: can confirm have no social life, but i don't want one either, if you have a "friend" and they start annoying you i would miss my loneliness very fast it's the way i was born, i have no patience sorry and most "good" friends get tired of you and leave so no point in keeping "friendships" , casual chit chat i hate it and i have nothing to contriubte in it anyways so i prefer shitposting in the internet
Relatable bro, no social life gang.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > the claim that they ruin games by themselves is false that's all i care about So you care about something that in of itself is false? because they do ruin enough games to be banned, yes not every game is lost because of the chat but enough of them are, and even IF zero games were directly lost because of them, its still unacceptable and they still deserve punishments, i mean if you can't manage to understand that then i hope for your sake you're not an adult :P
I've got a question, what if the toxic player is the best performing player on the team and is shotcalling?
: > After recently being perma banned So got permabanned this week and got reformed? Do you want to make a new world record?
Or maybe some players have the will to enforce a new mindset upon entering a game and following it?
: They had 2 experiments for that. The frst failed with 95+% going back to beeing toxic and on the 2nd we dont have any specific details, doesnt seem to promising though. So na no reason to do it again.
That's the point of it being a program though, the 5% who've reformed get to stay and the actual toxic people with no coming back don't stay.
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