receive a 14 days ban for no reason. after 11 days of being wrongfully banned and after sending ticket after ticket each day at riot.support, finnaly they unbanned it saying sorry it was a mistake. ofc no compensation at all. no ip boost or something. i was powerleveling the account and i had lots of day xp/ip bonuses. but after 2 weeks of struggling to make sense with riot support to unban the account, i was sure it would take like a month to give me back rp/ip. anyway, rito sucks cocks. http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-vector-color-cock-83838844.jpg
That's true... I didn't have any ip or xp boosts but it still sucked.
einar43 (EUW)
: System is too harish especially for low level players who get matched against smurfs from game to game.And if you're playing support and have more deaths than kills while having much assists it shouldn't be considered as feeding as most of games you're playing support zyra and you have very good amount of assists.Riot must fix this system for those who love to play support and support are not supposed to have more kills than deaths or maybe you should ks your adc just to not get banned.
Well I don't know if it's about supporting, I think my ban got triggered from 0-15 Jhin mid game or something like that. I just couldn't do anything about feeding because enemies knew that I was autofilled vs main mid and jungle and I just got camped. I haven't got banned after that even though I feed quite a lot on Zyra. I get a lot of kills too so I'm not sure if that makes me not get banned.
: Hey, are u still playing this game ? i know its like 0.1% that u reply to me after all this time (you propably stopped playing LoL too) I want to ask you, what happened anyway with riot support. u said u sent them another message but u didnt inform us what they replied to you. did they see your twitch video ? did they take the ban back ? because i saw the whole video and i can tell u were not intentionally feeding. so, what happened ?
I got unbanned after 7 days, no compensation. They told me that it was just a warning or something like that... I don't think I was offending anyone.
: > I wouldn't die so much if I didn't have to play against so good players every match. I wouldn't die almost at all in platinum/diamond unless I was really overconfident. You can't just judge someone to be a lot worse than lower elo players if he is playing in a more challenging environment. I compared zyras that were in challenger/master so yeah that argument doesn't work at all > I don't feel like I'm playing lottery in solo queue which I happen to win almost every time. It would be extremely unlikely to get to challenger with purely luck if I was a trash player, and I hope you understand that. I don't say you are complete trash i'm just saying that you being challenger (which are the best 200 of the region) makes no sense in my mind with what i'm hearing from you and looking at your stats (it just makes me believe you got somehow carried up there or you bought the account from someone) > I have got challenger 3 seasons in a row with this "trash" playing I can see that you were 3 season in master tier but if it was really YOU or if you got carried there is not proved either way. > I have way more Zyra knowledge than the players who build sightstone If you really believe that then i'm sorry for you cause it shows that you lack the ability to improve because if YOU think that something sucks and everybody doesn't and on top of it get better winratio,kda, etc. then that means they are probably right and you are wrong. (just fyi i'm still looking at zyra MAINS maybe not only support but also). > If I tried to actively ward using a sightstone, I would end up dying even more. That point is once again freaking oblitarated by the fact that almost always the zyra (and once again those were MAINS) building sightstone has much fewer deaths than (3-5 which translates into 60%-100% more deaths on your side.)
I haven't seen a single other Zyra main in challenger, could you tell me a name? My build works the best for my playstyle, and the argument for not building sightstone is really relevant for me. I am apparently really bad at judging when it's possible for me to ward against teams that can destroy me every single time I facecheck. It means that it's not worth building sightstone FOR ME, I don't say that I can make a playstyle work for everyone else. I wouldn't say there's a single build in the game that everyone should build due to being the best for all possible playstyles. It would make absolutely no sense for me to build sightstone, because it decreases my win rate. I assume that my team wants to win as much as I do. I have watched other Zyra mains play and I see them do mistakes 24/7, so I didn't say that I'm more knowledgeable than them just based on my build. I think that Zyra has a lot of different builds that work, depending on playstyle. I'm not stuck in my elo just because I am bad at Zyra. I am a complete garbage player in terms of map awareness and mechanics. I keep getting caught because I can't multitask enough to look at minimap. It's not really my fault that I kept winning games so I got to challenger, my team couldn't have carried me if I was too heavy.
