: League Of Legends Custom Skins - Watermelon Ziggs
Ziggs should be black with this skin :'D
: What I do when I see end game players rage in the chat.
That's what I do when after a reaally close game someone writes "/all easy noobs"
: [MLG] Jinx - Get Rekt (Get Jinxed Parody)
: Practice Mode
Upvoted. It is a nice Idea to skip the whole first farming then practicing part.
: Every. Fucking. Day.
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/98BsX3u0-riot-please-do-something-about-the-spammers Riot is working on it.
Declined (EUNE)
: Let me know when you're done or close to done with the 2nd version so I can look it over, and in particular help you with the formatting, and getting your message throuh, **loud and clear** in as few words as possible.
Unfortunately I am pretty busy lately, but I still work on the guide and thanks a lot for the help. I will definitely show you my results before I finally post it here.
ohaiii (EUW)
: i would like specific information on individual champs. i'd like information on jungler matchups. what jungler is good at 1v1 etc. for example every time i see a lee sin and engage him i lose. it could be my mechanics or maybe i should't engage him in the 1st place. also a list with popular jungle tanks, bruisers and carries would be helpful. is ww a tank? a bruiser? i don't even know.
Thank you for the request. For in-depth jungle guides on specific champions I recommend reading through some mobafire guides for those champions. I will try to cover some matchups and counterpicks, but going into detail on each champion is rather a hard thing to do. When I am done with the Part II of this guide I will maybe do some specific champions guides if there is a need for that.
Barty (EUNE)
: I don't think it's a small effect, I would definitely need some of that training too, and I'm platinum. On the other hand, your idea is good as well.
Well, I am a programmer. So I can kind of estimate the effort that has to be done to accomplish a feature like that. And I mean in comparison. The effect is rather small. Because there are already tons of options to improve your skills and to learn. This feature would just be another one of those methods, but it is a looad of work and if I were working at Riot, I would vote against it, because that is some time that can be put into way better improvements to the actual game. The mentor-queue however is compared to the bots a smaller effort. Still a high one, but with more impact. The best thing to improve your skills is to get immediate feedback from someone who knows better and to be shown how it is supposed to be done. In my eyes this has a higher value than training on bots on your own. And I am platinum as well and feel the same as you. I still need training, but I would rather prefer a coached training, by someone who knows better than training all on my own on bots.
Agerune (EUW)
: 4 premades abusing and reporting randoms.
Well it also happens a lot to me and my mates, that we have a good match. Sometimes a really close match as well and after the game the 5ppl premade enemy team just reports us. Out of rage. I even got warnings for that ("you have been reported for negative Behavior"), although I did not say a word the whole game :D
: Kinda cool, man. This will be great for a new summoners. Hope we'll see your thoughts realized.
It is too much effort for a rather small effect I think. It sure is nice to learn that, but I think playing some coops/normals and watching some guides and streams will give you the same effect. I don't see this idea happening. The thought behind it is good, but it is not the right approach. Better would be a kind of mentor-queue, where high and low elo players get matched together and the higher elo player acts as an advisor.
Rich (EUW)
: I once met a Riven player who, at the start of the game, just said: "I'm broken and I apologise in advance."
*A sword mirrors it's owner. * Yeah totally broken. I see what you did there riot.
You must be Orianna. Because you make my balls impatient.
Skere (EUW)
: Or you can add level 1 players, but they can't add others.
That's the better idea to approach this
Sanjay (EUW)
: It seems to you as a miss, as she should have been hit in cougarform, but when she sitched back her hitbox got smaller and it missed her barely.
Still this should have been a hit. I mean I did not play that game. I was spectating a friend, but this clearly looks to me as if it should have hit her. The Brand Q is quite big . EDIT: And if it really just misses her, they should definitely increse the hitbox a bit, since nidalle is an annoying champion anyways.
