: Placements were always kinda different in the beginning, but generally talking, if you think you don´t belong where you are you should just keep playing. Bronze is a state of mind IMO. It is more about dealing with stupid sh*t instead of actually playing "good". Even if I don´t see much "tilt" in your writing I can only recommend not trying to argue with people, also I recommend to just watch your replays. It is really helpful and you will see in an instant how many mistakes you are making. Another thing that could be helpful is just watching some pro streamers. Also keep in mind that those where 16 games out of normally 250~ played per season doesn´t really matter, as long as you have a positive winrate and can maintain it you will climb no matter what. Another tip would be to just main a few champions, probably 2-3 per role. I don´t know what your main roles are but if Support isn´t one of them you should atleast know something about support if you are getting autofilled to that in addition to your current main role/s. And last but not least, if you are on a losing streak (2-3 lost games in a row is IMO enough) just stop playing ranked for a while. Play another mode, cool off , play another game, do sports because losing games and keep going will just decrease your performance. If you admit it or not, but after a losestreak you get tilted get into the next game thinking about "who is gonna feed next?" or "i lose anyways" and thats not good. Just looked at your history and you are atleast doing the stops so the tip above you already knew i guess lol. But what I have noticed during looking in your history is your masteries are kinda.. not efficent. I mean Fevor of battle Jhin or Courage of the Colossus Garen is not the right way. And your CS is kinda low. Even if 69cs is kinda iconic LUL , 69 CS after 21minutes is pretty bad no matter how far behind you are/ your team is. So yea there is probably MUCH MUCH more you can improve on, but this being said I do not completely agree with your point. I don´t know your friends, but maybe they are just better and giving you credit. Also your rank has much to do with your MMR and if your friends have played before you and got gold and stuff it will probably be much more easier for them to get there again, another thing is your normal game MMR does matter too if you never have played ranked before. (i am not 100% sure with that but it seems like it, taking into consideration pros who do lvl1- diamond challenges are getting placed in Gold) The thing I don´t like about the ranked system in my experience is , that if you do your placements later you will get placed higher. I get the feeling if I start to play later I will get matched not with bronze/silver guys but I am actually getting matched with my current MMR (goldish) and since the systems gives and takes MMR depending on the MMR you your team and the enemies have you will get placed higher somehow.
Thanks for the feedback and I know that I have plenty to improve on and I am just kind of annoyed at the moment. I do agree that Bronze is a mindset and I think to take some time off of ranked would be beneficial.
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