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Temahri (EUW)
: [EUW] Team Mudkip Recruitment
: My opinion on the 5.16 patch relative to champions/meta
what should you build on renekton now then?
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TornoX01 (EUNE)
: We All Came Here To Get Better ( Ranked Team For All Div )
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: We have a detailed guide about how to troubleshoot low fps issues [here]( I know it's a bit lengthy, but make sure to go through every step to cover everything. Hope this helps!
Thanks for the reply Minelwen, I will try a few of these options out - I think it might be a heat thing as since i'm on holiday I have been playing a little too much and of course it is summer as well. I'll check for corrupt files, change quality settings and try to help cool down my computer tomorrow morning. Thanks once again for your help! -ocean
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xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=fXZJfoHl,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-07-20T15:26:12.326+0000) > > Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and delete "Game.Cfg". Try a custom game - this should resolve that one hopefully. > > What's your monitors resolution set to, and what is your ingame resolution set to normally? hmpf i just found Navigate to: harddrive/program files/league of legends/config/ inside is a file called 'game.cfg' Delete it. Run the launcher. Launce the game. Play a custom game with just you. Set your screen resolution and settings to what you prefer. The game should remember it now. but as always, u be faster :D
It fixed both of the problems thanks so much!!!!
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=oceansrevenge,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=fXZJfoHl,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-07-20T15:23:41.861+0000) > > since changing that everytime i go in game my monitor says "out of range" in red writing on a black background.... Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and delete "Game.Cfg". Try a custom game - this should resolve that one hopefully. What's your monitors resolution set to, and what is your ingame resolution set to normally?
It fixed both of the problems thanks so much!!!!
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Have you tried changing the resolution, or playing in window mode etc?.
since changing that everytime i go in game my monitor says "out of range" in red writing on a black background....
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Have you tried changing the resolution, or playing in window mode etc?.
no, but I have reset all the settings which didnt change anything just tried it, it shrunk the entire window but it kinda worked not like it has been for the last year though
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: how to play khazix 1.khazix strong 1 vs 1 ,so take advantage of this.go for level 2 invades (doesn't matter if u are blue/red side)..just do it dude,,u will get kills;)..u need balls to do this 2.always buy this items(sweepers,pink and green ward at your first back) 3.try to destroy the enemy jungle. this is what khazix does dude..just walk in their jungle..u should be able to win most matches;)
i normally just farm my own jungle and gank every now and again i will try and play more aggressive thanks!
: How to climb elo? Let me google that for you:
not with an elo boost -_- by myself, where is the sense of achievement in that....
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LA Reborn (EUW)
: Then people with earlier bad connection would just get punished and never be able to play ranked, even if they fixed their internet..
well not if they play 20 normals after fixing their internet, maybe not 20 I see your point im just trying to throw some ideas out there ;)
LA Reborn (EUW)
: How would they decide how big of a % chance u have to dc? Besides there can always happen something. :p
I dunno like maybe analyse match history last 20 games how many dc's something like that
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: I find it funny everybody is saying rengar xD but his jump is targeted and khazixes is not what you need to look for is something similar to kha'zixes kit or just something you enjoy playing and different from kha'zixes kit
Sieptium (EUW)
: Well if you're looking for champions _like_ Kha {{champion:121}} . Then you're looking for assassins. Zed {{champion:238}} , Akali {{champion:84}} and Leblanc {{champion:7}} are all in this category. If you're looking for specific things like, ability to jungle/jump reset then the list becomes a lot bigger. Tristana {{champion:18}} has a similiar jump reset like Kha has. A few champions are jungler assassins (or can be used that way), such as: Nocturne {{champion:56}}, Nidalee {{champion:76}}, Rengar {{champion:107}} and Shaco {{champion:35}}. As a former Kha player myself I've found Lissandra {{champion:127}} and Pantheon {{champion:80}} as new fun champions to play around with. They're not like Kha at all, but from a player that likes to play Kha, I like to play these too, so they're worth a try. Unfortunately there's no champion quite like Kha. He has the jump reset, the divide damage boost and evolving, all very unique abilities.
I think im gonna try nida but im defo gonna try out panthion and liz now thanks^^
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Fenix9 (EUW)
: i think it's intended, and someone actually evolves ult instead of other abilities???
ult can be useful for the movement speed is great in fights and dodging stuff
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Hey dude so cool your doing this :) Hired Gun Lucian Guardian of the sands kha'zix dragon slayer braum thanks dude :) (fingers crossed I win){{item:3070}}
: 647 Games Restricted Chat??? Lol???