: I don't think you don't play a challenger games. I just think you "cheated" your way up there somehow. I just made a little round on league of graphs and looked at zyra mains (especially zyra supports). They get around a 4-6/5-7/10-13 KDA (which rounds about 5/6/12 kda in average). Your KDA (i looked at both accounts) 5/10!!/11. You get like 4 deaths in AVERAGE more than any other zyra support. Also every other zyra support (and I looked like at the 15 firstrated players all build Sightstone WITHOUT an exception on zyra support). Also from the other zyras you see how their kda fluctuates heavy depending on if they lose or if they won the game (meaning they actually did contribute when they win) but if you look at your games you almost always have a very bad kda (in comparison) so i get the feeling your ass is just getting carried cause you don't have that much of influence cause your "only" support and not a sololaner. (like holy sh*t your winrate is 57% in 270 games on your main (compared to 65%+ from other players)) Your gameplay from my perspective is --> I build glasscannon --> i ult --> i do damage --> my team wins the fight for me cause we are luckily ahead. Sorry if this sounds super judging but from everything I read, looked at, etc. I just get this feeling that you shouldn't be challenger and just get carried a lot more than you should(I don't seem to be the only one which kinda reasures me that I'm not crazy)
I wouldn't die so much if I didn't have to play against so good players every match. I wouldn't die almost at all in platinum/diamond unless I was really overconfident. You can't just judge someone to be a lot worse than lower elo players if he is playing in a more challenging environment. If I tried to harass enemies with Zyra in lower elo, they wouldn't even hit me back. It's extremely easy to lane bully master tier players as Zyra, but challengers often strike back instantly and dodge my spell on top of that. My gameplay is not even close to that from my perspective, but I guess it is like that from others' perspective. I don't feel like I'm playing lottery in solo queue which I happen to win almost every time. It would be extremely unlikely to get to challenger with purely luck if I was a trash player, and I hope you understand that. I have got challenger 3 seasons in a row with this "trash" playing, I'm not sure if that can even be called luck anymore. My main has not played 270 games, and my zyra win rate on main is 68%. I have way more Zyra knowledge than the players who build sightstone, and me getting challenger on two accounts playing only Zyra, with my main multiple seasons in a row, is a proof of that, unless you think that I could get way higher elo by building sightstone. If I tried to actively ward using a sightstone, I would end up dying even more. Challengers aren't stupid enough to let such a squishy and immobile support ward freely. Warding trinket is used for warding brushes near you, so you can ambush enemies instead.
: Yeh, sure. I am done discussing this with you. From all I have seen, your statistics and your reactions and tone here: **the punishment is well deserved.** Good bye.
It's not really my problem that you read the statistics wrong, I had to point it out because it is completely normal for Zyra to die above average. The champion has no mobility at all, and most of the players are one trick ponies. If even one trick ponies can't stop dying a lot on her, it's not difficult to understand why I do too. Most of the comments you made were mocking my champion knowledge, despite getting challenger as one trick pony. It would be impossible for me to get boosted since I am one trick pony. How else wouldn't I deserve challenger ranking? I got extremely lucky, or what? I don't know how you can start trying to sound like a Zyra expert, when the discussion should be only about my intentional feeding ban, which was totally unjustified. My building etc. has nothing to do with intentional feeding. Some builds more more efficient for feeding, I know, but I built properly every single match I played. Do you think that everyone in challenger is silver ranked or what? I would stomp silver level players with 10 KDA every match, on any champion in the game almost. The fact that I'm dying a lot is obviously related to the fact that people in challenger are equal skill level with me. A silver ranked Zyra main would die as much vs silver players as I die vs challenger players. You have to think about the other players' skill level too when you judge my KDA.