Rioter Comments
: Actually, if they are providing a game that i bought stuff on and u can buy stuff, shouldnt the game work atleast? i mean they cant make a free to play game and have ingame payments without the game working. u cant say that its MY fault i payed them. and its NOT a donation. They sell things and i buy them, and the product(the game servers) should work. What i wanted to say is that EUW have had some issues for years now, doesnt seem like riot is prioritizing EUW atm
I get your point, but is is wrong. I once bought a game from ubisoft called "Unleash the Fury". 2 Months later they shut down the servers, because they did not make enough money with that game. No repay, no refunds, nothing for my money. As long as Riot does not do soemthing like that, I really don't care about the server having a downtime once a month. That's peanuts if you think about that massive traffic they have to control.
: Your greatest ranked streak? (Loosing or winning)
Max winning streak: 14 rankeds Max losing streak: 16 rankeds
: Looking for a girlfriend
https://edc2.healthtap.com/ht-staging/user_answer/avatars/822207/large/open-uri20130126-6209-1w26at1.jpeg?1386607513 There you go
: i really want to know what kind of coders they hired on this department.. starting to get frustating after years of bad work from them... SERIOUSLY RIOT GET NEW STAFF
Well think about it. There are millions of players on these servers and yes I agree that they have some major issues with the servers from time to time. But in the end you have to say, they work pretty reliable for the loads of traffic they have to handle. And after all League of Legends is free to play. Every payment you make is up to you and more or less a donation to riot games. So in the end it is really not up to us to complain about them. We should be happy that there is no monthly fee on the game (Then you could complain about the servers).
LiftLift (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ooParanoia,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FAuTWR0E,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-18T21:09:38.272+0000) > > It is not different at all. > Believe me. Exactly. Plat the land where real hell begins. Been plat 1 as well but gosh are people stupid xd
: Hi there, Riot knows the problem and is working on it.
Good to hear. Thank you. Appreciated
Rioter Comments
: I've been to plat 4 as well and it's a lot different. There people actually communicate and do not flame unlike in gold
It is not different at all. Believe me.
: XD It's no different, toxic and troll picks. Gold is actually worse, they have their skin assured so they don't play to climb to plat (for my disadvantage)
Well. I can assure you Plat is not different at all. I have been Plat I already, but came into a losing streak, but throughout all of Plat. I had trolls, afk people and feeders. This not depending on the ranking :)
jana (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ooParanoia,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ydbjb2L6,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2015-03-17T08:12:04.700+0000) > > You are wrong. We did not underrate her at all. > > I never 1v1ed her. I always made sure we are at least 2v1 or better 3v1. > > But as the teamfights started she managed to get her kills and that was it. > > As I said. "Still beats everyone 1v1". > > And she did not even farm that well.. But as soon as she had her hydra and I think a brutalizer it was more or less still a won lane for her. > > I call that a overrated. hm i have no footage of the game nor how your team did peform, so basicly thats what my points where about. what makes her strong is her kit and her scaling. and both can turn the game easy around, and also throw it, alot of rivens tend to throw games they got a huge lead on. i just wantet to say that your team tend to see 0-8 and think the champion is out of game, i cant see how else she was able to pick up 12 kills that easy.
Due to the fact that we had no frontline. I played Vi as a bruiser, Vayne top and a a squishy mid aswell (i think it was zed) Whereas their team had a malphite jungleling. So we were full AD, they had a massive frontline with malph and riven could just slam her head on the keyboard to get at least one kill in teamfights.
jana (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ooParanoia,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ydbjb2L6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-03-15T18:02:41.263+0000) > > One of yesterdays games: > > Riven top on enemy team > Riven up against Vayne > Riven 0 - 8 after 17 Minutes > Still beats everyone 1v1 > Riven 12 - 10 in the end > we lost > Riven carried their game > > "A sword mirrors it's owner." > - Totally broken. That's right. thats accurate due to her scaling, if she farms well a farmed riven outscales nerly everything, also in addition you underrated her couse of 0-8. not broken just a scaling issue.
