PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: Yes yes! I picked Shen up when he got reworked. Used to love him. I remember 3v1 in a Yasuo a Zed and a Varus back in the day. He was so fun and totally fair to play against. Unfortunately Shen isn't popular. I helped a friend climb to gold by supporting her with Shen, back in ardent meta when everyone would play Lulu and karma and I would just delete those supports at lvl2 with E and Q. As for the Azir matchup, farming is so difficult and exhausting against a good(over 20 games) Yasuo player. Since every time he gets in my face after dashing I have to be careful. I haven't played the matchup for a year or so I guess. I always ban Yasuo, but I remember that he's pretty annoying. Which also raises the question, why am I wasting Mana and try so hard to cs perfectly when I can just play Yasuo and cs perfectly without being afraid of Mana and also having the easiest csing kit in the game. AA combined with low CD Q and damaging E makes it so that I always farm better with Yasuo than with other champs at the first levels. Don't think they'll every give resource to Yasuo, remember when they wanted to five a resource bar to Riven that she had to stack? Riven mains went crazy like "I can't one shot everyone and show my alphaness with this shit, I need all dmg unlocked, now, I'm alpha 1v1 me"
yeah that actually sucks , and Riot has to keep yasuo that strong for his huge fan base to sell skins sadly
PsychoWhite (EUNE)
: Why does Yasuo always get stronger with every Crit update?
yo , I just posted two days ago about limiting yasuo by energy , mana or at least rage , to stop his trading 24/24 7/7 since a lot of champions have to back to reload every 5 mins while yasuo only backs for items or after a very (bad) fight , since good yasuos never lose 1V1's or a jungle gank. as a shen player , he is the brother of azir when it comes to getting nerfed in everysingle patch since his rework 3 years ago , he used to be a counter to yasuo , but now he is a piece of walking trash , his Q damage to minions was reduced to the ground , imagine now that you can't cs a mage minion after a tower hit before lvl 9 I guess ,and his Q slow was reduced to 15% lvl 1 , now no one knows that shen's got a slow in his Q at all . all that because he was picked a couple of times in proplay and has a lot less winrate than some champions like Sion and Camille . I guess now playing azir into yasuo is a little possible in lane since azir can farm from far away and knock him to his tower once he dashes to him , but playing shen into yasuo/riven/irelia Is just completely tragic , it's like fighting with naked hands someone with a shotgun. very huge like to your post
: Well I agree with you but not completely. The thing is that there should be some resource for him to use, but actually Yasuo is a champion with such a hard to balance kit and any small change can make him OP or unplayable. If you ask me, Garen and Aatrox should get something like mana or energy much more then Yasuo. Irelia main here btw, and with mana spending champion you can still shiit on those manaless champions if u do it right way.
There should be a way I guess , nothing is impossible for human brain . It's just that riot needs to be aware of that , and spend some time on it .
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Any Juggernaut, {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:131}} beat yasuo easily, also there are quite some interesting counters to yasuo, like: {{champion:16}} every time he dashes you get enough time to land your Q making you win all trades if he dashes towards you use E to get a confirmed root and a Q as well as basic attacks in for free. {{champion:43}} spam empowered W and only use Q in close range, he can't do anything to you {{champion:40}} you win level 1 hard, level 2 you can push the wave and get wave control forcing him to play on the backfoot as he cant trade into your shield + wave while getting cc'd so his escape slows down, if he windwalls your basic attacks you get free clear or free counterattack if he trades you, you can let him ult you at 6 while charging up a tornado at the last second knocking him up once he lands from ult and then ult him into your tower if you freeze, easy to pull off once you get the hang of it
I understand how juggernauts work against him but what do you do when playing a support champion , do you let gim push the wave or do you walk for cs with the risk of him dashing to you through minions?
: He pushes "too" well opening up opportunities to gank so I don't see why he needs to be changed at all, adjustments are needed after crit rework but apart from that just l2p. And you only play Normal games which do not give you any qualifications to talk about game balance, HOWEVER, since this is an OPINION based post I am assuming you don't think that these changes would be 100% beneficial to the game so I won't take it too seriously.