you could have just ignored the adc bad score you didn't have to mention it - everyone has bad days/games maybe he/she was trying a different champ. (not blaming you though) in the future maybe give the adc a few pointers or help :)
Rexxaro (EUW)
: I hope they nerf him further and next I hope they nerf zed, Katarina, leblanch and every other uncounterable champion
He is weak right now in early clear and has to have an amazing early game to snowball and be useful... he dosn't need nerfs it's hard enough playing him right now
neziaR (EUNE)
: Elohell
In this case i'm low elo so maybe don't take my advice but if your this good then why didn't you place higher during your first 10 games? chose a champ/role half of which you have already done play a ton of normal's and you just have to try and carry your team, if their toplane is 12-0 rotate around them, know when their tp is up/down and punish their team for it. Get towers and global gold to try and help your teammates advance and become stronger. In low elo what I have found is that objectives are key - also try to control the pace of the game tell your team not to go running off into the fog of war, tell them farm up, play defensively and pick your fights or try to find picks of the enemy team out of position. Hope I helped and all of this isn't rubbish.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Or just do URF with him and voila free perfect practice where you can just concentrate on the combos without worrying about cooldowns. Ward trinkets cooldowns lower too!
ima do that now great idea thanks!
: Sure, I always enjoy helping other players as much as I can :)
Just wondering are there any tips you could give me on kha'zix as well? :) and is a good idea to build ur jungle item - boots - brutilizer - hydra - lw - upgrade brut? then tankier?
: I suggest playing a few custom games to practice hitting your Q's (on minions), making best use of his passive (especially in jungle), and advanced moves like flash-kicking or ward jump-kicking enemies in your team. Once you get comfortable with his spells, you are good to go. For items, buy a Hydra for sustain and waveclear and a Black Cleaver or Last Whisper for some armor penetration. If your team is not doing too well or you aren't snowballing you should prioritize on getting some tanky items. Keep in mind he falls off quite hard late game, where his ultimate is his most important spell now that his attack speed slow was removed. Use it to peel for your team, initiate a fight by picking someone off or just knocking the whole enemy team up.
okay thanks ill do that now :) can I add u on lol incase I have any other questions?
: Out of the two, Udyr scales better than Volibear with a bit of damage, Volibear deals more damage if both are built really tanky. They both get kited around a lot but Udyr has an easier time getting and sticking onto people. Volibear is strong in teamfights, Udyr is a great split pusher. Both are best if built as off-tanks, you are probably looking for a bruiser. I suggest you try these Junglers: **Gragas, Hecarim (!), Jax, Lee Sin (will take some practice), Pantheon, RekSai, Trundle, Warwick, Wukong, Xin Zhao, Elise, Nocturne.** Hecarim is really strong right now, f.e. due to his versatility, but better as top laner. I hope I was able to help you :)
I think I'll go for lee as he kind of suits the same style of kha'zix and the more I play him he should also help me with my kha'zix playstyle - do you have any tips on making him easier to learn or just stick to it and play him alot?
wdtk (EUW)
: I know a few tricks about streaming, having learnt them from the top streamers... It is important to play the game you enjoy - that way your viewers will be more entertained since you will know more about it so your viewers will return. If you are streaming League Of Legends, you should try to be one of two things: entertaining - if you are not at a high elo then it is perfectly possible to be successful if you know how to keep people watching - or good at the game. In that case, people can learn from you and will come back to see you play. Primarily, be yourself. People will be able to tell if you are acting and will just prefer you to behave normally. Those are the main things (in my opinion) for streaming on the practical side. I would also recommend playing music on your stream - this will help keep your viewers entertained if it is the background. It is important to get the sound balance right - you don't want your voice drowned out but you want to hear the music. Fiddle around with the volume settings for a bit to get it right. If you are wondering what software you should use, there are several options. The one that I use along with far better streamers is obs(open broadcasting software). It is completely free and lets you easily set up different things; a follower/subscriber alert and layout. You can customize everything freely. There is also xsplit that can be used for streaming and making videos. Check out their website for more details. There are more but others tend to have a fee attached to them, so I will leave the further research to you. Good luck!
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urgot and sona = death, the tower dives are insane
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: oops i just read this i'll ad u in cleint
: [JUNGLER] Season 5 Master [other account] currently D1
yo man sorry I don't have a team or anything just asking if you could give me some kha'zix help i'm silver 3 too low for my liking and main him. (mainly what to do in early game) thanks dude!
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Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
man just had a great game on solo q didnt do well and dc for first 5 mins team really supportive people like them and you are what make this game worth playing :) #niceguy
: Best name for Kata main? Best one gets a mystery skin! :D
shunpoof katacarry katakill mercyful kata4lyfe kata le swag
cheska (EUW)
: looking for a group of people to make fun videos with
I have been making some videos too this sounds cool, euw: oceansrevenge youtube:
: right now I spam shen top wanting to learn renekton but Im not sure who I should main? and yea I have skype :D add me on lol and Ill send u it
also a bit of darius :) thanks!
: Hey man I main top :) I am gold 3 I could help you out if you want ? who are your main champions and do you have Skype ?
right now I spam shen top wanting to learn renekton but Im not sure who I should main? and yea I have skype :D add me on lol and Ill send u it
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