You are wrong. We did not underrate her at all. I never 1v1ed her. I always made sure we are at least 2v1 or better 3v1. But as the teamfights started she managed to get her kills and that was it. As I said. "Still beats everyone 1v1". And she did not even farm that well.. But as soon as she had her hydra and I think a brutalizer it was more or less still a won lane for her. I call that a overrated.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: {{champion:44}} likes all those names :)
1. Take a certain Crystals name 2. Add a "Sightstone" 3. ???? 4. Profit
: Not quite related, but this is the best jungle guide I have read until now : http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/27085-generic-build-guide-by-tapobu If you manage to raise the level of your article to this one, even in a more comprehensive way - but I guess you are already much demanding and adamant toward yourself - I will just appraise and keep shooting to get it stickied. Keep on such good work!
Thanks a lot for the input. I will make sure to read through it when I get home and then continue on the Part II of my guide.
: I truly believe that the new jungle offers WAY more diversity and remains a huge terra incognita. There are so much routes you can take related to the buffs you smite, the likely counterjungle, that I, as a total nob jungler, would tremendously valuate a part of the "encyclopedia" on this specific routes matter.
Yeah. I am in kind of a delay with the next guide, because I had to check out the new jungle item for tanks and I have to say I am amazed on how balanced it is, but how good you feel now as a tank jungler with all that extra hp and fast jungle clear. So shoutout at riot for doing a great job on that one. Tank junglers are back in the game. I will though try to finish that second part of the guide ASAP and then rework this one as is has some mistakes as well. And as this guide is now in the best list of champions and gameplay, I will make sure to develop it further to a point where I am satisfied with the result and that everyone can look it up to gain a better understanding of the jungle.
: You made a good topic, have my upvote. What about turning it tremendous , adding all up-to-date and known jungler routes?
Thank you. I am currently working on a new guide that will be kind of part II of this on and will be more specific about certain factors of the jungle, such as item builds, successful gank strategies and so on.
Declined (EUNE)
: Alright I've read most of this, so far so good, there are still some formatting issues you would want to tamper with such as lists, and secondary lists. * list 1 * secondary list There are things in between I disagree with as they aren't properly explained, but I'll need to create a list of details for you to look, so I will just edit this post a lot so as to not waste too much space. **** **Edit 1:** Nice to see you copied my overall formatting, it makes it much faster and easier to read through. However you forgot a small but crucial detail, after every banner if the paragraph is at a certain length you need to add 1-2 lines that BRIEFLY explain what this segment is about. > http://i.imgur.com/UkLAcal.jpg > *Pushing your lane compared to playing defensive.* Since you do not have a link section, it would be nice if you added links whenever you reference someone or something. You have a lot of redundancy in your text that adds to the length but doesn't have any inherent value. 1. What is the jungle >The Jungle in general is the position that allows the team to have 3 solo lanes. >Top lane, Middle lane and the jungle itself. >However it is not a usual lane since you have no direct confrontation with another player as on the other lanes. >Usually you have either a bruiser or a champion with strong crowd control (most likely a tank) in the jungle, >as the jungle itself needs some sustain to clear it properly and set off good ganks. I would make some subtle changes to this. >The Jungle is the unofficial 3rd solo lane, being Top, Middle and the jungle itself. >However it is an usual lane, since you have no direct confrontation with another player. >Playing this role sufficiently requires a decent amount of sustained damage for clear speed, sustain or defense to stay healthy for ganks, but most importantly strong CC (Crowd Control) to set off good ganks. * 2. Priorities I disagree somewhat with your priorities, your job as a jungler is mainly to win the game, defending the lanes is fine, but you have to realize when you can and CANNOT defend. However with that being said whenever there's a lane that needs defending from an angry mob of cs then by all means, free xp