This doesn't mean anything . I'm sorry . What you are saying is a champion is not overpowered if he pushes well because he can get ganked ? And you assume that in my oppinion I don't think that the changes that I proposed would be beneficial ? Can you please precise , I'm I wrong or not ? And please don't underestimate me because I spam normals currently . Thx
: I just tried to play warwick today..
warwick is the best jungler in this season , he is so tanky , his W passive and active are so broken , you can spot enemies with low health hidden in bushes you can chase them with your speed , you can tank so much damage and heal with your Q , your E gives you so much tankiness and fears people in zone + you can clear jungle so fast , you don't need a leash at lvl 1 , you can 1V1 every jungler in the game , and don't expect warwick to oneshot people with his Q , he is not an assasin , I personally think warwick deserves a nerf because now playing against a warwick is a nightmare. just watch some youtube bro , quick tips to play him : start on blue to get mana regen , to spam Q on camps , play so aggressive early and look to take your enemy jungler camps , you don't have to worry about meeting the enemy jungler you can just kill him , just don't get yourself cought in 1V2's , when you have your ult try to cc the most fed enemy in team fights . allways press E and W before you gank any lane to get your fear and the speed on . as for the build : IF you are ahead get tiamat then titanic hydea if an ad enemy is fed build armor , if an ap enemy is fed build Magic ressist . never dive low health enemies unless you are sure they don't have flash / or escapes / or mana and that you are tanky enough to tank some towershots . there are a lot of champions that deserve buff , but warwick is not one of them
Aye Sir (EUW)
: A counter to yasuo? malph,rammus, champs with high mobility/wave clear to limit his dashes/champ with alot of stuns. Not too hard to counter an average yasuo player,but if you get an advantage on him,bully him. If he gets full build doesn't mean it's lost, CCs are your best friend,just think about what you are doing and what you should do. Ah you should learn on how to farm with AutoAttacks because if you always ran out of mana it's because you are not used to farm with aas. This is obviously my personal opinion so if you disagree with me feel free to say it. Sorry for my not perfect english and have a good day :D.
I understand that in game I don't have to 1V1 yasuo most of the times I just have to let him push and farm undertower , there are some good champions to 1V1 him I guess , for example I can just pick kayle and block his ult or jayce and knock him back when he dashes into me , or maybe just farm safely with ranged autoattacks , this is not my main issue , the problem is when I 1V1 a friend or someone in the ARAM map , it's just impossible , I quickly run out of mana and then it's lost . I do a little better with energy champions like zed or akali , but still his passive blocks my poke , and his dashes are fatal . I remmember the only time I've beaten a good yasuo 1V1 was with the old Shen xd before his nerfs , I just kept taunting him into my tower and blocking his aa's , but I think I can't do it agains't a better yasuo player , since then I just get distroyed in 1V1's , as you said a good yasuo player is unbeatable no matter how good is the one facing him , this is what seems a little bit unbalanced for me . btw your english is better than mine obviously xD .
: I see where you are coming from but Riot would need to be careful. The aim would be to reduce Yasuo's effectiveness without changing his playstyle. Just slapping a mana or energy bar onto him would (in my opinion) fundamentally change his playstyle.
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: What is your dream team (champion-wise)?
THIS team is straight up unbeatable {{champion:98}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:497}} heavy engage / cc + 3 tp ULTs , shen and galio 5 men taunts , Rakan group charm + mf GROUP ult , I imagine a fight around baron
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I quit reading when a global shield+TP is the same as a skill shot shield.
when you play supp and u ult your adc , you tp to where you were , and you waste your time channeling while lux can ult multi targets twice without channeling , this is what I meant and that was why I said shen supp is a waste of the champion kit
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I quit reading when a global shield+TP is the same as a skill shot shield.
when you play supp and u ult your adc , you tp to where you were , and you waste your time channeling while lux can ult multi targets twice without channeling , this is what I meant
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: The damage and wave clear part is right but the worst stats part is quite exaggerated don't you think? I don't think anyone plays him top as well, he became more of a support than top laner...