: >Do you think that I was eloboosted or something despite building the exact same way for every game I played? Excuse me, is repeating the same build, over and over again, including not building a sighstone as support, and no matter what kind of setup you are up against considered a hallmark of skill now? Because...no, its not. >I find it really hilarious that you don't believe I'm challenger level player. I believe that you have the rank, because that's what I see in the publicly available information about your account. Your rank is the very reason why your stats are suspicious to me. >Frost queens is not cost effective, I'm building frostfang merely for the ability to gain gold from poking enemy. Right, because its such a great item for that purpose...except that the passive deactivates for an eternity when you kill a minion...whereas that of Frost Queens Claim doesn't...and also the ranged slow works great with Zyra... ...basically what you say here, goes against everything I ever herd from any streamer or high ELO player about the champion, and its inconsistent with my own experience as well. >As Zyra it's most of the time to die in order to win a team fight with aggressive positioning. Erm...no, its not. https://champion.gg/champion/Zyra/Middle Look at the champion-stat-matrix. Midlane Zyra has statistically significantly LESS deaths per game than comparable midlaners. ---- To summarize: You have the rank of a challenger, but your KDAs and general game setups (builds, champ select, etc.) don't meet with your rank. Something is off here, and I guess, when the support staff checked your games in greater detail than we here have access to, they found ot what that is.
Apparently you can't even read the statistics from the website. It says that Zyra has the 35th LEAST deaths out of all midlaners, On support, Zyra has 3rd most deaths, and she is a ranged champion. The way you said it in your first comment made it seem like you thought I wasn't challenger level, so I don't know what you're defending irrelevant points now. It's obvious that you believe I have the rank, but you don't believe I am that level, which you didn't deny in the second comment. I know how to build Zyra way better than the other players if considering the fact that I'm an unskilled player on top of that. I know efficient ways to play the game. I can kill H2K's bot lane 1v2 sometimes and sometimes I die 2v1 to a random solo queue ad carry. It has nothing to do with trying to feed them intentionally, I just play inconsistently and that's why my score is so different. Support doesn't have a major impact on the game when they are doing badly, so it's only positive that I'm getting games where I can carry hard. I'm NOT trying to hold my team back on purpose when I'm doing badly. I actually try my hardest to get carried all the time.
: I will be looking at this with a judging perspective, please bear with me. I noticed some weird things in the replay, like when you were "escaping", instead of running to the tower (which you had the opportunity to escape several times, but you started autoattacking the champions instead. However, the behavior late-game might be due to tilting, because of your unfortunate score. And the fully upgraded boots with no other items seems a bit suspicious to me, don't you think? However, I do not have the pre-game and post-game chat logs, and I do not have the rest of the information, such as the reports riot got, which may include a reason behind this. Well, if there is no evidence besides that, I wouldn't call it intentionally feeding, unless several occurrences have happened like this before. Good luck!
Stutter stepping and kiting is a basic mechanic in challenger. I was trying to hit enemies while running, which means that my auto attack is on cooldown while I'm walking. If I think that I'm going to die for sure if I keep attacking, I won't do it. It's kind of hard to estimate it without too much experience, though.
Desastrus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WmPdeg4n,comment-id=001b00000000,timestamp=2016-03-01T20:26:31.104+0000) > > Jhin mid against anivia. > Didn't buy like anything until he had money for swiftness boots, and after those he bought Cull (at like 9minutes) after dying like 6-7 times with 30 farm. > > If that's not bought account and actually challenger, then i'm faker x10 Alright. Yeah, I also noticed that he once left the base with 430 gold while only having boots of speed and doran's blade. Maybe he was already saving for boots of swiftness (?). And I didn't notice the cull when I watched it. That was the most bizarre game of the 3 that I watched.
I'm not going to wait in base for 20 gold when there are creeps dying in mid lane. Cull wouldn't change anything while getting boots 2 tier would help me escape from Anivia stun. Op gg shows that swiftness rush on Jhin gives the best win rate.