and farm is always nice, just don't push the wave. Your job is to make sure your teammates are winning their lanes (if possible), and be where you are needed when you are needed. A link to my guide would also be nice, considering you're quoting me. [Declined](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/mr8E2Vxb) * 3 Mentality This is mostly about the human psyche, so it would be beneficial to include a part about offensive language, and the affect it can have, both on your performance but also on the team. * Better safe than sorry, I would say this is the wrong place to put this, as it isn't as much about the human mentality, but more about general advice. Pardon me for quoting myself here >Making amazing plays isn't just about the 5-15 sec, it is about getting away with it. * 4. Jungle types The formatting here is counter productive. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here, it seems messy, at best. General advice of what to choose. * *If the top lane is a tank.* * Choosing burst or bruiser would be beneficial to compensate for the.... and vice versa * When the team is full of squishies * What is needed is a big hunk of CC and health, being the ever so important front line. * Vi is a generalist, she can fill every role, but there are no role in which she excels. * When the team is well rounded * Might be worth it to pick a duelist, or burst (assassin). * 5. *Play styles** Formatting needs some work here, as well as to decrease some of the clutter and redundancy * Tank / CC * Provide good ganks * Focus on securing kills, not getting them. * With the changes to Gromp, you should always smite it if possible to increase your damage output and clearing speed. * Securing buffs * Farming when possible, to keep up in terms of xp. * Bruiser/Burst these are more or less the same. I'm sure you see what I'm getting at here. And here are some sentences you need to have an extra look at. >However after this **b** you can have another look at the lanes for possible openings and depending on that start from gromp again or gank a lane. Not sure what you're trying to say here > to be aware of the **allover** game situation at all time. This has gotta be it for this time around, your guide is too messy for me to read it through like this, I'll get back to you on the rest. ***
Thank you a lot for the feedback. I am currently working on a new guide that is more about builds, jungle routes and strategies to gank successfully. It is also in this guide that I am explaining all the camps with focus on their buffs if you smite them and so on. After I am done with the new guide that will be more or less part II of this one. I will get back at this one and edit it. So thanks again for the feedback. On most of it I totally agree with you. Feel free to add more feedback here. it will be highly appreciated and really taken into account when I will go over this guide again.
Declined (EUNE)
: I don't believe you should create 4 more guides, for starters you need to edit your current guide and shorten it significantly, to cut down on a lot of the redundant text you've added here and there.
Yeah I started the new guide this weekend and decided to cut this next one down to one more guide. Forget about the 4. I am working on it, but am currenlty quite busy. So the release will be delayed a bit. Thank you for your feedback.
: I don't know if this is serious or not. Better nerf Irelia has been a meme for quite some time but for now, Irelia is REALLY one of the strongest champions that deserves nerfs. However, i would still prefer Riven to be nerfed first.
One of yesterdays games: Riven top on enemy team Riven up against Vayne Riven 0 - 8 after 17 Minutes Still beats everyone 1v1 Riven 12 - 10 in the end we lost Riven carried their game "A sword mirrors it's owner." - Totally broken. That's right.
Yuka (EUW)
: How to make your own DJ Sona Headphones
Why not sell it in the merchandise store?
: Hi again, glad we agree :) I also had that possibility in mind yes, just expanding that guide would make it a huge wall of text, so it will be better to have separate guides, depending on how advanced you want them to be.
He there, I guess every single one of them will be quite something to read through like this one, but therefore way more specific on the certain topics. Because even this one is already 10 pages. Now imagine you have to get through 50 pages of guidance in one single post. That's quite a lot. But maybe separated it will be more comfortable to read. I will start with the first of the 4 guides this evening or tomorrow so stay tuned. Also thanks again for your input. I will take it into account on the next ones.
