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: I think that giving honor should be kept as an out-of-game system instead of adding some in-game honor menu. Giving honor while in-game could distract you from more urgent in-game matters. I like the idea of having more honors to give as the game gets longer though.
I completely agree, but I believe it was addressed: as stated above, "..just by pressing tab and spending it, no bells and whistles needed." You don't need nor want any fancy distractions that will waste your time, that is why, just like now when you hit tab to view all the players, you simply have an extra point to spec, it would be no different than pressing tab to mute those distracting individuals, and just like the very small chat/ping mute button, there is simply an equally small button giving you the option to honor. Hope it clarifies the intent.
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: Wood League Warriors: Champ Select
That Darius's face is priceless. Such a tool. GG Nusliful
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