: Perma ban and your opinion
Uhmm "ImTheWorstRiven: u lil useless %%%%%%%%%%%%" Do you consider this appropriate language?
: When do YOU report your teammates for flaming?
I guess it depends. Everyone has their own definition of what they find socially acceptable. For my part, Id rather have a person who tells an underperforming player "stop feeding you ***" (Even though there are DEFINETLY better / nicer ways of conveying this message), than someone who writes "gg ez".
Its just a Normal game who cares, stop tryharding ;) In all honesty, I do agree. Yes, if its a normal game you should be "allowed" to have some fun, but for me there is a difference between having fun and straight up trolling.
m3dyz4 (EUW)
: Scream of my soul about racism!
Thats sad to hear :/ I rly dont know what the problem with some people. I hope you will meet some nicer people in the future :)
ortusolis (EUW)
: No more missions
Ok, it works again, but the client seems rly buggy atm...
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: If it's ranked, report them for negative attitude and afk, maybe also write what he did. If it's unranked...sucks, but that's how it is. Anyone can do whatever they want unless they are intentionally feeding, flaming or not playing (afk, chilling in the base)
Yeah i know, it was only a normal game. The point is just, that im stuck with them. If I could, lets say, afk without any punishment, this would have not been an issue. But as it stands, if im the one to afk, because i dont want to waste my time im the one who gets punished. :(
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: Veteran icon is based on hours played, not account age.
Well, i have arround 1.2k normal games, this should be enough, even in hours.
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: IP Boost
for normals?
: > [{quoted}](name=Naxaliav,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=G4ER3XPN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-20T16:11:41.310+0000) > > what do you say about ranked flex ip boost weekend ? non cempetitive im fine by everything :D
Hi, just send you a request :)
: If you can't beat a higher elo than you, then you don't deserve it. Deal with it. Maybe learn from them, instead of bitching here.
Oh come on, this argument is getting rly stupid. As a low siver player u are NOT supposed to beat a plat-ish player. Yes he should be able to winn agains high silver players if he wants to get a higher rank but not plats.... Or should plat players be able to beat high dia players?
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: Yes but people have widely agreed that this year's victorious skin is a disappointment and they'd rather not have it at all. Ergo, reaching gold is no longer desirable.
This might be true for this season, but im talking about the rewards in general. I just dont see why gold players do deserve to get a reward, while silvers dont.
: Have you even seen the victorious skin? How could not getting it be a con?
a) free skin ;) b) limited/ never to return skin c) i dont see the reason why bronze / silver players dont get a skin, but gold players doo. Is it so bad to be in silver? Or are you suddenly so good at the game as a gold player that you now deserve a skin?
Swittz (EUW)
: Cons : You don't get the victorious skin
This is imo the main problem with being a silver or even a bronze player. :(
: Quest system [Solution to all noob/toxic]
I rly like the idea, but im afraid that something like this will ruin the game. Quest 1: (get a cetain amount of kills/ assists/ cs): People will take less objectives chase over the map, try to "steal" cs from the carries refuse to end a game (and the loose, )etc. to complete quests. Quest 2: (finish game with less than x deaths): People might refuse to teamfight/ engage because of this. Quest 3: (play as x role): ADC: omg why pick yi support? yi: quest And so on. Dont get me wrong, i rly like the idea, but im afraid of what would happen if this where to be implemented.
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kurnubego (EUNE)
: Well, technically it doesn't. Script doesn't interact with the game, it interacts with computer. And computer interacts with the game. In this case would be no direct relation between LoL and the script.
Well, this is the point where it gets interesting ;) As you say, such a script would "only" interact with the OS and not with the software aka the game. In addition, afaik all other scripts (the ones which give an advantage) will have to interact with the software/ the memory directly in order to achive something. But im no expert in such stuff so no guarantee there.
Mada (EUW)
: Illaoi was Gangplanks first love
Did gp by any chance show the other pirates how to bind caly... ehm illaoi in human form?