Cosmick (EUW)
: Challenger 1 and your stats are absolutely abysmal, going over your match history, in almost every single game you have XX deaths with 1-5 kills at most (The odd game here and there your score is neutral). As others have pointed out also, in some of your games you buy full upgrade on boots with no other items, and extremely low cs while having 5+ deaths already. I'll be honest, if I was handling your case, I'd also just flat out assume your either feeding intentionally all things considered, that you bought this account, or that you've been elo-boosted.., I'm leaning to the later since your mmr skyrockets in stages.
I buy 2nd tier boots because they are the most powerful item in early game for outplays. My priority as Zyra is frostfang>sorcerer's>corrupting potion, depending on how much gold I have. I never buy sorcerer's before frostfang, you can check it from my match history.
Desastrus (EUNE)
: Hi! Since I consider myself to be somebody who understands the game quite a bit, I thought I would watch some of your games and see if what you did could be considered as intentional feeding. Talking about statistics (at least the KDA's) when there are replays of those very games is entirely pointless. So I checked 3 of your games in which you had ~15 deaths and barely any kills or assists (2 Zyra games and 1 Jhin game). Before I jump to any conclusions, let me express one worry about this matter. You are Challenger. If you intentionally decide to chill and start playing like Gold, you are still guilty of intentional feeding. Why am I saying this? Because usually intentional feeding is just too obvious. The thing about your elo is that if you start playing like an average player, you WILL be feeding, but it won't be at all obvious if that's intentional. I hope we have that out of the way. So, was it obvious that you were intentionally feeding? Clearly not. These games were more or less properly played out - by that I mean it was nothing like Rammus with 6 pairs of mobies and alacrity. Now lets get to the interesting question. Were you intentionally trying to lose games by not playing as well as you could? To me the answer to that question is not clear, but I'm leaning towards a "no". Considering your elo, you were being blatantly careless at times. On the other hand, those were some of your worse games and you were playing squishy champs that had fallen behind, AND many of your deaths were caused by enemies playing it out too well and not giving you a chance to escape. Aside from that, you were still trying to last hit properly and rotate across the map instead of doing random shit to just end it. Conclusion: Considering how hard it is to conclusively say one way or the other, I doubt that the punishment is deserved. If anybody thinks otherwise, then they have a burden of proof to meet. Check the replays and try to point out where you see the "intentionality" in these deaths. While as for me, I think it's too unclear to deserve the ban. Riot themselves said that when handing out punishments it's always most important to reduce the amount of false positives. If we follow that philosophy, then clearly this should not have happened. Thanks for reading. P.S. I have to emphasize that this is only based on the 3 games that I watched. I do not know about the rest nor am I gonna watch all of them. I have better things to do with my lifetime. P.P.S. Many of you like to appeal to statistics. The thing about it is that only his KDA is bad (whatever that would even mean in high elo), the win rate is fine (50% in last 20 ranked games). It's quite hard for me to imagine somebody who could intentionally feed in Challenger and still remain there. Usually when we encounter intentional feeding it's both terrible statistics and low win rate. Furthermore, his damage is also fine, sometimes even highest on the team in spite of feeding. Now that I analyzed this more carefully, I'm completely unconvinced of the punishment. Call it an unlikely system fuck up if you want, I don't see how this is justified.
Can't really disagree with anything you said. I'm always trying to win, though. I almost never vote yes to surrender vote because I know I am better than 90% of the players in this elo and I can carry the match at all times with outplays. I have won lane several times 2v2 even after I get ganked 3 times and I go 0-3, just by playing perfectly in the 2v2 duels. It's not a problem for me to face LCS bot lane, for example. I have to admit that I'm not a good Jhin, but seriously what can I do about it? The matchmaking put me to play a role that I can't play. I am one trick pony that keeps getting Zyra support because the matchmaking almost always puts me to support role. On other roles I think I have 0% win rate, but I don't get too many games on them. On average, my team has a high chance to win with me.
: Be honest now, are you eloboosted?
