: RIOT stop pairing me with people from silver
i would much rather had silvers than me as gold being matched with mid-high plat
Jsp (EUW)
: Banning peoples champions to troll?
don't play those overtuned champs and you won't have such issues, why? because if your team can have kassadin or neeko - enemy team can too, so to avoid shaco syndrome i would rather ban them either. i saw tons of such stuff but most of the time it's yasuo or some kinda zed or another cancerous champ and most of the time guys that wanted them, troll after even if people apologizing and i never saw people on purpose baning regular champions no one would do that just to piss you off, this only happens with bad reputational champions, so keep it in mind boya (even if you are 30+ mon){{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Gryvias (EUW)
: So, Iron vs Gold ?
man you need to get used to such matchmaking it's usual thing for me as gold to be matched against mid plats
Rºbin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Hilo, it's nice having people doing something like that. If you can i would really love to get Blood Lord Vladimir, thanks and good luck to everyone. Summoner name: otakuseries3000 {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
Rioter Comments
: Didn't make it
you have nothing to worry about, graves skin is real trash so you didnt missed anything
Raxyel (EUW)
Why the only difference between wards for honor lvl is color? It's kinda seems very akward. I am lvl5 but i much rather prefer purple one if difference only in colors. Why there is not something like with badges lvl3 the smaller one lvl4 a bit bigger and lvl5 is huge, why wards not sharing same concept? Or did people who have lvl5 will get all the colos? If not can i switch my lvl5 ward for lvl4 one? Because wards are the same i have feeling that you guys were just too lazy to do something decent and go with that even if this is total bs... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: :( thats my frist perm ban :/
i didnt meant your first perma ban, i mean if u was banned before then i don't know what are you trying to achive because as far as i know second chance it's when your 14 days ban is over
: I got Perm banned I want Say sorry!
is this your first ban? i mean if it's your first ban and it's permanent then i think you deserve second chance but if you was banned for toxicity before then you already lost your second chance and just have what you deserve{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: Premade 5 missions really?
You can finish half of the missions solo, so if you don't want to play with premade don't do so, don't make stupid posts, this would be a real problem if there would be only premade missions but it's not you can get a ward without playing with premade and free champion is up for you - worth it or not trying to find and play with premade
: riot this problem has been here several hours and we have no notification telling us plz atleast put it in the notice next to play that the servers are bugged man this is just plain simple thinking act like a professional company and take control properly
several hours? lol? this issues known already for about a month maybe even longer and no one gives a shit
Tarolock (EUW)
: >I'd rather have a longer Q time autofill got autoenabled specifically because players asked for shorter queue time >don't even know what to do as a support. a lot of player says/thinks support is the easiest role, but somehow since autofill is here support is the most important role and if you are not challenger you cant play it >the fck was that idea to put random people to a random role they obviously suck at it cause they didn't pick it ?! it was like that for 5 seasons, and it was even worse back then >In ranked games you want to play serious and maximise your chances to win learning every role is maximising your chances to win, so when an autofill happens you wont autolose but at least have some basic knowledge to come out even >I'd rather have 5-10mn Q time at the launch of the new champ select the average q time was around 15-20 mins in higher elo 50-70 mins, and w8ing in q for 15 min while games lasts for 20-30 mins is too much imo >the original Dynamic Q was designed to allow people to find their specific role, train it and perform great at it. you are confusing dynamic q and role selection, dynamic q was designed to allow ppl to play with their friends, so you can queue up as 2-3-4-5 man premades instead of 3-5 man teams only from your post i guess you never played before role selection as noone with "remove autofill" posts, you have 2 option: learn support role or dont play the game, there other really good games out there to play
some people say support is the easiest role - nice joke, if you as adc gonna get autofilled support it's gonna be clown fiesta feed non stop, bot lane decided by support, adc just should follow playstyle of support and if support not awared of what he should be doing it just gonna be straight forward lost lane and it's gonna be feed by 2 people and adc gonna be fked up and even after lane phase the guy who don't want and forced to play support he would not give a shit aboud adc in teamfight and word peel unknown for him and adc fked and moreover it's tilt for autofilled guy for adc and for whole team, and about playing all roles you get far by playing all roles? silver at least not bronze gj keep on doing great work, when u forced to play every role it's confusing u should just play what closer to ur playstyle and if you love playing tanks how you gonna play adc? it's stupid, if you want to play ranked the better way is to learn few roles and not everysingle one of them so don't talk shit please
Fourth Shot (EUNE)
: ekko skin
project, don't even think about it
: Since no one says it..THX RIOT for ARURF!