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Well, if you set up a separate program, which runs outside LoL and simulates key pressing on it's own, there is no way to check that without getting into my computer, which would be violation of privacy on Riot's end really. The only way for Riot would be to set up an algorithm which would track patters which don't appear to be human. For example, mechanically repetitive to the seconds or with beyond human reaction times. Which can be circumnavigated with a simple randomized script + latency expected from a human being with few random miss clicks here and there. Since such theoretical script is not performance dependent to be "effective" it would be easily implemented. Yeah I get the idea. Don't mind me, the question was more about trying to poke fun around rage inducing pick and useless script, which.. is useless, that's why it's more rage inducing. I was suspecting that much, Riot don't want to leave any rooms or loopholes for this for people who intentionally could use this for cheating. This was more about the joke part :D thanks for your effort and attention, none the less.
Now afaik it should be "legal" as long as you use a program/script which ONLY simulates keyboard input. But i would not recommend it :P
: A champion select suggestion
You deserve you ban!!! I rly hate getting matched with players like you who behave like babys and feed because someone "stole their candy". And yes sometimes there is a good reason to ban someones pick. During my placement matches ({{champion:202}} was released) i lost 2 out of the 10 matches just because someone picked him without knowing how to play him. So i banned him. My adc flamed me, but in the end we won the match. Was it by any chance Ivern who got banned?. Dont get me wrong, I do partially understand your anger, this happens to me to, but feeding is definetly NO solution.
Macleod T7L (EUNE)
: What's the point of playing ranked when you have unbalance matchmaking and 5 - 8 divisions down!!
First of all, your arrogance is rly annoying! Thinking that you are better/above others simply because your in Plat. And yes I am a "silver noob", so no need for you to look that up. But i do agree that a basic tutorial on when to take objectives and how to close out a game would be something nice and could rly help players in lower tiers.
Eambo (EUW)
Does anyone still remember M5? To me ANX is like M5 back in S1/2
Eambo (EUW)
: Note to self: buy their team icon tomorrow. I've been trying to hold EU pride this tournament but these guys make an amazing show, and absolutely deserve my RP <3
To be fair, they are kinda european. If all fails we have to support them :P
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Estti379 (EUW)
: >Why do your forum names have different backgrounds? Riot Eambo has like a black box. It's because he is the one who created the post here^^ When you look at other Posts, you will always see one person highlighted, the one who created it. For riot members, they just get a black background instead of the usual green/blue one
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Cosantoir,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=Aze6ztPv,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2016-10-04T13:49:02.719+0000) > > Starting to get proper hyped for this. ^ He doesn't get out often, bless hit cotton socks. Give this guy some love, EU Community! つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Why do your forum names have different backgrounds? Riot Eambo has like a black box. And btw, i know what teamcomp you guys will play: Tris adc Blitz supp Kayle mid Nasus/Singed for top/jungle XD Btw, can anyone play or do you need a certain rank/etc?
Raül (EUW)
: Name for a Thresh OTP
Riddarn (EUNE)
: They should just force the leaver to play the same champ they got when they left in their next game. That way people wont leave in the first place.
This would also be nice in normal aram matches
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Infernape (EUW)
: Some people take League so seriously, they forget that it's nothing more than a _video game_. It's a hobby and they treat it like it's a job.
So true, i can understand if someone takes a ranked game seriously. But in the and, its like you said its a video game :)
Maraomara (EUNE)
: Bootless idiots.
Yupp, just had a cassio who didnt buy any boots... :P
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Farce (EUNE)
: Doesn't make it worth reporting anyone for bad performance on ARAM. Do whatever you want, but it's simply not worth imo.
You might be right, but just to clarify, i do play a lot of ARAM, and i almost never report anyone, but these 2 did not even "play" in any way, just ran straight at them.
Farce (EUNE)
: Aren't you unranked by any case? Cause if you mean someone having bad stats on ARAM, it means nothing. Very little amount of player cares about actually winning an ARAM game.
Its not that they played "bad", they ran straight at the enemy team, it could even have been bots.
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: Maybe, my guess is a loose power connection
Hm, this is also possible. The question is, what kind of "shutdown" does he get? 1) Windows is shutting down 2) bluescreen-like error 3) pc youst stops
: too hot? in 1 minute of playing witcher 1? with that hardware no way.
If there is a hardware error of some Kind, like a broken cpu cooler, this might happen.
Rayan497 (EUW)
: PC restart while playing
Seems to me like you have a hardware error of some kind. My guess would be that eighter your cpu or gpu are getting to hot. How mouch do you know about hardware?
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