No, I got the elo myself. I'm a one trick pony and there isn't a single other one trick pony Zyra besides me in challenger (nigelf 33 is my main, hasn't got banned).
: Yeah, I have seen enough. When I posted the above question, it was still early in the morning, and I didn't realise that this is a challenger account that received the punishment. There is NO WAY a challenger player can have [scores like this](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/27359788) over so many games, with such a small number of games resulting in a positive, or even balanced KDA. There also is no way a challenger player would, over every. single. game. played as Zyra, flat out refuse to update Frostfang, given the massive gold efficiency and power of Frost Queens Claim. I will watch the game you posted, but I can already imagine what I am about to see, and what the people reviewing your case saw. Punishment **DEFINITELY** deserved.
Do you think that I was eloboosted or something despite building the exact same way for every game I played? You can check every single one of those Zyra games, I stopped building frost queens after the 2 nerfs it got. I find it really hilarious that you don't believe I'm challenger level player. Frost queens is not cost effective, I'm building frostfang merely for the ability to gain gold from poking enemy. Having bad kda doesn't have anything to do with skill, I am a live proof of that. I was season 3-4 challenger too on my main, with good kdas, but that doesn't mean kda matters. As Zyra it's most of the time to die in order to win a team fight with aggressive positioning. I got season 5 challenger with absolutely terrible kda, I was challenger for 90% of the season and most of the people in high elo know me.
: You were griefing I don't care if it is 1 time, you were feeding on purpose you deserve that punishment because you put your anger at the game and ruined the game for others.
I wasn't angry at all during the game and I don't think that most of the people even reported me. I wasn't feeding on purpose. You can check the replay yourself if you don't believe me.
: 0/15 is stupid enough for ban.. when you are camped so why u go back to lane?
Yeah sure I should start roaming and ruin other people's lanes too, right?
: That explenation is just .... dafuq? So any other support wouldn't die if he facechecked into jungler/whole enemy team and ran away or what is going on? I don't get how that could be your explanation. Just ask any other challenger and more than 90% would tell you you should buy freaking sightstone it makes absolutly no sense to leave the whole warding to your jungler (or even none cause everybody has to trinketward and pink and not anything else). I kinda get the feeling you didn't get banned because of an automated system but because your team thought you were trolling like nearly every game and accumulated so many feeding reports (even if in reality it wasn't intentional) cause you have so many deaths, you seem to not talk to them and you don't buy the likely most important item on supportrole cause of a reason that (in my mind) makes absolutly no freaking sense. I mean no offense but I just can't wrap my mind around how you actually got to challenger on your own with this much understanding of the game. (I read your other answers to other people and they also seems kinda shady)
You think I have never played in challenger despite getting there? People can tell me their opinion every single game. I haven't heard almost any complaining from my team so far. It is really ineffective for Zyra to build sightstone in my opinion, and they have to rely on me as the Zyra expert.
: Lol i just noticed you play Zyra SUPPORT. Lol Dude why the heck do you NEVER buy sightstone as support? XD That's like the most important item as support. I'm getting more surprised every second that you actually got to challenger that way. Kinda makes me think you bought an ebay account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I don't buy it because I would die every time I went to ward for my team. It's only fine in late game (because my team is protecting me), where I don't even have space for it. The item is garbage on Zyra support. You can check all of my Zyra games, they are without sightstone. I wonder how I could have an ebay account.
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: Well... I know that you might not feed intentionally but... Come one my friend in every single game you have more than 15 deaths if this isn't intentionally then you really need to stop ranked games or just try not to die... And just stop playing syndra she is very squisy and you die 1 hit.
I don't play Syndra anymore, I think that she is terrible. I'm playing well enough in ranked and my team is not complaining about my deaths usually because they know it works out for me.
