: maybe not better but definitely not worse. i would say that arguing what a drunk person should do is pointless because they are likely going to do something silly anyway, BUT arguing what they should not do would atleast offer some potential damage control.
in regards to reporting id say leave em be unless they are actively abusive (or playing ranked). you can always count on loss of logical behavior but if they arent actually breaking any of the reportable offenses (which being drunk isnt) you are just making your future reports less credible.
: I'd say ruining a normal isn't much better than ruining a ranked game
maybe not better but definitely not worse. i would say that arguing what a drunk person should do is pointless because they are likely going to do something silly anyway, BUT arguing what they should not do would atleast offer some potential damage control.
: Is feeding drunk toxic?
i would say playing ranked while drunk is inconsiderate behavior. otherwise it doesnt matter as long as you behave, though there is a point of drunkness where i dont see the point of even playing.
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: yi deserves a nerf
*rageblade deserves to be removed or reworked again.
Leptyx (EUW)
: [Poll] To players who want to play only one role (e.g: mid) : would you rather ...
i still find it very inportant to know how to play EVERY role to some extent, knowing the options and actions of your teammates in different situations is very helpfull.
Sinitar (EUW)
: Alternative udyr-nerf/change
it have become quite a theme for the balance team to directly nerf the strong champions instead of the item/masteries they are abusing and its pissing me off. started already back with the cinderhulk, and it needs to stop or they will achive an even more limited meta due to champions getting dumbstered like {{champion:113}} when the balance shift a new direction. (mage update in summer)
shaunika (EUW)
: recommend me a midchamp
ahri and lux. lux is a glasscanon mage with alot of utility. ahri is a assasin/mage hybrid that always will be viable.
: Can we tone down Iceborn gauntlet for ranged champions?
the only reason its not melee only is because riot wants to support blue ezreal as a viable build.
Benchnstein (EUNE)
you mean stay in fountain as the game doesnt progress?
: Increase Bans and buff towers
they intentionally nerfed towers to speed up the game and to prevent lategame/protect comps to be toxic. the inner towers should be buffed though, the lazer tower doesnt peel tank hard enough and the nexus towers should have aoe or something, they are just as weak as the other towers if they focus diffrently. they wont increase bans because they dont think there is enough to justify it (their arguement is "how many bans are the right amount and should the bans keep getting increased as more champs get released?") i think they should increase the bans for a period while they are throwing experimental stuff (like new items and champ updates) into the game, there is just too many banworthy champions right now.
: Some Melee Attack Ranges make no sense
its doesnt have to make sense it just have to work for the gameplay.
: I agreed with this aswell, but just because Jhin isnt in the meta, doesnt mean he should get buffed, something he would consider doing. "Jhin is not in the meta? Well lets force him!" You cant force a meta as its against Riots "official" philosophy rules, and because you could potentionaly break the game.
and that is a problem with his overall design, hes risking being the next urgot because he only fits a meta that can support him and could possibly (not likely though, he feels decent) be ineffective otherwise. i still agree its much too early to say, but if he turns out to be actually weak it woulndt be wrong to buff him in a manner that could make it easier for him to deal with high mobility and burst while still keeping it somewhat as his weakness. i just hope they atleast dont just buff the things that makes him strong since it would make him insane if the meta actually end up fitting.
Künther (EUW)
: Swain Cassiopeia or Xerath?
i would recommend cassio, she lately had a fix that made it much easier to play her (better attack move with her twin fangs) and i have a feeling shes going to rise up soon. xerath is pretty good too, you cant really go wrong with picking him. swain is hard to pull off because hes a little weak but if you can he will slaughter. (consider him mundo of the mages just much more snowball reliant)
: Is Vlad getting VU ?
vlad is getting a shen level rework sometime, his Q is likely going to be changed because yknow its free targeted spellvamp and riot reconize how stupid that is.
: Some players should just play while stoned af
you shouldt be able to not rage at strangers in a videogame without being intoxicated.
: This is why you can never trust Redmercy´s opinions on champions.
i agree that he was too early with his oppinion and we are yet to see what jhin really can do, but he did have some good points about it being hard to pull him off in a meta where high mobilty and burst is common.
: so this patch you decided to label mordekaiser as a marksman
morde have just become a freakshow of a champion. they need to update him again with a mid/toplane approach.
: Rengar is stupid
i agree rengar needs to have his kit reworked. its not because he doesnt work. its not because hes particular overpowered. he just have some wierd and stupid stuff in his kit that feels like a bandaid to make him work. (imagine how weak he would be if he didnt have a defence spell or any cc) he have no identity other than being a pain in the ass. hes pretty much just a wonky silly Kha'Zix.
: There is always some who is better then you
you mean the intire continent of asia? ;)
: Riven out of meta
: Rise of the Pheonix Ekko ( fan made skin)
i can see this turning into "tiki ekko" dancing with torches n shet.
I208iN (EUW)
: [Custom Champion Rework] Amumu - The Sad Mummy
you have alot of interesting ideas. at some point i believe that riot will look at amumu by giving him better visual effects and revealing more lore about him, but in the light of the huge rework list i think its a bit far away. i think the mood mechanic could work but could also be a problem in players having a hard time understanding how to deal with it, but that would have to be tested and refined. i dont think he would get any mayor changes because of how iconic his kit already is even though it lacks "dimensions" but im totaly into sandtears, im suprised that wasnt changed during the shurima lore update.
