zwaan52 (EUW)
: Random game freeze and black-out
Try this: go to game folder and search for the following configuration files : PersistedSettings.json and game.cfg close the game and delete them then run the game. that should solve your problem. if it works for you please do reply. P.S: deleting those files will reset your In game settings to default.
: Worlds quests bug
I have "Watch & Earn V" that rewards 400 BE. Dont get any progression from watching vods. Dont know if its because i have already watched all games live. Lucky 34 cant be completed untill groupstage is done.
MSF Ness (EUW)
: Update added! Issue resolved. {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Do we have to rewatch vods of first 2 games to get reward credit for them?
: "Something went wrong with rewards"
TheBrut3 (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz needs bans
I agree. Tired of seeing Yasuo in every game. The champ is just not fun to play against
Rioter Comments
: Champion Select - Banning
I agree the mode could use a ban phase. Fun the first few days but then i realize im playing against mostly Yasuo/Lux every game.
Manicen (EUW)
: Emote tab under "collection" displays all emotes as unowned.
same problem + it only shows 2 out of my 8 rune pages
Couldent complete heal 10.000 damage mission. healed 13.000 on Fiddlestick. Progress showed 0/10000


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