: Watched the Replay, wondering what the heck u were doing. - overextending like hell without any vision around your lane and no knowledge where their jungler is at (can happen once, but then you need to realize that mistake and not do it again) - not respecting Anivia when u play an immobile champ (again, can happen, but after the first time you need to realize that you have to sit your ass back)
I hardly ever play mid, I had no idea Anivia is that strong in 1v1, I thought she was late game champion. I "overextend" because I'm not good enough to look at minimap while outplaying.
Mune1One (EUNE)
: Also .. i guess u play zyra sup , like me not mid ..but you never go for sup and sightstone and red trinket .. . As zyra you should try to get kills or even double and triplekills from unwarded bushes ..you need the lvl 9 red trinket for zyra ..and you will die a lot less if you dont stay on wards ..even tho you are challenger , you cant dodge all skills ..so ..the fewer come towards you, the better ..right ? Also..get pinks .. have 1 every time if possible , you lose a lot less xp and gold than dying... Le: also pink wards are the best cause an enemy has to hit them so many times ..and you can very well use them to fish kills
Yeah pink wards are good I just forget to buy them because I'm bad. I don't need red trinket because I can't stay in brushes, enemy will just check them with skillshots. I have to ward in a brush with trinket and try to ambush enemy from side.
: 1 Question: You are Challenger, Rank 123. HOW the FUCK do you manage to go 0/15 if not intentional? You are supposed to be a god at this game wtf. Gues thats what the system thinks too.
I play a broken video game character called Zyra, it's not too hard. I was season 3 challenger on 2 accounts maining ad carry, though. I didn't have so bad kda on ad carry, but Zyra suits my style better right now. She allowed me to get challenger without almost any effort at all. Going 0/15 is possible if I'm off role and I get hard camped. Here is a replay of the game (I'm not streaming really, so it's not an advertise) http://www.twitch.tv/nigelfi/v/51688737 .
Neonchan (EUW)
: Reply to that message, the first answer is usually just a 0815 automated response or a useless first level answer. Asking back usually get's you to second level support, which can actually help you(first level usually doesn't even get access to the necessary data to check your case)
You are right, I got a better reply on my second try. I just made this forum post in case it wouldn't work at all, I had worse experience with Riot support ages ago. I kept getting automatic replies before.
: How do you die 17 times in a 27 minute game? That close to more time spend dead than in lane. I know shit can happen.. but there a 3 similarly extrem games in your history. Stop dieing so much. If you play so bad that one cant differenciate your scores from the scores of an intentional feeder... then you should really start to change that.
If I was intentionally feeding, I would have way more deaths than that. My standard is about 1 death per 2 minutes, my deaths were above average that game because it was a terrible environment. I got camped hard since level 2 without any help from team. I did talk to my team at all. How would I die under my tower if I was intentionally feeding? By staying afk?
: You die way too much man. Of course the system thinks you're a troll, even if you're just playing normally. You have an average of like 12 deaths per match, even if you're playing support that's not good at all. It shows poor positioning and poor decision making even if sometimes it pays off.
Can't go ranked? I am in challenger. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Sigmund%20Freud%20Jr . I think that I am playing really well but I die a lot.
Omnus (EUW)
: Write a ticket to support, state your case. It's your best bet. To be fair, looking at your match history, an automated system may well think that you're feeding on purpose (almost no games with a positive KDA), but a human observer would realize the opposite to be true. It's a disadvantage of automated systems. Fringe cases happen, and you just got unlucky enough to be one of them.
I did write a support ticket. The response I got was "Your account was suspended for in-game actions following a specialized audit that tracks this sort of behavior, which may include griefing other players or intentionally feeding. These actions are against the Summoner's Code and the Terms of Use, which you agreed upon when signing up for League of Legends. As a result of your actions, a two-week suspension has been placed on this account. You can consider this your only warning. Further toxicity can result in a permanent closure of your account." As if I didn't know the reason why I got banned. I really did tell that I wasn't feeding a single time in my matches, but he didn't seem to understand what I meant. He probably didn't even check my match history and thought that the system never makes errors.