: Fair warning to people willing to read the whole thing: it's fairly well-written, and it's long. But it's by no means "in-depth". This guide is purely aimed at people who know nothing about the jungle and want to get started, or want to learn the very basics of the role. For instance, parts 1 and 9 are basic game knowledge. Parts 2 and 3 are pretty much copypasted from a support guide and apply to everyone in the game. Part 7 is pretty much pointless, and the rest has some good ideas but remains very vague where it matters. At the end of the day, a new-ish jungler will read it, feel inspired, start a normal game and lock a jungler...and quickly realize they still have no idea what they're doing. I know I might sound negative but that's really the feeling I get from reading it. A few things you could change, improve or add: - Play champions you're confident with. I'm pretty sure we're not talking about LCS-level gameplay here, so filling a team comp is really overrated. Most games can be won way before team comp becomes a deciding factor, if you are good enough with your champion. Yeah it's great that you picked Sejuani because the team had no tank, but if you suck with Sej you're still going to be a liability. Meanwhile a good Shaco could have carried in 20 min tops, despite having no tank (or playing tank Shaco...) - Also on the topic of filling a team composition, if that's really what you want to do: think it through. For instance, you suggest picking an AoE-CC tanky champion in a team where everyone has single-target damage; this may sound good on paper because you do something your teammates cant do....but it doesn't make sense. If your entire team is based on bursting down one target, then you want to add hard CC and burst to your comp, and play a catching game rather than forcing teamfights that you cannot win. - Know your match ups. Not just in the jungle (ie Pantheon beats Lee in a duel, J4 generally loses to Vi, Lee tends to make Wukong's life very difficult, nobody counterjungles Rek'Sai without preparation because she will always have the initiative thanks to tremors, focus a lot on vision against a Nidalee because whoever sees the opponent first wins, avoid walking in bushes because you'll probably eat traps...) ; if possible, know lane matchups too. Before you even choose your starting camp at lvl 1, you should have a good idea of how your lanes will go. If you have a Vayne + Leona bot, don't start on bot side, you'll just guarantee that this lane will lose. Instead start topside, let them get gromp/golems, possibly come for a lvl 3 gank while they have a level advantage, etc. If you have some crazy pusher like Malzahar or Caitlyn, buy an early ward and put it at the most likely ganking path for their opponent. If you have a Vlad top with TP, don't bother ganking his lane and put all your focus on something else - he offers no burst and no CC early game, you will most likely waste your time top and lose in a 2v2 situation. Etc. - Some generalizations are just wrong or poorly worded. For instance "Farming is the top priority if you go for full damage jungler." No. Farming is the top priority if you go for a farming jungler. Yi is a good example, same for Rengar or Warwick pre-6, because of how these champions work and scale. But the same thing would apply for Shyvana or Udyr, even though they build tanky. On the other hand, if "farming is the top priority" on Pantheon or Shaco, you're doing something really wrong and you fail to play on the strengths of your champion. In other words, your choices in ganking/farming/Counterjungling (typically early game) have nothing to do with your role (damage, tank...) in mid-late game. It entirely depends on the champion's mechanics and how well you can use them. - If you want to call the guide "in-depth", you need to work on 2 things, especially in this season with so many changes: 1) more details about items, including jungle items, stat choices, importance of CDR on specific champions, particular synergies, etc. When it comes down to actually playing the game, many people just don't know what to build and follow gut feeling. Guts do not rule over brain for a reason. 2) Actual routes. Unless I skipped (it's late), you only mentioned one route. There are multiple possibilities right now, including lvl 2 invading cheese, lvl 2/3 ganks, 3 camps + crab back for jungle item rush, or full clear, as well as recovery paths if you are invaded early on. This is one of the most complex parts of jungling right now IMHO, and one of the most confusing for newcomers. You should probably give more thought to that than "just full clear till 800 gold, then clear some more till lvl 6". Again, I support the idea and the post, it just feels lacking for now, I just hope you can improve it.
