: I think Jax has most similarities. He lacks sustain element but this is sort of mitigated by his Counter Strike negating some of incoming damage as well as bonus resistances from activating the Grandmaster's MIght. He can use a simiplar trade pattern - jumping in with CC (Leap + Counter Strike) and using empowered auto attacks to chunk the opponent. Obviously he can't dive with it as easily as Aatrox due to lack of revive. I think that if you consider auto attacks as core for Aatrox playstyle then maybe Fiora could be considered a bit like him, but less so than Jax I believe.
Yeah I think Jax is the most similar. I've had some success with Olaf as well but I don't think he's as similar as Jax is.
: {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} These are (almost) all the (melee, with the slight expection of Kayle) champs that are, or have been, or that can still be, focused around AAing opponents to death. Some are considered mainly junglers, who could infact be a thing for {{champion:266}} too. Some of the got sustain through AAs, or through something else. A totally different side of similarity, is {{champion:75}}. It's a champs based on LS too, who is rewarded with extra damage for diligent farming, so that he can build tanky and survive enough to possibly LSing back to full life (not mentioning oneshotting people in the process). Not really like {{champion:266}}, but more solid as a LS-based champ concept, because being tanky, and it's ult, prevent a single CC to screw {{champion:75}} completely as it would screw {{champion:266}} (no AAs, no healing).
Thanks for the detailed reply. I haven't really thought of nasus to be similar to Aatrox before but now I see that you are right. As for the other champs I mained 4 of them and played all except Kayle and Noct at some point on a different acc xD so I can definitely see that you are onto something. Thanks alot again!
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: Literally any champion that auto attacks someone to death.
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: Honor 3
That's probably because getting honored increases your bar that needs to be filled in order to rank up honor and getting reported reduces it. If he didn't play it's quite possible that since he has very little games played that a big percentage of his games were with no reports but with honors. If it even works like this.
: Pantheon
Don't really mind any potential gameplay changes. I just wish that they did something about the size of his feet, each foot seems bigger than his head. A visual update would be great. They wouldn't even need to change the design itself, just fix the proportions to something believable.
: Janna's W (how to make it less annoying)
I don't think Janna can 1v1 the adc in 95% of the situations. "But I do think her W should deal true damage and work globaly like karthus ult as well as applying liandry's DoT effects while spawning Shaco's W every 0.35 sec in front of the target and Teemo's R behind of it refreshing liandry's effects upon activating either of the traps." Naah, just make it a skillshot or remove the passive part entirely. Her winrate would drop significantly.
: Adding a System For Free Name Changes?
You already get 3 free refunds for even the stuff you didn't buy with real money, so it would seem extreemely logical that you get 1 free refund for your name. Valve already does this and it's limitless, too bad that DotA2 sucks...


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