I'm not exagerating you can check it by yourself ^^ , and shen is a garbage support in this meta since he is an all in supp and he get poked like hell by meta supports + in botlane he doesn't get that much gold to build properly and as I said his base stats is trash so all his tankiness comes from his itemisation, imagine playing against lucian and brand , should he go for mr or armor? if you build armor brand will shredd you and vice versa , also I think there are some supports with the same playstyle but more effective , aka leona .
: 1) Urgot would like to disagree. He wins most matchups into conqueror users without taking the rune himself. But then, urgot wins basically every matchup. 2) How is it a problem if tanks lose lane? They have a gigantic teamfight presence, more than any bruiser could ever hope to achieve. They have obscenely high base damage, which means they often deal more damage while building full defense than champs who actually buy offensive items, due to defensive items being way more efficient than damage items early in the game. Tanks need to have weak points other than "welp, just beg you reach 50 minutes where you can maybe think about considering to fight this guy in the split push without getting instantly two shotted". Conqueror provides just that weak point. OR of course you nerf tanks' base damage across the board while giving them more survivability so they can actually be what they were supposed to be.
SHEN is a tank , he got worst base damage than all bruisers , less damage when building tank items , 0 wave clear , worst base stats (armor , mr , hp ) an irelia lvl 0 has more hp than shen lvl 1 and so are most bruisers , and finally shen loses most , if not all matchups , and can't farm undertower due to his nefed Q so he is obliged to build tiamat instead of sustain items , and on his lore shen is based on balance , (welcome to the balance ) :D
: Yasuo main here! Yasuo is a skill-based champ. this means that, of you are good with him, you can basically kill anyone, but if you are new to him, you will pretty much int whole game. Now i understand why you think his passive and wall are overpowered. But these abilities are easily baitable. just autoattack once and you destroy his shield, and you can bait the windwall by, for an example, throwing 1 ability out. alot of yasuo mains or yasuo players will want to block the damage by windwalling. due to the high cooldown on the ability, you can do an all-in after the wall runs out. In your example you were playing annie. i do not understand how you did not win. yes, annies abilities are mostly projectiles and blockable by the windwall, but your cooldowns are not high at all, which means that after he uses it, you can throw everything you got at him. what makes annie such a threat to yasuo is the huge range advantage you have, and the fact you have a stun and a huge fking bear slapping the shit out of him. What i am trying to say is, good yasuo players are perfectly capable of winning against an annie, but annie players are perfectly capable of killing yasuo aswell. you just gotta know how to play against him. just autoattack to break his passive, and try baiting his windwall by poking continiously.
yasuo is a counter-mage ^^ in a fight between a good yasuo and a good annie , yasuo will win , his dashes are very scary and annie should play far behind to avoid an all in from yasuo , basically he can dash twice into the wave and the poor annie is dead , she does have her stunn to counterplay that , but good yasuo's don't use their windwall unless annie has her four stacks , so they block her stunn and she is dead :) , yes yasuo is kinda broken right , his pickrate is high , his ban rate is high in all elos , he is a counter to a lot of champions , he can play 3 roles ( top mid and bot , and counters all botlaners ) now and I think a nerf might be a good idea ^^ also I forgot to mention that he has only few counters ( akali , mordekaiser , kayle ) .
Murdarici (EUNE)
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: This is actually false rofl, shen rn if played properly can dish out good damage with Q and after that a good E+Q can chunk most laners
I think what I wrote was clear enough , but Imma say it again , I'm not complaining about Q damage to champions but to minions cuz now you can't cs casters after towerhits until lvl 11 and/or Tiamat.