Thank you a lot for your feedback! I indeed started this guide with the intention to go more into the depths of jungling, but quickly realized, that it is just too complex. I mean what you see here are 10 pages of Text to cover just the general stuff that every jungler needs to keep in mind at all times. After realizing this I decided to make 4 more guides on the topic of jungling. One is for the general jungle route and strategies (including alla eventualities you have to build against) and 3 are dedicated to each individual lane. Including: + How to gank the specific lane and the certain champions on this lane + How to react to certain eventualities. + How to build against certain team comps and on certain situations + The mathematics behind jungling + Top junglers in the current season and why I agree with you and again highly appreciate the feedback, because I had the feeling to first go for a guide to gain some awareness for the game in general with focus on the junglers position. Also as this is my first guide besides some champion analysis, I wanted to see the response on the board and if it would be worth the effort to go for the 4 more guides, because writing these guides consumes a lot of time and research and as I am busy working the whole day I spent my evenings writing here. But taking your detailed comment I suggest, that it would be good to go for the 4 guides. I will not exactly improve this one and unfortunately cannot change the title, but I will expand it with these new guides and hope to get the puzzle together that in the end will represent the whole complexity of jungle.
0Nocturnal0 (EUNE)
: yea , i recall after 2 camps :D , i think my main proplem in jungle is sometimes when my partner help me he get the monster for himself leaving me level 1 -_- , btw thank u for replaying (and nice name ;) )
It happens some times on that level, but later it will not happen 99% of the time. That is at least my experience. I literally never get my first camp taken. However what still happens is a bad pull, like no pull at all or just 1 or 2 hits. The Pull is rather important for a smooth first round through the jungle, but well.. it works somehow even with a bad pull. It is just more dangerous ;)
Sercy D (EUNE)
: I main jungle, and this guide is well written. Good for players new to the jungle but also experienced ones. Im adding this on my read list now and then. However. What is your stand on ganks as early as level 2? What are the risks of it? Could the ganked lane overextend and thus resulting in a gank from the enemy jungler? will it leave you vulnerable for an invade? Etc. Upvoted btw ;)
First of all I highly appreciate your feedback and thank you for the vote. My stand on early level to ganks is not to do it. The only champion where I am doing this is Shaco. I will take the Smite ignite, do my first buff real quick and then invade the enmies first buff which mostly results in a first blood + first enemy buff stolen. Also with shaco I sometimes decide for going for a level 2 gank bottom lane to set the lines there. T hen I will retreat and immediatly come again which also often results in the first blood. I do that because Shaco is really squishy and I found it hard to farm the jungle with him. That's why iI concentrate on ganks, but with any other jungler the earliest I gank is level 3 and that is only for a few (like Pantheon). The problem is, if you get counterganked or if you somehow overextend and die you will give away the doublebuffs, which is quite a bad thing so early into the game. If you lose that buffs to a lane it ist even worse, because you automatically gave a huuge advantage to that lane and it is of course also bad for the moral. Also it will throw you back quite a bit as you spend some time dead which is always bad and lost your buff(s). It definitley will leave you vulnerable for an invade aswell. If you have done one buff and go bottom lane the enemy jungle will immediatly head for your second buff ( at least that is what I am doing). The overextend might be a problem, but that problem can be solved by putting some wards for that lane and making him aware of the situation. Also if you launched a successful early gank, make sure to come back at that lane pretty soon. Especially if your teammate(s) burned summoners for the first gank. This is about estimating the openings your own team has and to estimate the next enemy junglers gank. Then you should of course secure the early advantage by counterganking.
0Nocturnal0 (EUNE)
: Good guide , voted also ur mae is paranoia which is nocturne ult , this is another reason to vote :D , i hope to know the jungling route for nocturne as its hard for level 16 guy (less runes and maseries) , so i keep recalling cuz of low health
You are the 3rd one to notice my name :D Well as lvl 16 of course jungling is rather hard. I really hate jungling before getting proper runes and masteries, because the season 5 jungle as it is leaves no rooms for mistakes even in farming the camps. And having no runes/masteries is of course a huge disadvantage, but just be patient until lvl 21 and go for T3 Runes. and at 30 you will then be able to completely competitive jungle without going back after 2 camps ;)
: As a jungler I really love write ups like this. I think the jungle is just so much fun, and you can really feel it when you're hitting all the right ganks and timings, it's pretty much like seeing the code to the Matrix. The one thing that I don't seem to see junglers doing very much anymore is getting an okay gank on the mid laner (just good dmg is enough), and then just power pushing down the tower with your mid. If you have a good combo for it (roaming mid and jungle Nidalee or something) You open up the entire map and give your mid tons of space to push and roam. It's been giving me easy wins for a few patches now. Don't be afraid to stay in lane and push!