adapt and play, 6 games in a row i got supports or adc (2 games of soraka, tristana) that was funny because i was matched against jarvan karthus zed and so on and all what i can do is to die non stop even flashes not saved me, you think i can be thankfull for that? you WRONG i played 6 games and got stomped by people who are got more lucky than me, they even made fun of me being complete useless, sure i can't do anything on trist against these cancer champs, it's fked up someone got op pick and someone got bullshit and i can't have fun while diying non stop, if you think other way i happy for you but i hate this i better play against op champ on champ i enjoy playing than random shit that is absoulutly useless, anyway i playing against op so why i supposed to play on garbage? urf sucks but ar urf sucks even harder, rito fked up again
XHorology (EUW)
: autofill is disabled when in your promo's ;)
disabled for you, but you can be in team with autofilled support that don't give a shit about win and only want just skip it asap or even worse he start to troll or/and trying to force someone let him other role and so on
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
: Fiddlesticks Ult of the Century
give me back 18 seconds of my life!
: 1. Riots balance team doesn't suck. This is because they have to keep in mind that even making for example -1 AD could mean that another champion gets super strong. They have variables on over 130+ champs and thats not accounting in items. 2.They work very hard to keep the game playable and have been doing a good job for the last few years/seasons Lets finally show them some apprecation
very funny, riot work not hard enough they let camille go live after pbe and she was in such state that even after nerfs to every of her abilites she still continue to be perma banned is this looks like they know what they doing? i don't think so and things with lethality is also ridiculous and 2 patches away everyone abusing it on lcs 3 out of 5 champs building lethality and it's just because support and tank is this looks like balanced? i don't think so, so stop defend them they fked up and they fked up before let's just pray they fix it, but tbh i don't think so if they fix this they make something else that could be used as example of there incapacity of balancing the game
Suspicion (EUNE)
: Rank Solo/Duo Sucks
if you playing not like potato you would easly get out of bronze, and everyone got their rank lowered after promos riot said about that long ago and if you can't get out of bronze belive it or not you belong there so you can {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} more about it and nothing gonna change
: There is a real reason why they removed draft pick. It Has nothing to do with them not listening to you. What the community "thinks" they know what's right isn't the case most of the time or have no idea what it means or what it will effect,
and what the reason behind disabling draft pick on eune? thx god i from euw and i can't imagine what i would feel if couldnt play draft pick because blind pick is garbage and literaly unplayeble
: Honor players that did well in a game.
i am always honoring people that did well in the game or had positive attitude, for example don't give up if we losing and cheering up team also like to honor enemies that was good don't know why people don't doing that anymore, maybe because it's mostly mean nothing but just for me it's a way to say thank you for the good game
: I have yet to have a single enjoyable ranked game this season.
i played over 100 ranked games this season and i got few trolls in them and even than games was still enjoyable, most of the time team is nice and even if we losing the game is good, ofc not without bad ones but i really enjoying ranked expirence this season only propblem is that i played top and current meta.. i just can't handle it so i went to support and very happy about that i wish u the best teammates but try to look more positivly and u find that everything not that bad p.s. i am gold III and maybe in lower or higher divisions it's another sitiuation
: The joys of Autofill, again.
maybe he wanted heca support? why u don't thought about that?))
FurikLOL (EUW)
: How does getting permabanned feel?
feel really sorry for you {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Eambo (EUW)
: "New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]
I am currently spaming {{champion:412}} . Because i decided to try out support role and he was almost only support i had. And to my surprise i really enjoyed playing support and especialy thresh, he so amazing he can do so many things, for example make insane ganks with your jungler, peel for your teammates, make plays and so many more. I'd really like to get {{champion:432}}. I tried him out on free rotation and he was lots of fun to play and also my friend got 7 lvl on him and making so crazy plays with him, so i would be really happy to add him to my support pool.
Najns (EUW)
: Happy New Year, lovely Boards community^^
ƒeeder (EUW)
: Rito gifted me Soulstealer Vayne for christmas :)
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
Would love snow day singed . Merry Christmas!