: They nerfed his Q to be exactly as you described so it was 100% intended, but yeah.. my mastery points stood as they were ever since, I'd love to get my Shen back but nah, I'm not touching him in that state, Rito can suck a D lol.
really feelsbad man , I hope that proplayers get their own nerfed shen while they revert the old Q in soloQ xd lol
: Does Darius, Irelia or Garen gain an ultimate that changes the course of a fight though? HIs Ult is %%%%ing massive - he's not just fighting for himself - you can't reasonably argue that he's a 1v1 laner with that ult. So maybe, just maybe - don't compare him to actual laners. You can't have that kind of ult + having a reasonable 1v1 laning phase. You just can't.
bro u missunderstood everything ^^ , first thing if you read properly you'll notice that I'm Talking about his cs , I ain't asking for increasing his 1V1 , I know that his ult is strong , but that being said if shen has a weak 1V1 in lane then he will be pushed to his tower , and while he's pushed to his tower he doesn't have enough damage to kill minions after towerhits , so what we are asking for is some sort of farming ability on Q or at least , increasing his q Damage so that I can farm underturret, the thing is , his early game is so confusing in the current meta , it's either you rush tanky items not to die in lane and have 20 farm in 10mins , or you get a tiamat to farm and increase your ad damage to minions and get blown up under your tower while the enemy laner scale correctly with his easy farming abilities and a free lane against shen ^^ . I hope you understood . if not go training mode pick shen , wait for wave to come across tower and try to cs .
: > [{quoted}](name=noobitup,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=3dAx0ydB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-30T14:05:41.501+0000) > > what if his E was a frontflip now that's a neat idea
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Can you please disable Xerath from ARAM
the most unfair champion is the whole game is this {{champion:157}} and this{{champion:3}} end
: Mhmm, that is the main reason I fell out of playing Shen. His farming is fine when you're not pushed into your tower, but in too many match ups that happens and it's just frustrating missing cs simply because he is so Item dependent in his farming. It's just not fun when Riot removed the bonus damage to no champions (which scaled off of the ability's level) with a based damage scaling off your overall level... and then nerfing the base damage to nonexistence like honestly wtf is 5 based damage per hit between level 1-3? Thank god Nautilus' farming is still pretty reliable, sure he's not really meta as a top lane pick anymore but at least he can farm very well under tower and doesn't need Tiamat to actually push the wave.
Infernape (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VjL3XOEH,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-30T16:28:46.925+0000) > > Then I guess the problem comes from you having trouble to last hit and deal with your lane opponent {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Shen cannot last hit with his Q under turrets until he nearly maxes it and/or gets a Tiamat/Hydra. Riot messed with the base damage on it. The way his kit is, he naturally gets pushed under turret by the meta top laners.
: Then I guess the problem comes from you having trouble to last hit and deal with your lane opponent {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
before I answer you you can pick shen and go training mode and cs undertower , don't miss any cs , then imagine this with a teemo in your lane :) I get 200 cs + with ekko irelia jayce mf everygame.... and I have mastery 7 at them but with shen it is 90 in 20 mins then I start csing well when I get hydra
: It's not the biggest buff of course. That much is clear. It might not sound like a lot but buying it sooner means that you're stronger earlier in the game and you can also use that gold for the next item.
sure but I would struggle for getting the gold to buy it in early game anyway so :x
: They were talking about the reduction of the cost of {{item:3068}} which is something he will benefit from. And they did that in 9.2 .