First of all thank you for the feedback and I strongly agree with you on the jungle position. This mid tower pushing however is indeed one startegy, but it is one that will again only work if your toplane is not completely lost and if you are aware of the enemy jungler. Also you must take into account that as long as the jungler stays in mid lane you both will lose some gold and exp. If you then cannot get damage on the tower, because the enemy jungler comes to help or the enemy midlaner can defend due to good waveclear (like anivia) you will give away the advantage that you as a jungler just got for your midlane. Damaging the enemy midlane will put your midlane always at an advantage and in most cases allows free farm and exp, but if you then overextend that advantage will be gone in notime. (And by overextend I mean not knowing about the whereabouts of the enemy jungler or toplane for example). However I agree with you and I even do that from time to time. Like I will sit in mid lane whenever I can and kill the enemy midlaner just as he comes back to the lane. This will eventually make him rage, which is good for us and of course get my own mid an advantage. But I experienced, that it is not always successful and I preferably do it when I Duo Q and my mate is in mid so we can communicate the ganks and pushes. but who knows.. maybe we will be seeing that more often again. The League is in constant change anyways, isn't it?
: Or you last hit under tower until they come back after they died, so the tower is protected... -> FLAME
I made a guide for jungle. I really recommend not only for main junglers, but for everyone to read it. Maybe the next time you will not flame your jungler again. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/01XTEcA3-in-depth-jungle-guide-better-understanding-of-the-jungle-to-help-you-to-improve Help me spread the word so that the next time someone might reconsider flaming the jungler why he does not gank or "steals farm" or whatever.
Gazharagoth (EUNE)
: Please try new champs in normal before you play them in ranked , you may not care about the match but the other 4 team mates might
Miand99 (EUNE)
: (Patch 5.5) Urgot
Riot told, that this buff is just a short term solution for urgot, but that there is a long term rework of the whole champion in the making.
PyroStar (EUNE)
: ***
Thank you for the support! I still hope it will get stickied if it is considered helpful.
: Thanks for taking the time to answer. I totally agree, though let's not forget the +25% hp increase on bonus HP, which i hope to be a very good combo with Righteous Fury in champions like Sejuani, Mundo, Nautilus, etc. I do enjoy to play champions with huge HP pools, and this is certainly a good change. I was just hoping that CC based tanks would be viable just by farming the jungle, since they will naturally lose a 2vs2 counter-gank early, in case that happens. Last question: how do you feel about Elise (jungle, ofc), at the moment? Do you think she should be built as a bruiser?
No I thank you for taking the time to fight through my bad grammar :D I agree with you on the +25% HP. That's quite something. I might try it on vladimir top one day. I think that could be quite funny as well. Elise.. Well Elise unfortunately has gotten quite rare lately as she is really depending on her Cocoon. I mean it is obvious not to build her purely on damage. Well *if* I play elise I always play her as a bruiser. I am not that big fan of her being played on tank. A tank should always come with a lot of CC and obviously elise does not. However if you play well with the cocoon elise is still viable. But more as bruiser and an AP-alternative if your team composition lacks any AP. You could go for the {{item:3724}} for example for a good jungle-clear and some damage stats and maybe another damage item like {{item:3151}} for extra magicpen and damage, but then you should really go for stuff like frozen heart, sunfire, banshee's and all the other tanky goodies. If the new jungle item will be a good choice for her is hard to guess. On the one hand it has some good extra damage and a lot of health, but on the other hand the AP and especially the CDR are quite handy for elise, no matter how you play her. I guess that is also up for testing as soon as 5.5 is up.