: [Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]
Christmas time is a time for you Kill some minions and a champions too But better be good and try to make friends And Santa braum will give you a present Hold hands together , just sing a song About how wonderful holydays is going on p.s. sorry my english is bad, that's all i could done
Sir Yasuo (EUW)
: [6.13/14+] Yasuo FPS Bug
it's just a yasuo nerf to late game
Sindya (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 27
1. Zed ; 2. Fizz ; 3. Le Blanc. Reason to pick them, all of them is to make enemy team suffer. That's it i don't know any other reason to pick them except this. In next contest maybe try something related with lore of league.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Who's fault is it? Do you want to change a team game to fit solo players? That's insane. Of course when you play a team game, there will be people playing with friends as a team. That's inevitable. Either you change your attitude or else you won't enjoy team games. OP's idea that other team games are better for solo players is just silly.
all whats need it's solo q where solos going to be matched against other solos, that's it. dota2 has such system where queues seperated. premades playing with premades and solos with solos p.s. if u want to play as team specialy for people like u there are ranked 5s
duckarp (EUNE)
: I know what he means, but what is stopping him to find a friend to play with? This is a TEAM game. If you've played ANY game outside of LoL that is so heavily team dependent, then you surely know it's not just LoL, but such problems are in every single one of them. Dota, Overwatch, CS, Heroes of Newerth... You name it, it has premades, leavers, trolls, ragers... The sooner you people realize that playing a team game as a solo player will put you into disadvantage, the better. In 2014 it was 67mil. active accounts every month, so you remember wrong. > Over 67 million players battle it out in League every month > > More than 27 million people play at least one game of League every day > > Over 7.5 million players simultaneously play League during daily peak hours
not everyone can and want to play with friends and if game put u in disadvantage only because u are solo player this game going to lose huge amount of these solo players and that's would be a problem for game because solo players filing the gaps
duckarp (EUNE)
: Sometimes it seems LoL is a first game for many players and they don't have any prior experience with gaming. I find it hilarious when someone thinks he can play a team game and carry solo, completely ignoring teammates, premades etc. But by all means, go ahead, search for the perfect game for you. Just don't be surprised. There's a very good reason why other games struggle to survive while LoL has a playerbase of 70 mil. accounts every month.
you can't understand what he means, when u matched with premade u got ignored and he not trying to win by ignoring people it's just unfair when u playing with or against premade as solo player and this not mean that u shouldnt cooperate with team to win it's just mean if u going to play against premade as solo player u have big disadvantage and if u playing with premade most likely u would be fully ignored and they would play only with themselfs. and now about numbers ... 70 kk where did u get such numbers??? riot did not upload numbers since 2014 as i remember and that's means that population of the game not growing it's lowering and numbers in 2014 was 50 kk accounts and 50 kk accounts doesnt meant that all of them are players
: Riot said they're looking at possibilities but didn't bring them into rotating queue because they weren't as popular. Well they better do something about it soon.
can't belive that poro king is more popular than doom bots
Peikko (EUNE)
: Still can't play without VPN. Am I the only one?
: That moment when Teemo almost gets a pentakill! Feelsbadman
reading topic i though it was some kind of fun moment when penta was stolen or such confuse but that's just boring, video should be called teemo quadra and not almost gets penta
: I've had enough of Maplhite+Yasuo bullshit. Requires no skill whatsoever, results in tons of dmg and 2 long chained knockups on 1-5 enemies. The problem is that both of these are easy to pull off, and too rewarding, while leaving little counterplay and not putting enemy team at much risk. Therefore it's ultimately frustrating for the victim team.
yasuo and malphite it's not even comparable with that ,so think whatever u want it's useless to discuss when we thinking different ways
: Ah, how nice of you to call my solution retarded right off the bat. Anyway, even the teleport+any aoe combo will be just as frustrating as this, because it offers 0 counterplay (no means to avoid it). The example you gave with Kalista is different, because most of the times you see that Kalista did ult and you have time to react. Also Blitz is left exposed in the frontline after the ult.
first of all u prop don't know how trick with kalista and blitz works but whatever, i just mean by all that that u wont see any of that tp combos that often, it's hard to pull off and i think that u could do smth like that with ult it's interesting but that's it, to see problem in that situation it's strange it's not gonna affect u in any way i more than sure that u not going to have problems with that combos, would be people who would like to try to pull them off but it would be just for fun, no one gonna take that serious so chill out
: There is an easy solution: this teleport should stop all channeling spells before they TP. Or even silence every teleported champion for 0.5-1 seconds, for counterplay possibilities.