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: ARCLIGHT SHEN SKIN! - League Of Legends
what if his E was a frontflip
Redneca (EUNE)
: {{champion:98}} Yea, With the past three nerfs, The bonus DMG on Q and the slow , i really feel like riot does not want Shen and there are a lot of Shen Mains, I mean the guy is a Ninja xD But nonetheless they really need to buff him, What can we do to make him playable again i think they just need to revert his Bonus dmg on his Q and the slow when you drag your sword through the enemy, He cant farm well, you need a Tiamat{{item:3077}} if you farm well, a lot of the other champions, who are not melee or have a poke ability(So almost all of them) they hurt Shen a lot and its frustrating when you love a Champion but you cant play him because you will lose... PLEASE RIOT HELP SHEN OUT WE WILL BE GRATEFUL{{champion:98}}
the thing is that I get a lot of dislikes in my posts from people who just heard about shen without even seing what I'm talking about , they be like nah you don't play shen well while if they watch the video, there are clearly a lot of problems with the actual shen
: I m full agree with you bro Shen must be a good melee toplaner duelist that have a real late game utility like true toplaners should be and i say true toplaners (not cancer Kennen, Cassio, Gnar and all these bullsh*t ranged champions) and not a support, those kinds of gameplay just miss so hard actually, they are replaced by "win lane loose game" and that s really bad tho. #MakeShenGreatAgain #MakeToplaneGreatAgain #MakeLeagueGreatAgain
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Well tanks right now are really useless.Because truth dmg..etc. And shen will always be in a shit spot.Especially for solo que.But hei..its nice to see evry game same champs right.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
there are some tanks that are in a good spot like illaoi .... but still a lot of tanks are useless in solo Queue in this meta
: Looks like Kiandymundi art Edit: no i didnt read the next nor the vid
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BooM2003 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kian987,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Ifensp0V,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-09T02:07:59.276+0000) > > > Dear RIOT, Shen sucks and I mean it. In pro-play with teams full of premades he could be fine but for the 99.9% of player base, for people like me that play with random strangers, he sucks. **Did you know that?** > > Thanks! 50% of the champions suck and are unplayable and haven't seen anyone complain
man , I'm a shen main , I spam him in ranked , soloQ , I can say that all champions can bully him easily , while he , against majority of matchups can't even farm if oppenent plays well no matter what you do or how , I know that due to shen's ult being so powerful if used correctly , RIOT makes his laning trash , however , so many champions like karthus , trynda , illaoi , master yi , have really stronger ult's , if shen is able to turn a 1V1 into 1V2 once in 120 seconds , illaoi , trynda , can 1V3 yi can 1V5 easily , karthus can pentakill without even being there , darius passive + ult are hella strong . pyke is a perfect champion , he is so slippery , tons of cc's slows , his ult can be used multiple times and shares gold with the assisters . in addition there are a lot of other champions that can tp and turn 1V1s into 1V2 or more just like shen (pantheon , galio , ryze , ) and they are a lot , like a LOT stronger than shen , let's talk about Galio who 's a tank too , he got a taunt , a dash and a RANGED ABILITY , why RIOT do not nerf him to the point that he's not able to lasthit mage minions undertower ?? , yeah talking about this issue which a lot , like every single shen main struggles with , shen is a trash laner , right we got that , but why in the name of god RIOT nerfed his Q? now , I allways be pushed to my tower , waiting for towerhits to do the damage so I can lasthit , but yaay I don't have enough damage , before the Q 3 aa solved that , but now , you can't lasthit mage minions without tiamat which is also an issue , let me explain : tiamat gives AD , shen 's ult shield was nerfed , and almost does a riven E shield or a lux W , it scales with AP , so IF you want to protect your allies by ulting , you need to build AP , your aa scales with AD which is your main source of damage , Q adds AP damage , E deals AD damage , JUST WHAT is that , what should I build AD or AP ? non of them allows me to farm , with both of them I get bullied in lane , only AD deals a tiny amount of damage , and only AP scales the R up to the point which the protected ally don't die . back to the R shield nerf . RIOT declares that shen is mainly a tank splitpusher that joins teamfights by ulting , the thing is the shield now is so tiny that most of the times the ally dies , the teleportation councels , this happens everytime I ult an ally who currently needs the ult , now everytime I split , I need to ult someone out of the fight who does not neccesairly need it just to be able to spawn there , which makes the shield super useless , and as I said , to make it useful build AP and be worthless . also in 1V1 situations after seing shen's ult , the oppenents runs away from the target protected , this ally runs too because if he doesn't then he dies due to the little shield , eitherways shen cannot kill the oppenent , he can't chase him with his small ranged E , which by the way is the only mobility shen has and it has 20seconds cooldown at lvl 1 and 10 at lvl 5 , do you know how many times shen can die before his dash comes of cooldown? let's talk now about his Q , which additionally to the AP useless damage , and the 35% unnoticible slow that lasts a fraction, it is so, so ,so ,so ,so hard to place in , in fact , you have to rotate all around your target in 180 degrees to get the slow in , I personnaly find the old Q a lot easier , it helped to farm , and to poke . i consider the Last Rework more like a nerf . the W has also large cooldown , useless against champions who deal damage with abilities , it lasts only for one autoattack or two depending on attackspeed , and CANNOT BE used on allies since shen can only bring his sword towards him and not towards his allies who really needs protection . conclusion ; shen is a protective who can't protect , he was made to play 3 roles (top , jgl , supp) and he is bad att 3 of them , he is trash earlygame , trash in mid game , and because the farm is hard , he is trash in late game too. If someone can contact meddler , please do , I have a little proposition that can fix all these weaknesses without strenghtning him so much ; simply if the Q ( the sword , can be moved , instead of being brought , it will be a lot easier to get the W in time to protect allies , a lot easier to slow enemies hit by it , and if they add a tiny damage to minions , to the slow, it will help lasthitting a lot , I don't think it would be broken , but instead it will fix shen's stupid kit ) I still feel bad about the R shield and the ap scaling , but yeah if they increase it , shen would bully everyone in high elo , so I'm fine with it , but two things need to be fixed really soon , lasthitting , and the (Q+W).