Fransiee (EUW)
: Proving that someone does this on purpose is basically impossible unless you say in chat you are trolling. But I recently did have team mates that did that, reported them, but never heard about them getting punnished. RIOT needs to get their priorities straight.
They can also check my chat logs, I am absolutely never negative or give up. I try to cheer my team mates to try if they start feeling bad unless they seem really hopeless already, then I just listen to what they say and most of the time ignore if they talk to me. I don't usually mute people.
: How is it possible that u dont have ANY games with positive score?
Below 2 kda is positive, it's just my style. I die when I get caught. Most of the time my risks do pay off.
: Mind posting your reform card?
"You have received a 14-day suspension for intentional feeding following an extensive audit of your in-game behavior. When our players log into League, we want them to be able to have fun in their games. By being an intentional feeder, you have intentionally set out to ruin other players’ games. It is important to remember that retaliation is not OK in this community, and the behavior of another player does not justify your actions. For context, we have provided you with a link to the offending game below: ..." There isn't a reform card, just the message that I have been intentionally feeding.
: We pretty much all know that the system we have for punishing intentional feeders is flawed. But it really is impossible to have a system that's perfect for something that's so vague. The line between intentional feeding and having a bad game is very blurry and it's hard for software to pinpoint where your specific actions stand. But that's all we could ever hope for. There are far too many games played per day for them to be reviewed by actual Rioters. An automated system is the best we can get in our current situation. From my experience and from what I've heard about FeederBuster from both Rioters, users on the boards and on other places, **it should literally be impossible for the system to ban you for having an actual bad game.** Keyword being "should". That's because FeederBuster is just software. It doesn't have an opinion. It just crunches data from your games. It looks like you were actually having a bad game and you weren't intentionally feeding. You had damage dealt to champions which, albeit very low for a mid laner, still showed you were at least autoattacking the enemy and not just standing still waiting to die. You were CSing and going for a build, so obviously you were at least trying to win, so it looks like a plain old bad game to me. HOWEVER. There are two things I think that could have lead to your punishment. A) Are you sure that, at no point in this game or any others have you gone "I'm going to feed" in chat? Even if you didn't mean it and it was said out of frustration? The system is going to pick up a trigger like that. B) Keep in mind that _**not all of your deaths have to be intentional for FeederBuster to punish you.**_ Sometimes people lose lane really hard because they're having a bad game, issue a surrender vote and when their team refuses to surrender - they walk into the enemy team and start feeding. I've had a lot of experience with players like that. We have a bad start, we refuse to surrender and THEN they start intentionally feeding. Even if only 20% of your deaths were intentional and the rest were just down to a bad game - that's still intentional feeding. C) Dying isn't the only way to intentionally feed. If you lose lane, your team refuses to surrender and you go "open [lane]" giving your opponent the possibility to finish before 20 while you stay at base - that's also intentionally feeding. You're giving him uncontested CS and tower gold. I'm not pointing fingers and saying you did any of those. I'm just trying to help you understand your situation. If you have done any of the above, you're liable to punishment by FeederBuster. Hope this helps.
I never told I'm going to feed, I restricted myself from talking to others when I'm having a bad game, even when I think it's hard. That gives the best chance to get carried in my opinion. In that game I thought my jungler did lose that lane hard for me because he didn't gank escapeless champion that was pushing all the time, but I didn't say anything about it. I could tell him to gank mid more, but that usually leads to an argument so I didn't. I just play for fun most of the time. I never intentionally fed at any point of my matches. Not even when the game is over. I almost never give up. I try to keep people playing, even when they say open mid in all chat. I have never said open lane myself, I actually really hate people who do it and try to motivate them to get back if I can. I can kind of understand why the system would be mistaken in my case, because people really love to report feeders in my elo especially. Literally no one else plays like me in challenger. I get reported almost every game for feeding, even though it's not intentional. I never die to feed enemies. Your points were correct and could lead to ban normally. I'm absolutely sure I didn't do anything negative in my games, but I really didn't think this system would ban me purely for playing aggressively, especially when it's winning me games.
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