that's a really really stupid solution, u not going to see a lot of tp with nunu and galio ults it's just fun thing that u can do such as kalista blitz hook it's cool thing but how often do u saw that? so no need to making really retarded solutions for problem that is not a problem
: Why We Need to Stop Flaming Riot
that the game is free to play it's not an argument cuz all of mobas f2p and for example in dota2 from the start u can earn items and riot just made it after so many years it's not an achivment and about balance again compared to dota on recent major in dota were picked 90+ champs while in lol only 35+ see diference? no let's continue dota has custom mods which are so great while in lol we having once in a week a joke modes ( i talking about for example poro king it's a joke it's mode that made for 30 minutes cuz it's just a joke i don't know what to say it's just aram where u picking champ and got 2 spells that's it... let's look on for example urf it's just numbers x1000 and cdr and mana cost lower lol that's it? yes it is or and how can i forget definatly not dominion they just retire dominion to make mode from it let's wait a bit and we can see twisted trilane in mode rotation oh wait we already see it it's called hexakill it's the same twisted trialne but with 6 players in one team and i continue about every mode they just made almost all of them on the quick hand and we still have no sandbox mode for 5 years now) and let's continue to comparing this 2 games lol got this shit dynamic q which is terrible and even riot not hiding it, matchmaking is totally unfair cuz playing even against 3 man premade as solo is already unfair and i am not talking about playing with 4 man premade as solo where u can't do anything about the result of the game like u wining and doing nothing or losing and can't do nothing because the result of the game would be in hands of this premade and btw i really understand why they made dynamic q but i was fine about that when they anounce that cuz i thought they would made solo for solos and dynamic for group of ppl but they did only dynamic and by that they said fuck solo players we don't give a fuck about them, looking at dota 2 matchmaking first things firsts it's not perfect cuz the teams are building on average mmr of the team and it's could make one high mmr and 4 low against 5 average mmr ( example 5.5k with 4.5-4.7k against all with 5.2k) but still dota has 2 separate queue one is for group of people and one for solos and this is really makes sense p.s. i played dota2 for 3 years since beta and i am done with that i am only checking news and sometimes playing few games, when i got bored of dota i started to play lol it was end of season 3 and i played season3 than i stoped and started to play again in season 5 and i really like legue mostly because of the unique champs they have (exmaple jayce, ryze, but ryze soon would be reworked and i don't really think that he still going to be one of my favourite cuz they said they want to lower his skill curve) but since i left dota2 they made only good steps in devoloping the game and lol is really suffering with decision which made riot and i also really dislike it i don't like dynamic q i don't like balance in this game, i don't like to be forced to play op champs to win in ranked and so on and what i want to say is they balancing for competetive and failing with that , they please premades and saying fuck you solos and so on but i still going to play lol and hoping they going to find their way to make this game better learning on their mistakes and not repeating them
LePu (EUW)
: ZED MONTAGE - Best Zed Plays Outplays 1v5 - @LeagueOfLegends
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} zed montage
Eambo (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting and Mastery - Frequently Asked Questions
I don't really think that u could earn 4 keys per months to open chests i geting 1 fragment per (if lucky enough) 8-10 games or maybe more, i am not playing that much, for me average is 2-3 games in a day , more on weekends and this is really impossible i stuck with chests for long time i have 4 chests all the time, tommorow will be 5 in stock, after reset u could get 2 keys but after that keys not droping anymore(atleast feels that way). So what i suggest could u guys make a bit higher chance for getting keys for example on weekend or smth like that (but please without premade bonuses) or make that u could earn fragments for wins and loses.( i think it's a really great decision because people that want to earn keys upseting even more after loses)
: I FINALLY MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex3995 (EUW)
: there was an aprils fools video where the logo at the beginning said riot instead of rito and it cought on
thx didnt knew about that :)
munraker (EUW)
: RIOT being RITO
why everybody calling riot - rito ?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top : Quinn because she is a nighmare for any melee champ; Jungle : Fiddlesticks , he can gank out of nowhere jumping on u fearing and u not even be able to do smth while he drain u to death; Mid : Zed , that's too obvious cuz he got insane harass and lane presure and insane all in after 6 and by the way if zed not a noob u would not be able to hit even a single skillshot; Bot : Kalista , if kalista player know what he is doing it's impossible with support she can outtrade u easly kite around and there is no chance to escape her; Support : Blitzcrank , reason why blitzcrank is simple beacuse i can't dodge skillshots and catching them with my face.
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