: I farming under turret using his Q. Melee minions are easy since they require just 2 tower shot and 1 basic to die. But Mage minions require 1 tower shot or 2 autos. Which is quite easy to do. But if you want an easier way to do it, you can just use your 3 empowered shots to kill them faster and reseting the minion wave. Also yes, I farm mostly below turret when Im against a fighter like irelia or Fiora, since they destroy me. But if I play against a Riven (Easy win for a Shen) You can easily just outtrade her and maybe even kill her most of the time. Usually I save my ult until I see that my team gets in a 4vs4 and needs a 5th to push for objetive. I never use ult in the scenerio to get my teammate a chance to live, nor a kill for myself. Since letting a winning matchup linger away is the same thing as intentionally losing. Better to crush your opponent than to him win. I will add a thing to you doe, that I made the mistake of doing multiple times. NEVER EVER PUT SHEN AGAINST A JAYCE OR JAX. Unless you legit wanna to crawl out a hole at midnight. I never ever win against a Jayce. But I never see Jayce is low elo so he isn't worth being banned, but Jax on the other hand..
teemo , jax , darius too are unwinnable no matter what you do .
: > [{quoted}](name=noobitup,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3vwwXAeY,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-15T21:38:17.593+0000) > > I wish I could Haha, my man, absolutely no problem. I'm curious if you mean it though. Just post a thread about the challenge on the boards tomorrow evening. And/or create a custom game with the title "1vs1 PLAT+ Shen Mains only". I'd love to watch :), just add me and give me a sign.
With pleasure add noobitup I'm free today
noobitup (EUW)
: Ahahaha ,I'm not gonna debate on that, but I just want to ask you , how do you find farming undertower without tiamat? , do you kill a minion after towerhit? . I personnally try to play safe and wait for enemies mistakes , or my jungler , but after certain amount of time farming undertower I find a huge gap between our farm , then all of a sudden the opponent start diving me undertower and killing me .
Probably Riot want an overall pressure champion to have a trash laningphase but they have to fix his damage to minions for sure
: I can't show you sir.. Since you are much lower in overall skill level than me. I would beat you in just plain execution. Sorry... Also Shen doesn't win in single combat against Irelia. But due to Irelia being a over aggressive champions, it's easier to punish her as Garen/Shen than any other champion. Like I said above I win against even Akali's and irelia without effort, because I don't put effort into dueling them, just like I said. I win the game by just waiting for them to be stupid and extend the laning phase more than they should. Also Punishing someone with Shen's Q is extremely stupid in term of his damage. Oh also if you are gonna tell me, I am a chicken for not fight you. It won't work on me. I am a tilt proof person.
Ahahaha ,I'm not gonna debate on that, but I just want to ask you , how do you find farming undertower without tiamat? , do you kill a minion after towerhit? . I personnally try to play safe and wait for enemies mistakes , or my jungler , but after certain amount of time farming undertower I find a huge gap between our farm , then all of a sudden the opponent start diving me undertower and killing me .