: Copying my reply from another post because it's almost the same topic: How long is this movie supposed to be? It's impossible to include all the lores and champions, it's close to impossible to even show all the champions or let them speak. It's incredibly hard to put everything in one story that includes all the champs. In every movie there are main characters, mostly only few. How shall one pick main characters out of over 100 champions? Who would it be? Make Riven the main, everybody loses their minds. Make Vayne the main, everybody loses their minds. Make Master Yi the main, everybody loses their minds. Make Yorick the main, nobody wants to see that (except the few Yorick-mains maybe). Everyone would want to see their favourite camp to be the hero or the most important character. But that's far from possible. Literally nobody would be happy with that. That's why short cinematics are okay but whole movies are not. I assume making a cinematic takes quite some time and a movie takes so much longer. It's nowhere worth the effort....and actually, neither do I think it's worth the money when Riot would know from the very first second on that there is going to be a SHITLOAD of players that will rage about the fact that their beloved champ did not get the starring role.
can ao shin be the main character?{{summoner:3}}
: I like the new masteries. I kind of feel like there is more choice and room for changing it up depending on the match up rather than a cookie cutter build like we saw before
yeah its more flexible but there is not alot of choises to make it "this or the other" maybe a third option on each tier would be good.
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Airfro (EUW)
: New Hextech Gunblade & Akali
riot have mentioned giving akali a rework potentially after shen sometime next year.
Pawetsi (EUW)
: Twitch Rework
he should get instant stealth when killing someone for the assasin marksman to work.
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: A visual update for Yoric
they are working on a rework for yorick. dont expect him to be anything like he is now when he updates.
: Shotgun ammo doesn't spread into 3 defined pellets, and the pellets do not fan out in a cone either. Plus hes holding a watergun with that skin, not a shotgun. As you said, it doesn't matter, but it felt good to correct the guy who thought he corrected me ^^
yeah they usually spread into 10 or 12 pellets. it does spread into a cone but its much tighter than graves thinghy. the projectiles that graves shoot are nothing like a shotgun but are supposed to feel like it. (so it doesnt matter that its a watergun its supposed to feel like a shotgun) the amount of "bullets" shot out is increased to 8 when critting and 10 with IE so your little math obsevation doesnt apply. also im bored enough to keep replying. and you didnt correct me since i never mentioned anything you pointed out, i cant be wrong about something i never said.
: >Also Pool party Graves's gun has 6+ ammo slots but he can't put in more than 2, Ritu pls. He fires a cone of 3 bullets per shot. 3 x 2 = 6 ^_^
thats not how shotgun ammo works, its one bullet that spread into more pellets. it doesnt matter since its a videogame but it felt good to correct you.
: What Beats Fiora?
{{champion:23}} he might have a hard time early in the lane, but when he hits level 6 fiora cant do shit. {{champion:126}} dont have to trade with her, just stay back and clear waves ez. {{champion:107}} cheesy but it works.
: NEW GAMEMODE (every skillshot is global)
{{champion:161}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:101}} can carry from base. {{champion:76}} oh god.
Creberus (EUNE)
: Avengers skin pack
yeah that wont happen because of copyright. they can only make skins inspired by the suggested characters. (if they want to) toxic mundo is already a thing. spec ops MS, mecha xerath and super braum could be likely though since they are skin themes that already exist.
: And that's why I think nerfing his base damages aren't really going to fix him, they'll only slow down his early game ever so slightly. The problem is he scales so hard, shut down or not, due to the fact that, even with the delay, his E is one of the most powerful abilities in the game.
yeah but he is still imobile, squishy, short ranged and heavily relies on abilities that is delayed and can be easily dodged. if his E is down he have no way to defend himself other than trying to burst down the enemy before they kill you, and that only work if the enemy is clumsy. R (and his infinite AP) is really the only thing that makes him any kind of broken.
: I think that Veigar is being nerfed the wrong way
they reverted the W chance though. i think nerfing Q is fine since it litteraly gives him infinite AP, its base damage will quickly become irrelevant since you have enough AP to clear anyway.
: Urgot need new skin.
steel legion urgot pretty please!
: New Champ Speculation..
i immediately though it was poppys new voice.
: veigar does too much dmg?
i think they might have to rethink his ultimate. but otherwise his poor mobility, short range and delayed abilities makes up for the damage.
Mimijin (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Udyr "E" change
i think they should just buff his passive.
Shillew (EUNE)
: Poppy Visual Rework as Juggernaut
riot have already confirmed that she is being reworked into a tank.
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Hell M00d (EUW)
: Damage burst after 3 auto attacks
here is the twist!: after 3 auto attacks your enemies fucking dies!
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I just lost 10 rankeds in a row.
take breaks dude, especially on a losing streak. tilt wont go away unless you do something else.
: At least Give GRAVES a toothpick!!!
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Name your one champion that can make you salty.
{{champion:105}} no matter his position in the meta he will always be a pain in the ass.
: Dear, flamers and toxic people, if i have skin it doesn't mean that i'm pro.
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