: "As a tank jungler in the current meta you can not concentrate only on farming." Will 5.5 change this with the changes to jungle + new items?
I have good feeling that this new jungle item will be big step forward towards making the tank jungler a little bit more viable again. As it is more or less like a sunfire cape when fully built, it will provide you with a much faster wave clear especially if you make sure to smite gromp and take the AoE Smite with you. This could definitely take the focus of tank junglers more on farm. Or at least they would be playable like the bruiser class when it comes to camp-clearing and ganking. Still I think as the tank jungler, you should concentrate a little bit more on gank than on farm. Currently around 60% gank 40% farm and with that new item it will be more like 50% - 50%. This is of course just a guess and I will have to make first hand experience on that item before judging. And also these values are just based on my understanding of the jungle and what would be best to get some good ganks, but still enough farm to not fall behind if you fail those ganks. **EDIT:** Oh and I forgot to mention that this new jungle item comes with one huge advantage. For example on Sejuani I always wanted to go for sunfire cape for the extra damage, but sometimes the armor was just unnecessary and I could not buy that item. Now you can go for that new jungle item for the damage and get MR and health from banshees for example. Also if you want to go for armor you now have the option to go for that new jungle item for the damage of sunfire and then for a frozen heart which in my opinion is a way stronger armor item compared to the sunfire cape. Especially when you are matched against vayne or the enemy adc is quite fed. So if you finished both items you will have the DpS from the jungle item **and** armor, cdr, mana and the passive from frozen heart, which is in my eyes quite a good thing. But as I said, it is hard to judge the item without first hand experience.
MamaKi11 (EUW)
: good guide. ty for this but let me add one thing: there are certain champs that will always be a menace to your team, even if they feed. if not banned in champ select they have such broken mechanics they have to be shut down constantly and time is of matter. win the game fast if possible.
Thank you. Of course if you are up against a nasus for example you want to make sure, that you help your toplane deying farm on him as much as you can. Still it is important to not be too eager about it and start acting reckless, because you cannot find an opening on him. When it comes down to this, you still would have to concentrate on farm instead of trying over and over again to gank. But you certainly have a point and I have to cover this when making my 3 lane-specific jungling guides.
: Yessssss! Stuff to read at lunch! Will make sure to read it all. Thanks for taking the time. :) EDIT: Don't cut off the mathematics omg :(
Thank you. My thought was that if this post goes well I will have at least three other focusing on the three different lanes and they will be packed with mathematics and proper strategies to gank succesfully. So I will take your answer as a wish for that ;) Have a nice lunch. EDIT: I mean of course for the three lanes from the junglers perspective (which can also be helpfully for people maining these lanes to prevent ganks and to understand why they die to ganks).
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: Is zed OP?
What makes Zed so strong as a midlaner is definitely his 1v1 potential on the lane, his mobility, his late early and midgame sustain and the fact that he has no cost on his abilities, which combined with the sustain will allow him to stay in the lane longer than a mana based midlaner. You might now think, hey katharina aslo has no costs, but katharina also has no sustain compared to zed and even zeds wave clear is way stronger than katharinas wave clear. However zed is a difficult champ to master as it is quite hard to keep perfect overview of your shadow clones and how to get the maximum out of them, like diving in really deep to burst a carry and then safely retreat after that using your shadow clones. Most assasins like talon may have a strong burst as well, but therefore a lower chance of getting out after bursting a carry down compared to zed. Though I think that overall he really is quite balanced as he is right now and I would not change him. He might be strong, but that is only if people play him properly and if the enemy team does not react properly to him. That is also what basically makes him strong in SoloQ, but not that strong in 5v5. Another example to counter a zed is lissandra. As Zed jumps on her with his ult she can root him, burst him down and deny any movement with her ult. So again, in my opinion zed is fine as he is right now.
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