: Only Mastery 6? And only 120k? I have 300k and hasn't even mastered his kit completely... And played his since season 2.
You just said you haven't played him since season 2 ? , other than that we can do a 1v1 you pick shen I pick irelia or another toplaner and show me what you got
Wen294 (EUW)
: Hmk in that case you're probably doing something in a suboptimal way. For S+ you need to be top 5% or something for a specific game in terms of stats on that champ. Meaning that on shen you're underperforming in comparison to other shen mains basically. So long as that's the case there's room for improvement on the champ. You tried watching some streams of pro players or whatever and see how they handle things like in-lane farming and splitpushing? I think improving on those 2 points would help you quite a lot getting through the game in 1 piece and having a presence in the game. Map awareness for ult/TP plays are pretty important on shen tho, even during (or especially during) splitpushing.
I'm following tricky travster ,xPetu , roy the royal boy on youtube , these 3 are best shen players in Na I do just what they do , btw they all complain abt some weiknesses the actual shen has
: When you are playing as shen you are not supposed to carry the game but protect others from dying. I think that you know that beacuse you are a shen main.
As shen you will not allways be protecting your allies , the cooldown on R is so long , the W is useless against abilities and has little duration and hard placement , most of the time you will be splitting and fighting for your own . This is where the problem is.
: If Shen is so weak in laningphase, why don't you challenge some high elo shen mains to a 1 vs 1 :D
: And that is the problem, everyone wants to carry and no one wants to play as a team. Shen is fine, he is not a carry but he can be an essential team member.
I don't mean by carrying having 30 kills , I know that a tank gets more assists and I'm fine with it , but the champions has no tankiness , no waveclear , he can't farm under tower before lvl 9 or 10 (say a minion gets under tower and gets one towerhit , shen can't cs it , he needs two or three aa to get him , the only way to get farm is by using 1aa and 1 tiamat or hitting minion before towershot and after , which means you will miss the following minion due to tiamat cd . When shen is behind at csing he will only feed due to his weak mobility and E cooldown and unutil W or stay watching behind without leaving an impact on the game , Without mentionning that due to shen allways being pushed to his tower , if he throws an ult bot , he will lose his tower , so he allways stick to tp and flash , which makes him even weaker against ignite opponents.
: I main Shen and he is a very safe pick in a lot of matchups. In gold you can still carry with him due to strong laningphase and global threat, surely you can do that below too.
Strong laningphase ? Are you sure you talk about shen? , shen has the slowest farm ingame , a 1combo skillshot that is hard to place and easy to escape , his cooldowns are above the clouds. Almost all comments were like man shen is so strong he is the best dualist he is good at everything , I don't understand , I get everytime bullied in lane with shen by silver players , while I can win my lane easily and carry with other champions like darius and chogath , there are very rare matchups where I can farm with shen a little like riven , but kn the overall he is bad rn.
: You should try him on support, he is stronger with someone
> [{quoted}](name=TheInvisible,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3vwwXAeY,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-15T18:11:59.707+0000) > > You should try him on support, he is stronger with someone I did , it is better for sure but I don't like the role where you depend on your adc. Being able to carry a game is the fun part of Lol.
: I'll take your opinion on a champ seriously only if you have 200k+ and are Gold or higher. Not that I will ignore it if you're under that but it will be taken with a grain of salt... That's just me however.
> [{quoted}](name=Qui Gon Jhin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3vwwXAeY,comment-id=00000000000200000000,timestamp=2018-12-15T17:00:32.803+0000) > > I'll take your opinion on a champ seriously only if you have 200k+ and are Gold or higher. Not that I will ignore it if you're under that but it will be taken with a grain of salt... That's just me however. Say I got to gold tomorrow , what would it change :x I'm good at the game , I know myself , I ward correctly , know where to engage and where to disengage , the reason why I don't climb is because shen was the first champion I bought , I love his design , his skins are super beautiful I wanted so bad to take him further , I spent so much time training, but sadly his gameplay needs some fixs.
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